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Miami Dolphins lose 27-20 to Texans

Some holes are simply too deep to dig out of. Some holes are a grave.

And that's what the Dolphins feel like they've dug for themselves today.

They got down 27-0 and then had a good comeback. But for the second week in a row, the comeback fell short.

"Pretty despicable," Jason Taylor called it.

"Embarrassing," linebacker Reggie Torbor said.

This team simply hasn't been ready to play at the start of the game the past two weeks. And the start of the game is kinda sorta important if you want to finish with a victory.

So the Dolphins are 7-8. They are not eliminated from playoff contention. But they are on life support. It doesn't look good.


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cuban, yea right? these fans are so desperate up here you read the papers or watch the news up here you'd think it was the second coming or something lol! again i know were all bummed about our mighty fins, but everybody think about being fired up about whipping the mighty chiefs, the powerhouse raiders, and the banged up steelers for the first time in 12 meetings! look out! anyway guys could be worse!

U know where I am Dying Aho'E, show up or suk my dik like ur boyfriend Marc...no time for fake PUS'Y s such as urself...have a good nite with ur boyfriend cause we all know ur on the bottom LOL

Dear Forum,

You all see Bobbyb12 for the keyboard coward he really is. He's slithering from under a real confrontation. He knows Im not coward therefore he pretentiously offers to meet me in front of 50,000 witnesses so that hopefully someone or few will pull me off of his tatered arse!

What are you guys 12 years old or just drunk?

Also Bobbyb12,

I have nothing else to express to you. For the only way to express my love and joy for you is thru the knuckle up expressway. A road your puss butt has never travel!

Dying PUS'Y
Dying PUS'Y
Afraid to come down and meet like a man...uses fake names such as Tortured Dolphin to PRETEND he's a MAN...only TWO cowards here u and Marc

It would be like in the movie "Gladiator", I say go..........Maybe Gloria Estafan can give the Thumbs up or thumbs down... lol....

Hear that sound? Its the sound of corks popping out of champagne bottles. The Colts are unbeaten no more! LOL

Long live the 72 Fins legend. The greatest champion in Nfl history!

LOL @ Cuban instead of a tiger coming out on chains they have a Dolphin in a tank.

Have a good night COWARD PU'SY, I know u won't show up, ur too busy playing Tortured Dolphin...Bye bye, give ur mommy a big kiss for me, just like the other 150 + guys she has FU'KD and got paid $20.00 for..LMAO




MOSS....3 TD
TOM.....................................HE'S OUR DADDY ,NO QUESTION ABOUT IT .

Porter won't be back next year, nor Wilson.

Hear that sound Dying Breed???It's ur boyfriend pumping ur A'S AGAIN!!


I dont care if that Jettie guy was our football enemy. How could you tell him he should have been in the twin towers with the rest of the 911 victims? You should be jailed for making such an insensitive and idiotic comment!

Colts threw the game Go.

Just woke up from my nap. DB, i just said I was pretty strong, I'm not all that big. I'm 6 ft, 200 lbs. So if you think you can finesse me, you're dead wrong too. I'd make you toss my salad biatch!

Cant we all just stick to trucker jokes?

the filth is on .....bless the people who comes from nj .

LOL @ H8DPATS, Yeah maybe Michael Buffer Could announce the match,I could hear it now"To the THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS in attendance,and the millons watching on pay-per-veiw, ARE YOU READY TO RUUUMMMBLE???? I SAID ARE YOU READY TO RUUUUMMMMMBBBLE???lol.....

Why even waste my time making challenges to the idiots Mark and Bobbyb12. Both are typical keyboard thugs! ROTFLMAO!!!!

It's the Floridian causing all the mess today. DyingInBreed is in full effect hiding behind his computer.

how can you play in your own turf and be down 27/000000 ?

Ask the Phins GO.

Hey GOpats, tomorrow might be a good day to start dipping in gold stocks if you are so inclined.

Hey Po White,

Hows it going buddy? Finally a real Fin fan here. Not to disrespect the other handful few.

Dollar down?

Very sad day, guess it will be better next year.


Gold stocks have been gaining and the trend has reversed.

" you should be jailed for making such insensitive and idiotic comment " Posted by dyingbreed. This coming from a a-hole who posts as Heil hitler.

ALoco, if you look back, it was DyingInBreed who threatened violence. I was just asking if he was sure if he could handle it.

If we win the East next year I think we can all get along. Today was not good, yall try to let go, don't hate unless it a jets fan..

Dying Boob keeps making challenges??? LMAO What a first class liar, PUS'Y skumbag!!!! Come on down to Miami if ur a man, but we all know u won't...Daytona, where the unemployed, cowards live...

Tampa Bay 20 Saints 17! Wow, thats a shocker even if the Saints sat thier stars. LOL

The Jets in the playoffs? Say it isn't so!!!!

so whats going on with this brawl? has it gone from one on one to a tag team or a gang rumble? warriors come out to playeeay!



Colt threw the game, I can't believe they had em beat and they "let em of the hook"

Yea PO White is a REAL fan, not someone like Dying sleaze who Armando had to call out last week for calling himself Heil Hitler during The Jewish Holidays...Yea, real class

How did I get Into this?

