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Miami Dolphins: Playmakers wanted please

The 2010 Pro Bowl team will be selected Tuesday evening and the Dolphins aren't likely to fare exceedingly well in the selection process.

Jake Long will likely be recognized as he was last year, perhaps even starting as the AFC team's left tackle. So congratulations to him.

After that ... it's likely to be a tough sell getting much attention for Miami players.

Fullback Lousaka Polite might get some attention as a backup or alternate. Randy Starks might get some votes as an alternate but the fact is he's only got six sacks, and hasn't had one in the month of December as I noted in my column in Tuesday's Miami Herald.

Ricky Williams might also get an alternate spot but I don't see him beating out Chris Johnson or Thomas Jones or Maurice Jones-Drew to get on the Pro Bowl team as a starter or substitute.

I'll update you with the actual team later in the day.

As for what the lack of Miami players on that Pro Bowl team should tell you, it is this:

Despite the good job Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland have done restocking the Dolphins with talent, the job is not complete and perhaps not even half-way finished.

Why do I say this?

We start with playmakers. Quick, tell me who the playmakers on the Dolphins are this year. Tell me the players on either offense or defense that scare the opposing teams. Tell me what Miami players the Titans were talking about two weeks ago while all the talk in the Miami locker room was about Johnson and Vince Young.

Tell me what Miami player opposing coaches consistently worry about.

I don't know that Miami has any player that keeps other teams awake at night.

Joey Porter was such a player last season, but his 17 1/2 sacks were obviously an aberration and not what we have seen from Porter in either 2007 or 2009. 

Jason Taylor used to be one of those sleep-robbing players but let's face it, the man is 35 years old now and his freakish ability to change the course of a game comes on much more rare occasions than it used to when he was younger.

Williams? He's a good player, no doubt about that. But he also is 32 years old and is talking openly about retiring after 2010. He was a game-changer in 2003, the guy a team could ride to much success. But he is a role player now.

Ted Ginn Jr.? Nope.

In fact no Miami pass-catcher is a game-changer.

Chad Henne? Not yet. Plus Parcells has to give the kid some weapons to work with.

The point is the Dolphins need to add a dynamo or two to the roster in the coming drafts or free agency because all the really good teams seem to have those kind of guys.

Fact is, even the mediocre teams seem to have those kind of guys. Houston has Andre Johnson. Pittsburgh has Troy Polamalu, Santonio Holmes and Ben Roethlisberger -- though Polamalu has been injured most of this season.

New England has Tom Brady and Randy Moss and Vince Wilfork.

The Jets have Kris Jenkins and Leon Washington.

New Orleans has Drew Brees and Darren Sharper.

Indy has Peyton Manning and Dallas Clark and Dwight Freeney and Reggie Wayne.

The point is most teams have somebody that scares the other team -- somebody that can make a game-defining play at any moment and does that so often as to make his team dangerous.

The Dolphins don't often get the 45-yard interception return for a touchdown, or the strip-sack-fumble recovery for a TD, or the 75-yard bomb for a score from a receiver, or the 48-yard laser down the seam to a tight end for a TD.

The Dolphins are a team that relies on seven five-yard runs, a 13-yard completion, two Lousaka Polite fourth-and-1 conversions, a nine-yard completion, and a wildcat run to score their TDs. Lightning? The Dolphins wait for it to come from the sky rather than their offensive huddle.

The defense, meanwhile, is also mostly solid. But Sean Smith doesn't have an interception and neither does free safety Gibril Wilson. Yeremiah Bell is solid at run-support and is dynamic at erasing the mistakes of other players by catching people from behind. But he isn't blowing up a ton of people in the secondary or causing a ton of turnovers.

Nobody on defense is doing that.

That is not an indictment on any of the players I just mentioned. They all serve a purpose and all have strengths. They all have value.

It's simply that Miami doesn't have a couple of players whose strength is to make play after play that change the course of games in Miami's favor. And those players and those plays have to come for the Dolphins to take more steps toward being a consistently good team.

