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Miami Dolphins lose 27-20 to Texans

Some holes are simply too deep to dig out of. Some holes are a grave.

And that's what the Dolphins feel like they've dug for themselves today.

They got down 27-0 and then had a good comeback. But for the second week in a row, the comeback fell short.

"Pretty despicable," Jason Taylor called it.

"Embarrassing," linebacker Reggie Torbor said.

This team simply hasn't been ready to play at the start of the game the past two weeks. And the start of the game is kinda sorta important if you want to finish with a victory.

So the Dolphins are 7-8. They are not eliminated from playoff contention. But they are on life support. It doesn't look good.


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What the hell's up with the screename? First fix that then maybe I'll think about responding to you ever again in life. LOL

Watching the game today idk how you can put this on the offense, they get two chances and then there down 17, and are having to throw the ball around 55 times with a young qb, henne looks like hes going to be legit, just hangs on the ball a little to long, and needs to work on touch, but the o line didnt look to good today, they had to roll the pocket for henne to really have time, dline looked terrible, so did lb's, im sick of the nfl thinking these pass rushing lbs are the way to go that is the most overrated thing in the nfl, they lose games for you and you can run rite pass them, but idk ill be pulling for philly today, oak, kc, cle next week and a miami win why not.

I agree with ziggy. sparano, henning ,pasqualoni and henne all suck. he is not the answer at the qb position.the franchise is a joke. they need all these celebrities to come in and be part owners.they turned the franchise into a damn freak show. I think they will continue to get worse not better. oh yeah gibril wilson is pathetic too.

The one silver lining with today's loss should be a higher draft pick, but we all know the TRISUCKTA will draft another tackle or guard. God knows, we need more offensive lineman.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the game has passed Parcells by. The TRISUCKTA has put up together a boring, talentless, team. But we do have a sh*tload of offensive linemen.

Mark my words, the TRISUCKTA's first pick in the next draft will be an offensive guard. Bank on it. Hell, go to Vegas and place a bet on it. You'll be rich. Just share some of your winnings with me.

Breed/ misty . we all know you're a fruit cake . come out of the closet already. that's all you talk about . you've been chasing me for months. Play misty for me. bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

The fins would be embarrassed in the playoffs. I call for the head of Pasqualli.
Hid defense sucks and I do not think i saw a blitz in the game. With the game on the line the guy played like he had the best front in football. Shame on the coaching staff, they suck. play calling sucked and execution sucked


LOL @ Tay...

Misty , i thought you were going out about the town . that was hours ago . you can't get enough of me can you ? Sorry MISTY !!!!! I don't go that way but i'm sure you'll find plenty of boyfriends on south beach. bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahah.


Im going to do something for you I know you'll never be able to do for yourself. From now on Im going to ignore you until I feel like responding to you. Because really you're a waste of time.

Here's a little oil squeaky wheel. Silence is golden. LOL

How about we bring in Dan Marino as Offensive Coordinator. Maybe then we would see Henne throw the ball past the line of scrimmage now and then.

Maybe Marino can come back & help u guys get embarrassed in the playoffs again. What was it? oh yea, Jags 62 fins 7.


What a JOKE! This LOSS was due to POOR PREPARATION by the coaching staff and the defensive coordinator didn't help much either. In other words, the Dolphins have totally REGRESSED as a football team!!!

Once again, Henne CONTINUES to overthrow his receivers week after week with NO touch to his running backs or ends! The future at QB, my ARSE!

I say get RID of Ginn, Torbor, Porter, Smith, Jones, and Crowder. And I would put Davis on notice as well.

The defensive coverage schemes continue to be vanilla as hell. Houston SHREDDED our 'D'! Get RID of Pasquale!

IF Sparano cannot turn things around with IMPROVING this team and his staff through the 2010 season, I say he has to go too!

This is an EMBARRASSING DISASTER to a once PROUD Dolphins franchise.......


Henne would have had 400 yards passing, 2TD and no INT without the stupid penalty on Polite and Ricky's bad hands.
That's way past the line of scrimmage...

JBones could not have said it better myself, good post. It's called accountability which all of us our held to in our everday jobs. Where is the accountabiliy on the coaching staff for 2 games of embarassing 1st half football!


Why wait until the 2nd half to open things up. Even the announcers said that the Dolphins need to take some shots dwon the field. Week in and week out we see the same thing with the play calling. Conservative if we're winning or until we're behind by three scores - it just doesn't work.

One week from Mandy's "patience" article, LOL...I'd say that's about run out...

Are we going to have a WrestleMania type pay per view event at the end of this season involving blog members. I already see a double main event.