I just hate Jets and their fans!

tired of all u people talking about getting White some time... i like Henne and he needs all the time he can get to play. he needs to get the touch on the soft easy pass to the RBs and needs to learn when to fire it in with his rifle. poor poor poor takling. sick of it, been like this allllll year. with a showing like this today, they dont deserve the playoffs... feeling even more sick knowing the Jets can make it with a win...F'ing yuck!!!

Mark, the issue w/ gold is this, if you been there since 950 an oz that's ok but any one buys above that got killed last 2 weeks and no one is ready for that . don forget the gold came all the way up buy instuation buying and they made their money ,now it's time for the dumb to buy and they will short it .

I think this is like a family reunion that has gone bad, been there done that.

Just remember!



you must be so very very proud of your Jets.

Pitiful performance by the Fins. Henne has no touch.

yea the damn Colts layed down and gave the Jets the game. only good things is the Great 72 Dolphins are the only perfect team! but if im a Colt or Colt fan, that blows! and for letting the Jets win, i hope and pray the Chargers knock them out again

GO techs have the most upside.

Hope Miami let's Pittsburgh win next week. Higher draft pick. We get to play kc instead of Denver.

Two horrible calls go against us again. What did parcells do to piss off the league and or the mob, and bookies?

I'm def a chargers fan now. I hope colts lose the first game they play in the playoffs. Even if it's the patriots. Colt suck!!

With ya Jaison.

On the 8:03 post that is.

I say let Henne sling it next week from the get go and see what we have. What do we have to lose?
We need to upgrade the speed at linebacker as our #2 priority. Getting rid of Wilson will be an instant upgrade at safety. Also, look out, it looks like Vernon Carey is on his last licks.

Let Lex play next week. Let's see what we've got. If not trade him for some value

Jeez this Boob guy is ridiculous...Can't take my name out your c0ckh0le huh? No doubt I could take his 42 year old as$, but, the 'stache might give me some trouble, LOL

Do the Greenacre's girls go wild for that Burt Reynolds 'stache?

F7ckin' GIANTS fan

Dying Breed is right about one thing...Just because you invite someone down to Miami, to fight in a public forum does not make you a badda$$, it's an empty threat. Your dating site says you come to Orlando...Let me know when you're here old man...

I think there will be defensive coaching changes in the off season. bank on it.

"I think there will be defensive coaching changes in the off season. bank on it."

Hey Boulder,

Great point! I think this is the last we'll be seeing of Paul Pasqua 'whateverthehell' loni running the Defense. Good Riddens!!!

Our 'D' looked AWFUL the majority of this season on coverage and running schemes.....

There are people here who want to see more of Pat White. I would rather see him cut. What a waste of a second round draft pick. That is not a NFL quarterback.A wide reciever should have been taken here.
We`re drafting 11 or 12 now I believe and just might be alle to get McCain with that pick and with what I saw from our middle linebackers thats a relief. Torbor played himself off the team today. And with a little luck either Terrance Cody or Brandon Spikes will be avalable at 11 in the second round. With the history of drafting more than one of the same position the Trifecta have I like our defensive outlook next year.
Free agency can help our Wide Reciever position. Please pay for Marshall please!!!And please move Clemons up the depth chart, Gerbil sucks.
We`re not too far away so lets hope for next year because that`s when it should have come together anyway.

Trying to get my head around the people in this forum who feel that what has happened this years is some sort of huge "Surprise"... listen... every single NFL prognosticator... every one of them... placed Miami at 8-8... 7-9 or 9-7... with ZERO exceptions. The team has played right up to expectations... not over or under. If you thought last year was a correct level of where Miami stood... you have not watched much Football in your life. Take a look at some of the teams who are playing for a title this year. They have had 10-6 or 11-5 seasons only to slide right back to 6 and 10 and then bounce back the next year. Baltimore is a very good example. That is what happens to a rebuilding team. They do not win more and more till they make it. Miami win get better as long as they have the kind of draft class they have for the past 2 years... and will be a very good team next year. They will make the play-offs and likely win deep into them. The following year... proving all stays intact... This team can compete for it all. If you REALLY DID THOUGHT this was a 11-5 super bowl season... what were you smoking? We are weak at too many important spots and have what amounts to a rookie at QB. That will not be the case next year. Please... don't blame the coaching... this was not Coaching.... this was lack of tools in the tool box. 2 years simply is NOT ENOUGH TIME to rebuild a 1-15 football team. Grow up young fans.... it will get better and whining fixes nothing. Band wagoners need not apply in Miami. You only make the real fans look bad when the team has a setback. You either are... or are not a true fan. Winning has absolutely NOTHING to do with it. Winning is the pay-off for loyalty... and sometime it takes a long time for that check to get issued.

Pardon my grammar... I meant to write "IF YOU REALLY DID "THINK"..... NOT "THOUGHT" SORRY FOR THE MISTAKE...

Derek In West Palm,

What you just posted makes way to much sense for these idiots in here.

Like you I love our team but as you and I both can plainly see we have the dumbest fans in the entire universe! LOL

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