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Miami Dolphins: Playmakers wanted please

The 2010 Pro Bowl team will be selected Tuesday evening and the Dolphins aren't likely to fare exceedingly well in the selection process.

Jake Long will likely be recognized as he was last year, perhaps even starting as the AFC team's left tackle. So congratulations to him.

After that ... it's likely to be a tough sell getting much attention for Miami players.

Fullback Lousaka Polite might get some attention as a backup or alternate. Randy Starks might get some votes as an alternate but the fact is he's only got six sacks, and hasn't had one in the month of December as I noted in my column in Tuesday's Miami Herald.

Ricky Williams might also get an alternate spot but I don't see him beating out Chris Johnson or Thomas Jones or Maurice Jones-Drew to get on the Pro Bowl team as a starter or substitute.

I'll update you with the actual team later in the day.

As for what the lack of Miami players on that Pro Bowl team should tell you, it is this:

Despite the good job Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland have done restocking the Dolphins with talent, the job is not complete and perhaps not even half-way finished.

Why do I say this?

We start with playmakers. Quick, tell me who the playmakers on the Dolphins are this year. Tell me the players on either offense or defense that scare the opposing teams. Tell me what Miami players the Titans were talking about two weeks ago while all the talk in the Miami locker room was about Johnson and Vince Young.

Tell me what Miami player opposing coaches consistently worry about.

I don't know that Miami has any player that keeps other teams awake at night.

Joey Porter was such a player last season, but his 17 1/2 sacks were obviously an aberration and not what we have seen from Porter in either 2007 or 2009. 

Jason Taylor used to be one of those sleep-robbing players but let's face it, the man is 35 years old now and his freakish ability to change the course of a game comes on much more rare occasions than it used to when he was younger.

Williams? He's a good player, no doubt about that. But he also is 32 years old and is talking openly about retiring after 2010. He was a game-changer in 2003, the guy a team could ride to much success. But he is a role player now.

Ted Ginn Jr.? Nope.

In fact no Miami pass-catcher is a game-changer.

Chad Henne? Not yet. Plus Parcells has to give the kid some weapons to work with.

The point is the Dolphins need to add a dynamo or two to the roster in the coming drafts or free agency because all the really good teams seem to have those kind of guys.

Fact is, even the mediocre teams seem to have those kind of guys. Houston has Andre Johnson. Pittsburgh has Troy Polamalu, Santonio Holmes and Ben Roethlisberger -- though Polamalu has been injured most of this season.

New England has Tom Brady and Randy Moss and Vince Wilfork.

The Jets have Kris Jenkins and Leon Washington.

New Orleans has Drew Brees and Darren Sharper.

Indy has Peyton Manning and Dallas Clark and Dwight Freeney and Reggie Wayne.

The point is most teams have somebody that scares the other team -- somebody that can make a game-defining play at any moment and does that so often as to make his team dangerous.

The Dolphins don't often get the 45-yard interception return for a touchdown, or the strip-sack-fumble recovery for a TD, or the 75-yard bomb for a score from a receiver, or the 48-yard laser down the seam to a tight end for a TD.

The Dolphins are a team that relies on seven five-yard runs, a 13-yard completion, two Lousaka Polite fourth-and-1 conversions, a nine-yard completion, and a wildcat run to score their TDs. Lightning? The Dolphins wait for it to come from the sky rather than their offensive huddle.

The defense, meanwhile, is also mostly solid. But Sean Smith doesn't have an interception and neither does free safety Gibril Wilson. Yeremiah Bell is solid at run-support and is dynamic at erasing the mistakes of other players by catching people from behind. But he isn't blowing up a ton of people in the secondary or causing a ton of turnovers.

Nobody on defense is doing that.

That is not an indictment on any of the players I just mentioned. They all serve a purpose and all have strengths. They all have value.

It's simply that Miami doesn't have a couple of players whose strength is to make play after play that change the course of games in Miami's favor. And those players and those plays have to come for the Dolphins to take more steps toward being a consistently good team.

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Big Poppa's home my dysfunctional bunch of luny bins. Come give big poppa a hug!


He's returned. He's ok

Seems it scares hell out you squeally little coward when Big Poppa comes home. Someone come pull off daddy's boots.


DB, You have People that Care about you, Take it easy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Wow! Its like mama here comes that man again, now that Im here. Where are the cowards who were spewing insults against me while I wasnt here.

If you're still here man up you cowards. LOL

Sellen a bunch @ 52 week Highs Baby, Very happy!

Not about FAS though! Or IYG. :>(

Po White,

I read some of the posts against me while I wasnt here. Some even blatant lies. Especially whoever the faker Derek from Palm Beach is.

