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Miami Dolphins defeat Jaguars 14-10

JACKSONVILLE -- The Dolphins did it. They got over .500 for the first time this season.

It took some excellent defense -- particularly in the fourth quarter -- and some timely offense. But the Dolphins beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 14-10 Sunday to improve their record to 7-6 and remain in the chase for an AFC playoff berth.

So maybe it wasn't revenge for 62-7, but the desperate Dolphins will take it.

They got a 108-yard performance from Ricky Williams. Chad Henne had his moments also, at one point completing a team record tying 17 consecutive passes. He finished 21 of 29 for 220 yards.

The defense, meanwhile, limited Maurice Jones-Drew to 59 yards on 18 carries. There were no open receivers throughout. The Dolphins kept the Jags from converting on a couple of desperation fouth-down attempts.

It wasn't pretty. But the Dolphins will most definitely take it.

Your thoughts?


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You finally can see I am not the Cuban Menace?

Randy Starks and Lousaka Polite for Pro Bowl?

I'm begging the Dolphins to stop wearing the teal pants - wear white pants with white shirts - in fact, wear white pants every week. We have lost more big games in those stupid, ugly pants than I care to remember.

Carlito, don't fool yourself, In NJs mind(a SMALL ONE AT THAT)(LIKE OTHER APPENAGES HE HAS) THINKS EVERY ONES ME......In my profession(Mall cop) we call his kind a mal-content....It's sad....I'll pray for him tonite...

Cuban Are the malls open late for christmas ? You should get some overtime in. it should up you to about $ 10 an hour. LOL !!!!! :)

Are the dolphins the current last spot wildcard holders or is that the ravens????

Chase - Ravens own the tie breaker right now - Dolphins are second in line.

Armando, please, lets talk about it. The BEST way to beat the dolphins is to through against Sean Smith. He plays scared, maybe he's been watching Teddy Ginn on kick off returns,

Thankfully Henne, got us out of most of the trouble today. I hate Dan henning running Ricky up the middle on 90% of the 1st & 2nd down calls. Damn, he is SO predictable.

LOVE the win today boys, BUT, we need to get better, I HOPE we can win out & make the playoffs, but IF this was a playoff game today, we would have been blown out by any other AFC playoff team........

cuban . you know alot about small APPENDAGES ( correct spelling ) . can you say paquito banana ?

Yes Nj, Bo co Overtime in the city so nice they named it twice, Though Iam sure you too will be busy with all the cold weather and pipes breaking.... ") lol, Have a good nite my friend across the river, We'll insult each other tommarrow....

LOVE the win today boys, BUT, we need to get better, I HOPE we can win out & make the playoffs, but IF this was a playoff game today, we would have been blown out by any other AFC playoff team........

Posted by: westcoastkid

We've lost a couple "pretty" games. It's nice to win an "ugly" one.

Conference standings according to ESPN:

American Football Conference
* - Indianapolis 13 0 0 1.000 7-0-0 6-0-0 5-0-0 9-0-0 359 217 +142 Won 13
San Diego 9 3 0 .750 4-2-0 5-1-0 5-1-0 7-3-0 342 242 +100 Won 7
Cincinnati 9 4 0 .692 5-2-0 4-2-0 6-0-0 6-3-0 264 217 +47 Lost 1
Denver 8 5 0 .615 4-2-0 4-3-0 3-1-0 6-4-0 256 230 +26 Lost 1
New England 8 5 0 .615 7-0-0 1-5-0 3-2-0 5-4-0 348 234 +114 Won 1
Miami 7 6 0 .538 4-2-0 3-4-0 4-2-0 5-4-0 292 306 -14 Won 2
Jacksonville 7 6 0 .538 5-2-0 2-4-0 3-2-0 6-3-0 235 287 -52 Lost 1
Baltimore 7 6 0 .538 5-2-0 2-4-0 3-2-0 6-4-0 319 218 +101 Won 1
NY Jets 7 6 0 .538 3-3-0 4-3-0 2-4-0 5-5-0 275 211 +64 Won 3
Pittsburgh 6 7 0 .462 4-2-0 2-5-0 1-4-0 4-6-0 278 244 +34 Lost 5
Houston 6 7 0 .462 3-4-0 3-3-0 1-5-0 4-6-0 311 273 +38 Won 1
Tennessee 5 7 0 .417 3-2-0 2-5-0 2-4-0 3-7-0 246 316 -70 Lost 1
Buffalo 5 8 0 .385 2-4-0 3-4-0 2-3-0 3-7-0 215 271 -56 Won 1
Oakland 4 8 0 .333 2-4-0 2-4-0 1-4-0 3-6-0 142 282 -140 Won 1
Kansas City 3 10 0 .231 1-6-0 2-4-0 1-4-0 2-7-0 206 342 -136 Lost 3
Cleveland 2 11 0 .154 1-5-0 1-6-0 1-5-0 2-7-0 158 315 -157 Won 1

aloco will be showing up any minute now . LOL !

WOW ! that's sure to hurt one's eyes ! :)

so does a poke in the eye

through a computer ?

that would hurt the most

can anyone recommend a good plumber in the New Jersey area?

there is the menace. right on call ! LOL !



please does anyone know a good plummer in the NJ area?

Seriously Carlito? You forget the two fumbles by Ricky? Definetly scratch him from your list, and Polite has been amazing - he should be a Pro Bowler


We are 7-6 football team which is considerably easier to swallow than starting the season 0-3. However, this team is very incomplete. We have yet to turn in a complete performance on both offense and defense against a real opponent. The Patriots win last week was the lone exception. Today, the defense saved the season. Next week, it might be the Ricky or even special teams (Ginn with another two TDs on returns?). But, it is unlikely to come from all three aspects of the team.

