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Live game blog starts right here from Music City

NASHVILLE -- It is cold and gray and I'm battling a cold, but we're still going to fire up the live blog prior to kickoff today.

Looking at this game, I see it as the most difficult one of the three left on Miami's schedule. The Titans have won 6 of 7 games. They are relatively healthy. And they are at home.

That doesn't mean if the Dolphins win today, they can cruise against Houston and Pittsburgh. But this is the big hurdle, in my humble opinion.

As I reported on my twitter page Saturday, Jake Grove traveled with the Dolphins for the first time since he suffered a high ankle sprain at Carolina. It is a pregame decision whether he'll be active or not. Joe Berger is scheduled to start at center anyway.

[Update: Grove is indeed active and Berger starts at center, as I reported Saturday. Nate Garner starts at right guard over Donald Thomas. The inactives are Tyler Thigpen as the third QB, Patrick Turner, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Kory Sheets, Evan Oglesby, Andrew Hartline, Andrew Gardner and Lionel Dotson.]

Vince Young is expected to play for the Titans despite his ankle injury.

Check back 90 minutes before kickoff for the inactives. And be here by kickoff for the live festivities. 


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Need the D to show up quick

Poor tackling once again...doom if you dont tackle!

WTF! Starks needs to make that play!

Can someone please HIT Vince young???

you dont run on this defense! as long as we can stop big plays that would be awesome

someone will need to stay home in the middle to stop young.

sean smith is too soft

Starks had him man! Damn

This ( vy scrambling ) will be a problem all say.

There is nothing more demoralizing than stopping an offense on two downs, covering all the receivers on third down, and having the QB run for a first down.

Actually, looking pretty good against the run right now...keep it up!

I smell a turnover coming here, let's go....

Mando, does the press box say uh oh when Ginn catches a slant as well??


gibril is so uselsess



Terrible coverage on Gage

That looked too easy....

Damn it

How do you let that happen....WTF

GO figure...now we're making another OK QB look all world...

wilson SUCKS!

Big plays on every third down.

Vince Young beating us over the top? wtf


Was that gerbil?

Turn around Gibril!!!!!

Dang, can't he read Justin Gage's eyes?

Uh oh. Gotta put the wood on Young.

Knew we should have went for 7pts instead of 3!


That was a lucky throw and catch. I give them no respect for that. Bull crap.

time to put a hurting on young. we need some good hits to remind him of his hamstring issue

Gibril must go this offseason he just flat out sucks

can we get chris clemons on the field please



that was more demoralizing...

Don't worry we'll score Henneway.

Wilson is aweful on a weekly basis

Way to early for naysaying

Tell em Carlito

I believe

Can't wait until Wilson is gone

Is Wilson not the WORST safety in the NFL?

Its seven points - who cares how you get it. Ill take 4 lucky throws and catches today if they get the same result.

At least Wilson cant blame that one on Vontae

Don't blame Wilson, the defense had 3 chances on 3rd to stop them and we let them get the 1 st down

why does gerbil continue to play? This guy should really change his name to "toast"---worst safety in the NFL...

You think gibril knows he sucks so bad against the pass? I mean seriously we can't let Vince young light us up

Now Ginn goes into the fetal position before he even gets touched.

I hate that.

Fins need to address the FS position! I'm tired wilson getting burned every week!!!

That was not supposed to happen that way. We had the damn momentum, they took it from us and now we're on the ropes. I hate that.

poor fundamentals in coverage...let the receiver get past you; don't react to his eyes; don't check for the ball; poor poor play...

I cannot stand how Dick Endberg is openly cheering for Vince Yound and Chris Johnson.

I am glad he is finally retiring.

A fetus could play better than gibril

I beGINN to fall before they hit me.

Wilson must go..

The only thing slower than Wilson this year is this blog.

Ginn had no where to go would you rather he fight for more yardage and they strip the ball?

if ginn would just run we would get 10 more yards per kickoff return

We knew this would be a tough one...what else did we expect...lets go on offense...I suspect

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