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phinfan from birth73,

Funny, I was thinking about the CJ Spiller - Reggie Bush comparisons today myself. It would be a high-risk, high-reward selection. Not 100% sure he would be their pick even if he's available. Just speculating here but, I think the Dolphins draft board (top 10) would look something like this if the Dolphins had their choice of any player in college if the draft was held today:

Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska
Eric Berry S Tennessee
Derrick Morgan DE/OLB Georgia Tech
Rolando McClain ILB Alabama
C.J. Spiller RB Clemson
Earl Thomas S Texas
Dez Bryant WR Okla. State
Jason Pierre-Paul DE South Florida
Taylor Mays S USC (although I personally don't think too much about him)
Brandon Spikes ILB Florida

I HOPE WE DONT DRAFT SPILLER!!! he brings nothing to the table that TED GINN or any other fast college guy come to the NFL with. SPEED!!!the NFL is not like college where you beat up on lesser team and its almost always victory. any given sunday!! not to mention you are playing the best of the best every week regardless if their team is good or not!! SPILLER has injury history and we dont need another slash on the team!! WE need players good at the postion the PLAY whether its LB RB S CB OL you get the picture and if you can retun kicks or play special teams then thats a bonus. so if we draft a RB i hope he's a better RB not a better RETURN man. if ginn dont get the kick he return over his career called back nobody would say nothing about him


I agree with you phinfan, I would rather have a morgan or McClain, even Dez bryant. I heard something very interesting while watching the Clemson bowl game. They said that Spiller doesn't lift weights. Could you imagine Parcells drafting a player in the first round that isn't strong or has the desire to lift? I can't. Small is one thing - not bring strong is another entirely.

Playmakers? The Trisuckta doesn't believe in playmakers.

Tuna doesn't think a playmaker is needed in the NFL. Memo to Tuna: This is a passing league! Has been for a while now. Go take a nap, Tuna.

The Trisuckta started us down this road of mediocrity when they selected Long instead of Ryan. I know we needed a LT, and I'm glad Long has scored all those TD's. They were awsom...Oh wait, he hasn't scored any.

give us SPIKES in the middle with CHANNING,DERRICK MORGAN on the weakside and PAT ANGERER at the strongside and now you have FIRE!! WE could be lucky enough to get all three

Uhm Tay, Atlanta and matt ryan aren't in the playoffs either despite their easier schedule. Thanks for coming out.

I agree but how do you suggest getting both Spikes and Morgan?

The Trisuckta started us down this road of mediocrity when they selected Long instead of Ryan. I know we needed a LT, and I'm glad Long has scored all those TD's. They were awsom...Oh wait, he hasn't scored any.

Posted by: Tay | December 29, 2009 at 11:48 AM

you right we could have picked ryan but who was going to protect him CAREY at LT.lol!!! ryan is no better than flacco or henne

This management has done a good job with drafting, but they also swung and missed a few times... White and Turner were 2nd and 3rd round picks. The jury is still out on Merling and Langford. Kudos for Bess, Hartline, Davis and Sean Smith. Jake Long was the right pick, Henne has been getting mixed reviews. I think Henne will get better but clearly the game has to slow down for him. Ernest Wilford and Gibril Wilson were very expensive and a complete waste of $$. Sticking with Crowder and Adoleye was a BIG mistake, considering last year's draft was a very good one for linebackers. Randy Starks and Justin Smiley were very good acquisitions. Releasing Matt Roth was another mistake. And letting go Ted Ginn would be another mistake because he still very young. WRs sometimes take a few years, you have to be patient. Bring in a real #1 WR and it will make Ginn that much better. For those of you who think he's not worth it, look at last night's game between the Bears and the Vikings. That WR who caught the winning TD in OT? That's a former dolphin draft pick, spent a few years with Indy and now he's starting to produce. He probably got some very good teaching from Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison. Ted Ginn hasn't had such luxury, so bring in an Anquan Boldin or Vincent Jackson and you'll see Ginn's stats skyrocket.

I'm shocked at how many people are ready to jump ship on this team and the management.

Lets not be so oblivious to the fact this team is only 2 years removed from a 1 win season. Last year is what it is...a team that got lucky with a easy schedule. The team was going nowhere until the Wildcat caught everyone by storm. I am more impressed with the job this staff has done this season than last season. The Dolphins had a BRUTAL schedule this season and they have been competitive pretty much all season. If you reflect on the season and not the record you would realize there is FAR more good than bad. If Ginn makes that catch against Indy Miami wins, if he D doesn't implode against the Saints, Miami wins. It's amazing how many people forget the Dolphins have lost Pennington (2nd in MVP last season), Ronnie Brown (Catalyst of the Wildcat), Ferggie (Stopper of all runs up the middle) and Patrick Cobbs (Mr. do all and everything).

