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More snaps for Hartline means fewer for ...

Although I included this in Thursday afternoon's blog about the coordinators, it bears repeating because on my housetop where I constantly scream to the world the Dolphins need wide receiver help, any nugget of news suggesting the help is coming is going to get extra attention.

Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning did say this week that rookie Brian Hartline is going to get more playing time very soon, and I'm told that soon starts Sunday against New England.

"Hartline is coming along," Henning said. "We haven't pushed him to the front as much. We probably will here in the near future. We like him. He's making plays. He seems to show up as much as Greg [Camarillo] showed up in training camp the first year we were here, albeit we know and he knows what his shortcomings are. But he's an accountable guy.

"Hartline isn't quite as accountable yet. He hasn't been through the ropes and once in a while he'll blow this or blow that. But he has the ability to make explosive plays and we do need to get him the ball more."

Well, unless the Dolphins plan to open in a three- or four-wide package and stay there all game long, or unless the offense gets 30 or so more snaps than usual, the fact is when Hartline gets more snaps, someone will have to get fewer.

So who gets bumped down?

The choices among Miami's receiver corps is, well, almost everyone and anyone.


Greg Camarillo? I love this guy because I still believe he is Miami's most polished and dependable receiver. But something obviously happened between last year and this year because of his knee injury. Coaches don't believe him to be as explosive (which is bad because, running 4.6 40s, he was never a track star to begin with).

And the proof that something is up is in Camarillo's numbers. Last year he caught 55 passes for 613 yards and a 11.1-yard per catch average. He also scored two touchdowns. And he did this in only 11 games because he went on injured reserve after that 11th game.

Well, through 11 games this year, Camarillo's production has dropped by about half. He has only 28 catches. He's gained only 281 yards and he hasn't scored a TD. His yards per catch is also down by 1.1 yards.

So he is a candidate for less time.

Ted Ginn Jr.?

He was demoted earlier this season, at New York and New England, following that meltdown game against New Orleans that made it clear to me he'll never be a go-to guy. But for some reason, Ginn quietly worked himself back into the coaching staff's good graces and started games against Tampa Bay, Carolina and Buffalo.


Given some new life in the five games since New Orleans, Ginn has responded with a resounding seven catches. Seven catches! In five games! Seven catches is a half of work for Wes Welker, but I digress.

The fact is I'm not all that troubled by Ginn's number of catches. The fact is the troubling numbers with him are his average yards per catch and his drops.

Ginn has 25 catches this year. And he has eight drops. That means Ginn drops almost one-quarter (24.2 percent) of the passes in his hands. And in the last six games, Ginn has not once climbed into double figures on average yards per catch. Miami's alleged deep-threat receiver is averaging 8 yards per catch since Oct. 25.

So you know what happens to kids in high school and college who drop one out of every four passes they touch and average only 8 yards per each rare catch?

They get moved to cornerback.

Ginn? He regained his starting job.

For perspective and to be fair, I want you to know I'm not picking on Ginn because he is failing to meet standards set by Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald or anyone else playing outside his universe. He is failing to meet standards set by, well, Ted Ginn.

Last year Ginn led the team with 56 receptions for 790 yards. He had a 14.1-yard-per-catch average and scored two touchdowns. So far this year, he has less the half the number of catches (25) for a humilating 268 yards. And his yards per catch have dropped by nearly 4. In the year we expected him to step forward, to break out, to improve, he has taken a drastic step backward.

So maybe the Dolphins have seen the light. He is a candidate to lose receiver snaps.

Davone Bess is not really a candidate to lose snaps. Although his yards per catch average is down from 10.3 last year to 8.8 this year, he be hella ballin' of late, with 13 catches for 169 yards (13.0 yards per catch) the last three games.

Bess is on pace to finish this year with more catches and more yards than he did last year. In that regard, he is alone on the Miami receiver corps.

So, my opinion which player gets fewer snaps Sunday? Both Ginn and Camarillo.

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when these coaches talk they sound like teachers for failed school system .
every answer like ,the players are coming along,etc...i thought we r in the pro nfl not the dade county high school .

Romeo, Romeo, where for out thou Romeo?? I know this isn't about the D but come on man!! Paul is over his head..

I thought I'd share this info from WEEI.com Blog Network by Gary Marbry. Fins are in good company.

