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Miami Dolphins lose 27-20 to Texans

Some holes are simply too deep to dig out of. Some holes are a grave.

And that's what the Dolphins feel like they've dug for themselves today.

They got down 27-0 and then had a good comeback. But for the second week in a row, the comeback fell short.

"Pretty despicable," Jason Taylor called it.

"Embarrassing," linebacker Reggie Torbor said.

This team simply hasn't been ready to play at the start of the game the past two weeks. And the start of the game is kinda sorta important if you want to finish with a victory.

So the Dolphins are 7-8. They are not eliminated from playoff contention. But they are on life support. It doesn't look good.


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I agree I feel the coach should have called timeout or something. The team fell apart the first half. I just don't know. Well we can look forward to the draft.


You dont understand. When a team has quick score ability and its your obvious achilles heel to prevent it. Added to the fact you dont have quick strike ability either. Thats why we come out flat against those type teams.

Also the Texans are a very good D if you dont have quick strike ability. You dont make a living going 70-80yds 10-12plays against them.

Didnt you see that or did your lying eyes decieve you? LOL

Between the zebras questionable calls every week and our boneheaded coaches play calling, how can this team ever become relevant in the NFL? How do you punt the ball on fourth and three down by two scores with 5 minutes or so remaining? Sparano is basically a cheerleader, Henning and Pasqualoni are old, unimaginative, and predictable. Why noy let Pat White throw the ball a few times instead of handing off everytime to the back coming across from the sideline. Heads should roll in the offseason but I'm pretty sure they will not.

robfin, dyingbreed is just saying it takes time to replace all the idots we have crowder, ayodele, ginn etc. also the coaching staff another game were we can't cover the TE. WHATS UP WITH THAT.

And I will say it one more time. Jason Taylor and Joey Porter are done. You have a sack machine in Cameron Wake and he is on punt returns. I say the problem is coaching.

It's Parcells and Co. who re-signed Crowder in the offseason. So, if he is a problem, then what does that say about some of the decision making upstairs?

No Matt,

Thats only what you say idiot. LOL

hey,dolphins fans the patriots are now your afc east champions of 2009 hahahahahhahhahahhaha and we are definately coming to a super bowl 44 near you very soon in miami the patriots will then become your super bowl champions in 2010 and the nfl's only dynasty to win four super bowl rings and four vince lombardi trophy's who's talking nbow you washed up bunch of playoff chokster wannabees patriots 10-5 and your new afc east champions dolphins eliminated from playoff contention what's the old saying they say in baseball wait till next year you bunch of playoff chokers hahahahahahahah fins suck go,patriots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLs forget playoffs we were done last week Now we dont give up points in the 4th we just give them up at the start wow what a big difference. This team is mediocore at best we need new offensive and defesive coordinators nad maybe Parcells is overrated Hasnt won anything since 91. Nothing in the Nfl is for sure so who knows if next yr will be better.This yr is just another of one of many bitter pills to swallow

Hey DyingBreed do you feel more manly or something by resorting to name calling? You make valid points very often, thus I don't understand your willingness to make yourself look both childish and foolish. Grow up man.

We need a whole new linebacking crew, a safety to replace Gibril "Hands of Stone" Wilson, and a monster defensive tackle who can also rush the quarterback. And oh yeah, a true #1 wide receiver.

Patriots suck!!! What happened last year and what kind of jerk goes on a dolphin blog and say that crap. Let's see if when you are eliminated in the first round if you will be a good loser which you know pat fans are not.


Im a realist. Dont know how much time you spend on this blog. But this isnt the typical girls in the powder room crowd here. Nice guys like you will get chewed up and spat out just for the sake of amusement here.

This is a man's blog. Not the old lady's bingo parlor. Man up or get out you wuss!

anyone watching the other scores it's not that weir that bad everybody is only a few real good teams this year

Nice to see this mehegan thing show up again this week. Once again beautiful use of grammar and punctuation. Also, it's great that he has pointed out that the Super Bowl winning team receives not only the Vince trophy, but also rings. Man, thank goodness for the inside info this guy provides.