So all this staff has done is basically continue to field a competive team that starts more or less a rookie QB (with little to no weapons on offense), an overachieving backup RB (I still love ya Ricky)and a NT that only dominates a buffett. Has everything gone perfectly...No; however, when does it? Does Miami have holes to fill...Yes. I agree Miami needs to address the Wr position and I hope they get a guy like Boldin or Austin. Boldin would be a huge compliment for Ginn. Boldin does ALL of the things Ginn doesn't but Ginn would still stretch the field like no other. Unless Hiliard is going to be the answer at RB Miami needs to draft one b/c Ronnie isn't reliable. He's like fine china...Really nice to look at but you're affraid to use it b/c it's so fragile. We need to get rid of Wilson and play Clemons. Miami also needs to SERIOUSLY upgrade the ILB position. I would actually cut Crowder, Porter, Taylor and Wilson.

Lets give this regime the time it takes to TRULY turn around a 1 win team.


I agree this team needs playmakers.

Question though: of the Patriots three Super Bowl Champion teams, can you name one player besides Brady that you could honestly say scared you?

I can't.

We're not light years away.
Look at the stats: As of today the 10 teams that have clinched playoff spots have out scored their opponents by 7.9 pts/gm.
We average 22 pts/game, we give up 24pts/gm.
For Az, Dal, Cin they out score thier opponents by 3.5-5.5 pts/game.
That means if we reduced one opponents TD drive into a FG drive per game and turned one of our FG drives into a TD drive per game we would be a legitimate playoff team.

we draft high so one of the two will be there!! hope its spikes and just prayer morgan slips! i think teams ahead of us will focus on QB and lineman and somebody going to reach on say a spiller thus opening the door for to get what we need!! maybe our luck will come in the form of the draft this year since we havent had any all year

To all Jets and Patriots fans....

If you don't have the courage to come on a Dolphins blog when the Dolphins have beaten the Jets and Patriots, and they did go 3-1 against those teams this year, then don't come on when the Dolphins lose and your fraud teams beat tomato cans. You guys can dish it out, but you can't take it, and you show yourselves to be what you are: gutless sad sacks who are bitter about your lives and place in life. To actually waste precious time during the course of your day to come on a blog of a team that you hate, shows you have nothing to do in your life and way too much time on your hands and lack courage. BYE, BYE Frauds!!!

Also, yes Armando we need linebackers so why didn't they draft one last year when the draft was stocked with LB's last year, you know guys like Clay Matthews, and Ray Mal from USC, and many others.

Parcells said when he took the job that he had to build the interior lines first, and then concentrate on skill players in the last few years, let's hope that's the case.

A note to Parcells if he reads this blog ( and Armando says many Dolphins read his blog)...we better not see any bleeping stories from your pal Chris Mortensen this week on ESPN saying that you are thinking of leaving the Dolphins this year. You have DONE NOTHING YET HERE PAL, and only when you finish the job of making this team great again is it okay for you to leave. Stop the horsebleep every year about "LEAVING" and tell those turds at ESPN to stop with the planting of stories that you are leaving every season. You like to get tough with the players, well I'm getting tough with you pal, turn this team into something and stop being a diva( that's why we have Jennifer Lopez or her husband owning the team, she's enough of being a diva)

Finally, you want to draft a WR, then get Denario Alexnader from Missouri, he's the next Randy Moss. Just check out his You Tube video.


I agree this team needs playmakers.

Question though: of the Patriots three Super Bowl Champion teams, can you name one player besides Brady that you could honestly say scared you?

I can't.

Posted by: Case Man | December 29, 2009 at 11:54 AM


CHANNING with sid on WQAM 560 right now!! SID says he going to ask the tuff questions!!!

Armando, you ask what player do opposing teams have to worry about? How soon we forget. That player is Ronnie Brown when he's running the WildCat.

You really think opposing coaches do not spend extra time preparing for that formation?

Does the WildCat consistently produce big plays? No.

Just 6+yds avg that wears a D down. Ball control.

Picking up "chink yards" is critical, but coaches have nightmares about a team that can take 8 minutes off the clock by jamming the ball down your throat all the way to the end zone.

Case Man

Yeah, the guy on the Patriots who was secretly videotaping the opposing teams offensive and defensive signals. He scared the heck out of me!