Whenever I call out the cowards its in no ways meant for the faithful few such as you and others who never stir trouble.


Happy New Year DB!
Cant control how folks feel.

You only give them power when you do(care).

if any one knows what's good for him



Go phins!

Po White,

I dont care. Just like to agitate them because they seem to care so much about me. I just love returning the affection. I find it all highly comical. LOL

Oh yeah, and Happy New years to You and all of the good folks in here too!

Well there ya go!

where's the devil Ace and thief Odineseye ?




Miss ya Buddy; Spirit of the Phins

Go Bengals! San Diego!

Po White,

Dont know if you're aware that Green Bay's cover safety Nick Collins is a free agent this coming season. The guy made Pro Bowl squad. I'm really hoping we can sign him this offseason.

I believe we can. He played college ball here in Daytona Beach, FL @ Bethune Cookman. Thats the same school which produced Larry Little.

I really do believe we can convince this kid to come back home to the Florida sunshine. He's only 26yrs of age and could lock down our free safety position for years to come. His pro bowl status this season assure that.

With him aboard Wilson is sayanaro!

No she was a Russian hotte!

Carlito do you think Oakland has a chance against the Ravens or the Browns against the Jags?

Can the Dolphins cut the Gerbil on monday?

I don't think the Dolphins deserve to be in the playoffs after the last 2 games, but I think that Oakland is a tough place to play for east coast teams, but the Browns just are really very bad

Just to set the record straight.....the Patsies will not represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.And when this does not happen,I don't want to hear any more crap about them being a dynasty.

A good FS, I'm with ya, Just Waiting for the year to wind down to see what happens.

Of all the free agent wr's I think we have the best chance of landing Miles Austin. He's a Parcell's draftee.

The only thing I see placing a hitch in his acquisition is an uncapped year or the Cowboys franchising him. But the uncapped year hurts the the top 8 playoff teams.


God I hope!

Cant come soon enough.

Beerdrums Right!

Your right it's to much too late. Did you read the Hearld story about Monday morning in Dolphins training facility? All the players feel dragged out and beat up and it mentioned two players with their mercedes and caddy parked out front. As fans can't feel sorry for them, they dug this hole.

I think Chris Clemmons will eventually be good, but he need a good free safety to learn from. As long as Wilson is the best we've got for Clemmons to learn from, his progress will be slow.

Waiting for…

Waived players
Free agency.

Waiving Roth,

Not happy bout that one.

Considering our LBs suck.

Po White,

If the football gods can grant us free safety Nick Collins and wr Austin Miles via free agency. The rest(ilb,olb,nt, and te) can all be addressed through the draft.

If all these things happen the Dolphins will be a butt-kicking machine next season!

I think Teddy Ginn pissed me off the most this year. You can just tell he is saving his body for another team. Someone said it best with the acronym GOOBER, going out of bounds every reception. Either that or he lies down at the 20 yard line. With the exception of that one game vs the Jets he is so predictable and to think how much money he makes uhhhhh!

I agree, Clemons will be good. He needs to play a lot more to get better (starter). Who cares if he gets burned a few times, it won't be any different than Wilson getting burned. Sean Smith has no picks, but he's our #1 corner and he's doing fine. We need playmakers on the d-line. Anybody remember T Bowens & D Gardener? They made Z Thomas & JT jobs way easier but never got the credit.

The thing about Roth that many dont think about is if the trifecta hadnt came up with the bright idea to try him at olb he was set to be waived anyway. The way he tried to job them this summer was pretty ungrateful.

His next employer may not have tried to give him shot at olb. He was zilch at DE. If it werent for the tried he may have been using his college degree to manage a local McDonalds.

Like the tone from ALL the phin fans.

We know whats important....

The Phins!

Gotta go to work in the Morning.

You all be good!

Oh yeah FU*K THE JETS!

If it werent for the trifecta Roth would have been using his college degree to manage a local Mickey D's.

If our LB corps and FS position wasnt such a glaring weakness. I would be saying go after Dez Bryant or trade up(assuming we would be sitting at the 10 spot) to get Suh. He's going to be a beast!

Like the Spirt Here.

You all be Good to each other.


Gotta Go to work Early.

You all take care.

Po White,

At this stage of our rebuilding we dont need anymore waived players. Thats only good in year 1, maybe yr 2 of rebuilding.

If you're still doing that yr 3, you can expect dire consequences in your level of over all talent. But picking up a guy with only 1-3yrs in the league and placing him on your developmental squad isnt a bad idea.

G'nite Po White.

G'night PWT.

