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Miami Dolphins lose 27-20 to Texans

Some holes are simply too deep to dig out of. Some holes are a grave.

And that's what the Dolphins feel like they've dug for themselves today.

They got down 27-0 and then had a good comeback. But for the second week in a row, the comeback fell short.

"Pretty despicable," Jason Taylor called it.

"Embarrassing," linebacker Reggie Torbor said.

This team simply hasn't been ready to play at the start of the game the past two weeks. And the start of the game is kinda sorta important if you want to finish with a victory.

So the Dolphins are 7-8. They are not eliminated from playoff contention. But they are on life support. It doesn't look good.


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You thought we looked flat in the 1st half today wait until next week. Pittsburgh is still alive. It could get ugly fast.

we better see P.Tuner next week!!!!!

Armando, I love ya, but please don't write about how the Phins can get in the playoffs and the possiblities. they are a mediocre team at best and would get embarassed in the 1st round.

Let's look forward to a nice draft in 2010 and filling the gaping holes we have, such as a Big time WR, free safety with some cahoynes, and help the again front line.

And P. White should play the entire second half!!!!!

So sad.. 2 weeks 2 calls from 9-6!

From this point i think i´d rather lose next week and get a better draft pick.

Dolphins play-off hopes are done. Quit beating a dead horse... "There's always next year..." I've gotten all too used to saying that as a Dolphin fan.

Armando ... you absolutely MUST use Mbacharmas question for us ... the fans who have endures this crap:

"Armando you better grill the coordinators. Please ask them why they deserve to be employed in this league. And then cut them off and tell them it was a rhetorical question..."


Stop mentioning playoffs... We suck

I would like to see Pat White get the start next week. See what he can do, it cant hurt.

The Dolphins play like a poorly coached team.

what is the slim chance of us making it. If we win who has to lose?

Miami has one of the NFL worst fan base.
Playoff-like game and the stadium is half empty. They got what they deserved: one half of football.
What a shame.

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I'm really proud of this team. I predicted 24-17 because of the mismatch nightmares. 27-20, they still kept it to 7pts despite being seriously out gunned.

Dont know about the rest of you real losers here but I'm proud of my team and they arent the losers you self indulgent idiots are. LOL

Posted by: DyingBreed | December 27, 2009 at 04:13 PM

Get real, it isnt this team most of you are really concerned about its your overblown egos! If you werent so blind you would know the difference.

Yes I will defend my Miami Dolphins, whom I still consider the greatest franchise in all professional sports. Glad they could crush most of your over bloated self indulgent,me me me egos! LOL

Coaching has lost us a lot of games this year. Parcells hasn't Won a super bowl since 1991, why are we so high on this guy? I say get rid of the regime that failed miserably at addressing the wr position for two years now when just one stud would have made us a playoff caliber team. Sparano blows field position and can't get his team ready for the start of a game let alone finish. Henning and Pasqualoni are wastes of flesh and both need to go even before Sparano

We need cle and oak to win next week. Pretty slim but at least alive.

I will never understand some fans. Granted it sucks to depend on other teams losing but if they do and we make it, we still earned the spot. Never say die until it's over! who has to lose if we beat Pitt!?

No more play off talk.


We have to beat pittsburgh, cleveland must beat jacksonville, oakland must beat the ravens, and new england must beat houston. If that happens we're in.

Well there's always next season

Why does everyone want to see Pat White? 322 yds 1 td 1 int is not bad for Henne. If the OC would open up the playbook I think we'd get more consistant play from our offense. There's no way Pat White would be any better. I would like to see if Turner is worth keeping around though.

See you losers later. Im going to put on my Dolphins gear and get out and about around town. Its a much better option to hanging out here watching you girls cry about your broken fake nails. LOL Peace out!

I learned 3 things this season...
1. Marc was a PUS'Y in week 1
2. Marc is a PUS'Y in week 15
3. Marc will always be a PUS'Y

The Truth is we can not put a full game. We show up in the first half the second half we suck. If we don't show up in the first half then the second half.
Well guy it's been fun but see ya next year.

What we already knew:

- we won the toss for the second week in a row and we gave the opponent the ball. Very bad idea when they have a good offense.
- our LB corps has been exposed by a bunch of no-names (Moats, Dreesens, Foster, etc). LB is now our 2nd most pressing need, after WR but before NT.
- our CB are good in coverage, but poor tacklers.
- Wilson must go
- we are at least 2 years away from contending

Anyone living in Dee Causey's neighbourhood might be able to find him on a rooftop with a rifle. Stay out of open areas.


I agree with you! I think next year will be special and i can't wait to see some of these poor old bastards try to jump back on the bandwagaon. I see so many positives and we were one step away from winning the last two games. Henne more experience and I guarantee you Vontae Davis will wreak havok! I'm proud of Ginn today and will never give up hope on him. We are golden next year! You stupid wanna be fans dont even try next year! Bleed aqua and orange or get another team period! Go Phins!

I think we should start Pat White to send a message to Henne that we're going to start Pennington next season ... Henne may be the future, but I think he needs a bit more schooling from Pennington.

Also, new york must lose either today or next week.

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Ziggy: it isn't coaching. this is what happens when you are two years removed from a 1-15 year, with YEARS of idiot GMs and HCs (see :Wanny, Saban, CamMoron, and Speilman, Mueller). You can't fix this in two years.

The biggest issue was that we should have let JJ go when he wanted to quit, and started over... not one year later when he got blown out by Jax 62-3. That sir, comes from crap ownership, and that owner has only been gone for less than one year. Be patient.

