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Miami Dolphins personnel dept. good not great

One of my twitter followers (which you should join, by the way) asked me Tuesday afternoon what order of responsibility I would assign to Miami's current struggles. OK, let me be more honest: He asked who I blame for Miami's problems this season.

Well, with the Dolphins the responsibility (blame or credit) for a season's performance goes to the players, who must execute, the coaches, who must develop players and put them in a position to succeed, and the personnel department, who delivers the players to the coaches.

This blog usually focuses on the players and coaches.

Today we focus on the personnel department.

And that personnel department is pretty much the kingdom of Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland -- The Big Tuna and the Tuna Helper, as I sometimes amuse myself designating them. (I'll stop if one ever asks me to.)

The overall grade of the personnel department since March of 2008 has to be considered a B-minus as of today. That department took a 1-15 team and cleaned a very dirty house. I believe the accurate percentage of player turnover has been in the 75 percent range as only 16 players that were on the team before the current regime arrived are still on the team. That figure includes players on injured reserve.

The grade can and will change as this season's final month unfolds, but the point is the personnel department has done relatively well.

But great? Wonderful? Amazing?

Not really.

Quick, which player did this personnel department sign, draft or trade for that has been a game-defining player? Yeah, nobody. 

Jake Long might be an excellent player for the next decade but you're supposed to get that and more when you get the first pick of the draft. And Long doesn't change the game or force opponents to scheme and game plan for him. He's a foundational role player.

The point is we cannot name one player that we know will be a superstar for the Dolphins in the coming years. You hope Chad Henne might be that player. But there are almost as many reasons to doubt he can be that guy as there are reasons to believe he will be.

We hope Vontae Davis or Sean Smith become lockdown cornerbacks in the coming years and become perhaps the best CB combo in the NFL. But they're not there yet. Not even close. And so we can give the personnel department kudos for picking two starters, but no credit (yet) for finding greatness.

Cameron Wake has potential. But he is a project that might take another couple of years. Lousaka Polite is a fine player at fullback but he is a role player, not a star.

Anyone else on that roster that might be getting Pro Bowl consideration in the coming weeks or seasons?


We hope Phillip Merling goes there, but frankly, he's kind of a disappointment in that he didn't pick up this year where he left off last season and then rise from there. Kendall Langford is good enough to start, but not great. Randy Starks is a nice player, but he's not going to the Pro Bowl, folks.

The rest of that highly paid $156 million offensive line? Not a Pro Bowl player on there despite high hopes for the future of Donald Thomas. Again, good stuff, but no greatness yet.

The fact is the personnel department has hit on a ton C and B players. But the A and A-plus guys have yet to show themselves.

Miami's personnel department has also missed some as well, and that, of course, lowers the overall grade.

The personnel department's biggest and most obvious mistake is in its failing to find a playmaker for the offense. Here we are in Year 2 of Parcells and Ireland and we are relying on Ricky Williams to carry the offense.

Ricky Williams!

The guy was carrying the offense in 2002. So Parcells and Ireland are threatening to fall into the same abyss that swallowed Dave Wannstedt and Nick Saban and Cam Cameron in that none added two or three offensive players that turned Williams into a role player. Saban almost did it by drafting Ronnie Brown, but even he complained in 2006 that one reason the Dolphins finished 6-10 was that his best weapon was not available as Williams was suspended for the season.

Cameron wanted to get rid of Williams because he disliked everything Williams represented, but even he found himself needing Williams.

And now these Dolphins need Williams. Too much. The truth is today's Dolphins have no real hope of winning games if the 32-year-old running back doesn't play great. That Miami finds itself in this unseemly situation is ... is ... really bad personnel work.

The personnel department has yet to find a star wide receiver. The Dolphins weren't interested in Terrell Owens, didn't trade for Braylon Edwards, didn't draft Hakeem Nicks, and now Miami has no receiver that is an appreciable threat to defenses. The team did draft Brian Hartline and Patrick Turner. Hartline has been OK as a rookie, while Turner cannot get on the field.

