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Miami Dolphins: Playmakers wanted please

The 2010 Pro Bowl team will be selected Tuesday evening and the Dolphins aren't likely to fare exceedingly well in the selection process.

Jake Long will likely be recognized as he was last year, perhaps even starting as the AFC team's left tackle. So congratulations to him.

After that ... it's likely to be a tough sell getting much attention for Miami players.

Fullback Lousaka Polite might get some attention as a backup or alternate. Randy Starks might get some votes as an alternate but the fact is he's only got six sacks, and hasn't had one in the month of December as I noted in my column in Tuesday's Miami Herald.

Ricky Williams might also get an alternate spot but I don't see him beating out Chris Johnson or Thomas Jones or Maurice Jones-Drew to get on the Pro Bowl team as a starter or substitute.

I'll update you with the actual team later in the day.

As for what the lack of Miami players on that Pro Bowl team should tell you, it is this:

Despite the good job Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland have done restocking the Dolphins with talent, the job is not complete and perhaps not even half-way finished.

Why do I say this?

We start with playmakers. Quick, tell me who the playmakers on the Dolphins are this year. Tell me the players on either offense or defense that scare the opposing teams. Tell me what Miami players the Titans were talking about two weeks ago while all the talk in the Miami locker room was about Johnson and Vince Young.

Tell me what Miami player opposing coaches consistently worry about.

I don't know that Miami has any player that keeps other teams awake at night.

Joey Porter was such a player last season, but his 17 1/2 sacks were obviously an aberration and not what we have seen from Porter in either 2007 or 2009. 

Jason Taylor used to be one of those sleep-robbing players but let's face it, the man is 35 years old now and his freakish ability to change the course of a game comes on much more rare occasions than it used to when he was younger.

Williams? He's a good player, no doubt about that. But he also is 32 years old and is talking openly about retiring after 2010. He was a game-changer in 2003, the guy a team could ride to much success. But he is a role player now.

Ted Ginn Jr.? Nope.

In fact no Miami pass-catcher is a game-changer.

Chad Henne? Not yet. Plus Parcells has to give the kid some weapons to work with.

The point is the Dolphins need to add a dynamo or two to the roster in the coming drafts or free agency because all the really good teams seem to have those kind of guys.

Fact is, even the mediocre teams seem to have those kind of guys. Houston has Andre Johnson. Pittsburgh has Troy Polamalu, Santonio Holmes and Ben Roethlisberger -- though Polamalu has been injured most of this season.

New England has Tom Brady and Randy Moss and Vince Wilfork.

The Jets have Kris Jenkins and Leon Washington.

New Orleans has Drew Brees and Darren Sharper.

Indy has Peyton Manning and Dallas Clark and Dwight Freeney and Reggie Wayne.

The point is most teams have somebody that scares the other team -- somebody that can make a game-defining play at any moment and does that so often as to make his team dangerous.

The Dolphins don't often get the 45-yard interception return for a touchdown, or the strip-sack-fumble recovery for a TD, or the 75-yard bomb for a score from a receiver, or the 48-yard laser down the seam to a tight end for a TD.

The Dolphins are a team that relies on seven five-yard runs, a 13-yard completion, two Lousaka Polite fourth-and-1 conversions, a nine-yard completion, and a wildcat run to score their TDs. Lightning? The Dolphins wait for it to come from the sky rather than their offensive huddle.

The defense, meanwhile, is also mostly solid. But Sean Smith doesn't have an interception and neither does free safety Gibril Wilson. Yeremiah Bell is solid at run-support and is dynamic at erasing the mistakes of other players by catching people from behind. But he isn't blowing up a ton of people in the secondary or causing a ton of turnovers.

Nobody on defense is doing that.

That is not an indictment on any of the players I just mentioned. They all serve a purpose and all have strengths. They all have value.

It's simply that Miami doesn't have a couple of players whose strength is to make play after play that change the course of games in Miami's favor. And those players and those plays have to come for the Dolphins to take more steps toward being a consistently good team.

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ivan, i think you should use paragraphs. I do like your potential draft picks though. As much as I'd like to see Bryant or Spiller as a Dolphin, I don't see the current admin drafting either one. That is unless CJ can do more than 3 reps at 225 during the combine.

I remember the 72 series very well... Unforgettable... And at the time, the media had asked goaltender Tretiak: "What's your expectations coming on North American soil?" His response was: "Not much. We came here to learn from the best and improve as much as we can..." His considered by many to be the best goalie to have ever played hockey, all nations mixed together...

