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Miami Dolphins: Playmakers wanted please

The 2010 Pro Bowl team will be selected Tuesday evening and the Dolphins aren't likely to fare exceedingly well in the selection process.

Jake Long will likely be recognized as he was last year, perhaps even starting as the AFC team's left tackle. So congratulations to him.

After that ... it's likely to be a tough sell getting much attention for Miami players.

Fullback Lousaka Polite might get some attention as a backup or alternate. Randy Starks might get some votes as an alternate but the fact is he's only got six sacks, and hasn't had one in the month of December as I noted in my column in Tuesday's Miami Herald.

Ricky Williams might also get an alternate spot but I don't see him beating out Chris Johnson or Thomas Jones or Maurice Jones-Drew to get on the Pro Bowl team as a starter or substitute.

I'll update you with the actual team later in the day.

As for what the lack of Miami players on that Pro Bowl team should tell you, it is this:

Despite the good job Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland have done restocking the Dolphins with talent, the job is not complete and perhaps not even half-way finished.

Why do I say this?

We start with playmakers. Quick, tell me who the playmakers on the Dolphins are this year. Tell me the players on either offense or defense that scare the opposing teams. Tell me what Miami players the Titans were talking about two weeks ago while all the talk in the Miami locker room was about Johnson and Vince Young.

Tell me what Miami player opposing coaches consistently worry about.

I don't know that Miami has any player that keeps other teams awake at night.

Joey Porter was such a player last season, but his 17 1/2 sacks were obviously an aberration and not what we have seen from Porter in either 2007 or 2009. 

Jason Taylor used to be one of those sleep-robbing players but let's face it, the man is 35 years old now and his freakish ability to change the course of a game comes on much more rare occasions than it used to when he was younger.

Williams? He's a good player, no doubt about that. But he also is 32 years old and is talking openly about retiring after 2010. He was a game-changer in 2003, the guy a team could ride to much success. But he is a role player now.

Ted Ginn Jr.? Nope.

In fact no Miami pass-catcher is a game-changer.

Chad Henne? Not yet. Plus Parcells has to give the kid some weapons to work with.

The point is the Dolphins need to add a dynamo or two to the roster in the coming drafts or free agency because all the really good teams seem to have those kind of guys.

Fact is, even the mediocre teams seem to have those kind of guys. Houston has Andre Johnson. Pittsburgh has Troy Polamalu, Santonio Holmes and Ben Roethlisberger -- though Polamalu has been injured most of this season.

New England has Tom Brady and Randy Moss and Vince Wilfork.

The Jets have Kris Jenkins and Leon Washington.

New Orleans has Drew Brees and Darren Sharper.

Indy has Peyton Manning and Dallas Clark and Dwight Freeney and Reggie Wayne.

The point is most teams have somebody that scares the other team -- somebody that can make a game-defining play at any moment and does that so often as to make his team dangerous.

The Dolphins don't often get the 45-yard interception return for a touchdown, or the strip-sack-fumble recovery for a TD, or the 75-yard bomb for a score from a receiver, or the 48-yard laser down the seam to a tight end for a TD.

The Dolphins are a team that relies on seven five-yard runs, a 13-yard completion, two Lousaka Polite fourth-and-1 conversions, a nine-yard completion, and a wildcat run to score their TDs. Lightning? The Dolphins wait for it to come from the sky rather than their offensive huddle.

The defense, meanwhile, is also mostly solid. But Sean Smith doesn't have an interception and neither does free safety Gibril Wilson. Yeremiah Bell is solid at run-support and is dynamic at erasing the mistakes of other players by catching people from behind. But he isn't blowing up a ton of people in the secondary or causing a ton of turnovers.

Nobody on defense is doing that.

That is not an indictment on any of the players I just mentioned. They all serve a purpose and all have strengths. They all have value.

It's simply that Miami doesn't have a couple of players whose strength is to make play after play that change the course of games in Miami's favor. And those players and those plays have to come for the Dolphins to take more steps toward being a consistently good team.

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Well we SHOULD be able to add a playmaker in the draft we will pick someplace between 10th and 17th if my math is right.

The Fins best player, and biggest playmaker is Ronnie Brown. They need to keep him healthy, and give him the ball with at least 20 carries and several screen passes. He needs to get touches, plain and simple. The Fins do need to add a big play receiver for sure for 2010. Could use a real FS one that can play the pass and make basic interceptions, unlike Wilson....