"FISH ARE SCORING AT HOME: Miami has won 7 of their last 10 home games and have scored 23+ points in all 5 home games this year. Only four other teams have scored 23+ points in all their home games this season: New England, Minnesota, New Orleans, San Diego."

What's the latest on the new receiver taurus johnson. He reminds me of hakeem nicks. When will he be activated? I think hartline needs to strengthen his legs. He runs good routes but he is easly dragged down by defenders. I also noticed when he switches direction he always fall to the ground. This means his legs are weak and he needs to do a lot more squats and leg presses. I think he has the potential to great wideout when he strengthen his legs and thighs.

Either way if they don't have Henne toss the ball down field, we'll always be looking up at better teams..

I would like to see Turner, Sheets and Sperry get opportunities to see what they can contribute. If the Phins lose to New England than I hope the Trifecta realize this year is over and start playing these younger guys to shape the team for next year.

I am looking forward to another draft as the Trifecta have been able to get decent/good talent there. Their performance in free agency has had a number of colossal misjudgements so who knows what that will bring; hopefully they clear some of their duds - Wilson, Grove, Smiley.

I hope to see a completely new starting LB group next year.

Fair assessment, Mando.

Dolphins should look at these players from Pitt. The rb and receivers. What a catch by Baldwin.

Too much negativity on this blog. I think we've got a decent team, we're just banged up by injuries and had a really rough schedule. I think our offensive, when healthy, is just 1 WR away from being good. Ted ginn cant be a number 1. Our secondary is young and just needs time to click.


do u have brain freeze man? since when are grove & smiley duds? wilson yes, grove and smiley have been awesome, even when smiley plays hurt....

duds = chowder, the rat girbil, & ginny

also underplayed: wake, torbor, moses, clemmons

surprises = garner, culver + nate jones

I still believe in Tuna, Tony, and the Miami Dolphins...

... but not Ted Ginn...


that baldwin was mentioned by the announcers that chicago & miami should be watching him....interesting....like his size

Does it really matter...we are not winning five games straight. Love some of Henne's passes and not sure he is the elite QB we have been looking for. The NFL is now an elite QB league, if you don't have one it is a hell of a lot harder to win championships.

Phins are still playing in the past...

37 years since we won the Superbowl
25 years since we've been to the Superbowl
13 years without an elite QB

and the beat goes on...

why the heck did they not pick up chambers? and why has this not been talked about much? i think tuna needs to take some heat for this mistake.
what about next year he would come fairly cheap i would think.


i would not be surprised at all if tuna's son in law gave us chambers next year.

tuna let the SIL take him so he could take the heat if he didn't work out.

deal will be done at xmas dinner at tuna's daughters' house. SIL gets both of the drumsticks for chambers

they didn't pick up chambers because he was claimed on waivers by KC first ... and they weren't interested. Just like they weren't interested in Coles, Owens, Housyourmama.

thanks for the good insight Mando


Chambers was picked up on the waiver wire by Kansas City. The Dolphins never had a chance at Chambers. The bad teams get first pick at the waivers, so Miami had a never chance at taking him. That is why it not being talked about.

Why don't you learn something about football before you start bash somebody. I think you need to take some heat for this mistake, not Tuna... idiot

I found the game plan for the Pats on eBay today. They are going to send everyone to cover and tackle Williams, they don't believe our receivers can catch a ball when they are not covered by anyone. Looks like we could be in trouble again this week.

let's face it: tuna screwed up by not taking k britt when he took pat white

add pat white to my list of duds

another great catch by baldwin...let's see ginny do that

It's quite alright to pick on Ginn, Armando. The man is a professional football player, and by no means is he performing as one. The Dolphins coaching staff should be to blame for this, as well, being that many of the Dolphins players have somehow managed to drop their production compared to last year's.

It still troubles me to see Turner without a catch, more-some without a try at WR during games. There's obviously a problem with developing these players to their max potential. It's not right that only the Dolphins give the excuse that players need to fully develop in 2 or 3 years when most teams are starting their rookies with fair success. Give Turner a chance. We got nothing to lose, considering our ever poor WR corps.

The coaching staff has serious deficiencies.