The personnel department blew it on Ernest Wilford. That's all I got to say about that.

The personnel department was looking for an upgrade at free safety this year and paid Gibril Wilson $27.5 million to be that guy. The New Orleans Saints, meanwhile, paid Darren Sharper $1.7 million for one year. Which of the two players has taken over games this season? By the way, it was a personnel decision to let Renaldo Hill go to Denver. He also has played better than Wilson.

No personnel department is flawless. Miami's is not. But the outstanding personnel departments cover a multitude of misses by adding one game-changing player a year or two. Look at Minnesota, who has added Adrian Peterson, Jared Allen and Brett Favre the last three years.

No, they didn't draft two of those players. So what? All three are key reasons the Vikings are playing exceedingly well now.

The Colts do it through the draft, but they seem to get production from their rookies almost immediately. Look up WR Austin Collie's numbers. Look at what rookie CB Jerraud Powers is doing as a starter. And I'm not even mentioning Donald Brown, who we last saw plowing over Gibril Wilson en route to a TD at Land Shark Stadium.

The point here is the Miami personnel department is in great hands with Parcells and Ireland. They've done a good job. But you cannot honestly say they've done a great job until we see some great players on the field. We cannot say they've done a great job until we see a team that's better than 5-6.


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Thank you Beerdrums...Like john Lennon once said "Imagine"

WOW! This has to be some of the worst analysis I've ever seen. You complain about lack of game changers on offense or defense? Uhm 2 years ago, Miami didn't even have a foundation so what good would have it been drafting these players to begin with?

Two years into the regime, Miami is an elite rushing team and until their NT got injured were an elite run stopping team. The foundation is there now. The regime knows it needs to add the playmakers and will do that now - no worries.

EPIC FAIL on this blog Mando

Why cannot we come up with great posts like this? Instead we talking about what you talked about three days ago. Keep writting Mando, we'll catch up.


Paut another way, if the Dolphins had found some "great" players, they might have beaten one or two great teams the past two years.

They have not done that. Not once. Lost every time.

But NJ sez Nalbone & Moses were great additions, and that Tuna is swell, and NJ is never wrong!

Now I don't know what to think. Help us NJ, help us see the truth of your wisdom.

Rome was'nt built in a day....though it did take a couple hundred years, i don't have the luxury of waiting a couple hundred years though..LOL.

Armandito, thank you for your excellent work. Very good analysis.

Carlito in Golfito is a numbnuts living in an alternate fantasy world, judging from his posts today.

Have you seen this team play this year, Mr. Nuts?

I've had enough of the Jake Long bashing:

Jake Long. He's proven to be the best pick at #1 so far AND by far. Matt Ryan - despite a stacked offense has the Falcons at #17 at pass offense - not good at all. The rest of the top 10? Chris Long, Darren McFadden, Glen Dorsey, Vernon Gholston, Sedrick Ellis, Derrick Harvey, Keith Rivers, and Jerrod Mayo. The only other player to come close to J. Long in terms of being an impact player was Mayo and he was nowhere near the conversation of being the #1 pick. If the Dolphins had picked him #1, there would have been a revolt and LT is a premium position over ILB.

So great job on the #1 pick. Anyone else would have slowed the growth of this franchis further. Shoddy work Mando - SHODDY!

What about Chad Pennington last year?!?! Can anyone honestly say that he wasn't a difference maker? He was brought in for a little over a year, was the runner-up for MVP, and led this team to the greatest turnaround in NFL history! If you are gonna mention Favre, you have to mention Pennington!

klndry, you start off challenging Mando on his post and by the end of your post, you say the team is not great, which is exactly what his post says.

You on drugs or what?

The Dolphins are not and have not replaced 53 players as so many posters are saying. The Dolphins have 16 guys, according to Mando, who were here when the triumverate arrived.

So what's all this s hit about they have replaced 53 guys in two years? Get your facts right before you comment.

