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Live game blog starts right here from Music City

NASHVILLE -- It is cold and gray and I'm battling a cold, but we're still going to fire up the live blog prior to kickoff today.

Looking at this game, I see it as the most difficult one of the three left on Miami's schedule. The Titans have won 6 of 7 games. They are relatively healthy. And they are at home.

That doesn't mean if the Dolphins win today, they can cruise against Houston and Pittsburgh. But this is the big hurdle, in my humble opinion.

As I reported on my twitter page Saturday, Jake Grove traveled with the Dolphins for the first time since he suffered a high ankle sprain at Carolina. It is a pregame decision whether he'll be active or not. Joe Berger is scheduled to start at center anyway.

[Update: Grove is indeed active and Berger starts at center, as I reported Saturday. Nate Garner starts at right guard over Donald Thomas. The inactives are Tyler Thigpen as the third QB, Patrick Turner, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Kory Sheets, Evan Oglesby, Andrew Hartline, Andrew Gardner and Lionel Dotson.]

Vince Young is expected to play for the Titans despite his ankle injury.

Check back 90 minutes before kickoff for the inactives. And be here by kickoff for the live festivities. 


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Very funny with the Rocky Balboa and chicken reference, Soiled.

One of your funniest comments.

SoiledBottom, LMAO, Right.

What are their uniform colors for the game?

Dear Mr. Salguero

I call em like I see em

Always thinking outside the box
Pushing the email envalope

Soiled :)

we need a good game outa our run defense today to win

No one is picken us to win, not even Dan....

Game on


Is JT going to be rushing the passer today or what?

we are gonna win

We need Chad to focus n no mistakes

I Believe, Dan should.

wow. we're getting real announcers today

I hate the Titans. Bunch of bullies and thugs.

Big boy pants today people......big boy pants


Just read your article about Dolphins steering clear of Divas.
IMHO-this is so you, I mean you write debate cheer and beg for a diva. In a way I think you would like to sabotage the Miami Dolphins and throw them back into a declining mediocrity slopping team that is all about me me me.

Enough of your crap reporting and learn something about what the "perfect storm" or trifecta is doing. I mean you cant think of a star wide reciever that wont make waves or spell I in team. Duhhh give me a fkn break you have been chronically crying for a diva since I have been coming onto this blog-I know they give you something to write about and stories often have more bark than bite. But enough already, theres a lot of very good recievers that dont fart as loud as you. lol

I can think of Reggie Wayne, Greg Jennings, Donal Driver even...Andre Johnson as you said is all gain and no pain. But for you writers thats someting to sink your teeth into; controversy, pain, and attidtude makes you say ohhh yes juicy. Thats sounds good. Really?
Im sure youthink so-like Henning said I like our group of team oriented recievers who know how to spell team and put team first.

The time has not come to sign that obnoctious, I in team-jerk, but rather someone who again is in the mold of what the trifecta wants-yes all gain and no pain who's attitude and GUFF is checked at the door.
I hope you get the picture but more importantly trust and buy into what the Perfect Storm is doing here. Again Randy Moss has never won a superbowl and his best chance was when the Patsies whent 16-0 but lost the biggest game of the year-the Superbowl! Dont think he will get back there anytime soon.

mia 24, tn 21

Check in later Dolphins Nation


I am tired of the front office's and coaching staff's excuses.

This dude needs to take a chill pill... Were all on the same side... Let's kick some Titan ass!!!!!

our strength is run D. fins win

True, chill out bro, we got good receivers, but I also wouldn't mind a diva to chat about.

Where are all my b*tches at? Check in please!

It's gonna be a fine day today, after we put up 40 on them.

I think the key to this game is put major pressure on Young, they need to play them like they played the Jags minus the turnovers!

Dolphins4life, send him an email r

This has the makings of one great game. All the talkings down - c'mon phins so these doubters you deserve to be here.

Hello Armando and Everybody else (even NJ),

Woooooo Go Dolphins!!!!!!!

We need another big game on defense again!!!!

I am so much hangover from last night that I can't enjoy a beer during the game.

Tenesse is an hour behind us right? So the game starts at 2:00 our time? Fox sports is saying the game starts at 4...

Let's do this fellas!!!!

wow - I shoulda proof read it...This has the makings of one great game. All the talking is done - c'mon phins show these doubters you deserve to be here.

honky tonk mofos

I'm psyyyyyyyyyyyyyyched!

you can also see the game and other sports with no problem at www.p2p4u.net/watch-live-sports.php?id=8507&link=3

Joey Porter doesn't make the tackle but talks trash anyway.

nowhere to go a-hole

OK ! I'm done digging out and NJ is in Da house !


Turn about is fair play!


peezy should have blasted young


three Dolphins touched the int: Crowder, Wilson, and ultimately Vontae Davis.


Wow!!!! that was awesome!!!!


Rookie of the year for sure now!

losaka pro bowl!

Gibril, excellent play. Way to take advantage Vontae!

ricky pass out of the wildcat!

That INT will be on ESPN's top 10 for sure.

El Danny,

Pat Turner will get a chance the remainder of this year if there is a WR injury or if the Dolphins are out of the playoff chase.

Otherwise, it's 2010 for him.

Henne runs omfg get a touchdown!

Davis now has 4 picks on the year

Damn, that was close.

wish they would go to the middle--look for the TE


Interesting that Miami lined up in 3 wides and Ginn, Bess, Camarillo were the players on the field -- not Hartline.

great. they dont respect ou wrs, so they are covering with lbs

We need 7,but 3 won't hurt.

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