Armando if the dolphins make the playoffs I will send you all the money I have in the bank which ain't much but still no f--kin way and what the f--k happened to this team this is what you should be asking them at the next press conference they did not even f--king try until the 2nd half that is coaching and I love Tony but you know it is true whats up?

Travis - you are wrong. No matter the outcome of Denvers last two games, and no matter the outcome of their opponents or our opponents for strength of victory, it is not possible to win a tie breaker against them, nor against jacksonville. We only have one road to get in, and its not a nice one. We have to catch the Ravven's spot. To do that Oakland must beat Baltimore, we must beat pittsburgh. But we also need Jacksonvile to close to cleveland to prevent them from being in tie with us, and we also need houston to lose to new england or else they will grab the last spot at 9-7. There is no other way to make the playoffs without all of those things happening.

And we need the Jets to lose now at Indy, or at cincy next week.


This isnt a powder puff girls restroom in here. These guys will chew you up and spit you out for the sake of amusement. obviously you dont spend much time here or in any real city for that matter.

If it bothers you just hitch up your donkey and get the hell out of here farmer. LOL

I know it sounds apologists or paranoid, but can you tell me how we get jobbed by the refs early in the season to an 0-3 (almost 0-4 despite the refs efforts against the Jets) then we are somehow the least penalized team in the league...except the last two weeks we get horsed with some more bad calls.

What is that conspiracy I'm buying in to? The county commissioner, and/or the NFL not wanting the home team in the playoffs?

Things I learned this season:

Officer Boob, really isn't an officer. He's a custom's agent
Custom's agent Boob is 42 and has a mustache like Bert Renolds
Boob lives in Greenacre's...Like the show
Boob is a GIANTS fan, hence his man crush on Parcells and company
Boob has a dating site, and here's the link:

This just in...you can actually make valid points and earn respect in any room, regardless of it's content, by sounding intelligent while also being mature. By acting immature, you really aren't acting like a man then are you? Of course some people may believe that a 'MAN' is an immature punk who resorts to name calling to get his rocks off. For those people I feel sorry for especially ones that feel they need to "man up". Man up? On a message board. The use of the word 'wuss'.

Really? Are you serious? So sad.

You guys need to get off of the refs kick. Its just like in the NBA, the agressers get the calls.

At present lack of true talented in critical areas cause us to be somewhat passive. The passive teams never get bail out calls. LOL

Why is everyone so upset with Miami? We don't have the talent like other teams...yet, and we hang in there with the best if em, granted this whole season is the tale of two halves, but just imagine what well do when we gave that number 1 wr, n yes we need a major upgrade at lb, but we got a good core, henne will have to work in the off season fir those touch passes, but I have no doubt he'll get it, as for the refs, that's just us getting the short end of the stick, next year well have the talent to over come that, and yes we DEFINITLEY need a new OC, but the future looks GREAT for these fins, don't forget we lost brown AND cobbs, who I think has been forgotten by people, but next year when we get healthy this team will be VERY dangerous

As I saw the first half the texan's came to miami prepared for offense and defense and truly embarrassed our team.. we were not prepared until the second half when we were buried by the defense or lack of.. People on this blog that call for Pat White. are probably the same one's that called for Henne last year. This game was not on Henne no matter how you try to spin it. I also think the refs. are bogus.. Really tripping on a touchdown pass that so could have made the difference. So many dumb and calls that were so incorrect. The booth was all over the fumble ruled uncompleted pass. All of that and then last week. You start to wonder

LOL @ Marc and Mac.

Well, the good thing with next year being uncapped is we can get rid of the dead weight, accelerating financial impact so it doesn't matter any where except the owner's bottom line.

There's no shame in admitting mistakes (G. Wilson, among others), but it is foolish not to address the mistakes when given an opportunity.


