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Miami Dolphins defeat Jaguars 14-10

JACKSONVILLE -- The Dolphins did it. They got over .500 for the first time this season.

It took some excellent defense -- particularly in the fourth quarter -- and some timely offense. But the Dolphins beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 14-10 Sunday to improve their record to 7-6 and remain in the chase for an AFC playoff berth.

So maybe it wasn't revenge for 62-7, but the desperate Dolphins will take it.

They got a 108-yard performance from Ricky Williams. Chad Henne had his moments also, at one point completing a team record tying 17 consecutive passes. He finished 21 of 29 for 220 yards.

The defense, meanwhile, limited Maurice Jones-Drew to 59 yards on 18 carries. There were no open receivers throughout. The Dolphins kept the Jags from converting on a couple of desperation fouth-down attempts.

It wasn't pretty. But the Dolphins will most definitely take it.

Your thoughts?


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Vince Young just broke a long run against the Rams and pulled a hamstring. We need this game against the Titans next week!

What is favorite drink of Jets fan?


Carlito, Its weird, years past the fins would start off strong only to fold in December...

fins will lose final 3 game and get back into thier rightful place on the bottom!

Horrible call allowing your slowest receiver who rolled his ankle earlier in the game to run a reverse! With the passing game on fire, WHY? We lost a min of 3 points there!

Ricky reverting to the old Ricky with all the fumbles, UNACCEPTABLE! Get you sh*t together for the stretch run Ricky!

Tough haul right now down the stretch. We need to ride Henne. Opening up the playbook is opening the running game. Enough of the Wildcat and Pat White. We can deal without the minus plays. Camarillio is by FAR our best WR. He should be on the field on all downs.

Contain Chris Johnson this week, Andre Johnson next week and we can play Pitt for possibly a division title or at the very least to secure the Wildcard!

I think Miami takes care of Tenn but I am VERY concerned about the Houston game. I hope Polamalu is out for the rest of the year. I think we can beat Pitt without him. At the very least, we avoided a double digit loss season. I'll take that in year 2 of rebuilding.

fins stink like white port!

Shag, The best protection this side of a Trojan.....


I am familiar with the past late season fins collapses... this is new breed of Dolphin team

I don't understand why some on this blog are criticizing the play calling on offense...IF Bess and Ricky don't fumble, IF our kicker makes an easy field goal, IF Henne doesn't over-throw an open Bess on that long pass in the 2nd half and IF Henne doesn't throw an interception this game would not have been close....execution on offense, not the play calling was the problem today...3 more games, go Dolphins and thank you defense!


dolphins are losers!

dolphins are losers!


Knew you would show up after working a double at the truck stop.


Why are you guys feeding this jet troll ?


Guess you didn't watch the game as those truckers you where blowin did not have TVs in the back cabin!

not an impressive win but at least the "D" didn't fold in the 4th quarter the way they always do.

Still...Fins have to step it up if they're going to make the playoffs. Next is Houston and that game is not a gimme....can you look at the series and say goose egg Fish against Texans?


See that Matt Shaumb had a great day only playing 1 half along with Andre johnson(also a career day only playing the 1st half).... but then again it was against the seayaucks...

dolphins are losers?

Kind of like your Virginity at the truck stop.

all dolphin fans are fairies and uumpa luumpas!

You want my thoughts? I'm p_ssed off that MedPhin's JustinTv signal went down with 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter!

What are you gonna do about that, Armando????

Posted by: Nathaniel Dodsworth | December 13, 2009 at 04:53 PM

Buy sunday ticket or go to a bar that has it. welcome to the new millennium.

Oh leave torturedolphin alone... She has nothing better to do than put people down...
Dolphins looked dominating most of the game. Very fustraring that a few mistakes almost cost them the game.
See ya torturedolphin. Take care of that body hair will ya.lol


Tortured see's the writing on the wall. The Jets are done.

Just got back from the game, and let me first say. I love the city of Jacksonville and the Jags fans really showed up today. I would that the stadium was around 98% full with 18% Dolphin fans to 80% Jags fan ratio. I don't care about the blackout crap, there are Jags fan in the city they are just a little slow buying those tickets.

