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Live game blog starts right here from Music City

NASHVILLE -- It is cold and gray and I'm battling a cold, but we're still going to fire up the live blog prior to kickoff today.

Looking at this game, I see it as the most difficult one of the three left on Miami's schedule. The Titans have won 6 of 7 games. They are relatively healthy. And they are at home.

That doesn't mean if the Dolphins win today, they can cruise against Houston and Pittsburgh. But this is the big hurdle, in my humble opinion.

As I reported on my twitter page Saturday, Jake Grove traveled with the Dolphins for the first time since he suffered a high ankle sprain at Carolina. It is a pregame decision whether he'll be active or not. Joe Berger is scheduled to start at center anyway.

[Update: Grove is indeed active and Berger starts at center, as I reported Saturday. Nate Garner starts at right guard over Donald Thomas. The inactives are Tyler Thigpen as the third QB, Patrick Turner, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Kory Sheets, Evan Oglesby, Andrew Hartline, Andrew Gardner and Lionel Dotson.]

Vince Young is expected to play for the Titans despite his ankle injury.

Check back 90 minutes before kickoff for the inactives. And be here by kickoff for the live festivities. 


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bradt pick

dont blame wilson? the guy was right there and he didnt make the play

good players need to rise up when called upon. Girbril needs to start doing that.

Pats looking bad against the bills...

No. Fight for more yardage and hold on to the ball.

Dan Wilson sucks he needs to get out of Miami

Pi$$ poor defense.

theres a gimme - thanks vickerson.

Gerbil has someone on the outside!! Y the hell does he bite on the fake???

Isn't first and 5 the time you make one of those special pass plays you have in the book?

mando at least ginn stayed in bounds for that last return...

Pats r going down today!

Third and One. Lousaka!





Lousaki Polatiiiiii!!!!!

All day!

How Polite can you get!

He's not very Polite

lousaka for pro bowl

I'd like to see polite run the ball more.


Polite is 14 for 14 coverting short yardage via the run.

Polite is the shortyardage police

Come on bess

Bess has to make that catch in bounds..its the little things that kill us


The Titans are a bunch of cheapshot artists.

Turn and run ricky!


Come on O Line

Where is Hillard blocking?

Vernon Carey that was horrible

Damn Dolphins!!!!!! Com on now!

Vickerson was drafted by miami now he starts for tennesse.

Damn - o can't handle another stroke today

We're in a game folks!

Carey must of been thinking about food.

Its the little things...snap the ball when he's off sides...how about passing on running downs, instead of only when you have to...I dont get it, as usual...

Need a Turn over here!

Titans score a td here and it could be a long day fellas

Plat calling makes noooo sense. Does he know who we have?

It looks like it's gonna be one of those nerve racking games

Yes indeed, he was drafted by Satan. Our receivers look like crap.

That was not on the o-line, it was on Hilliard.

Need defense to step up.

Henne doesn't look sharp today, at least early. The defense is going to have to hold steady or force more turnovers. Otherwise, the Dolphins are going to be in trouble.

I still believe people... come on...

Checkin' it...WTF...Gibril Wilson on the double-coverage again, and what's up with the O-line? Carey saw the guy jump offsides and then just let him blow by him?

this is gonna be a tough one

Why not pass on first and five...why not pass on first down...why not pass on second down...haven't teams passed on the Titans this year...come on, make calls that put the players in position to succeed!!

How about Hartline. He catches the long ball!


if he was thinking about food he woulda played great

Offense looks flat. Hope they get a little fire in theirbellies quick.

Wake is half a sec late on young.. He's gonna get there

3 and out...now!

That Dolphin fan looked po'd

Dont wanna see a close game with Chris Johnson in thier backfield

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