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Miami Dolphins: Playmakers wanted please

The 2010 Pro Bowl team will be selected Tuesday evening and the Dolphins aren't likely to fare exceedingly well in the selection process.

Jake Long will likely be recognized as he was last year, perhaps even starting as the AFC team's left tackle. So congratulations to him.

After that ... it's likely to be a tough sell getting much attention for Miami players.

Fullback Lousaka Polite might get some attention as a backup or alternate. Randy Starks might get some votes as an alternate but the fact is he's only got six sacks, and hasn't had one in the month of December as I noted in my column in Tuesday's Miami Herald.

Ricky Williams might also get an alternate spot but I don't see him beating out Chris Johnson or Thomas Jones or Maurice Jones-Drew to get on the Pro Bowl team as a starter or substitute.

I'll update you with the actual team later in the day.

As for what the lack of Miami players on that Pro Bowl team should tell you, it is this:

Despite the good job Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland have done restocking the Dolphins with talent, the job is not complete and perhaps not even half-way finished.

Why do I say this?

We start with playmakers. Quick, tell me who the playmakers on the Dolphins are this year. Tell me the players on either offense or defense that scare the opposing teams. Tell me what Miami players the Titans were talking about two weeks ago while all the talk in the Miami locker room was about Johnson and Vince Young.

Tell me what Miami player opposing coaches consistently worry about.

I don't know that Miami has any player that keeps other teams awake at night.

Joey Porter was such a player last season, but his 17 1/2 sacks were obviously an aberration and not what we have seen from Porter in either 2007 or 2009. 

Jason Taylor used to be one of those sleep-robbing players but let's face it, the man is 35 years old now and his freakish ability to change the course of a game comes on much more rare occasions than it used to when he was younger.

Williams? He's a good player, no doubt about that. But he also is 32 years old and is talking openly about retiring after 2010. He was a game-changer in 2003, the guy a team could ride to much success. But he is a role player now.

Ted Ginn Jr.? Nope.

In fact no Miami pass-catcher is a game-changer.

Chad Henne? Not yet. Plus Parcells has to give the kid some weapons to work with.

The point is the Dolphins need to add a dynamo or two to the roster in the coming drafts or free agency because all the really good teams seem to have those kind of guys.

Fact is, even the mediocre teams seem to have those kind of guys. Houston has Andre Johnson. Pittsburgh has Troy Polamalu, Santonio Holmes and Ben Roethlisberger -- though Polamalu has been injured most of this season.

New England has Tom Brady and Randy Moss and Vince Wilfork.

The Jets have Kris Jenkins and Leon Washington.

New Orleans has Drew Brees and Darren Sharper.

Indy has Peyton Manning and Dallas Clark and Dwight Freeney and Reggie Wayne.

The point is most teams have somebody that scares the other team -- somebody that can make a game-defining play at any moment and does that so often as to make his team dangerous.

The Dolphins don't often get the 45-yard interception return for a touchdown, or the strip-sack-fumble recovery for a TD, or the 75-yard bomb for a score from a receiver, or the 48-yard laser down the seam to a tight end for a TD.

The Dolphins are a team that relies on seven five-yard runs, a 13-yard completion, two Lousaka Polite fourth-and-1 conversions, a nine-yard completion, and a wildcat run to score their TDs. Lightning? The Dolphins wait for it to come from the sky rather than their offensive huddle.

The defense, meanwhile, is also mostly solid. But Sean Smith doesn't have an interception and neither does free safety Gibril Wilson. Yeremiah Bell is solid at run-support and is dynamic at erasing the mistakes of other players by catching people from behind. But he isn't blowing up a ton of people in the secondary or causing a ton of turnovers.

Nobody on defense is doing that.

That is not an indictment on any of the players I just mentioned. They all serve a purpose and all have strengths. They all have value.

It's simply that Miami doesn't have a couple of players whose strength is to make play after play that change the course of games in Miami's favor. And those players and those plays have to come for the Dolphins to take more steps toward being a consistently good team.