I seriously recommend you start your own "green Acres" football blog. If decency and morality is your primary issue. Im sure you'll be more lonely than the Maytag repairman. LOL

I read a lot of BS about how the Dolphins are not talented enough... SIck of seeing that, i do admit they f#*K up in the early stages of games, but the officals in Dolphin games have been very one sided (trippig? i can't get over that one. Polite was in mid air, with his back facing the defender on his way down), and some very obvious mistakes on replays.
Even with all this out of Miami's hands, they still were able to be in most games, and even had them on the door step to the playoffs. The passing plays on offense has to change we are not the Patriots (before Moss) screw the screens and the short passes, or at least mis it up better.. keep the Wildcat!
Need a new FS, bye Wilson..Love the Kids on the Corner, Wake has a good upside, we should pick up a OLB that can Tackle/Cover and play the run, and use JT as a pass rusher not a coverage OLB.
I like the future, injuries slowed this team, i like the way they play more in the end not so much in the begining. The Wildcat with a number one reciever would be very dangerous.
Go Fins

Is resigning Crowder a mistake? If so, will a change be made? The LB situation is a major concern and needs to be addressed. Some interesting decisions last offseason that flat out haven't worked out.

Green Acres? Whoa. Good one DyingBreed! Really good. What imagination, what creativity. Do you mind if I use your signature ending post word....LOL

Resigning Crowder was a huge mistake. We didn't seem to miss him when he went out - actually played better.

hey,mgo268 the patriots are now your afc east champions of 2009 hahahahahahahahahah so who's laughing now you washed up dolphin playoff wannabe and the patriots will win super bowl 44 in miami in 2010 and a washed up dolphin playoff wannabe is just along for the ride now sit back and relax and watch how a real organization wins super bowl 44 which the patriots will win patriots 10-5 dolphins 7-8 soon to be eliminated from playoff contention what's the old saying they use in baseball wait till next year you washed up dolphin fan wannabe. go,patriots!

With the disappearing act our other ILB has puilled all season long. Maybe Crowders problem is he's had to try and be both.

On one play today Akin was blown off the line of scrimmage 10 yds deep into the secondary. Yet its always Crowders head you idiots scream for.

First we need to see what happens when a decent ILb is placed beside Crowder before we can truly determine if resigning Crowder was a mistake or not.

Mac , that's nothing. wait until he hits you with scooby dooby do and yabba dabba doo !! LOL !

We are close but there is still a lot of work to do. 1. We need a WR 2. We need ILB 3. Safety 4. NT (although Solia had a decent game)
I think we must keep Ronnie Brown and draft a young RB in middle rounds. Ricky is good for one more year as the number 2 RB but is too old to carry the team.

Next year we go deep into the playoffs and the year after its Superbowl.

mehegan, do NE fans not claim you or something? Is that while you're hear spewing nonsensical jargon? You provide great info and predictions though.

if your on this post and talk bad about the dolfins your not real fans, so will the real fans stand up and support our team. i dislike fans that turn there back on thier team when there down this is miami's team you punks.i love my dolphins when we fall,and when we rise.
we stand up together.thinks for trying fins.real fans support thier team PUNKS!!!

As it stands,the Dolphins are picking 13th in Aprils draft.

Hello Dez Bryant...

Oh yeah, other things I've learned:

SEAN SMITH sucks...He's done noting since OTA's and preseason

Vontae Davis is CLEARLY the superior DB

Hartline rocks

POLITE is the best player on the team. If we could clone him 51 times we'd play like men

Gibril Wilson is terrible

Things I knew that have been reinforced:

Ayodele sucks
Torbor sucks
Bess is at best a 3rd receiver that leads the team in receptions
Nate Jones sucks
Merling and Langford are not dominant enough
Ricky Williams fumbles...Still

Things I will reserve judgement on:
Teddy (STILL)

Things we have to worry about:
JT, JP, Ricky, Ferg are all over 32...


Browns beating Jags
Raiders beating Ravens
Broncos lose today and next week (?)
Fins beating Steelers (?)

Play PAT WHITE against Steelers next week and call it a season.