***if miami signs the less expensive V. Jackson in free agents this off season that takes care of the WR position.

***as much as we would love to have V Wilfork we must admitt that solia might not be yet elite but he has changed the position status at NT from a "dire need" to just "upgradable". we sign a less costly starting nose tackle here in free agents. that takes care of NT for at lest that year.

***use first round pick on shifty (chris johnson like) RB C.J Spiller. automatically upgrades the two back system, upgrades return game and improve to a big play offence when you add my earlier addition of V. jackson.

***for second round pick i think B.spikes might fall to these ranks just like maualuga and laranitis did last year. But if not the best available inside linebacker at this point might be nc's ILB quann sturdivant.

*** with the third round pick the best ILB available here should be Iowas Pat angerer

*** with the 4th through 7th round picks i would draft the best available outside or inside linebackers or maybe the best available DT, or RT

Playmakers? I would be happy with a safety who gives the cornerbacks help over the top once in a while instead of being torched every game for a touchdown (Gibril Wilson).

Head to head matchup of #1 WR's in the AFC East. Proof we need a legit WR on this team.

receptions: 71
yards: 673
average: 9.5 <---Pathetic
TD's: 1 <---Pathetic

receptions: 78
yards: 1189
average: 15.2
TD's: 13

receptions: 43
yards: 665
average: 15.5
TD's: 4

receptions: 51
yards: 764
average: 15.0
TD's: 5

The most glaring stat is the average. 15 yards per catch is just about right for a legit #1 WR. 10 yards is just about right for a running back.

Ronnie Brown is a playmaker but he is injured. Brian Hartline is making things happen. On defense its Cameron Wake when he is in there,,, he is definetely our future.

The only thing we are consistent at is being inconsistent. This team has absolutely no identity to speak of. Nothing about this team scares anyone. Oh wait, give the ball to Ronnie and let him run around like a ball in a pinball machine.

Even that was stopped and the man got hurt for his troubles. Ronnie will never be the same after 2 season ending injuries. No way will he risk the remainder of his career being a tackling dummy for opposing teams.

Face facts guys...we are so far away from competing its ridiculous. Its time to give up some picks. No need to hoard all these picks now. It's time to let it ride and trade up (or is it down) to get some quality players. The geriatric management has lost all touch with today's NFL.

Nothing works on this team. Secondary doesn't work. Offense doesn't work. Special teams doesn't work. Defense doesn't work. Management doesn't work. Owners don't work. Water boy doesn't work.

Nothing works people!!!!!!!!

I agree with you Armando, but Ronnie Brown is a player that defensive coordinators must respect, he is a playmaker.

When everything you throw is a quick out the average tends to drop. Now, with that said, this is not rocket science. We all know the team lacks a game breaking WR who can actually be consistent. We need LB's who can cover almost as badly. We could use a SS, FS, NT, a RB, a TE, and plenty of depth. Our lack of a WR did not totally lose us these games. Our inability to stop the other teams game breakers as well as some sloppy turnovers did.

Why is it we have the fastest WR in the leauge (supposedly) and we can't get him the ball?

I mean really, WHY IS THAT?

Ginn sucks but I'd rather see him dropping wide open passes than not getting the pass at all. Flacco seems to find his WR's on the deep routes. We think 10 yards at a time when we need to be thinking endzone all the time.

This management plays chess instead of playing half-life 2. Got to take people out Tony! Got to crush them on every play. Or maybe we just don't have the players to play half-life 2. And that's pretty darned pathetic.

You are right, Overseas. At least to a certain point. It is not that nothing really works, but nothing works the way it should, nothing works optimal. However, I'm talking about the players. I like the so called trifecta very much. From being the worst, really flirting with the worst ever (don't you remember?), we are a competitive team. We are better than any other Dolphins team since 1999. That's why Wanstead, Saban, but most of all Cameron should have a banned entrance to Florida.

LOL!!! Geez....

What good is stopping the run if we can't stop the pass and vice versa. What good is stopping the run and pass if we can't score at will? What good is going into overtime if we can't even get a decent run back off the kickoff? What good is a decent run back if it gets called back because of a stupid penalty?


cj spiller is going to be miami's savior baby. remeber you heard it here first!!!

What good is a playmaker if Moses is calling the plays? Instead of wildcat we need to call it wild woolly mammoth.

cj spiller highlights. ( chris johnson clone anyone?? dolphins?? anyone??) maybe the patriots would get him if we dont


cj spiller highlights. ( chris johnson clone anyone.. dolphins?? anyone??) maybe the patriots would get him if we dont. enjoy


We need a We...if we can't get Marshall or Jackson through FA then we better draft Golden Tate.He would be perfect in Miami.I think we have a good chance of getting Demeco Ryans in FA.We have to get LBs and WRs ahead of everything.We need some studs to make a play that will change a game.I think V.Davis will make a lot more plays next year....we gotta get Ronnie healthy and add some talent.