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phinfan right on there .
Also the double reverses to ginn for minus yds and the pat white experiment has to go.
Hated the wildcat as well.


I think we all know what our needs are. Can we get a breakdown of available FA's at our positions of need, and which one's will most likely be franchised?

I'd love to get all excited about possibly getting a Wilfork, V. Jackson, or a DeMeco Ryans, but if they are going to be franchised than what's the point?


GO Fins!

One thing I've come to realize is the tuna doesnt shell out $ to free agents, he builds through the draft or trades for players... I'am I wrong????

Shorter Armando Salguero:

We suck. We're light-years away.

Yes, yes, yes. FINALLY!

This is a BAD team. You are all finally starting to see the forest through the trees.

You have ZERO playmakers on both sides of the ball and have major problems in the secondary, at lb, and wr. You losers are at least a few years away STILL!!!


So even if those morons can start making some quality picks you have sooooooo many holes it will be another decade before you compete again. So keep celebrating your '72 season losers.

WE NEED TO GET SOME OF THE KIDS OUT OF THE U NEXT YEAR and THERE AFTER!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY WE NEVER DRAFT:ray lewis,ed reed,santana moss,irving,sapp,shockey,winslow,taylor,etc!!!! U get the picture!!! the next greats are there now and will be coming out next year and following

I keep hearing you guys talk about cj spiller and all that but have none of you seen or heard of Dexter mcluster out of ole miss this kid could play rb wr kr and pr and as for replacing gebril Wilson we need a safety that's going to make a reciever think twice about coming through the middle of the field try looking up taylor mays out of USC tell me what you find

Tortured/Dying has arrived, I'am out............

i would not draft MAYS!!!! all hype


The Trifecta are not building a contender.

They are building a .500 team to keep you coming to the games and save their owner money. All he cares about is having the rich and famous come out anyway.

THeir FA track record speaks for itself (WILSON WILFORD) and they have failed to draft anyone on either side of the ball that consistently changes the face of a game.

Hype ? Are you serious mays would pound floppy recievers like ginn and be making highlight reels on opposing defences

Does anybody realize the playmakers we have LET GO over the past few years? Two prime examples are DT Fred Evans who now plays for the Vikes and WR Devin Aromashodu who now is on the Bears (who by the way completely LIT UP the Vikes last night). Aromashodu is gonna be a stud. He's tall, fast and can just flat out play. I was mad when we released him and now it's coming back to haunt us.

Makes me wonder how in the heck this organization can keep some of the horrible talent they have now and let people go who end up going to other teams and shining.

Yeah I agree we have let go of some talent but that's only two players out of a whole leage of players even the best. Gms are gonn tell it's hit and miss sometimes also sometimes this can fall under coaching cause management is bringing these kids and If you can't develop them then coaches have to be held accountable

Yes Cuban you are very observant. It took you two years to realize they will not pay for players that win games?


They will trade though as long as its with one of his retarded cousins form the Cowboys. And really is there any franchise that you would rather trade with given all the success those guys have had? BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I'm sure there will be another blockbuster with the cowgirls this offseason.

Once Parcels takes the Chastity belt off of Ireland I'm sure he will be able to show his strengths as a GM. There is another WIlford out there somewhere!!!

Man this is going to be a fun offseason!

Someone had called Tedd Ginn "G.O.O.B.E.R."

Gets Out Of Bounds Every Return

Pretty accurate

Exactly Armando...its barely halfway finished....so dont write a coulumn putting heat on the dolphins for not improving a bunch in 2010 and expecting to make a big jump..fact is they will be even younger next year as they play their 2010 draftees and continue to develop their young players.

Defin fan wow you must really have no life to be seating around making up acronams for a miami dolphins player



The Trifecta are not building a contender.

They are building a .500 team to keep you coming to the games and save their owner money. All he cares about is having the rich and famous come out anyway.

THeir FA track record speaks for itself (WILSON WILFORD) and they have failed to draft anyone on either side of the ball that consistently changes the face of a game.