Armando you forgot Wes Welker on Pats. He will definitely go to Pro bowl.

Anyway, enough hockey... This is a football blog, we don't want to offend anyone.

In 5 games with the Browns, Matt Roth has 26 tackles and 4 sacks... Yikes... Why exactly did we release this guy? And we still have Joey and Ayodele... Not good...

Don't forget we have wake who would do finely filling in for.a cut porter - best thing is Wake does not have to piss off other team with his mouth before playing. porter can't cover And has been a poor tackler most of the year.

Matt Roth was a problem to the coaching staff not a bad player. What's the real story here Armando?

It's true, with a healthy Ronnie Brown in the lineup the Dolphins scare people. Who knows whether he can ever be healthy for an entire season. So I agree with Mando, but I will say this: Vontae Davis is a playmaker. Still a little raw, still gets burned occasionally, but has a nose for the ball and creates turnovers (remember that blown call on the Texans' fumble last week? Vontae made the hit). I don't agree that an Andre Davis-type is THE answer. It's AN answer. But a stud running back that stays healthy would be an answer, too. So would a tight end that creates separation and catches the ball. So would some play calling that throws the ball to the running backs coming out of the backfield a bit more. I'd take two of the four...

one more hockey, Montreal, who's better, Patrick Roy or V. Tretiak?

Just want to be controversial

Tukka Rask . LOL !!

NOBODY ASKED YOU, NJ!!!!! $%^&*()(*&^%!!!!

Wasn't John Ferguson Jr, the GM of the time of the Leafs born in New Jersey? Might have been born in Boston by the looks of that trade.


And by the way, Montreal, Matt Roth's release was not an on the field decision. Something went wrong real fast behind the scenes. I think Matt was disgruntled with the administration.

And who saw this type of production coming? He did pretty much in four games what he did in 16 for Miami last year.

Mark, I would say Tretiak but the younger generation would say Roy... I guess it's safe to say Tretiak is the all-time best Russian goalie and Roy maybe the best North American goalie, although lots of hockey fans would argue Marty Brodeur is up there with Roy... Hard to compare... 2 different eras, 2 different styles... It's like asking who was the better pitcher: Nolan Ryan or Roger Clemens? Hard to say. I would say Ryan because he's one of my favorite athletes ever, him and Dan Marino, but who knows... Different eras, different times, you know?

LMFAO @ Mark.

Mark, Roth wasn't bad at all last year, considering he was switching from DE to OLB... Had 5.5 sacks, plenty of tackles, I thought he did pretty good... I was convinced he was going to be one of our OLBs for years... I also have a feeling something went wrong, either with Sparano or Parcells, we'll probably never know... So Mark, which part of Toronto do you live in?

Speaking of baseball, for those who might be interested, it looks like the Mets have finally signed someone... OF Jason Bay... Canada boy... With the Mets... Yuk!


Gibril Wilson SHOULD have 2 int's at least this season but he dropped them both(week 2 vs. indy that led to FG before the half, and last week when it hit his hands but he dropped it, he was on c'mon man because of that) the guy cant make plays and must be cut...C'MON MAN!!

Bay will sign with the mets monday pending physical .

What mother would name there child Gibril????

Gibril Wilson is a strong safety, not a free safety...That's the problem... How did he drop that ball last sunday? Did anyone see Sean Smith's reaction? That said it all... Culver and Clemons should fight for the free safety position next year... I think Culver is a bit underrated... He's a good player...

NJ, Whats with your boy Dying breed/Tortured porpoise?????

Who cares ???????

It's F'n freezing outside !!!! 21 degrees !!!

I know,this sucks.......

Try 16 degrees in dc.... There no place like the 305... This vacation sucks!!

Two years ago, this team finished 1-15. It was on life support. The man hired to revive this team has a formula that works. He builds a team from the inside to the outside. So far, they replaced all but one offensive lineman, the defensive line is new (except Solai). The cornerbacks are new, receivers are arriving(Bess and Hartline), the quarterback is new and showing he has what it takes to lead for a long time. I'd be surprised if the first three out of five picks aren't linebackers this next draft. Safety, receiver and running back will also be addressed. Looking at the overall picture, I'd say Parcells is doing what he was hired to do. Playmakers will arrive when least expected. Who knows, maybe Davis will be one.

They're alot more competitive to.

Montreal, I currently live in Mississauga, but moving right downtown to the lakefront soon.