Sorry Mando, I don't buy your logic. Parcells has forgotten more about football than you will ever know. I will place my trust in Parcells and company. Look at what they started with in 07. Last year was a fluke. Sure, all the fans were hoping for a repeat performance but it is just not in the cards. We were on the edge of winning against the top tier teams of the league this season. IF we had won against the Saints and the Colts you would be slobbering all over the front office decisions.

Next year will be much better and the year after will truly be the deciding factor on the direction of this franchise. Lastly, things could be much, much worse.... we could all be Jet fans and that would be a real tragedy.

And you want to bash this group for not adding T.O or Braylon Edwards and not drafting Hakeem Nicks?

T.O has detracting way more than he's added to the Bills this year. Because he comes up with 2 games when the season was already long lost for the Bills, you want to see him as good acquisition? He's a team killer, no surprise to see them at the bottom of this division

Braylon Edwards? What has he really done for the Jets? And the Jets didn't exactly get him for free. He hasn't helped the Jets win one game since coming over. No thanks.

Hakeem Nicks? Looks like a good player but drafting him would have come at the expense of Vontae Davis. I'd rather take Davis who was a gift to fall to Miami at 25 and take Hartline or whoever later than taking Nicks. If there weren't these bullcrap rumours surrounding Davis' work ethic at the draft, he would have gone at least 10 spots earlier to where the Saints drafted. Kudos to the Trifecta for doing their homework and coming down with the best player available in a position of need.

And really the Colts additions have been so much better?

Austin Collie???? He only has the best player in the NFL throwing to him. How many role players did Marino make look good over the years? Same difference. I'm sure Hartline would put up similar or better numbers there.

Jerraud Powers???? The Colts are barely better than the 'phins at pass defense. The Colts are #20, Miami is #23. Miami has not one but 2 rookie corners playing and don't have the benefit of Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney rushing the passer. Don't see how we should be thinking that acquisition was something special.

Donald Brown???? Uh, the Colts are 31st in rush offense. So he ran over a DB that won't be on the team next year. SO WHAT? The Colts still suck at running the ball despite spending a #1 pick on the position.

As you can surmise by my points, this was some awful analysis - AWFUL!

"Sometimes I think that people believe that its the rule that rookies should look like pro bowlers just because some rookies can come out and dominate from day 1. Those guys are exceptions. The rule is that it usually takes 2-3 years to truly develop into an NFL starter."

WRONG! I've posted them before, go and look at Zach or Jason's rookie stats. Look at any SUPERSTAR's rookie stats! Let's face it, Merling, nor Langford, nor Starks, nor McDaniels combines will ever be as good as JT in his prime. Same could be said for all of our LB's vs Zach. With that said, the guy bashing Bell? He leads the team in tackles, AGAIN! and last I checked, he's NOT a LB...He also had a pick last Sunday. And someone said he had an "Elite" run game and run D???

LMAO! ELite run D! Is it foggy up there in Canada? It looked good in spurts, but, NEVER elite. The only elite thing this team has is fans that swear we're one player away from the Suberbowl every year...

SAFTIES: Darren Sharper, Brian Dawkins, Roy Williams, Atari Bigby Who have we signed? Chris Crocker? Keith Davis, Gibril Wilson.

WR: T.O., T.J. Houzyadaddy, Antonio Bryant, Roy Williams and Miles Austin, Coles, Gaffney and more were all there to be had. Ernest Wilford? Brandon London? David Kircus, Anthony Armstrong

Asante Samuel (4 Int’s), Asomugha, and DeAngelo Hall (3 INT’s). No guesswork there. What did we do? We drafted 2 rookies; free agents? Nate Jones, Michael Lehan, Eric Green, Joey Thomas

Josh McCown, Shawn Murphy (4th) and Jalen Parmele (6th), are no longer with the team. Injury forced Henne to accelerate, and even as he’s shown promise, it’s still a huge unknown. The Pat’s can’t seem to find the field. Nalborne?

You guys are FAR TOO forgiving!

I nver post but Toronto dude has given me a headache and I must respond.

Dude, can you please stop excusing the inexcusable.

Armando said the personnel dept has done a good job but not great. What part of that do you disagree with?