Posted by: TorturedDolphan | December 29, 2009 at 09:44 AM

YOU just PROVED everybody right!!! S.FLA do not support losing football teams

Cody would be a good pick up but solia has shown us some good potential also ferg coming back healthy next year also we need help in other places so we will not use a high pick on a nt

Ronnie Brown is a good back and a great guy but he is not a game changer. We need a back that can take it to the house on any given play. A back with speed and power like Jones Drew or Ray Rice. Both can run or catch and have the speed to go all the way on any play. And to the post that said V. Jackson would come cheap, you must be crazy. He is one of the best YOUNG receivers in the game, he will not come cheap but go after him anyway.

We need the LBs, safeties, and NT on the defensive side. Obviously, we need a WR maybe two on the offensive side.

I hope Parcells, can put some pieces to the puzzle next year's offseason and hit on the draft. The only positive from this year's draft is Vontae and Sean Smith. We could of had another great player on the def if we didnt take pat white so early. What a waste of pick?

can someone answer this question why wont miami draft anyone from the colleges in fla

if this team was in a smaller market. the players would max out, but b/c so many young players come here or to big cities in general, they never perform up to the level we expect. Free agents as well!!! how many players leave the team and showout on other teams? the list is long

Ronnie Brown needs resigning first before he becomes trade bait if I'm not mistaken, as much as I'm looking forward to the offseason moves and draft I feel another wave of dissapointment coming, this team has shown no evidence of making a big trade even though we need to swing one for a proven WR unless we get V Jackson in free agency but why would San Diego let him go, he'll probably get franchised first, Ginn will be given another chance along with Pat White and Turner released to go and become a star on another team, by the way I hope I'm wrong but this is the easiest thing to see, at least I wont be dissapointed if it happens :)

I think the dolphins must some how trade up in the first round and draft what I believe is going to be one of the best play making safeties in the history of the game and draft Eric Berry!

What do you think Armando?

ERIC BERRY will never be better than ED REED or SEAN TAYLOR

Berry or taylor mays one of them should be on the board when were up and we should take them

Nice article Mando and some great posts everyone.

Needs we will go after, Linebackers, Safety, Wide Receiver...

Mando, I agree no big names and no one to fear. Though I thought that Camarillo has shown some stuff out there. Granted most of our premier players have not stepped up or exceeded our expectations. I'll tell you though, we started poorly, but we were close or "in it" on almost every game we lost to elite teams. We have far to go, but I agree, we've hurt ourselves these last few games and we're heading in the wrong direction. Tks for some stat based data!


I guess you didn't watch either J E T S game. Ted Ginn jr and his familly (The Miami Dolphins) changed both of those games. Last week reminded me, I have never seen a player score more touchdowns only to see the Zebras take them back (for something that did not effect the play) than Ted Ginn jr (3 rookie year?). The coaches (yes I'm talking bout you wise old man Henning) need to figure out how best to use his abilities.

Smith and Davis over the next two years will cause a lot of coverage sacks and INTs mark my words, however Nate Jones a great (under used) corner blitzer can't seem to cover anybody, especially if they criss cross receivers while running their paterns (he can't seem to anticipate that in time to be in the right position).

They do however need a punishing linebacker or two, I haven't seen a decent hit since Zach was young.

I think they could benefit from drafting Tebow (Super Wildcat) as a running back in the event they loose Ronnie Brown to free agency in 2010 when Ricky retires...

I cant believe ppl actually think a safety fix the problems this defense has. the most glaring need for this team is the middle line of defense the LBs. if the LBs would handle their duties:tackle,cover,and cause fumbles the secondary wouldn't be a problem,but when you lack the skills as an overall group then that make the whole defense suffers. as i said before once JT started covering RB and TE better,what did teams do? motion a TE to the weakside where PORTER plays huh!!! a FS shouldnt have to worry about helping a rookie CB tackle and he shouldn't have to help a LB cover RB and TE,he should be last line of defense and a fill guy on tackle(assisting). IM willing to bet most of the TD wilson is claimed to get beat on come out of a 34 defense. We run a 34 defense but dont have 34 defense LB's

Can we stop with this Taylor Mays hype? Anyone who saw the bowl game against Boston College saw him get burned by a pedestrian receiver - Rich Gunnell. He stinks - overrated - not even an upgrade over Gibril Wilson !