The point is this season proves we are a work in progress, but there has been some progress. We have our QB. He's not Dan Marino, but he sure as hell isn't Jay Fiedler. We have a secondary that will be somewhere between good and great in the near future. But, we have aging linebackers, a squad of 2nd and 3rd string receivers, and a big question mark at RB with Ricky leaving after next year and Ronnie questionable after yet another injury. So, let's hope for another solid draft and two to three key pick ups in free agency. Then, we won't finally be getting above .500 in week 14.


why on earth on you taking Tennessee lightly. They are playing very well, and Chris Johnson is top RB in NFL. But you know better, I suppose.

Hey Cuban and NJ Phinfan - why don't you two go on a date already and get it over with? We're here to talk football!!!

Jimbo , why don't you take a swig from your moonshine , swallow some more chewing tabacco and keep your hands off your sister.

Startin to get ugly round here.

No mother jokes please.

Jimbo . really ? Who the F are you ? since when did armando die and make you boss. where were you during the live blog ? Now F OFF !

So does it benefit the Fins that the Chargers won?

What exactly needs to happen for Miami to get the Wildcard? Home field for the WC?

Chris Johnson will be a huge threat next week. Need to shut him down early to set the presidence. We limeted jones drew to like 59 yards today.

Why do I have a feeling Smith is regresing and David is progressing?


For the most part we have stopped the run.

If we can stop the self inflicted wounds we got a chance to win out.

Sean Smith worries me.

Does anyone know which player on fins was late for curfew? I saw mando posted someone had to sit on the bench a while.

Sean Smith and Wilson are the weak spots.

V Davis, Per Mando.

Tennessee is gonna kill us if we dont stop CJ

I have to say if it wasnt for a couple of mistakes this game would have been done early...but thats how games work xDD

I had a bad feeling with last week loss to the bills, but afortunetly we wrapped it up.

Titans game is the most I fear of the 3 left

Henne the Hero is 7-3 as a starter... not too shabby

We will die by the pass not the run. If Wilson and Smith play some ball next week will be ours.

We needed a hero.

Thanks PO for info. Andy you lost a week somewhere we beat the Patsies last week.

I love the progress the team is making. The defense has played remarkably well the last two weeks compared to earlier in the season. They gave up one long pass play today. This is the NFL, it will happen, especially with the makeup of our secondary.

Speaking of remarkable, I think the progress Henne has made is pretty damn close to it. Yes, he makes a mistake here and there, but those are the growing pains. He is also showing great poise in the pocket, and an arm that can get the ball wherever it needs to go. And, finally, I am starting to see some actual touch at times. All positives in my book.

We will be hard pressed to win out, but to actually have a winning record with that schedule, and our slow start this season is quite impressive. People need to sit back and be sure that better times are coming...but this is an incomplete team at the moment. Even saying that we are still in the mix. What more could you possibly ask for from this team?

For those that keep bashing Henning and his play calling, keep in mind he has lost his starting QB and RB this season, the OL is showing great progress, and the WR's are beginning to make plays. How about some credit for that. There is more to being an OC then play calling.

I almost thought they would need me to hold down Garrard and eat watermelon off his stomach.

WE HAVE TO WIN OUT AND LET IT BE THIS MAY NOT BE OUR TIME BUT BOY NEXT YEAR IS LOOKING GOOD alot of great young players defensive line will be dominate for years to come

just watched Dallas choke again the Jets of the south

Another very entertaining win with a crop of young players to get excited about watching. And, we get to talk about playoff chances instead of next year's draft like fans in Tampa, Jax, Buffalo, and etc. That makes *this* long-time fan pretty happy. Go 'Phins!


Like what you are sayin.

ESPN sucks why does Jackson talk so much just give him the show and send everyone else home

NBC football night in America is still showing Jacksonville in the 2nd wild card spot... It may not be Miami that has that spot, but after today, it sure is not Jacksonville

Fans - the Dolphins are rebuilding and there is a lot of reason for optimism. There are young guys making plays all over the field. Enjoy the wins regardless of how we get them and look forward to what Parcells ans Sparano are doing. Patience, a championship is not too many years away!

Saw that to Carlito, must be wrong.


all the networks are showing Jax as WC in their graphics....cbs, fox, espn news, nfl net.......it is really starting to piss me off. Then Chris Hanson(?) on RedZone said Jax holds tiebreakers, which I think is dead wrong. He wasn't doing an in-depth analysis, just a quickie review, but it bothers me. WTF?!?!?! I thought head-to-head was tiebreaker w/ Jax.

I'm also concerned with Balto.

Think they all need to UPDATE!

Hey I wasn't hear during the live blog NJ, can I still stay? lol, anyways Polite just makes me say wow! He is definately playing as a pro bowl caliber fullback. I love Wake, two weeks in a row he gets that game winning tackle or hit or something to get that turnover, i love it. Every game since we started winning has been like a playoff game and turns into a nail biter. Chris Johnson is the best running back in the nfl and will be very interesting to see wat happens.
Hey NJ, ill tell u everything, ill tell u everything, he look like a man.

Nice Buddy

Currently we are still behind Jax and Balt in the wildcard standings. When there is a multiple team tie, head to head doesn't count. It's conference record and we are behind.

Tenn will be tough, but it can be done.

Good info tar.

tar.....but if it boiled down to two-team tie (Jax & Mia), then h-2-h?

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