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Miami Dolphins defeat Jaguars 14-10

JACKSONVILLE -- The Dolphins did it. They got over .500 for the first time this season.

It took some excellent defense -- particularly in the fourth quarter -- and some timely offense. But the Dolphins beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 14-10 Sunday to improve their record to 7-6 and remain in the chase for an AFC playoff berth.

So maybe it wasn't revenge for 62-7, but the desperate Dolphins will take it.

They got a 108-yard performance from Ricky Williams. Chad Henne had his moments also, at one point completing a team record tying 17 consecutive passes. He finished 21 of 29 for 220 yards.

The defense, meanwhile, limited Maurice Jones-Drew to 59 yards on 18 carries. There were no open receivers throughout. The Dolphins kept the Jags from converting on a couple of desperation fouth-down attempts.

It wasn't pretty. But the Dolphins will most definitely take it.

Your thoughts?


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I wish I had a Vicodin, You all are given me a monster Headache!

Is there a Doctor in the HOUSE?

like i said........DeSean

DeSean Jackson Comments on the Way?

You just beat me Emo.

Will Allen and Vonte Davis next year will pay off.

Like the pick.

WR pick next year or a trade for one(Anquan Boldin).


I respect your opinion & LOVE Boldin but we better get used to fact that this Crew ain't never gonna give up multiple or high draft picks for a receiever

Can you imagine if we took vick and did not draft White?

Just throwen it out there...

One can dream!

Vick = ewwww

I think he will be Buffalo's starter next year.

I like Malcolm Floyd a lot. He gets open deep a lot in San Diego. I think he is a very realistic target since Jackson is also a free agent and Malcolm might like to be the go to guy.

I agree Po---Vick would have been The Awesome in WildCat...he's 'thicker' than White so he presents genuine run/pass threat.

Brian Hartline is the truth!

Just throwen it out there...

Vick does have a TD this year. LOL...

White is missen the meat...

I say trade for a WR. You know what you are getting. You don't have to wait 2/3 years to find out if you just picked Ginn all over again. So using a draft pick in that situation makes sense because you eliminate the risk in drafting WR. Other positions in the draft seem to be different to me. WR more of a crapshoot in the draft.

Feelen good bout today and haven fun.

Agree Doug.

Much too early to judge Pat White. I won't address that situation for anothe 2 years. Otherwise we are just speculating and being unfair. Even excluding White, very good draft. 2 starters including at least one with pro bowl potential and a useful contributor in Hartline. If Miami did this every year in the draft, we would be perennial super bowl contenders.

true doug---why go thru this three-year thing again.....

all I'm sayin' is that this Crew - - whether we agree or disagree -- will not give up a lot for a WR---so they have to trade for a diamond in rough or get an FA where no picks/plyers involved.

Give ya that Mark...

Doug, yes. Very good players at WR in free agency/trade. After spending 2 picks in that position last year, they aren't going to draft a WR in the 1st round for sure, maybe not even the 2nd.

Scheffler at TE in the draft is probably the most exciting free agent to me coming up.

You are dead right Emo,

One can dream.

Adam Scheffler's a Free Agent!?! What will ESPN do?

hahhaa, emo, sorry got my schefflers mixed up - i meant tony

you didn't.....I did....where's he play?

This Celek kid is looking pretty good tonite.

Always good to have a Good TE.

Denver Broncos. Excellent receiver.

Talk on the net is Starks is building a strong case for Pro Bowl consideration.

I told you Ernest wilford was going to kill miami today.

ah okay, you confused me w/ using "draft" & "FA" in same sentence (not attacking, just sayin')......I've seen him play w/ Broncos & yes he's good here's link to his player page:


If this was a capped year coming up, he would definitely be available since they have to sign Marshall and can't tag everyone. And word on the street is that Schef isn't happy with his role on the broncs.

didn't our old buddy Ernesto W have a critical drop?

WOW!!! where was Hixon picked?

double-WOW--DeS J.

NJ ?

WOW! what the hell is going on in Giants Stadium ?

Hey Armando,

I saw Bess didn't have many yards or carries. I just looked at the stats, though, as I didn't get to watch the game. Were they double-teaming him most of the time? Doesn't matter since it opened up Camarillo.

Anybody read Randy Moss was making a point today by not running out routes with no speed. Fans were booing him on the field, guess Welker pulled it out for the Patsies. I think moss won't be a patsie next year.

Brandon, Bess picked up an injury during the game and then fumbled when he came back.

Desean Jackson = what Cam Cameron saw in Ted Ginn. But Desean's 40 time = his football speed, Ginn's is not always.

Civil War going on there in NE, H8dpats.

You hear Adalius openly questioning Belichick's disciplinary decisions?

Great comments today with keeping it to mostly the phins. Why does ALoco always want to eat crap off peoples stomachs? Today he mentioned eating watermelon off the Jags qb's stomach. Weird.

ALoco is a freak. Keep your distance. I like him though - just from afar.

Mark I love when there is unrest in Patsie Central!

Aloco = cuban menace

A stomach is not a sanitary vessel for serving food


Why you say aloco is menace? What proof you have?

Armando - Glad the Herald posted our picture online (#47) That is awesome! Thx so much!
On the other side it said " Garrard is Finkle, Finkle is Garrard". Several Jags staffers read it and laughed, it was funny...

D fan , if you don't know that aloco is the cuban menace and gopats , then you a pretty stupid.

Meatball sub nummmy.


Why the insults? WTF Just asking so I can be informed. What do you know about NJ and or ace?

Lousaka need to go to the pro bowl this year

Lousaka should go to the pro bowl in my opinion

and you need/should go to bed

lipsin stated henne at 6-3
Met him in a local establishment here in pa
looked 6-1 but I might have had one too many.Anyway thanks for autograph chad.How bout them snuzzle stuffers!

Where's po white trash n njfinfan?this place dead now.where's that34 Canada guy?they fun to talk to.yo we won,go fins.hate the jets,Ginn is blossoming,that is sweet.I feel we can trust him,he's makeing tuff catches.Mia vs ne,i was there my first game...y'all need to shut when o on the field,scream louder on d,god bless Erica go fins.....

1 catch for ginn and we can trust him?ya,ok

for 12 yds!wow

GO TO BED !!!!!!!!


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