Well if it isnt my #1 fan NJ,

Its so funny how obsessed you are with me. LOL
You never let an opportunity pass to get my attention. If I were into men, baby you would have been #1 on my Christmas shopping list. LOL

NJ, I was present during Mando's live blog last week. I saw how he acts and then tries to justify it. It's cool. I feel bad that people who can actually make good solid points consistently feel the need to somehow turn into a child. God forbid anyone who can provide similar feedback without the childish behavior. But I get that this is a 'Man's blog'. That's hillarious.

We will pay for the knuckleheaded draft day decisions of Wanny, Saban, Cameron for years. Fletcher instead of Brees, Jason Allen instead of anybody, Ginn instead of Patrick Willis.

Obessesd with you ? Look who's talking misty !!! You were having a conversation with some fool you thought was me all night last night. you have No f'n life except for acting like an A-hole on here and BOGO. COM !!Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.


Falling right into NJ's trap I see. He really loves it when another guy strkes his man part for him. You two should really get a room. Its not the kind of party in here. Ughhh! ROTFLMAO!


Falling right into NJ's trap are you? He simply loves it when another guy stroke his man part for him. You two should really get a room. It isnt that kind of party in here. Ughh! ROTFLMAO!!!

LB is our #1 need, even over WR. crowder is the only one that deserves to be a starter in the nfl, in my opinion. i have never understood why there is so much crowder hating but that is another discussion.
torbor is awful in coverage, ayodele is awful at everything and porter and taylor are waaaaay past their primes. to run a successful 3-4 defense you need dominant, explosive, playmaking linebackers and we just don't have them.
the #1 problem this team has is big passing plays allowed on defense and just about all of them can be blamed on poor coverage by linebackers, poor tackling, or gibril wilson, who also needs to go. pasqualoni too. he sucks.

This blog work about as well as NJ's brain sometimes. It caused me to double post! LOL

So do we get to see turner next week? To the draft!!!

Dying buffoon , you talk alot a shyt behind a computer with your taped up broken glasses and pencil pocket holder. You're a f'n dweeb who has NEVER played football in you Life. now go back to bogo.co and play your kiddie games. Youwouldn't have the balz to say anything to my face. You're a cyber Pu**Y . bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah


Why are you too foolish to realize nothing you do disturbs me? In fact, by now you should have learned Im sick enough to welcome it idiot. LOL

And we can't leave games up to refs, they screwed us all year.


I know this goes against the inner workings of your puny microscopic cavity which you falsely claim to be a brain. But have you ever considered that if you just ignored me I would go away?

at least for a little while anyway. LOL

You crack me up DWEEEB and you're a f'n fraud and everybody including mando know it. so do you. You're nothing more than a gnat . wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wahhhhhhhhhhhh !

A "man's blog"???? DYING BREED? Somehow I don't equate blogging with being manly. If that's what you think then it would explain your twisted viewpoints.

You'll NEVER go away . this is the only thing you know . well that a pogo.com . bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha ,bwahahahahahahahaahah

If anyone has paid any attention which Im sure anyone with at least half a brain hasnt.

NJ, most times Im minding my own business and you go out of your way on your girlish triabes to get my attention.

No NJ, Im not into guys! You fruit! LOL

We sure could use Eddie Moore on special teams right now. Anyone know where he is?

This team still needs more talent. Especially with injuries, we were doomed. Remember Ronnie Brown out, Chad P out, Fergeson out ...

And Ginn just stinks. I would rather see Bess returning kicks. Ginn is a wimp who steps out of bounds and dances. He also can not consistently catch the ball.

Which brings me to this past years failed draft. Pat White? Give me a break. Pat Turner? Wow, what a mistake he must have been.

We need a nose tackle, a real LB, some real DL who can pressure the ball, a wide receiver, a free safety (Gibril really stunk it up this year) and a TE who can be a difference maker.

The offensive line seems to have been upgraded- even with the injuries, we were able to sub okay. Chad is the future. Hartline is a great #2 and Bess or Camarillo are great #3's. Lousaka is awesome ... Yeremiah is good and Vonte and Sean Smith should be fine. Otherwise, holes, holes, holes.

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