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Live game blog starts right here from Music City

NASHVILLE -- It is cold and gray and I'm battling a cold, but we're still going to fire up the live blog prior to kickoff today.

Looking at this game, I see it as the most difficult one of the three left on Miami's schedule. The Titans have won 6 of 7 games. They are relatively healthy. And they are at home.

That doesn't mean if the Dolphins win today, they can cruise against Houston and Pittsburgh. But this is the big hurdle, in my humble opinion.

As I reported on my twitter page Saturday, Jake Grove traveled with the Dolphins for the first time since he suffered a high ankle sprain at Carolina. It is a pregame decision whether he'll be active or not. Joe Berger is scheduled to start at center anyway.

[Update: Grove is indeed active and Berger starts at center, as I reported Saturday. Nate Garner starts at right guard over Donald Thomas. The inactives are Tyler Thigpen as the third QB, Patrick Turner, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Kory Sheets, Evan Oglesby, Andrew Hartline, Andrew Gardner and Lionel Dotson.]

Vince Young is expected to play for the Titans despite his ankle injury.

Check back 90 minutes before kickoff for the inactives. And be here by kickoff for the live festivities. 


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Go fins!

Armando...do you really think the Titans are going to win?

It might be a tough game, but we need to show we are for real and win today, Go Dolphins

Atleast he's not talking like he was before the buffalo game. Go fins!!

Miami has the Dolphins The Greatest Football Team We take the ball from goal to goal Like no one's ever seen We're in the air, we're on the ground We're always in control And when you say Miami You're talking Super Bowl 'Cause we're the...

Ted Ginn will run back a long one... Only to drop it before he gets in the end zone.

The Bills are gonna put a smack down on those Patriots.The Bears are gonna do the same to the Ravens, and the Jets will just barely lose to the Falcons.And of course,the Dolphins are gonna squeak out a "W" in Tennessee.No,I'm serious!

I am tired of the team's admin spinning the situation at Wide Receiver. They are not good enough. They spun it all year that they are good group, but now it is they do not want a "diva".

Stupid. Just stupid.

I feel insulted as a fan.

I thought VY had a
bad hammy not an ankle.

Beerdrums, I believe you. It's happening today. Go Phins!

VY is gimpy in the ankle and hammy, most recently the hammy

Did you guys hear that Tom Brady and his Mrs named their new baby Benjamin?She wanted to name him Eldrick,but Tom wouldn't budge.

Hate to disagree the Huston game seems to be the big one in the next three game!!!
Phines 17
Titens 14

If the VY injury is foreal, then he ain't doing no running and he should have problem w/ planting his feet. That being said s.smith and v.Davis are having a good day.

The Steelers are fixin to lose their sixth in a row today.

Everyone knows if you can't get the game you can watch it at


My twitters been itchin real bad lately.

I just read how a bunch of herald sports writers picked 'gainst fins,they suck.

Yeah, the titans won against the Rams, 49ers, Jaguars, bills, and Twxans. Poor to mediocre teams and still all the talk is about johnson picking up a lot of yards against those poor teams. Yeah, Dolphins come out with a 'W' today by at least 1 touchdown.

Stop CJ
Pressure VY
Have higher score
It's that easy!

I think my old lady has been putting NyQuil in my jello shots again,cause I'm REAL tired.....and drunk.

Sparano and his staff need a complete effort for once.

It's the alcohol in the beer. It's a downer.

Armando, if all these teams vying for that last playoff spot have the same record the last game of the season, you can bet that pittsburgh came will be brutal. Steelers ARE defending world champs after all and they'll be getting over a losing streak.

This game scares me; fish can win but they have to play a really good game; no stupid gimmicks, etc. if they're riding the momentum on chad's arm and ricky legs, so be it....no insertion of pat white in the middle of a momentum drive!

Watch "my new haircut" on Utube.
Very funny!

Pre game shows and game at Justin.tv/mediphin2

Remember if we go up 14 or 21 points, no one say....

It’s in the bag!

No Jinx zone here today.

Need to play 4 quarters. Need a win!

NFL Channel said V Young IS starting.

Look for Porter to pull a Jeff Galooly on Chris Johnson so Tanya Harding/Tedd Ginn can bring home the gold

Game on


Always a decent feed

Soiled :)

Omar Kelly is damn moron. How does he have a job reporting on an NFL team. He is such a stooge.

Hey Armando,have you seen a lot of Fin fans in Music City?

Dear Mr. Salguero

Tell Dolly Parton I said hello

Soiled :)

Go fins. Qb pressure and stout run D and henne on target wins the game

Media is spending all morning talking about how the Steelers could possibly lose today. Who's leg do the Phins have to hump to get some mention in this biatch...

We could win the SB and they(Media) would talk about the Pats comming back and getten next year.

I know, I know. My frustration is coming to a head. I wanna see Ricky go off today, and I definately wouldn't mind it if Lex has his breakout game today.

OK, guys I am here.

How are the Dolphins going to cover Chris Johnson in passing siuations?

Spy with Crowder in the first level, then passing him off to Bell the deeper he gets

Why is Hartline inactive?

the Hartline who is inactive today is Andrew the OL not Brian the WR.

Like they've covered every TE this year...they won't.


Thanks Mondo...

Dear Mr. Salguero

Brian or Andrew Hartline inactive ?

ESPN has it listed as WR Brian Hartline.

I'll take your word over ESPN's though, Armando.

Hows the weather there?

ESPN F**ked up.

Kudos to this team for not giving up. After 0-3 start losing starting QB pro bowl RB and starting NT this team still has a playoff shot. Amazing! Good luck dolphins.

Can you delay the opening kickoff a few minutes. I'm trying to check in to the cardiac ward and might be a few minutes late.

It is indeed Andrew Hartline that is inactive. Trust me.

anything worth mentioning from pre game warmups?

It is cold here. Temps are in the 30s.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Will Crowder chasing Chris Johnson be anything like Rocky Balboa chasing a chicken in the Rocky movie ?

Soiled :)

Whose startin collins or young?

Vince Young starts for the Titans.

NFL Channel said V Young IS starting.

armando, when is turner going to get a shot at wr?

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