NJ Phin Fan vs Dying Breed in a loser leaves town match

Bobby vs. Marc in a loser wears a dress match. I think Marc will lay down in this one for two reasons - he likes wearing dresses and he likes laying down for cops with nightsticks

The Wets are up on the Colts, anyone want the Wets to stop the Colts perfect season?

Michael I agree. We had one bomb which worked except for bad call. Why did we try that play once?

Hey Marc I'll hel nj beat some dying breed ass!!!


I found Rich Gannon calling for more downfield passes so ironoc since Gannon made a career and an MVP season out of short dump offs and relying on his receivers to make plays. That was until Siragusa made him his biatch in the playoffs and turned him into a poor and hypocritical colour commentator.

Anyone that thinks Pennington will ever QB the Dolphins again is delusional.
Anyone that wants Pennington to ever QB the Dolphins again is an idiot.

Ok, sounds like Robfin wants to make the DB/NJ fight a tag match. Anyone want to tag with DB, maybe ALoco - he is always provoking NJ. Watch out for ALoco's dreaded Meatball Sub thrust.

Amen, PriceMaster! For one, if henne was in against Atlanta, we would have won that game. Maybe even the Colt game too. I don't want to see Pennington anywhere near a Dolphin team again.

One last rant. Why do we always defer when we win the opening toss and then let the other team drive down and score so that we're always playing from behind? How about winning the toss and ramming it down their throats and never letting up.

That's right Mark I want to team up with NJ and kick some DB booty and if I have to take down a meatball sub with extra cheese so be it!!!

Simply inexcusable. I was at the game and there is no excuse for the coaching calls today. There is no reason why we would go to the endzone in the 4th quarter with 3 mins left, when all we needed was 3 yards. That forced us to go for the field goal and we then needed a touchdown to tie the game.
Yes the officiating didn't help at all today, but we have no one to blame but our coaching staff for poor play calling and bad decisions.
This game was very frustrating to watch in person, the refs blew 3 calls and we really needed a break!

Hahhahaa, ewwww, extra cheese? ALoco should be taking some anitbiotics.

By the way, whoever made that call on the Chris Brown fumble being an incomplete pass should be fired. He had that ball for about 18 steps before an excellent tackle forced the fumble. That was simply THE WORST call ever made.

Marc = Dying A'HOLE = Fake Fans = 2 PUS'Ys...

Ok, long assessement of this team, now that I really feel frustrated. Bur first, a prologue in the form of a question: Ziggy, are you an idiot or what? You say Parcells and his regime have failed miserably? Come on, make me laugh. Parcells and his bunch turn the despicable Cameron team it was in to one that frustrates us, cause we thought we had a chance. Everything is a process. Do you want to rebuild again and wait another 12-15 years, you idiot? Go on Parcells, go on Sparano!


1) Vernon Carey is simply lousy. Two weeks in a row he has been the weakness of the OL: Don't start him anymore. Release him, trade him during the offseason. He's got to go.

2) The point above is valid as well for Gibrail Wilson.

3) Somebody has to tell Chad Henne that we all already know he has an arm. Now he needs to show some technic and intelligence: give your receivers a chance to get the ball! You don't need to throw an 80 miles p/h bullet to a RB who's 9 ft away in front of you! Also: throw a little later, otherwise all the balls will be over the heads of your targets!! Damn it!

4) Trade for a stunt WR (no secret) and DRAFT A NEW RB!! Brown and Ricky are awesome, but Ricky's at the door of retirement and Brown is undurable.

5) Draft as many LBs as possible: OLB and MLB.

6) Upgrade nose tackle.

7) Get a stunt TE.

Damn it, man! For freaking 28 years the same old feeling of frustration. I want to cry!

Pinches Delfines, me lleva la ching...!!!

If Dan Carpenter is in a Dolphins uniform next year,I will puke all over the place.......he is garbage.

I love my fins but it seems we have some of the dumbest f'king idiots in America as fans. LOL

But DyingBreed, the question is do you and ALoco accept the tag match challenge???

I want to see a NJ VS Dying breed ladder match....

I don't noramly write anything in the blog. I enjoy reading the topics and feedback from all Dolphin's FANS. To me a fan is a person that sticks with the team in winning and losing. Last year some so call fans wanted to put Sparanno in the hall of fame now the same fans are calling for him to be fired. If you dont like the team don't watch I love the Dolphins and I enjoy every win and when they loose i can't wait for the next week for them to bounce back. Today I still have hope long shot but still hope. see you next week for those real fans!!
Dolphins Fan from Mexico city.

