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Miami Dolphins defeat Jaguars 14-10

JACKSONVILLE -- The Dolphins did it. They got over .500 for the first time this season.

It took some excellent defense -- particularly in the fourth quarter -- and some timely offense. But the Dolphins beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 14-10 Sunday to improve their record to 7-6 and remain in the chase for an AFC playoff berth.

So maybe it wasn't revenge for 62-7, but the desperate Dolphins will take it.

They got a 108-yard performance from Ricky Williams. Chad Henne had his moments also, at one point completing a team record tying 17 consecutive passes. He finished 21 of 29 for 220 yards.

The defense, meanwhile, limited Maurice Jones-Drew to 59 yards on 18 carries. There were no open receivers throughout. The Dolphins kept the Jags from converting on a couple of desperation fouth-down attempts.

It wasn't pretty. But the Dolphins will most definitely take it.

Your thoughts?


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They tried to give the game to Jacksonville. The Jags didn't want it.

I will take it too!!!!

Jags are soft.

Go Fins.

Cameron wake.

great win, a win this time of year is a win.. Coaching for the offence was crappy as usual. good job by the D need to get JT more involved in pass rush situations.

Our D won this game offense had 2 manny turn overs but all amd all we did great good win guys

Hell yeah!!!!!

Armando, 2nd game in a row Defense steps up in Q4 with 0 points allowed!! That is BIG

Love the new rotation keeping guys fresher!

The heck do u mean there were no open receivers throughout

My thoughts?

The Dolphins looked like crap and continue to play down to inferior teams.

Would it kill them to blow someone out?


I love the win.But come on offence,After leading 14-0 in the first half do we have to get so conservative?Believe me,I will take the win with a smile,but after watching the 1st quarter,are we waiting for teams to come from behind?

Wake must play more...if the corners can learn on the fly, so can Wake...he is more of a game changer than either corner at this point...so quit saying Wake cant get in b/c he's not ready, but the rookie corners get to play b/c it helps in their development...not logical, not reasonable...

Patisies on they way to a W and the jets took care of the sorry bucs.

Defense wins games,yeaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Love it

D WINS the Game

WOW. INteresting to the end. What a great season


Playoffs, here we come!!!!

Way to go Defense!!!!!

I'm happy we won, but I'm so upset at the coaches. It's like we all see the potential for greatness in this team. We are good at every position except one. the damn offensive coordinator. He is truly awful.

Not a pretty W, but a W nonetheless!

It all starts going downhill when the playcalling becomes aweful. Week in, week out

No matter what players we have, it's like Henning is going to figure out a way to STOP them. He's the opposing teams best defense. damn it!


inferior teams? the jaguars had a better record than the Dolphins and owned the 2nd wildcard spot before today... what a not very smart thing to say

Go Bills next week! Phins win division!

It's gonna be a good week

Team effort. Offense came out fast, put a beating on the Jag defense then Miami D took over from there. Good road victory - need to eliminate the mistakes on offense cause the game should not have been so close.

And to that poster who said the Dolphins play down to inferior teams, who do you think the Dolphins are? They are not a top 5 team in the NFL, they are parallel to the Jags in terms of talent. Dolphins just played better today.

Tough one Carlito. But a win!

Two hungry, desperate teams. Dolphins win, period. I am a happy man.

Anybody here think that polite miqht make the pro bowl. ?

anytime you hold a great rusher under 60 yrds and hold any nfl offense to 10pts you gotta give the game ball to the Defense Great game Phins!

Here are my players of the game:

Ricky Williams
Chad Henne
Randy Starks
Cameron Wake
Kendall Langford
Paul Solai
Lousaka Polite (pro bowl?)
Phillip Merling

Thoughts? Maybe I forget someone?

My thoughts: Phew! And Cam Wake rules.

I can't believe I just went through the game blog. Negative nancys. The Dolphins are playing football. The game is supposed to be tough. The Jags aren't going to lay down and they uncovered something about the way Ricky is holding the ball. Stop whining during the game.
We win and that is what counts.

No doubt Polite should be in the pro bowl. Only challenge is from McClain in Baltimore but since the Ravens were 17th in rush offense before today, edge goes to LOOOUUUUUU!



Cam Wake clearly isn't ready to play more downs. Let's hear more about how he's not ready yet


I hope so, he deserves it


Played down to an inferior team? WTH! The Jags had a better record and held the 6th spot in playoff positioning.

Yeeesh, some of you call yourself fans?

I thought yeremiah bell also played a great game, Carlito!


Ricky has to do a better job holding the ball.

D wins the game after it looked like the O was going to have an impressive game... We have to play so perfect on O with no ability to get "chunk yards" from any of our WR. Bess on the deep throw didn't run all out the whole route he lets up then trys to catch up ???. We will never put teams away untill we get some playmakers on O. Win is a win and we will take it but we are so limited its just sad.

Gibril gave up another long one and tried to make Smith look stupid on the bench afterwards. How much longer can we go with this guy as a free safety? Good player but clearly not a free safety.

Po White Trash,

You are right, but he is usually not a fumbler and he had over 100 yards and a td

Think it was more bad luck with Ricky in this game.

TO ALL the "MONKS" enjoy the win. how many teams could have pulled it off after 5 funbles (2 lost) and a pick!

Team continues to fight, never gives up and pulls it off.

Enjoy ..."always look at the bright side of life..."

Ricky Williams is some kind of stud.He fumbled, I know that, However, he provides that quite leadership and steady presence that Henne and that rest of the young Dolphins need...


Looking forward to getting a # 1 reciever. Looks as if Chad gets better each game. I agree, I don't care for the OC either. Love the win just the same.

Mark in Toronto,

i agree Gibril let Holt get behind him and I was pissed when I saw him yelling at Sean Smith

Who's Ron Stark?

Mark, that was Smith's blown coverage. Gibril was late as usual, but Smith should've been reemed on that play.

always look at the bright side of life

Just think if we had a COMPETANT offensive coordinator!

I really hope Parcells does the right thing this off season.

this smells like the last four games of last year

Is Wake signed to a one year deal? Do the Fins own his rights after this year?

I know this sounds crazy, but do you think Sparano may be holding back Wake to keep his stats down, so he can be re-upped with a new longer term deal?

Hope u r right Zach.

That Gibril, he was clearly just trying to save face because he sees a big contract slipping away from him. No doubt management sees what's going on though.

Dishpan, CB has the outside Safety has the inside and must stay deep. Gibril blew it was caught looking at QB and messed up

No open receivers throughout? Houw about Torry Holt breaking free into the pasture on that huge pass play, where Sean Smith got faked out of his cleats?


Smith covered the inside and Gibril should have been deep, but was caught staring in the backfield, even the horrible announcer Solomon Wilcotts pick up on this, how come you don't?

Cancel drafting a NT boys. My son is the mightiest pineapple from the islands!

Wilson did try to blame the rook on his mistake, hope the coaches call him on that one during film session. That duo does give up atleast 1 big pass play per game.

Is it justen or this this blog is not updating as it should be.

Wake's locked up---chill

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