Do you think they're great? Really?

Can you honestly write on your next post that Miami's personnel dept. is great? Yes or no?

You go on and on about how Mando is wrong and yet, you make his points for him. You say the DB that Brown ran over will be gone next year. Well, that player was signed for 28 million dollars. That's a great personnel decision?

You say the Colts pass defense is only slightly better than Miami's? Did you see Powers defend vs. the Pats? He was awesome. Did you see Davis defend vs. the Pats? He got toasted. Which option do you like more? The first-round pick that got beat or the late-round pick that did the job?

Don't be a total loser, Toronto man. Methinks the snowflakes have clogged your cognitive abilities.

Marc, learn to read. I said up until our NT got hurt, we had an elite run defense. It was #4 in the league until he got hurt. #4 is elite performance.

Asomigha (as you spell it) was never available. He signed long term with the Raiders before the FA period.

And you'd rather have Asante Samuel and DeAngelo Hall going forward than Davis or Smith? WOW! Right now, you can argue that both of the rookies are on par with Hall and will probably blow by them going forward. Asante is better than them now but will done in the league as these guys hit their peak.

And you want to citicize 4th and 6th round draft picks? Really?

Armando, if you can do a better job, go ahead and try to do it. The Colts get the production out of their rookies because of Payton Manning. The front office has found player everywhere; the draft, free agents rookies, Canada, etc. Look at Bill Belichick last few draft and tell who's a star... This team has gotten more productive players in the last two drafts than any other team in our division. This blog talks a lot about the Dolphins problems, but when they win its like it never happened.

Almost forgot, thanks for the fine work, Armando. I read you every day.

Franklin Mint, it looks like you were the one smoking something. The Pats threw up 375 passing yards in that game against the Colts. Moss had 179 receiving yards. hahaa, that is lights out? By the way, Brady had 332 and Moss had 147 against the Dolphins. So how could one be lights out and the other be toasted? Indy won that game because of Peyton Manning, clear and simple.

I think the personnel dept took the right approach to make this team a good team for the long term. I believe in starting to build through the trenches. Miami can run the ball on anyone and with Ferguson in there, can limit or stop anyone from running the ball. The foundation and the blueprint is there. The mgmt realizes there is more work to do but I am more than happy with their start. Don't forget they started with a team that should have had ZERO wins.


Thank you Donald, agree completely.

From what I've seen from Sean Smith, he'll never be "elite". Yes, I'd rather have Hall or Samuel. I don't care what our Run D "Ranked" before or after Ferg, I've seen opposing RB's run up the gut all year. The T.O.P. is what skewed the #'s. Besides, why would anyone run on us when they can drop back and throw 30 yard passes all game?

JT and Zach (Again) were late round picks, so, yes, I criticize EVERY move! These buttwhipes get paid MILLIONS of dollars to evaluate talent! MILLIONS!

And by the way, Wilson did not get paid $28 million as Mando reported. he will be gone after this year and would probably receive about $5 million. Not a great decision but come on, this guy was very good for the Giants on their march to the Super Bowl. I always liked him but have been very disappointed by his performance here. It's a shame.

Lots of passion on here today, which means Armando did a great job of making people think.

A couple of questions to Mark in Toronto:

Do you think Wilson was a great personnel decision?

Would you take Wilson over Darren Sharper?

Do you think Wilford was a great personnel decision?

Do you think the Dolphins have done a good job finding a WR, which the entire NFL knows is a must to win nowadays?

Do you think rewarding no-playmaking Crowder with a 20 million contract was a great move?

If you answered any of these questions with a "NO" then you cannot say this is a great personnel dept.

Like mando said they're good. But they have not been great.