Mississauga...I went there and T.O. Very sexy Serbian chick...Ahh, memories...Was there for new Years 02(In fact, that's where I was when I heard the OIF news and got a call that we would likely be deployed, which we were a couple months later)...God awfully cold though...

"Remember the Titans" then "Any Given Sunday"...Even "The Replacements"(Which vaguely reminds me of the Dolphins, except we don't have a LB that good...Maybe we should try to look that actor up)

I don't watch college ball so no chance I'd be at the game, dress or not. This is also the reason you won't hear me getting involved in draft discussions, not to mention it's DECEMBER!

A bit shocked that Polite didn't make the Pro Bowl, of course, given the current state of the team, not that suprised...Also wouldn't hurt to let him get a couple TD's coach. Thought Dan Carpenter might have a shot too, but, he's missed a few lately...

The trifecta have brought a tough team attitude which is nice but please stop signing washouts and play the rookies & young investments! Why do I read about how certain young players don't practice well enough to play, yet I see some of these guys making plays and showing bright flashes of potential when given playing time? Can we say the same about big money free agent seasoned vets they signed? Nope

Rodge I think if we would not have already had 2 rookies starting corner, maybe Clemmons would be starting fs now. 3 rookies starting in the secondary may have forced Parcells to OD on the Maalox.

As for Turner, nickelback Nate Jones say he has been locking Turner down in practice. If he's being locked down by your nickelback there isnt much sense in putting him on the playing field.

I told ya'all my Badgers were going to kick your Miami Hurricane's @$$!!!! Miami is full of playmakers, but Wisconsin is soooooo much tougher! That just how we are here in Wisconsin!

Besides that. I agree that Dolphins LB position needs to be a priority. And should be our First round pick unless we trade up for Dez Bryant... There is a lot of depth at WR. So there should be plenty of good ones in the second round.

Dying Breed, are you telling me if we had 3 dbs in the secondary we would miss the playoffs? What's different than our current situation? We might make the playoffs, then what? Get killed in round 1 and a get number 20 pick.

The U sucks !!!. The U my azzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

Recipe for a dynasty: draft well (no 1st rd KR!!), play the youngsters, build chemistry, then add a few key free agents. We haven't been contenders for over five years. What's two more bad years matter? We need high draft picks to draft and develop game changers.

I agree with you about Turner. I thought he was a waste of a pick. I was pissed after they drafted two WRs in a row. We could really use DT Terrance Taylor or G Duke Robinson right now.

Im not saying anything Rodge. Im just suspecting thats the way the trifecta felt. The evidence(Wilson still starting) could suggest that.

As far as drafting, I would like to see the trifecta calm down with the double drafting. If one of the picks dont work out its still like giving away a valuable pick.

If you have 8 picks and that pattern happens it really means you only had 4 picks. Thats why I would like to see that practice end.

If youre going to do that, only do it once a draft, not 2-3 times each draft.

Not a serious knock on Hartline, but using 2 picks to end up with a Hartline isnt premium value. Snith and Davis is the only time double drafting worked for the trifecta.

The U my azzzzzzzz !!!

This will be a very interesting offseason. Even rebuilding from the floor up, as we've had to do, year 3 is turn the corner year.

We're at the turning point. Only 1 of 3 things will happen next season:

1. We'll turn dammit!
2. We'll stay mired in muck!
3. We'll regress!

Trifecta if you're listening, all the Fins are shouting "turn dammit!"

I love the Smith and Davis picks. I thought Smith was going to be drafted higher. Maybe I'm crazy, but I see no logical reason for Wilson to start. He's a slow version of Y Bell. One safety should be a speedster so we don't get burned by every WR. Even Jason Allen makes plays when he gets playing time. Maybe I've been watching different Miami Dolphins games. Is Louis Oliver still around?

Well Guys,

I now say farewell to all of you until after the draft. Because until then there wont be much to talk about except for much of the same.

To all of the good fans here, I wish both you and the team well. To all of my haters here I say, continue to hate me well. LOL

But to all I say, have a great life and when life gives you lemons. Go out and buy a box of lemonhead candies. I do and it works for me!

Its been a fun season and hopefully 2010 will be both fun and great! Love you all. See all of you again after the draft.

Rodge just to answer you before I sign off,

To Wilson's defense he's a natural SS. He's playing out of position because we have Bell.
Wilson's only a guy you put at FS in a pinch, he isnt a pure FS. The trifecta missed badly with him.

I pray Green Bay's free agent pro bowl FS Nick Collins wants to come home in the offseason. he played his college ball at Daytone Beach Bethune Cookman, the Same school which brought us perrenial all-pro Larry Little in the 70's.

is collins going to be a free agent?

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