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Live blog of Dolphins-Jags starts right here

JACKSONVILLE -- Walked out of my hotel this morning and it felt like swampy weather -- humid, no wind, warm.

Football weather in December!

The Dolphins play the Jags today. That means live blog right here at kickoff.

That also means I will be giving you the update on players in and players out of today's game in about 30 minutes. Check back for the update.

[Update: Neither CB Rashean Mathis nor DT John Henderson are active for Jacksonville today. WR Mike Sim-Waker is active. For Miami, Nate Garner is starting for Donald Thomas at right guard while Justin Smiley starts at left guard. Miami's inactives are Kory Sheets, Erik Walden, Andrew Gardner, Jake Grove, Lionel Dotson, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Patrick Turner and Tyler Thigpen is the third QB.]

Meanwhile, check out my Sunday column in The Miami Herald. In it, Tony Sparano explains how he gets a pulse for what kind of performance he'll get from his team every week. It's not an easy task, as you know, because the Dolphins have been up and down this year.

Hence the 6-6 record.

Anyway, the Fins are on the field. I saw a ton of Dolphins jerseys around the stadium when I was coming in. I expect a strong Dolfans showing. 


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Give Henning credit for not outsmarting himself on the Lousaka give. If you have something that works, DO IT!


Damnit Ricky...that's back to back


ricky's 2nd fumble in 3 plays.........

got lucky on both


my link sucks its a couple plays behind!

/shudder. And iPhone blog is not updating

God Darn it Ricky! Keep that ball in your hands!!!

dude, what's up with ricky's hands??

I freaking had a feeling today would be fumblitis day!!!! damn ricky hold the ballll both hands!

the field is supposed to be wet....

ricky's hands are just like today's field...

Thats why he is a Fullback!

nice run polite!

3rd and 1...

i wonder who gets it...

ricky smoking that wacky tobaccy again

Hence the reason I called Ricky the "Rumblin' Fumbler"...He's bound to lose one sooner or later

Polite looks like the Incredible Hulk in there. He dragged 10 people with him!

henne waited such a long time to make the throw....


i thought Henne would never throw it


they should let lousakaaaaa scoreeee

I think they need to give Polite some TD's so he has a shot at the Pro Bowl...

tooo easy and toooooo fun


Nice block by Lou there

Lousaaaaakkkkaaaaaaaa is our hero

Wow, Polite for President!!!

TD!!!!!Polite Magic!!!!

Polite for MVP

TD / LOOOOOOOOOOOUUU on the big block

How ironic that his name is "Polite"

Dolphins go 67 yards in 13 plays.

They should have given it to Polite to cross the goal line.

Great drive, though. Despite the fumbles.

Oooooooohhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaa

I'll vote for that!

Why isn't the game on CBS or FOX in Central Florida....UGH !

Polite for Mr. Good Manners

i agree nyfinfan. Lou should have been given the ball. You know he would have scored and would have helped w pro bowl. He is absolutely without a doubt the best fb in football. His blocks are amazing. Without him the dolphins would be nowhere. Hope he realizes that we notice

There are way more of us then jags.... It's like a home game!!! Fins rule!!

NY Jet's 6, TB-0

Polite, 36 jersey is on it's way

SOLID offense TD drive. Damn that was impressive.

Go Ricky!

my blog never ever updates. I have to do it


The ST doesn't scare that much anymore.

Stay physical boys and the day will be ours

Nice drive...variety in play calling...O-line looks sound...so does Henne...running game churning...plenty of time to pass...so far, so good.

nice drive.

pobrecito---hitting F5 is hard work!

Well, it seems the commentators are giving polite his just dues...I can't remember the last dominating FB we had...Konrad was a good receiving FB

Vontae DAvis is in the game now for the second series on defense.

Vontae Davis is in the game for the second series.

Ricky 7!!! Sissy walk!!!

Andre Johnson looks hurt.....great receiver

Who missed curfew?

who gives a shyt about the jets ? pay attention to the NE score. O-O

Because the Jet's are in the hunt with us...That's why

Nice stop Wilson!

Gibril Wilson just did the Porter kick. Ridiculous.

nice play by Wilson, he seems to have picked up his game after the Saints debacle

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