If you lose to the Texans,you've proven beyond a shadow of the doubt that you don't belong in the NFL.How pathetic can you possibly be.

who beat new orleans first? was it carolina?

Some observations:

1) The Dolphins are not ... well... they're not ... good.

2) I've been dealing with a very sore throat. My wife gave me a bunch of Cold-Eze lozenges, and as a result I've had diarrhea like crazy. A similar thing happened last year when I took cough candies. I must remember to stop doing that.

3) I usually try to keep my comments fairly whimsical on this blog, but today's Dolphins' loss and the Patriots' win reminds me how utterly stupid many of the writers on this blog are. I'm referring to the comments that attack the Patriots. Yes, Bill Belichick is in many ways a contemptible human being, and it's very easy to dislike the Patriot organization. But I'm referring to comments that incomprehensibly mock the Patriots as "losers," as if Patriot fans should be envious of Dolphin fans for all our recent success. Did you notice that the Patriots won yet another AFC East title? Did you notice that they still are capable of completely dominating other teams? I think before we belittle the Patriots we should actually have some SUSTAINED success. One 11 win season in 8 years and one division title in 9 years is nothing to write home about. In other words, stop speaking like friggin' ret_rds.

4) I apologize for the nasty tone in item #3. It's the sore throat and diarrhea speaking.

5) I still hope I can get some from my wife tonight. I'm not that sick. I'll keep you posted.

6) It doesn't surprise me that Meredith Baxter-Birney is gay. It surprises me that Michael Gross isn't.

Nice post venom!

Good call on the ladder match, Cuban. You've been at odds with NJ too, you want to make it a three way?

Not the Marc in a dress type three way with two peruvian he-shes, though.

I think anytime you let a team go up 27 to 3 in the first half of of what amounts to a playoff game for your team you need to look directly at the coaching. not having your team ready to play after x mass,bad defensive scheme bad offensive shceme bad play calling on both sides of the ball just a bad overall game plan.Austments should have been made before 27 point defecit at home as forthe second half ,gutsy efort by the players they should have never been put in that situation these are just cold hard facts. As for my opinion ,i dont think we should be punting at all in second half down 4 scores period! im just saying bad coaching bad coaching!!

Colts are gonna let the Jets win!


Well said Mr. Dodsworth, Great to hear that a sore throat doesn't stop your sex drive, Sincerely your running mate The Cuban menace//

Nathaniel, remember to wash your butt or she's not going anywhere near you

Manning is out!

Heres the problem from the top to the bottom.
1) Parcells has let the game pass him by.
spending big dollars on worthless free agents,Wilson,Grove, drafting Pat White not
drafting Nicks,Wallace,or Britt.
2) Sparano has no balls and sucks as a game
3)both cooordinators have to go,promote David
Lee and Reid.
4)Players who must go Wilson,Soliai,Crowder,
Ayolede,TEDD GINN,Haynos,Grove,Pat White,Allen
5) Have a better Draft ,Benn would be nice
Spiller also,better free agents should of
went after Boldin
6) everyones to blame we need some accountability

Nah Mark, I will not participate in a ladder match, and I've got nothing against NJ phin fan nor Dying Breed,Id just like to see a good match and maybe a little humiliation to the loser.....

Thank gos Sancheese sucks!


Jets are up, WTF!

NJ paints himself as a good athlete and DB has been known to be a crazy drunk. Should be a hotly contested affair.

Rod, just tell me, did you notice Crowder was not on the field today? and did you notice how many mistakes Reggie Torbor, who repleased Crowder, commited? Did you notice how many yards a mediocre run attack reached on us?

Crowder is evidently not as good as Zack Thomas, but definetly needed on the field. Soliai is quite solid as well. Ayodele is ok.

Cut the head of the rest you mentioned!

I have been a supporter of Henne all along and thought he had good promise. After today and recent weeks I have concerns. How do you get to the pro level without understanding some passes need touch???


There are some serious coaching issues on this team. The team was clearly not ready to play the last two weeks.

We have an OC that calls 5 yard pass plays on about every pass. He has 2 receivers in the same area which makes it easy to cover with one man.

This team will go no where fast with this group of coaches holding them back.

Ginn actually showed a heartbeat today. Of course on first kick off he had TD if he runs right, instead he ran right for the sideline.

Throw the ball med to deep on occasions!!

Please stop talking playoffs!

I'm sorry El Mago de la Vida but IMHO Soliai and Ayodele both SUCK.

I agree mark, and the beutiful thing is I dont care who looses, which means I win......lol


Henne needs a nickname.

I've narrowed it down to "Jekyll & Hyde" or "Box of Chocolates".

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