Much love Phin Fans

To have the level of talent you're talking about, the coaching staff would have had to hit a home run on every draft pick, free agent signing, and retained player to date, with no significant injuries. The rebuilding process continues. Say this though, they never give up. 27 down in the second quarter, and they still manage to make a real game of it? That itself takes talent and a lot of heart.

You guys are INSANE if you think we have a shot at Austin Miles OR Vincent Jackson...Give that up...Not gonna happen. Might as well wish for Peyton Manning, or a 20 year old Marino

i've been following iowa hawkeyes inside linebacker pat angerer. this guy is the true definition of a cover inside linebacker with sure hands and tackling. he's projected third to 4th round but didnt zack thomas come from the fifth round? yes he did. this guy is a steal in this draft. watch his highlights...


i've been following iowa hawkeyes inside linebacker pat angerer. this guy is the true definition of a cover inside linebacker with sure hands and tackling. he's projected third to 4th round but didnt zack thomas come from the fifth round? yes he did. this guy is a steal in this draft. watch his highlights...


and marc what in the world is so insane about a team signing a free agent receiver??? get a clue

I think the tuna is trying to make this team better,but I think he's trying to build a team on his own terms.By this,I mean he wants to show everyone that he can build a contender without signing big free agents,or trading like the Jets and Patriots always seem to do.It would be great if he could do it,but I'm at the point of my life,that I'd rather have Parcells swallow his pride and trade for some play makers.I'm not getting any younger,Bill.

I agree with Luis, Ronnie Brown is the lone play maker. It was obvious that after he had gone down the offense had lost lot of its ability to be physical. I would love to see what he could do if there was a actual number one receiver to keep defenses from putting eight and nine players in the box.

Although there are currently no play makers on defense I think there are future play makers there. Vontae Davis will be the best corner Miami has had since Patrick Surtain. Sean Smith I think will be the anti-Moss But I am not as high on him as most people are. He is just not as well rounded as Davis is. His tackling is very sloppy.

dez bryant,,,dez bryant, without another thought or hesitation. have you seen the clips on this freak?,,cant miss talent

Patience fins fans, its only been two years removed from 1-15!! rebuilding obviously takes time, i know we have been burned by past regimes but thats the past and the future is still being written...in the past 2 years we have come so far think about the tough,physical OL & DL we have built up in the last 2 seasons earlier this year before Ronnie and smiley and grove got hurt teams around the league were calling us one of the most physical teams, this regime also aqu Randy starks, kendall langford, Philip Merlin and the dl is still a work in progress but a million times better

This past season we also got 3 young future studs with game breaking ability ie, V.davis, S.Smith, C.wake again key word FUTURE, requires patience.....slowly but surely and oddly from the bottom up we are building a WR corps, 2 years ago we found good #3 WR in Bess, this year a talented #2 in hartline, and hopefully in year 3 a bonafide #1!!!.....We sign a few key peices in Draft/FA at OLB/ILB and WR, hope Clemons is the answer at FS along with a budding star i havent mentioned in HENNE we are headed to bigger and better things, am i saying SB who knows, takes luck and hardwork but we are heading towards being of those teams that competes towards that year in and year out.........sorry for the long post but i just want to remind everyone how far we have truely come in 2 years and to be PATIENT, have had it with all the short sighted fans, the ones who dont know football screaming for us to sign every big name free agent looking for a quick fix, um hows hayensworth working out in washington? or matt cassell in KC?

While I do agree with getting a big name game breaker, I think that too much stock is put into these prima donnna receivers.
This team is built with a team concept. I like seeing a smash mouth 4 yards per carry and 15 yard passes. We hold the ball and we win.
Linebackers, linemen, some speed and a qb with an arm. We have the arm. We need some linebackers. We need a couple of pass rushing run stopping, fear spreading, linebackers.
The idea is to stop the opposition and then hold onto the ball. How bad would wilson have looked if we had of put the qb on his butt this year? We aren't talking sacks but timely sacks. When there isn't time for Brady to sit
back for 4 seconds to get a pass to Moss or Welker.
I also like Henne as an up and comer. He will be pro bowl material in a couple of years.
Conversely if you have money spend it on quality free agents, but don't waste money and time on people that don't fit into the team concept

You guys want a WR play maker. WE have one But they don't let him play it's PATRICK TURNER. look him up on youtube.The guy is a touch down machine.


