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Miami Dolphins lose 27-20 to Texans

Some holes are simply too deep to dig out of. Some holes are a grave.

And that's what the Dolphins feel like they've dug for themselves today.

They got down 27-0 and then had a good comeback. But for the second week in a row, the comeback fell short.

"Pretty despicable," Jason Taylor called it.

"Embarrassing," linebacker Reggie Torbor said.

This team simply hasn't been ready to play at the start of the game the past two weeks. And the start of the game is kinda sorta important if you want to finish with a victory.

So the Dolphins are 7-8. They are not eliminated from playoff contention. But they are on life support. It doesn't look good.


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Tampa, he does have a nick name it's " Neck fat"

You are correct patrick hurd. Someone needs to sit Sparano down and teach him some basic math skills. Down by two scores, 4th and 3 with 5 miinutes to go and you punt the ball - PATHETIC.

how about Too High Henne?

I see the Jets are running "gimmick" plays now too. Rex Ryan is an idiot at least we swept the Jets this year.

again can anyone help me with new orleans first loss, was it carolina? if not who?

I think the Jets will be going O line in the draft. Those guys are pretty old except for Mangold and Ferguson.

Then again, fawk them, who cares.

It was Dallas jose.

Saints lost to Dallas first.

Ok, long assessement of this team, now that I really feel frustrated. Bur first, a prologue in the form of a question: Ziggy, are you an idiot or what? You say Parcells and his regime have failed miserably? Come on, make me laugh. Parcells and his bunch turn the despicable Cameron team it was in to one that frustrates us, cause we thought we had a chance. Everything is a process. Do you want to rebuild again and wait another 12-15 years, you idiot? Go on Parcells, go on Sparano!


1) Vernon Carey is simply lousy. Two weeks in a row he has been the weakness of the OL: Don't start him anymore. Release him, trade him during the offseason. He's got to go.

2) The point above is valid as well for Gibrail Wilson.

3) Somebody has to tell Chad Henne that we all already know he has an arm. Now he needs to show some technic and intelligence: give your receivers a chance to get the ball! You don't need to throw an 80 miles p/h bullet to a RB who's 9 ft away in front of you! Also: throw a little later, otherwise all the balls will be over the heads of your targets!! Damn it!

4) Trade for a stunt WR (no secret) and DRAFT A NEW RB!! Brown and Ricky are awesome, but Ricky's at the door of retirement and Brown is undurable.

5) Draft as many LBs as possible: OLB and MLB.

6) Upgrade nose tackle.

7) Get a stunt TE.

Damn it, man! For freaking 28 years the same old feeling of frustration. I want to cry!

Pinches Delfines, me lleva la ching...!!!

Michael, Soliai is solid. Not outstanding, but solid. A good back up, who will get better. Remember he was not starting and he's young. However, if you see, in my opinion, on number 6 I clearly said: upgrade nose tackle.

Looks like the Colts don't care about going undefeated huh???


Do you know what we call hapiness in the state of FL.?

A New Yorker waiving goodbye with a Canadian underneath his arm. LOL

Ya Jose, doesn't your internet have ESPN to look that up?

DB, why does alcohol make you so hurtful?

El Mago,

I agree Soliai is ok as a backup but time and time again I see him ass down on the turf as the opposing teams running back makes their way into our secondary. Just an observation.

Hey Mark,

I dont drink. Not alcoholic beverages anyway. Can you imagine me drinking? I'ld be up in Toronto with my hands around your puny throat already. LOL

how about Too High Henne?

Posted by: Deep Space Nine | December 27, 2009 at 06:37 PM

"Too High" Henne - LOL


Believe me, when I was trying I was racking up to many assualt and assualt and battery charges. I havent worn an orange jumpsuit since the day I quit! LOL

Also found out that being sober I get away much quicker and plan it better. LOL

DB, I think it's time to share some Mark in Toronto fun facts. I like to joke around as much as anyone but your meaningless cyber facts don't amuse me.

And if you were in front of this dude that has a "combine quality bench press", you wouldn't threaten anything. You'd shy away fast, trust me.

drinking not trying. that was a typo.

Hey Mark,

I dont drink. Not alcoholic beverages anyway. Can you imagine me drinking? I'ld be up in Toronto with my hands around your puny throat already. LOL

Posted by: DyingBreed | December 27, 2009 at 06:44 PM

OK guys lets keep it civil.....

Well, Michael, having such a big ass as the one Soliai has, and such a long hair, which makes him easy to distinguish, it's no wonder we all recognize his butt directed to the sun on every play.

To be honest, they all have to tackle much better. Much better. Dolphins' defense are just like Barry Sanders: they have a unique skill to avoid tackles...

It's OK Cuban, the world will be a much better place when his inbred trailer park breed does die out.

Watching Denver come back from a 27-10 deficit why couldn't the phins? Oh yea the refs!!!


Come on, I dont care how big you are. That means absolutely nothing.

Its been my experience the big guys are usually the one who know how to fight least. They usually win because they are unchallenged and the other guys scared.

Anyone who knows anything about streetfighting knows its the smaller guys(who arent afriad to fight) that should concern you most.

Big lazy lumps like you are tailor made punching bags. Wished we could meet up sometimes. I really do. Im dead serious!

You know what's a happiness in florida ? a cuban/haitian up it's arse . LOL !


Even if by some miracule you beat me. I guarantee beyond all guarantees you would never want to come back for seconds.