Dwight Hollier

I have to disagree with this article. First we did have Pro Bowl players on this team. Chad Pennington should have been a pro bowler last year and with him going down we have another quarterback in Chad Henne who only has gone 5-3 as a starter. He is a first year player with eight games of experience. Numbers aren't pro bowl yet but for a first year starter I would take any day. Second we have a pro bowler that backed up another Pro Bowler in Ricky Williams. He was a roll player, this regime made him a roll player. Our team should have fell apart when it lost all the players it has, but our depth has kept us in the playoff talk. Our starting Corner back went down and a rookie has stepped up and played pretty good. He has gone against multiple pro bowl recievers and has held his own. There wasn't a time when the ball went into the air and they panned to the reciever and Davis that he was completely lost. Stars make game changing plays, and he has made those. As for Smith, any time that Randy Moss and the patriots make a conscius effert to line up on the opposite side, you are a star. He has started from day one and has only gotten beat on a couple of plays, and those recievers have had to make outstanding plays on him to get those. He held Roddy White to 42 yds, Reggie Wayne to 37. Those are pro bowl recievers. As for this Offensive Line, it has been opening up a lot of holes for these backs. Ricky Williams has gone over a 100 for three straight weeks. We are third in offensive rush yards. To say we don't have any stars, means you aren't thinking this through. The Pro Bowl is based a lot on popularity. Randy Starks should get some consideration along with Jason Taylor. Those two, along with Joey Porter are in the top 16 for Sacks. Cameron Wake in his limited roll is up there too. That should show how good Starks is this year if Merling can't take over that position from him. You take it as a knock on Merling instead of the year that Starks is having. As far as this offense, it is scoring over 23 pts a game. At one stretch we were over 30. Without young stars, you aren't doing that. As for these other teams getting production, the Colts have Peyton Manning and he is going to make anyone better. When you had Dan Marino for as long as we had, you should know this. For the Vikings, Adrian Peterson is a once in a life time player and guess what, we weren't a crapy enough of a team to land him in that draft and we weren't a crapy enough of a team to land a top 10 last year either and yet we found two starting Rookie Corner backs that are stars. As for Earnest Wilford, I don't know anyone that thought he would be a star player. He was supposed to be a red zone threat, and that was it. That pick up wouldn't have been a make or break pick up. He was here to play a roll and it didn't work out. You guys put way to much stock on that signing. This team is young and you can tell that in the way we don't finish all 4 quarters, thats it.

Game defining players so far: Randy Starks sacking Mark Sanchez in the Red Zone, Vontae Davis interception for TD, Cameron Wake multiple sack day. Chad Henne Monday night against the Jets, enough said. Ted Ginn Jr. two TD game against the Jets(without those, we don't win), Devon Bess multiple 4th quarter catches that lead to wins. These are all examples of game changing performances and are qualities of stars. All these are young players.

Toronto, Armando reported Wilson got paid $27.5 million and that is exactly CORRECT. You are WRONG.

Your credibility on this blog today is dropping.


Ok, nobody would love to have a Peyton Manning on this team more than I would. But unfortunately when the Dolphins drafted #1, there wasn't one to be found. There wasn't an Adrian Peterson available. I mean, did you look at the top 10 picks when Long was picked? Can't say that anyone is more valuable or more of a game changer than Jake.

Matt Ryan isn't that guy and frankly I think Joe Flacco has been better with an inferior supporting cast.

I addressed Gibril Wilson in an earlier post.

And the biggest problem I had with Mando's blog was pointing to Jerraud Powers, Donald Brown, and Austin Collie as great players while Davis, Smith, and Hartline was an inferior draft to those three.

And again, to critique the Long pick???


Were you the same police that got in car crash with the nice lady in Hollywood and try to cover it up like it her fault and she drunk?

Omar, do you realize how football contract work? They are NOT guaranteed. Do you think Wilson will be around to collect even half that money? Oh my GOD!!!!

Mark in Toronto, you said Armando reported the wrong numbers. He reported the correct numbers. He did not say Wilson would collect the entire contract. He simply reported the contract numbers. And you don't know for sure Wilson will be cut, unless you are talking to Jeff Ireland every morning.

So simply admit you are wrong on this and apologize to Mr. Salguero.

I said he will not get paid, $28 million dollars. Has he been paid $28 million? I'm not apologizing cause I'm not wrong. Armando used that heavy figure to accentuate his point. Although he didn't make a mistake in reporting the contract figure, he as well as anyone else knows that he won't be around to collect the majority of it.

