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Live blog of Dolphins-Jags starts right here

JACKSONVILLE -- Walked out of my hotel this morning and it felt like swampy weather -- humid, no wind, warm.

Football weather in December!

The Dolphins play the Jags today. That means live blog right here at kickoff.

That also means I will be giving you the update on players in and players out of today's game in about 30 minutes. Check back for the update.

[Update: Neither CB Rashean Mathis nor DT John Henderson are active for Jacksonville today. WR Mike Sim-Waker is active. For Miami, Nate Garner is starting for Donald Thomas at right guard while Justin Smiley starts at left guard. Miami's inactives are Kory Sheets, Erik Walden, Andrew Gardner, Jake Grove, Lionel Dotson, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Patrick Turner and Tyler Thigpen is the third QB.]

Meanwhile, check out my Sunday column in The Miami Herald. In it, Tony Sparano explains how he gets a pulse for what kind of performance he'll get from his team every week. It's not an easy task, as you know, because the Dolphins have been up and down this year.

Hence the 6-6 record.

Anyway, the Fins are on the field. I saw a ton of Dolphins jerseys around the stadium when I was coming in. I expect a strong Dolfans showing. 


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Gilbril the friggin man niw

>my link sucks its a couple plays behind!

STop whining. You didnt even share your crappy link with anyone else.


W00t!!!! Defence!!!!!

Run Run Run and Run some more!

score a td here and jacksonville will throw in the towel

OK, Bess really needs to stop fielding punts...He ran 15 yards...Sideways

Bess looks hurt guys, I hope it's not serious. He was grimacing.

Ya, if we take care of business the rest of the season, the Jets can't touch us - and if we don't take care of business, we can't catch the pats.. so forget the jets.. and let's just take it to the Jags!

Jags D Is Gonna be haten life soon!

Well, defense did its job...see if we can score yet again.

Mando who missed curfew? I missed that info

Damn. wish bess was a tad faster.

Fins look sharp today. Henne sure knows how to lead that offense.

Hey Armando...Can you find out why this game is not shown in Central Florida ? Makes NO SENSE

Because we beat the jets TWICE, that's Why

Anyone have a link for the game?

Hey Mando, how long do you think the Jags will be in Jacksonville? The stadium is empty and they actually have a shot at the playoffs and the team is not horrible. Do you think the slow start hurt them?

I hope they do give Polite a few TDs on those X and goal from the 1.

The guy keeps our drives alive and deserves some sweet TD stats from time to time.

carolina just scored on patsies. wooooo hoooo go fins


Im never clear why punt returner dont cut up field...rarely see one break it by going across the field...

What Bess lacks in speed he makes up for with Routes and hands.

Hope he is Okay

shyt bess is hurt"?

Panthers just took an early lead on the Pats.

Carolina 7 Pats 0

Touchdown Steve Smith

I know we swept the Jets, but, if I'm not mistaken they have a better conference record...

Brady Just threw an Int. The panthers converted on it by scoring a 50 yd TD to Steve Smith. we're looking good right now for 1st place guys. Yesssss

Noooo not Bess!!!!! ;;

oh no bess hurt, is turner active?

oh no... Bess being down is NOT good.

Go Carolina!!!!!

No Turner inactive


Car 7 NE 0


I think head to head is the first tie breaker..

Marc, first tie breaker is head to head...

Bess out right now. Thats why you dont have your best WR whos not even that good at punt returning, returning punts...

Tie breaker is div record , head to head and lastly conference record. jets still have to play cinn and Indy. forget the jets,

Hopefully bess can come back, or hartline and camarillo step up, not counting on ginn for anything.

tie breakers are head to head, then div, then conf, then it gets weird.

nj, you have it wrong by one.

Basically since we split with NE, its now div then conf.

great pass and catch!!!! Line is giving great protection.

Anyone have a link for the game please?

What a call Henne right side TD Jag D on the other side of field

We are blacked out in Orlando, even on the NFL package. Watching in superfan on computer. Go fins!

Stop giving Ricky the ball!

Ok time to push one more in and let the D seal this deal!

Y Bell baby...way to step it up!

F'n Miami trying to give this game away...WTF

This is the Phins D game to win...Come On D, play shutout ball the rest of the last 7min.

a 6min drive and a FG is all we need...is that too much to ask of a quality team on the road???? Come on Man!

Ahhh, life above .500, the air smells pretty good up here...lol

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