Oh yeah, also the guy who was secretly putting a microphone in the visiting teams locker room in the Patriots stadium....And the guy who went into that locker room dressed up as a janitor and stole the opposing teams's plays and playbooks.

Those guys all scared the heck out of me!

I'm not going to be so critical towards Parcells and Ireland because they have made some very good decisions. This team was a real mess and couldn't become a contender overnight. Everybody knew it would take time. But we got spoiled last year and now we want more. In today's NFL, what you did the previous year doesn't matter. Ask the Steelers and the Bengals. Linebackers and Wide Receivers need upgrading. D-Line and O-Line need depth. We have 2 young promising TEs in Fasano and Haynos. Fullback is set with Polite. This regime needs to make a decision at the RB position. Do you keep Ronnie and give him a huge contract or is that it for #23? He's by far the Dolphins biggest playmaker, not so sure getting rid of him is such a good idea. But how much money is he looking for?

What we need is EVERYTHING.

Listen, Ronnie is not going to risk the remainder of his career being a tackling dummy for opposing teams. If Ronnie was all we had then we are up chit creek without a paddle.

1. We need a legit WR.
2. We need a every down back.
3. We need a QB that won't turn the ball over.
4. We need LB's
5. We need a competent Safety.
6. We need a return man that isn't scared.
7. We need someone calling smart plays.
8. We need a pass rush.
9. We need a pass defense.
10. We need a run stop defense.
11. We need to be consistent.
12. We need absolutely everything a football teams requires to win a superbowl

I want a dynamic return man. We see how drastically the field position battle impacts the game, so let's get a lightning fast guy at good value (late round or in FA) who we can take a chance on. Someone who just burns down the combine 40-track. Jamal charles, cribbs, johnny knox, dhest... I watch these speed specialists and I think "we need some f*in speed on the team!" PARCELS ITS THE 2000's NOT THE 80's! Fins need some speed to win.

Richard Seymour, Vince Wilfork and Rodney Harrison are pretty scary is you ask me... In response to Case Man...

Bendiesel, couldn't agree more. Devone Bess is NOT a punt returner. We're lucky when we get a 10 yard punt return from this guy...

SID is asking CHANNING some really bold questions too!!!

Phinfan, if anyone has a chance of dropping, it's Spikes. Odds are Morgan will be the first pass rusher off the board. That doesn't mean all hope is lost. They can draft a McClain or Spikes in the first and then draft a Greg Hardy or Ole Miss, Jerry Hughes of TCU, of George Selvie of USF in the 2nd or maybe Pierre-Paul can drop to the 2nd but I think JPP's stock will rise during the combine since he's a super athlete. he will test well there.

I don't think we can get a playmaker in the draft. A playmaker makes plays the day he shows up on the team. People like Moss and TO are NFL caliber playmakers. Chad Pennington is a NFL caliber playmaker IMO. Heck, even Edwards made plays the day he showed up (without any practice) to the Jets organization.

We need to SEEK out a play making WR. Not in the draft but in the FA market. We don't need a LB. We just need to jettison Porter and Jason so Wake and Crowder can step up.

Before everyone gets too excited, you need to remember that this is the last year of the CBA contract. Which means if there's no resolution, there's going to be big time changes. And from what I read, talks are not going well.

For starters, the present contracts states that the last year (2010) of the contract will be an uncapped year. Not only that UFAs have to have at least 6 years under their belt before they're considered UFA. One other thing, teams can put a tag (forget what they call it) on a player....similar to franchise tag. Not sure how trades would go. Anyone, anyone?

And in Parcells and Ireland's defense, they would be the first to admit that a little luck is also required to have a great season. Look at last year's dolphins. No significant injuries. This year, they lose their starting QB, their starting NT, they lose the only veteran corner they had, Matt Roth had some kind of mysterious injury. They also lost David Martin, who was a solid contributor last year. They lost their biggest playmaker on offense in Ronnie Brown. Porter and Taylor are banged up pretty bad. I mean I hate to use injuries as an excuse, but that's an awful lot to overcome...

Job half done? You've got to be kidding me!

Armando, you are way off base on this one.

This team is more than half cooked, we need just 3 more players on this team, a #1 WR and 2 stud linebackers. That's it!

What else is needed? For the young guys we do have to develope, and that takes time. And this team is stocked with young talent, from Henne to D Thomas, Garner the D line, the CB's.