Funny, I just commented on another blog how Parcells has hidden his fat ass behind the coaches and let them take all the blame. Funny, he never seems to mind taking the credit when it's dished out. Cutting Matt Roth stinks of Tuna and his "bloated" ego.

We are all banged up, we can't stop the run, and we just cut one of our best run stoppers. Oh, who by the way, goes out and gets 7 tackles and a sack in his first game with his new team.

If I remember rightly, everyone in that locker room chose to have Matt Roth by their side in a brawl when asked. How do you cut a guy like that? Because the regime is still trying to run this thing through outdated intimidation and bullying tactics. Anyone questions or opposes the Big Tuna (Whale is more appropriate) and they're gone. Roth was a huge player for us last season and we just cut him. Wonder how the guys in the locker room felt about that one. That doesn't scare people into line. It makes them not want to play for you anymore.

Would love to stick up for my fellow Toronto resident ... But I cannot.

Great blog, by the way.

I completely and totally disagree with Armando on this blog..no personel department gets it 100% right, but considering the salary cap situation, lack of draft picks and overall poor position Parcells took over, I think he has done a fine job...Henne has played 8 games and has shown his maturity strength and understanding each game...Davis and Smith have played extremely well...Jake Long will anchor this line well into the future...it it also unfair to speak about the Colts rookie receiver's numbers...u could have put basically any rookie on that team and they would have good numbers, when ur surronded by greatness, you don't have the pressure on you as if you were placed on say the Raiders...and Braylon Edwards??!!! He certainly hasn't been what the Jets thought and wasn't worth what the Fins would have had to give up

I cannot believe there are people on here who would argue the personnel dept has done a great job.

They've been good, as Armando said. But obviously not great.

All you have to do is look at the fact they have not beaten a great team since last year. Lost to Baltimore twice, lost to New England with Brady, lost to Indy, lost to N.O.

The Dolphins are a barely mediocre team. Anybody not seeing that is on hallucinagins.

Oh, and as far as acquisitions are concerned. Two words...Pat White. I'd love to see what starting players were available there in the draft! That move makes Jamar Fletcher look like a great draft day decision.

Do YOU know how NFL contracts work? That "GUARANTEED" part, is "GUARANTEED", even if they get cut. Bonuses are accelerated against the cap and they get the GUARANTEED portion. Mandy, break down for these people how much we ate on Wilford, and if we cut Wilson, Bell, Crowder, TOrbor, Allen, Allen, or Ayodele, who ALL have significant bonuses

Let me get this straight:

Some of you folks are saying Henne is a star but he cannot be properly judged because he doesn't have great receivers.

Then the same people say Braylon Edwards was a bad call by the Jets while dismissing the fact his QB is terrible and throws more interceptions than TDs.

Anybody that saw Edwards play the Dolphins this year knows he's an excellent player. Don't fool yourselves.

Can we talk about something else please?

I love how people on this blog think the Dolphins should have gone from 1-15 to Superbowl in this time..I now wish that they didn't have that 11-5 last year, because it produced UNREALISTIC expectations from some people...Parcells has a plan for this team, along with a timeline he knows can produce and build...if you can't enjoy these games and have patience and see where this team is heading, please jump off the bandwagon because ur a fairweather fan, and jump back on in the future and tell everyone how u stuck with this team all along...

Bobbyd shutup will you? I've watched every game and been to some of them, and this team is being coached horribly, and the fact that we have a blind spot at wr and give up more fourth quarter points than any team in the league, the fact that our offense is 26th and our defense is 19th....that's awful! That's not a plan, it's an embarrassment! And this was our year! We bear buffalo and even with our start we are just one game back and getting new England at home! It's not bandwagoning, it's caring about something. We make these players rich, the fans. They work hard, but the tunas and the coaching are letting them down, especially in the end of these games when it counts so
Much, so they are letting US down. Just because u are too much in puppy love with them doesn't mean we don't deserve to have a problem with it.