Kris Jenkins and Leon Washington? C'mon Mando -I agree with everything you said but these two jamoes wouldn't even start for a healthy Dolphins team.

Kris Jenkins and Leon Washington? C'mon Mando -I agree with everything you said but these two jamoes wouldn't even start for a healthy Dolphins team.

Posted by: jimbo | December 29, 2009 at 10:47 AM
JENKINS would definitely start

@Tortured -
Are the Jets still in the NFL? They are such a non-factor - when is the last time they won a playoff game, 1969?
Better yet, when is the last time they made the playoffs? The Dolphins suck but they were good enough to beat the Jets twice - right? Jets are a non-factor - have been for 40 years and will be for the next 40 years.

I agree, Kris Jenkins isn't even half the player Randy Starks is on the D Line. He's old and broken down. Washington is an overrated player too.



@ JWDolphan

I'd take Ronnie Brown over Jones-Drew or Ray Rice all day long.

ALoco, we have a quarterback. Too early for a meatball sub.

I agree, Kris Jenkins isn't even half the player Randy Starks is on the D Line. He's old and broken down. Washington is an overrated player too.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 29, 2009 at 10:50 AM
We must be talking about a different kris jenkins b/c cause the jenkins with the HATED pets is a BEAST

Mcluvin has solid points.....we should be able to get a gamebreaker via FA. V Jackson should be our top choice simply because he has the talent and body of the other named WR available(6'3" 215 lbs with speed!), and he will also be the least expensive and most available....Shawn Merriman is also a FA, so SD will place franchise tag on him. Other WR who will be UFA will prob be franchised and bring some baggage, so V Jackson all the way! If C Spiller is available when we pick somewhere from 11-15.....YES grab him!!!!!!! Hopefully B Spikes or another solid ILB or OLB is available for our 2nd pick. We need solid defenders(LBs, FS,) and a few playmakers on Offense (WR, RB, TE) in order to SCARE our opponents!

I'm talking about the same Kris Jenkins that the Miami Dolphins put 151 rushing yards on in week 4 - STINKS!

to cuban menace and cocoajoe; i was away from blog for awhile. i think alot of the problems are the result of the coaching and talent evaluators. we really needed a "big win" in the 2009 draft. we worked out a zillion players and struck out with most of the picks. we don't even know if pat white can throw yet sparano deems him our 2nd string QB. i spent all training camp watching him miss open receivers by 10 yds. we let goodman walk and sign eric green as a replacement???? my 16 year old son knew he was garbage as did the nfl scouts. nfl scouts also questioned why we signed gerbil because that gave us 2 strong safety's. and don't get me started on the D coordinator!!!! i hate the jets but look at their "D" compared to ours. im frustrated as you can see. worst of all the coaches don't know how to "fix it"

San Diego will undoubtedly put the tag on Vincent Jackson. Merriman and his 4 sacks will be the one in free agency.

first of all, this draft was very good!! 3 guys who will be starting in the secondary. v. davis, s. smith and c. clemmons. hartline was a great pick too. he reminds me of welker. gardner has proved himself to be very valuable to the o line. pat turner, well that seems to be a miss. folsom and nalbone have been on the practice squad. a lot of people think pat white was a bad pick but i think he will be a great pick. i don't know why coaches take a guy who was very successful and try to change everything he does!! he started 4 years in college and his numbers were outstanding. why tinker with his throwing motion?? this has been a year where he is to busy thinking instead of just playing. he has a cannon arm, can run like the wind, has escapability, and can take a beating. he won the big games. 4 bs bowls.