Anyone else thinks Roger should wear a Blue Jay Uniform in the hall of fame? After all it was in Toronto where he discovered the good juice that secured his HOF credentials.

Anyway, Gibril is a good strong safety. Wonder if they will keep him around to battle it out with Yeremiah. Gibril is younger with fewer injury concerns although Yeremiah was healthy this year.

As far as Matt Roth, screw him. I'm convinced that if he did the job here, he'd still be here. Speaks little of his character that he had to be humiliated to finally produce. I thought he made few plays last year and I thought it was his position that the Fins would have drafted for last year. Thought Everette Brown was as good as ours when he fell last year.

And earlier someone wrote here that Mike Wallace of Pittsburgh was drafted after Patrick Turner. That's incorrect. Wallace was #84, Turner #87

Mike Wallace of "60 minutes" is in the NFL???that's incredible, isn't he like 82 years old???

Yes, he takes Arousa pills. Helps him out.

Ronnie brown when healthy is a play maker. You can't say he isn't. You put leon washington and kris jenkins but not ronnie or chad pennington. Yes they are all injured but they were on the roster. Any play maker can get injured.

I can't stand the approach tony sporano is taking w/ Patrick Turner. Why can't we bring 5 wr into a game? He could be a great target for Henne yet we will never know bcuz TS doesn't like offense. Y draft the guy in the 3rd rd if your not gonna even activate that year??? does this make sense to anyone else?
I'll be pissed if we don't get a look at our 3rd rounder why wait?

lol@cuban trying to get the plumber going bout his nigh mare DyingBreed .



SI: Dolphins 8-8 and out of the playoffs in '09
The one thing you will be pleased to know by the time this post is over is that Sports Illustrated, despite being a beacon for excellent sports writing, is awful at predicting what the Dolphins will do in the coming NFL season
Mam How'd they know????????????

That last was a Mando article from sept 1...Does that mean they'll beat the steelers????????

Aloco, Thats really a a a well that's a gay question.......(not that there's anything wrong with that)...again i wonder what else aloco consumes besides meatball subs....


My top free agents that we should take a real run at:
1. WR- Miles Austin( parcell's guy)
2. NT- Vince Wilfork ( bring him home to Miami)
3. S- Antoine Bethea ( can play both FS and SS)
The 2009 Free agent Market and Draft was very thin for "Playmakers". 2010 is the complete opposite, alot of great players in all positions in the draft and free agency. Look for the Dolphins to make a splash in 2010.


YOU MEAN LIKE ((((( PAT WHITE ))))) ???????



Miles Austin was a undrafted free agent on the Cowboys practice squad for 2 years! No one wanted him Bill Parcells built this kid up and loved him because they were both from NJ, Parcells is on the record as "that's my guy". Call it like I see it.

Vince wilfork is more important than our 1 rd pick. They must get him. All these IF,y guys gotta go.thanks Ferg, but u gotta go. I'll keep crowder over porter today. JT still has IT but effin Dolphins don't know how to use him. Look at Roth now in clev. CUT Ginn NOW!!! (coward) offence cord. Needs to be checked out by parcells. I'm just frustrated. Sorry guys. I just want to see Miami WIN the SB before the Lord returns.



If you read my post yesterday, you see that I said Fasno will be and should not be on this roster next year! eveyone wants playmakers at WR and Austin already has a good relationship with this WHOLE coaching staff.

I love this little running back from Temple. 5'5 167 lbs and runs inside. Now that's heart!!!

You NEED a good blocking TE to succeed in th NFL and Fasano is very good in that regard - and he's a very good red zone threat. At least he was last year. He's young and pretty good. No reason he should be playing elsewhere.

For that matter bring them all over, what the hell, Romo, Jones, Barber, Choice, Hurd, .......

Screw it let's just bring back Chambers, Mcmichael, Adwalle Ogunlyae, they are all free agents!

Anyone going to check out the canes game tonite????

For sure

Yeah mark, he's a tough lil guy....

I will unless I get the booty call phone call from my Brazilian lady friend

Ahhh, Brazilian Booty. The best!

Meh, I prefer the Polish and Russians but I ain't going to say no, haha!

Yeah, definitely go for the booty call bro....

Russians are great too, very passionate. Good lovers.

just watched the spiller highlights.....wow! does trifecta draft running backs? probably wont be there when we pick anyway. the dude is fast. kicks, punts, it looked to me like a game changer. but highlight reels always look good. check out ginns.

I was having this debate with my buddy the other day. Best football movie of all time.

He says: Friday Night Lights
I say: We Are Marshall

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