Beerdrums, How about the future, meaning the 2016 presidential elections that is, will you be throwing your hat in the DODDSWORTH/MENACE CORNER?????

This was our year??? Insmouth, your as DUMB as they come...please go on the "football for idiots" blog because that's where u belong. Come back and talk when you have built some NFL teams and won as many Superbowl Rings as Parcells, in the meantime, go Supersize somebodys order u ignorant fairweather fan

Marc, Wilson's guaranteed bonus is $8 million. Didn't pan out but it's not $28 million.

And anyone complaining that we can't beat any of the great teams; am I the only one that remembers 2007? mediocre and sometimes bad teams would blow us out by the 2nd quarter. Am I the only one that remembers Duante Culpepper putting 5 TDs on us in our own building? We may not be good enough to beat the elite teams yet but they have to give 100% to beat us now.

And not only that Insmouth, I've been z season ticket holder for 12 years, I go to all the games and stay till the end, even through 1-15...so don't tell me about support...we have the greatest football mind of our time building this team, if u want instant gratification go play with urself

It seems that bobbyd12 is the only one thinking rationally on this blog.

This regime started with:

Vernon Carey (good RT)
Greg Camarillo (journeyman receiver)
Tedd Ginn (complete bust)
Ronnie Brown (who has coming off ACL surgery and has never been able to stay healthy)
Channing Crowder (adequate MLB but always injured)
Yeremiah Bell (5th or 6th round pick)
Will Allen (decent player)
Joey Porter (past his prime)
Jason Taylor (past his prime)

And expects them to beat the Colts, Saints, Pats, and the rest of the elite teams on a regular basis. FOR FAWK SAKES!!!

A, I would say first that any indepth examination of the personnel decisions on any team will reveal at best good, but not great. Its a subjective evaluation. Next, there are some pieces on this team with potential, which is the reality when attempting to build through the draft. You make no mention of that. The strategy of this regime is to build through the draft. Lets discuss patience. Lets discuss that at the beginning of the season, we knew we all had to temper our expectations. Lets discuss the key injuries. And lets discuss that ricky was meant to be a backup player at running back. This post strikes me as one of those of trying to be negative just to generate response. I like reading your blog obviously, but lets have some patience. Lets allow the thing to play out. If we expect to go from 1-15 to perennial playoffs, we are deluded. It takes time and you have to build the foundation before you can pretty up the house. Lets be critical of the offensive play calling. Lets talk about who we're going to replace Henning with. And lets stop talking about Edwards and Owens. Neither of those two are matches for this team. And you can't draft Nicks if you need HELP at the DB position. You didn't know in the first round that Smith would both be available in the second and be able to step in as he has. Instead we can discuss the waste on drafting white. But overall, patience.

More Lex Hilliard

I love the people who call anyone that criticizes the team "fairweather". That has to be the most ridiculous accusation imaginiable. We're all obviously fans, and allowed to be disappointed when the te doesn't produce. I for one, will not spend another dime on merchandise or tickets until they produce a viable product. Last game I went to was va KC when they had knight and surtain and blew us out at home, 3 or 4 seasons ago. I paid $1600 for those tickets to watch us get embarrassed in the humid rain...

Fact is this regime has completely re built and offensive line into one of the best in the NFL.

This regime has found a potential successor at QB - which it hasn't had since the late 90s

A tough DL.

A pair of CBs that has every chance to be all world.

And has pieced together adequate players at OLB until they can address it in the draft.


"We need more cowbell"

Right on Mando,
Great article.

And I agree, more Lex Hilliard!!!

" This was our year " . Bwhahahahahahaahah bwahahahahahahahaahah ! and the stupidity continues.

mark in toronto has drunk the Kool-Aid.

The New York Giants beat the Dolphins 13-10 in 2007. Pittsburgh beat us 3-0. Those teams have won the last two Super Bowls.

So give me a break on how bad things were. The truth is this team has worked very hard to get back to 2006 when Nick Saban had them 6-10. We'll be lucky to finish 6-10 this year.

Speaking about Stupid..

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