We have a Pro Bowl LT and the rest of the OL looks pretty good. The DL is good and should only get better, we have 5 young guys that are still learning the craft, Langford, Merling, Starks, McDaniels and Soliai.

We have our CB's for the future, young and still developing, and Bell for another 3-4 years in the secondary. SS needs an upgrade.

We have a Pro Bowl RB in Ronnie who also happens to be excellent at operating the WildCat.

And most important of all, our QB needs to develope.

A team without a seasoned QB, a couple of key missing pieces, and loaded with young players that have yet to fully learn their positions can make a pretty good team look average at best.

Fill in those pieces and once the young guys "get it" this team is playoff caliber.

The tired old line, but true, is that "this is a QB driven league".

The difference between 8-8 and 11-5 next year will be Henne. Heck, it was the difference this year! If Henne did not make so many rookie mistakes this year we'd have won 3 more games!

sid say he will remember porter for his mouth,channing say porter needs to talk just to play and he was a good teammate even thought he still on team! sid say jason looked old but channing says JT has good year or two left. sid ask does akin ever make a play! channing laughed and covered up for him but he didnt sound to happy talking. channing say wilson is not a FS and the way they use him is not to his strength.channing is funny as hell

Sid should ask Channing to evaluate his season this year... Curious to hear that 1...

Anyone try the Arousa pills?

Channing admitted that he needs to play better and I believe he will

Complain about Henne and rookie mistakes?? He took over an 0-3 team and still almost lead them to the playoffs when our starting RB, starting NT, starting CB and other small injuries put us a little more behind the 8-ball...

It was not Henne's fault in my opinion. I think he has done really good and improved a lot in his first 12 games as a starter...

We should get wilfork in free angency. Draft spikes and get a WR in the seconed round. I think were set at RB for now, cobbs will be healthy brown will be healthy and we'll have Williams back. We have a QB he just needs time and wepons. A great saftey would be nice. This group of couches is doing a great job so far, we were 1 and 15 when they took over. We'll get there some day. It takes time to build a great team

Next year will be a big one for Crowder. He's been in this league long enough. No more excuses. Bring in some guys to compete. He should fight to keep his job...

The 1-15 season was a man made disaster created by Sham Shameron. We can't use that season as a litmus test for all other seasons.

The 11-5 season was a man made aberration. No one knew how to defend the wildcat. Now they do. We can't use that season either. PS..got blown out firt game of the playoffs.

This season is our TRUE selves. Nothing about this team screams playoffs in the next 3 - 5 years UNLESS we aquire a playmaking WR. We can't sit by waiting for people to develop into playmakers. MOST have had at least 15 games and TONS of practice to know if they will ever develop.


I wouldn't spend a high draft pick on a WR. I'd rather get one in free agency, a proven one, like Vincent Jackson or Anquan Boldin. We have enough young, promising WRs in Ginn, Bess and Hartline. We need a proven playmaker, an experienced one to teach these young guys a few tricks or 2...

Seymour, Harrison, Wilfork, all fine players. But scary? Not quite.

Maybe Asante Samuel could've been considered scary on the defense, but I can't name a single player on offense who was a game-changer.

Case Man, you don't think Harrison, Wilfork and Seymour are scary? Gee... Maybe not today, but back then, they were among the best in the league. Harrison was considered one of the best safeties in the league, Wilfork is still considered one of the best NTs in football, and Seymour was voted to the Pro Bowl every single year. What more do you want?

I take Arousa before commenting on this blog.....my experience has been vastly enhanced.

case man is a dumb man ,these players have more rings than the entire dolphins team in the last 35 years .

Samuel scary? And not Harrison? Trust me, you would prefer getting hit 10 times by Samuel than only once by Harrison. This guy could hit like a freight train...

If brandon marshal hits free angencey we NEED to be all over him!!

CHANNING called sanchez a young gun-slinger who doesnt know how to slinge yet!!!CHANNING is a wil interview

Playmakers-definite yes but isn't that easier said than done Armando? You can't pull playmakers out of a hat. I think Miami may have some potential playmakers but not enough to get them over the hump just yet. But it must be remembered that the Fins are a work in progress-they are no way where they need to be just yet.

Again, Armando, while I applaud you keeping the heat on the Dolphins to get a great playmaker and improve, you still need to do a better job of putting things into proper perspective.