Just let me know when youre coming to FL. and I'll be more than happy to swap email addresses and meet up with you anywhere you like. You big overstuff punching bag. LOL

NYJ 29 Colts 15 with under 5mins. left. Who would have ever thought the Jets would be preserving our unbeaten season. Wow! LOL

It doesn't look good is the understatement of the year...time to start preparing for the purge of so-so players and maybe a coordinator or two...looking forward to another good draft...maybe 1-2 decent free agent pickups...and then maybe, just maybe, we'll win 10 games...or not...I've given up hoping, I want to see results from now on.

WHO CARES! We swept the sorry jets and that fat idiot rex "Fat Arse" ryan. We need some more good draft picks before we can contend for a super bowl...

Here is are my draft and FA priorities:

WR (We need a true #1)
NT (Ferg is done and soliai is a solid back-up)
FS (Find a play maker that can cover WR's)
TE (Need a pass catching/faster TE)
RB (Ronny gets hurt a lot and ricky is old)
ILB (Our two ILB's are average at best)

Colts threw the game.

Mark, don't worry about Dying Breed, he's just like Marc, hide behind their computer and talk big when they have spent their lives being scared of their own shadow..neither one is a man, Marc has been called out and makes excuses, and Dying Broad the same...neither are real fans and neither are worth the effort

let's face it our Dolphins are nothing but numb nuts....

Mr. El Guru,

As head of Dolphins football operations you should get on that right away.

Come on, come on! You dont have those players signed yet. Whats the matter with you. You f'kn bum!!! LOL

This stuff is ridiculous. Are we not all...well mostly...dolphin fans? Armando just wrote an article about people being realistic with expectations this year and people are still going ape$#!+ b/c we are not going to superbowl this year. How can you truly be so mad when we have deficiencies? Agree with Marc (cept on Sean Smith, still giving him some more time), Agree with earlier DyingBreed comments (nonfighting), Definitely agree with Eric, and some others comments. And you Ted Ginn haters will be miserable for another year cuz he ain't going anywhere. Go Dolphins!!!!

I guess The 72 fins will be Popping the Champagne corks in 15 minutes......

tough day again hey fellas. and on top of it all i hope this colts game does not provoke all those loud mouth jet fans to come out like the roaches that they are. i hate when the colts do this s..t. but then they are playing the dirty jets so i get it.


The biggest keyboard coward in the land. Arent you in FL. If you are I'll be thrilled to meet you somewhere early next week and show you what a coward I am boy.

Im in Daytona Bech Fl where are you wuss? LOL

Wow Dying, Chill out bro.....

Dying Skumbag, same thing PUS'Y, section 402, row 12, seats 3,4....or u like Marc, can't afford the gas...PUS'Y!!!

Even with a three year plan, year two should be .500 or better. Drop the game to Pitt and coaching changes must come. These losses to team the Phins should beat ( Buff, Atl, Hu, Tn) are unacceptable.

Armando is right, there are some holes way to deep and open to be filled. That's why we need some real guys full of guts playing for the Phins and not a bunch of guys with deep and open holes.

Wilson out!
Carey out!
Tobor out!

At least.

I'll throw out the kitty food for u Dying Sleazeball...wortthless a'ole, or u gonna hide behind ur other names??? Tortured sleaze

whats up guys, well besides that bummer game. i didnt get to see it but people were talking fumbles did ricky drop any today? also any scoop on his injury? did he come back in?

The begals will knock the jets out next week but the jets fans can talk tough after being given a game. So even if the bengals give them another game the will be out in the 1at round. Either the pats or bengals will thump them.

A patriots fan much. On the other hand. It was not all the dolphins fault today. Yes they played like smashed a** but I do remember that touchdown pass that got brought back for who knows what. They just need to get there head out of there four point of contact and play this next game for pride.


Just dont like when a keyboard coward calls me out. If he's anywhere in the state of fl I'll meet him anywhere he likes. I hate that Bobbyb12 dude.

I remember the obnoxious statement he made to a jetfan here dissing the 911 victims. I would really like to take it to that idiot on those reasons alone. He's the biggest wuss and coward of this entire blog.

I dont even know this Puss but I legitimately hate hit yellow guts. This idiot dissed the 911 victims man! Im sure others here still remember that.

If I ever meet him personally its straight for the jugular!

Jaksin, Whats up with the browns??? Threegames in a row???

Ur probaly a 13 year old dumb S'it like Marc, maybe ur mommy can bring u down to Miami...u have been called out PUS'Y, now let's see if u actually show up, I'll let everyone on the blog know next week while ur coward a's sits home with ur boyfriend Marc

Hey Patrick we still had 3 timeouts I think punting was actually a good decision. I hate to say that and can go eithier way but those timeout was in our favor after we punted.

Where are you located sleazy boy and oh I'll show up believe that!

LOL, dying skumbag, u will probaly go straight down to suk my nutsack, worthless PUS'y

Just told u dying skumbag where I will be, guess ur too f ing stupid to read

ricky didn't fumble and i think he came back in. Dolphins still only perfect team!!! Grats 72 team, grats Dolphans.

Bobby Sleaze bay,

How about you and me meeting up somewhere no one can break it up or hear you squeel for help. Not a puiblic forum where someone comes to your rescue.

Dying Sleazenut = Torturded Dolphin = another sukazz who uses multiple names...fake fan, fake man, fake person

Unbelivable that it was the Jets that beat the colts keeping the 17 and 0 season intact....

Like I said dying sleaze, make excuses just like ur boyfriend Marc, expected nothing less from a piece of sh't like u

Denver fighting back ties it up, Balt imore and the Wets control their own detiny. Who would have thought that?

Mcnabb 27 yard scramble he must have had his Chunky Soup!

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