Cut Ginn and let this kid play.

The Dolphins NEED Chad Henne to be a playmaker if they're ever going to be a serious team and he might grow into that role.

*Ronnie Brown is a guy defenses game-plan for.

*Vontae Davis will be a playmaker eventually.

*Davone Bess is getting a lot of double teams and national media attention.

Cameron Wake has potential
Harline/Camarillo make enough plays for #2/#3 WR

Starks is a playmaker. Six sacks from a DE in a 3-4 is a lot. Richard Seymour doesn't usually put up big sack totals, but he can dominate a game.

They need a playmaking, everydown linebacker (hopefully even 2 or 3) and a playmaking WR.

Ronnie Brown

The Dolphins also need a couple of good cornerbacks. Sean Smith and Vontae Davis aren't cutting it. Evertime I watch the game, they are getting burned by wide receivers.

I just wish you were wrong.

we really blew it on the last draft class. we got a couple of rookie corners to show for the whole draft. we could have signed goodie and got bodden(who the pats got). we should have gotten a WR who could play now(l.murphy 3rd round)) and selected clay matthews in the 1st round. we needed guys who can tackle and corners who could cover. if you can sign a few free agents those needs dont have to be met in wasting draft picks! Oh, sanchez has said p. turner is the real deal and could be helping us now. why do rookie corners get a free pass but not a 6'5 WR?????

with other teams passing the ball at will against us all year, with all the attempts and yards WHY DONT WE HAVE ANY BIG PLAYS ON PASS DEFENSE??????? we have a hard time even covering a tight end, dont intercept and dont cause fumbles. we dont punish receivers who do catch the ball over the middle. one practice a week should be spent on tackling your opponent!!!!

Parcels and the rest of management have done a lousey job of evaluating the talent. Draft picks have been so so and FA's not dependable. They spend more time trying to motivate the players instead of coaching them up. They have a lot of work to do for next year but will need to open up the pocket books to get the talent. They have been pretty cheap so far except for over paying the O line.

Or Dont...

Currently the Dolphins would pick 13th in the draft, if they lose against Pitt, and SF, Tenn and Chi all win, we will pick 10th. That is a likely outcome since SF plays STL, Tenn plays SEA and CHI plays DET. The 10th pick should give us a good shot to get someone really good.

Listen to Ted Ginn he hit the nail on the head.

I am not buying into this "FEAR" thing. They are grown men and aren't scared of opposing players. Agreed, this year we are a little "talent-challenged". However, also remember those that did not play the entire season Ferguson, Pennington and Brown. Also remember that our corner's are rookies and have had to do alot of on the job training this year against several of the top receivers in the league.

Say this with me P-A-T-T-I-E-N-C-E!

LOL@Dolmet...I hope you're joking dude.

Guys i hate to rain on your parade but the reality is even with a top 10 pick it still takes time for a guy to adjust to the pro level, Iam hoping that Turner and Wake will be monsters next season, Iam growing frustrated with all the talk about drafts and "next season" I expect a AFC/East crown next year, A free agent wide out and a plane ticket back to Ohio for Ted(Fall down in a fetal position if a defender is within 5 yards)Ginn and his entire family, these are my expectations for the mighty air-breathers.....

Thanks guys for keeping it focused on only Fin"s football, many of you are right on target from what I see. I think we will be much stronger next year with a few more pieces to the Parcells puzzle!

The Cuban has set the expectations for the fins, anyone disagree????

i think parcells has to do an honest job evaluating everyone from jeff ireland and sparano to all the position coaches. our breakdowns have to be either coaching or talent. we should have been improving thru the year not imploding when it counts. sparano seems like a good o-line coach to me; a bit overwhelmed when it comes to crunch time decisions. coach P is an excellent person but not a nfl D coord. henning is working with one hand tied behind his back with limited weapons.

My question is, are we going to resign Brown. In the off season there were all the rumors of trading him. I think he is a great back, but let's face it, he can't finish a full season of work. I don't know who we would turn to next but Hilliard looked great on Sunday. And anyone running behind Polite will put up numbers. As far as WR, has anyone heard who we might look at, I know there is Boldin, Jackson, but who else is available. Someone said earlier we wouldn't have a shot at Miles, but remember the Big Tuna discovered him so there may be a relationship there.

Greg, The last two weeks might prove you right, but taking into consideration that Tony took over a team that was well how do i put it... Sucked. I guess is the only way, he did wonders the 1st year and the schedule they had this year i'am not shocked at there record, the old saying goes you cant get orange juice out of lemons comes to mind,like I said in my last post I expect a good season and play-off advancement next year, do you agree????