I am rooting for the Jets today. Let us preserve the 17-0 at least!

I agree Eric. Why is everyone bailing on this team now. After the lack of balls this team showed all the way through the JJ, Wannstedt, Saban, and Cameron eras - not to mention being trounced by Buffalo in the last half dozen Schula years, we finally have a team that fights and plays physical. With some more additions, we will contend, the heart is there, the toughness is there, we just need some more talent.

Pat White should play to see if he has potential... It really depends if we are actually still alive for playoff hopes but wtver 2nd rd pick and a thrd rd pick need to get some game action b4 season ends!

We are putting our playoff hopes in the hands of Oakland & Cleveland??? That's about as pathetic as our performance today.

Forget playoffs, you are only prolonging the agony.

bobbyd12, it's you that is sad. You made one of the most revolting and unapologetic statements ever posted on this board earlier this year. You have no standing to challenge anyone else's manhood.

Yep all our hopes are basically in okaland and cleveland. Its a fitting end to the season whatever happens.

That first half was painful to watch. I think (1) we miss the wildcat and Ronnie Brown (2) Chad Henne is still learning - reminds me a lot of Peyton Manning in his first year (3) injuries piled up on us this year (4) We need more impact players to stretch the field and strike quickly (5) Need better LB play and a run stuffer in the middle - we miss Jason Furguson in the middle - again, injuries. This team isn't ready for the playoffs. Looking forward to a few more drafts to make this team a perennial playoff contender.

The biggest individual donor to the Michigan Football boosters is Stephen Ross, Michigan graduate.
He's liked Henne so much for so long that he bought the Dolphins.

They showed fight, just a little late. What’s happening in the draft?

pat white sucks. I guess we prepared to finish games over the last two weeks, we just forgot to practice how to start them. This coaching staff sucks. wish list for 2010 new coaching staff bill cowher anyone a real good draft cj spiller anyone. trade crowder, ayodele,ginn and wilson all suck and over paid.

We didn't lose because of Chad Henne.
We lost because our defense was not prepared to play when the game started.
That's on the coaching staff.
Jason Taylor wasn't screaming at Chad Henne on the sideline, he was screaming at his other defenders.

Well, we are better than we were in 2007. This team isn't ready for a playoff appearance even if a miracle occurred. As bad as it hurts to watch them lose I know that I could never pull for another team.
I hope we find a quality receiver in the offseason. We have to have a quick score threat to keep defenses honest.
My biggest surprise in the last two games is how unprepared we were to play the 1st half. This falls on the coaches and cost us both games.

Jason Pierre-Paul of USF. That's who I would pick - freak athlete OLB/DE in the Demarcus Ware/young Jason Taylor mold.

Should Pennington be preparing the team each week? He's notorious for his uber-preparation.

who wants pat white we have our QB get some help for him to make the plays with this bunch is a miracle

Most pundits had Miami dropping off around 3 games from the win total of last year citing similar teams of the past who finished worst to first and thus had to face a tougher schedule the following year. That prediction may come true. As has been said, the core of the team is solid. This is a rebuilding job and those things take time. We as fans were spoiled last year and now we have been brought back to earth this year. A few significant changes in the offseason coupled with hopefully another good draft and this team will be right where it needs to.

I don't think anyone is expecting a Super Bowl, but. 2 weeks in a row u have gottne outplayed by 2 teams u should beat in the 1st half with the playoffs on the line. They were not ready to play in the 1st half of both games. That is coaching!!

All I can say is WTF! We should be able to come out stronger and then finish. Well Pittsburg has to be beat! Playoffs or not.

Fawk pennington and his noodle arm. as much as people want to gripe about henne's overthrows, the offense is still a lot better with him in there. the dolphins were 0-3 to start because of pennington. he's done, thanks for the one year and go become a qb coach at marshall!

Let's go Jets!

J e t s suck suck suck

Just as I said earlier, you idiots in here really dont understand that you can cook with the ingredients you dont have. Youve blamed all the wrong things.

You cant have quick strike ability when you dont yet have the quick strike reciever. You cant prevent the quick strike scoring when you dont have the great cover safety.

You cant have great LB play when both your best OLBs are well into 30yrs of age and your best ILB is Channing Crowder. Ayodele or whatever his name has been like we're playing the 3-3 defense because he's been a non factor the entire season. He's made Crowder look all pro.

Once we get these areas fixed we're no less than 2nd rd playoff team for sure.

nice game by lex ginn finally showed up a little bit defense caved again major overhaul coming offense just a little

According to my calculations using yahoo playoff generator the only thing that needs to happen is MIA beat PIT and either BAL loss to OAK or a DEN loss to KC. That is if Den loses ro PHI this week

Dyingbreed you don't seem to understand when your team comes out and is blown out in the 1st half against 2 teams it should beat it's not the ingredients it's the chef.

The Miami Dolphins look tired and worn down. Especially on defenses. The offense does not help them much and vice versa. The playoffs should not be on anyone's mind. Why? Because any team that has to wait for 200 different scenarios to play out does not deserve it. Spend wisely in Free Agency, draft a TALL, FAST, TE. Draft another DT, FS, MLBs, and anyone else that can play at a high level!!!!

Zapod is a idoit henne didnt loose that game he needs a big wr. Start white to senda message really u are so dumb. Sit down and ask your self if you really mean that cuz if you do your not goin any where in life

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