This team lost its starting quarterback, a Pro Bowl running back, its best cornerback, its nose tackle, had injuries at center and inside LB..resulting in the team having to rely on essentially a rookie QB with average wide receivers and mediocre-to-bad tight ends..

The team needs a return to good health, and most especially upgrades at WR, TE and ILB.

Yes, it needs big play, dangerous players, but dole out credit and excuses where its due.

Dolphan in Montreal,

Those players were not scary in the sense that they could change the game. Armando's article is about playmakers.

Yes, Samuel was more scary to me because you knew on any play he could intercept a pass and take it to the house. Seymour, while great, never had the same impact of a Jason Taylor IMO.

And ALoco, this wasn't a comparison of Dolphins to Patriots, if anything I was giving the Pats credit for winning without Superstar Players. Obviously it helps to have them, but you don't NEED them to win Super Bowls.

I'm so GHEY !!! Can somebody tickle my azzz with a feather ?

Case Man, by having Wilfork and Seymour, it was very difficult ro run against them. That itself changes a game. You know the old saying in football, if you can stop the run and run the ball with your offense, you've got a pretty good chance of winning. Harrison was scary because not many people wanted to go in the middle of that defense because of him. It was a scary defense. They stopped that wicked offense of the Rams in 2001. They're considered the team of the decade. If that's not scary, I don't know what is.

why do y have a feeling Aloco is consuming more then meatball subs??? Discuss....

The Pats haven't won a SB since Harrison called it quits. Seymour was traded to the Raiders this year. Wilfork will be a free agent. And despite the fact they cliched the AFC east, I don't see them winning a SB. Mind you once in the playoffs anything is possible. They do have Brady and Moss. But I wouldn't put any money on it. I think the Chargers have an excellence chance of representing the AFC in this year's SB.

Some observations:

1) Mark in Toronto and #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal will back me up on this. The most dramatic hockey game/series ever was Team Canada defeating the Soviets in 1972. It was the first time Canada's best had ever played against Russia's best. Hollywood scriptwriters could never have come up with all the drama of that series. It makes the "Miracle On Ice" seem like a shinny game.

2) My sore throat is still very bad. I haven't gotten anything from my wife recently. The Dolphins, for all intents and purposes, are out of the playoffs. Things are pretty miserable now. Thank God the Colts "voluntarily" lost against the Jets. The other Dream Team from 1972 stays on top. God Bless you Csonk, Merc and all my other heroes.

3) He played a real SOB, but I thought the fellow who played Bob Ewell in "To Kill A Mockingbird" was a fantastic actor. "You gots ta watch tricky lawyers like Atticus Finch!"

4) I took a bunch of Cold-Eeze on the weekend and it gave me intense diarrhea.

5) If I had to do it all over again, I'd be Bobby Clarke of the Philadelphia Flyers (without the diabetes).

Just got off the phone with the Tuna...he wants all of the posters in this blog to know that he appreciates all of our hard work.

i attended the 1979 challenge cup at madison square garden which featured the NHL all stars vs The Soviet national team . That had replaced replaced the canada vs russia series. Russia won the series 2-1. The NHL all stars had only 3 days to practice together while the soviets were together for months. One of my most memorable moments as a child . I was there with my father. God rest his soul.

starters qb- pennington,db-will allen,te-martin,dt-ferguson,rb ronnie brown,rb patrickcobb(kick returner)lost for season.first year starter at qb,2 rookie dbs,
many off.line combos(rookie safety clemons just getting some time,wr turner will see him in training camp).I say not bad for a 8-8 or 7-9 team.FREE AGENTS got to spend some to get some.(get a true #1 WR.YOUNG LB,-D TACKLE-WILFORK IS OUT THERE-ANYBODY REMEMBER RICHARD SEYMOUR IS 30YRS OLD AND A LITTLE UPSET THAT N.E. TRADED HIM.HMM.Like golden tate,c.j.spiller,dez bryant picks or any defense with rd 1 picks.what dou you think?go phins

The stories I hear from my older friends on that 1972 series were pretty cool. School was pretty much called off when that series was played. The entire school got together in the auditorium or gym to watch the games.

Nobody knew anything about the Russians but found out quickly that they were no joke.

If I were to do it again - I'd be an hot chick. Name me one hot chick that has a job - or even needs one.

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