Ok, now to the game. Got amazing tickets on the 50 yard line 10 rows up in the 136 section right behind the Dolphins bench. I got to see every Dolphin player that made the trip, it really is pretty amazing to see all your favorite players. Offense started off pretty hot and the Jags couldn't really stop them all game. But costly mistakes really kept the score closer then it should have been. The defense really showed up today. I don't think the TV really gave a clear prospective on how dominate they were on D. Take away the long pass by Garrard and the Dolphins really completely shut down the Jags offense. Overall a win is a win and I will take any day of the week no matter what the final score says. 7-6 and rolling into Titan land next week. Can't wait!

jet turbulence if you stop letten tortureddolphin tear up your Sphincter you might be able to hold that gas.

cd's nuts fishy rots!


Jaxphinfan, A little slow to buy tickets or just a little slow peroid????

good idea jt im out too!!!

Think only Tortured cd's nuts hitten his face.

Or are you the catcher jet turbulence?

I was glad to see that Sean Smith rebounded with a good game. That deep pass to Torry was Gibril's responsibility not Smith. Smith had the under responsibility and Gibril had the over responsibility. Other then that was a ball even thrown in his direction???



tortureddolphin & jet turbulence thats the @ss you fellas are lickin that stinks...

But don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

The truckers are waiting for your return i'm sure.

Where's Aloco????? is he still in shock over the bad game that Tom Bunchen had?????

theres the little rat tourtered bout time he takes his beat down

why diss truckers they wouldn't touch either one of those two

the biggest thing I saw was how much we miss Ronnie key on Ricky no double threat come on Lex pick it up

Is that really Mrs. Solai the mama pineapple?
Solai has certainly stepped up big along with all our other fill-in heros. I have always been a huge Dolphan, but I really love this scrappy bunch. One more draft/off season and we are legit Superbowl contenders. Henne is real deal. This is fun. Gotta get Wake on that field more. The guy makes BIG plays consistently!

Miami clearly isn't a knowledgable football town. You guys are clowns. Be happy with the win. A win is a win. We played a tough Jags team that had everything to lose today. Miami will make the playoffs! Good job Henne and Starks!


Most football players you ever root for in your life were born in Miami. Youn know what you talking about yanke-e gring-o boy

Lots of hero's today. Louisa is anything but Polite! He has earned a Pro Bowl spot. 12 for 12 on 1st down runs?! He is a beast!

Way to go Dolphins.


I once knew a pretty lady named Louisa. On a totally unrelated note, Lousaka is a great fullback.

Sparano is 6-0 in December since becoming Dolphins Coach

Look at Carlito, Calling out another NJ inmate.... You go boy!!!!!!!!!!!!

bess is a good slot receiver but his hands? com-on man! how many punts has he droped this season? thank goodness he recovers them. and fumbles after the catch? dan henning and his trick plays suck. bess out of game for 11 offensive plays with a leg/ankel injury and you give him the ball on an end-around? com-on man!

I am concerned that Ricky will wear down.

I think we have our QB for the next 12 years or so - how old is Henne? - was he the one who was drafted when he was 26? Or was that Beck?


don't know any plummers great game Bell lou and Wake the quake!


I am a deep into the red stripes and no one talk about my city in this way.

Go Dolphins!!!

Playoffs we are coming!!!!

6-0 in december!!!

Sparano Coach of the year!!!

I was at the game...the Jags fans could NOT get into this game...no matter what the stats say..the Fins owned this game and kept the Jags in it with the turnovers..Glad to sneak out with a win..Henne is the man!

Fins must not underestimate the Titans next week.
This not the same 0-6 Titans, and if you think Garrard can run, wait till Young.
I'll be at the game next week (I live in the area) and I'm worried.
Titans secondary playing great 6 out of the last 7 games. Chris Johnson way better than MJDrew. His speed is unbelievable.
Fins must score than 24 points or we're in trouble.

Enjoy those Red Strips carilto.....goota go for the evening, great win and every one have a "PHINTASTIC" Nite.... you to NJ....


Cuban , don't cry because you got called out and exposed . Carlito exposed you too. Now you're kissing his arse. You go boy

Stop talking about the puke green team in our division - they are a non-factor - always were, always will be.
I didn't even realize they were still in the league. They are a zit on my ass.

Nj, Dont you have a toilet to unclog or something else you should be doing???? lol... :)

Young won't play next week hamstring Chris Johnson is the biggest threat the guy is unreal! got to have a great defensive performance and ball control

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