We have no game changing players with the possible exception of Vonte Davis. Unfortunately he makes big plays for us and the other team in the same game. Brown is a good back but not a game breaker. We really only need one game breaker on office, whether that be a WR, TE or RB. On defense we need better linebackers. When Crowder is your best cover guy you have problems. We need a good cover LB and a good cover safety. Whether Clemens can be that guy who knows.

i like spiller but if they draft him first, i might throw up

Vincent Jackson!!!!!! Free agent as I recall in the offseason and we should back up the money truck!!!

I think you're close to the truth. I don't know if Parcells is trying to show anybody anything. But I think it's clear he thinks he can take late rounders and castoffs and build a good team. Remember "finding acorns"? We haven't heard that lately but it's still his philosophy. A philosophy that hasn't and won't get us anywhere.

The fact is, you generally get what you pay for. How many times have bought a cheaper product, got it back home and realized you just bought a piece of $hit? Realized that if you had paid a little more, you would had something that worked the way you wanted.

i want LBS!!! i want mcclain and PAT ANGERER for sure,even if we have to pick him in the 2nd rd. this kid is a gamer and faster than all the LBs on the team,and he make plays

rise and shine menace, how you been?
to answer your question i agree with your prediction but we need playmakers on offense!!!! a real #1 receiver not a project or long shot but a stud bona fide physical wr.

CoCojoe that brings up a good story revolving around a plumber that i know, he brought home a cheap hooker that was actually a cross dresser from the Orlando area, Boy was he shocked when he went"South of the boarder".....You get what you pay for.. God damn F. u. c. king right....

not sold on nt solai either.since ferguson got injured our D hasnt been the same.no push up the middle.no pressure,then the secondary gets lit up;or torched take your pick;and ted ginn sucks as a wr.decoy for his speed good at kr/pr but he is no #1 wr.

WE NEED LBs!!!! Spiller would be exciting to have but he has to many injuries in college and is playing with turf toe now. on offense we are 1 wr away,1 TE away and a more stable scheme as far as when to be cute and when not to be to be elite(top 5 runnning game).Our FOCUS should be getting the best,fastest and smartest LB we can get to get rid of all the garbage at the position. How long must we watch missed tackles,cant shed blockers,no coverage,no forced fumbles(hell even strips),and just disappearring from games LBs. Its like they say "offense sell tickets and defense win games" and from my count the defense lost 4 games and the offense lost 3. A good defense at the most lose 2 and the offense should be no more than 2-3. How long must we see QB draws and Scrambler outrun the current LBs,case in point the backup for buffalo. if WE get LBs who can handle their duties this defense would be top 5. this the year the tuna needs to get the LBs ppl say he's use to drafting to sure up the middle of this defense. plus dont the tuna believe in get WR and RB in the later round anyway,so im not even worried about a RB(hilliard is just as capable)

greg z,

As long as you brought up coaching, here's my 2 cents.
I have openly criticized Henning and Pasqualoni and tried to give Sparano the benefit of the doubt. After all he to learn the job while the coordinators have had years of experience. But after 2 years, you would think Sparano is showing improvement. And he probably has improved but not much. Still bad clock mgmt. questionable decisions and a unwillingness to overrule play calls.

The hell of it is, I don't think Parcells will pull the plug on the coordinators. And there's no way he'll fire Sparano. And that is a shame.

Wagon, Agree they need a free agent wide out($$$$$$$) and ginn has slipped back to his sideline M.O even on K.O returns, instead of heading up the field he heads straight to the sidelines... which is not surprising, thats his comfort zone....

i have issue with the coaches too, but this is the first time in maybe 20+ years that we have a team that fights to the last whistle regardless of the score win lose or draw. the coaches should get credit for that. the other issues will be address this off-season as far as bad management of game. we have to realize that you cant ask ppl to do thing they are not good at and thats our problem. why blitz everybody on 4 and 1 and single up the best wr in the game,why are we throwing bubble screens to BESS,who aint going to outrun nobody,why we blitz akin and he never gets a sack. these are the small things that show up big during the game

ronnie brown will be on IR more than he will be on the field, trade him like they were going to last year. they can always get another back.we need a solid wr first, trade ginn he's a bust, he will drop more passess than he will catch.

The one thing I will say about this regime is that when they see a need they draft for it - WR/CB last year. I see us drafting a NT and 2 LBs with the first 4 picks. I would also like to see us try and package Ronnie/Ginn in a trade to bring in a legit WR. Possibly also bring in a second-tier WR like Breaston that has some speed.

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