We have some playmakers we just don't play them, Cameron Wake, Patrick turner the list goes on.

a lot of people think pat white was a bad pick but i think he will be a great pick. i don't know why coaches take a guy who was very successful and try to change everything he does!! he started 4 years in college and his numbers were outstanding. why tinker with his throwing motion?? this has been a year where he is to busy thinking instead of just playing. he has a cannon arm, can run like the wind, has escapability, and can take a beating. he won the big games. 4 bs bowls.

Posted by: jaison Biagini | December 29, 2009 at 11:04 AM
SO TRUE!!! my thoughts exactly but you have ppl who are in love with henne,i dont think henne will be a bad PRO but what we are see now he showed in college!! HOW many times he beat OHIO ST.=0. he has all the tools but maybe his brain freezes during the game which causes all the bad picks.Mental should be considered a tool as well!! WHITE will have ppl hyped by next year(not as starter)but by the improvement he makes. THE kid is a football player PERIOD.

Agreed. Get a ball-hawking free safety like Ed Reed and a dynamic pass-rusher like Jared Allen and you would see the defense improve immensely and other players' value like Randy Starks, Yeremiah Bell, and Sean Smith rise higher. On offense....I think Miami should not be myopic and simply look for a receiver..A dynamic running back such as C.J. Spiller might be too good to pass up...

I don't know how anyone can say either one of the last 2 drafts weren't very good?

Jake Long
Phillip Merling
Chad Henne
Kendall Langford
Donald Thomas
Lex Hilliard
Vonte Davis
Sean Smith
Brian Hartline

TBD: Patrick Turner
Pat White
Chris Clemons

That's 10 significant contributors in 2 years including already one pro bowler. That's 20% of your roster people! That is drafting!!! And White, Clemons, and Turner are still out there to provide some kind of return. Drafting of this quality done every year will make the Dolphins a perrenial super bowl contender in two years. Everybody wants everything yesterday. Well people, that's not the way it works.

YOu kicked our butts on Mrs. Lis Franc.

Darn you, Salguero!


Somebody said Ronnie Brown is a playmaker and he is -- for half the season.

We need players that play 16 games.

C.J. spiller is a nice player!! nobody did it better than REGGIE BUSH? SPILLER has turf toe now!! BUSH stays hurt!! YOU GET THE PICTURE!!!

Every draft I hope they will get a playmaker but no they get someone that will be developed and not cost them alot of money. Do we remember when Drew breeze wanted to come here. It did not happen as long as we get middle of the road players we will always be here 8-8.

It's simple, make Miami a pass happy team with a new form of wildcat. Chad Henne and Pat White in the backfield. How about a HB screen with Pat White then he throws a deep ball.

The funny thing is Tony Sparano is accountable for this mess, the players are accountable for this mess ...

But the guys who created the mess Parcells and Tuna Helper Ireland, as Armando calls him, don't answer for their mistakes.

When do they say they screwed up and tell us what the plan is going forward?

YES!!!! Nobody scares you on offense for the Miami Dolphins. Ricky has the ability to strike fear into opponets; however, he does not have anyone on the outside to alleviate the pressure defenses put on the running game.
I am not in favor of signing BIG MONEY Free-Agents. I like using the draft to build our team. This is something that has not been done in years!!!!! But it is happening now. Vincent Jackson, Brandon Marshall, and Miles Austin will be tagged. Therefore, we should stay away from them.
Let's collect all of the draft picks we can possibly collect and draft "proven" collegiate play-makers. I have my eye on C.J. Spiller and Jimmy Graham.

brees was coming off a shoulder injury!! san deigo gave up on him for rivers!! would he put up those numbers with the WR the dolphins have had since then!! A QB is only as good as the ppl catching the ball and running after the catch!! Why does a QB throw a 5 yrd slant and the WR takes it 70 yrd and we say the QB completed a 70 yrd pass???

All part of master plan Mando!! U build the foundation and yr 3, u swing for the fence. After this offseason/draft, we will b a force 2 deal with: guaranteed!!!

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