Jon , do you know anything about football ? Are you able to read or are you a Idiot ? Chambers was put on waivers. Teams with the worst records choose first , just like the Draft. KC , who had 1 of the worst records at the time chambers was placed on waivers , claimed Chambers . Miami couldn't get chambers even if the wanted to. GOT IT !


its ok I already tell him

Bond , david bond. Your assessment that hartline needs to work on his legs and do some squats is hilarious and Stupid ! Please leave this blog SIR !

regarding my man chambers:

i still think tuna should offer the son in law 2 drumsticks, a wing and the gizzard and see if he bites

love to see chambers back home, even if for one year

my bad, i thought he went through the waivers already. i don't have time anymore to follow 24/7 like some of you do.

yea, bond, he got cut low after like gaining 47 yards

Harricane , what are you talking about ? Kenny britt was taken in the 1st round 30 overall. he wasn't around when miami took white. Can some of you please get a clue before you post on here. THANKS !

Here's another one. James Baldwin form Pitt is only a Freshman .

nj...i know...but we had room to move up...now look what happened by not doing so....we still would have gotten s smith

then talk to mamma baldwin...buy her a car

lighten up nj...u r gonna have a stroke man

harricane , when did miami have a chance to move up to get him ? Miami picked white with 44 pick in the 2nd round, Britt was taken 30 overall in the 1st round. Miami would've had to move 15 spots to get him. it would've cost miami alot to move up to get him. Miami had NO CHANCE to get Britt.

ok nj....i concede the point....guess i am still POed by taking white at all.. same when camoron took ginny first

A shame about Camarillo because he has caught nearly everything they've thrown his way. His numbers are down because his number doesn't get called. Why? Because Hartline is their guy and Bess is quicker (not faster, just quicker). Plus Henning is in love with Ginn - heaven knows why. Camarillo is still good and very dependable. Frankly, at this stage, Ginn should be left on special teams (returnign punts also). Hartline (1)/Bess (2) as the starters with Camarillo (3), Turner (4). TEs: Sperry should be in over Haynos (from the limited action I've seen of him). Fasano is a better blocker than Haynos and is Parcell's boy so he's in no matter how well/crappy he's playing. I'd like to see more passes to the RBs. Ricky is at least as good a receiver as Hartline and much, much faster. - inside/outside, doesn't matter.

Next year, a true #1. Brandon Marshall is available (if new bargaining agreement is in place), Vincent Jackson (RFA), Boldin (in contract and too injury prone IMO but the asking price may be lower now). Not a whole lot of other FAs that are worth much (please correct me if I'm wrong).


Mando really should make all commenters submit their comments to you for screening & approval, so that you can maintain the purity of the blog according to your self-righteous standards.

Why don't you create your own blog, so you can talk to yourself and your handful of slavish followers all day, and not be annoyed by dolphin fans who dare have opinions other than yours

I give ou credit for taking all the joy out of us fans following the dolphins here.

And by the way, Fasano blows, douchebag!

They need to give Ginn less playing time. Trade him please... I know some other coach will want him. What is he worth? any ideas??

Why would someone call himself Heinrich Himmler, the murderous leader of the SS, who oversaw the murder of 6 million Jews, countless Gypsies, Russians, Poles, etc.?

I have no doubt that "Mr. Himmler" will come up with some witty retort and accuse me of political correctness.

It just seems to me that most people would feel shame and revulsion at posting as "Adolf Hitler" or "Joseph Stalin" - why using the name "Heinrich Himmler" is any less immoral or revolting is beyond me.


I don't disagree with your choices , but don't you think comparing this years numbers vs last years numbers that you would have to factor in the quarterbacks numbers as well ?

lol NJ got burned.

Harricane , i'm pissed about the white pick also. HEIL HITLER ! LMAO !

Fins main problem is their defense, plain and simple. Even with their average receivers, Fins offense is in good company.

Read this excerpt from WEEI.com Blog Network by Gary Marbry.

"FISH ARE SCORING AT HOME: Miami has won 7 of their last 10 home games and have scored 23+ points in all 5 home games this year. Only four other teams have scored 23+ points in all their home games this season: New England, Minnesota, New Orleans, San Diego."

Any of these teams will be in the SB. Fins are heading in the right direction.

Ha ha , nathaniel burned heinrich himmler/cuban menace or marc or whoever is HID ING under a different name.

Dez Bryant will be gone fast but Dezmon Briscoe declared he will enter next yrs draft. I hope the Fins have a chance to draft him because I believe he will be a great WR for yrs to come. A multi dimensional offense will help them join the NFL elite.

Hey nj flem fan, you and your buddy, obviously have serious eye problems and zero ability to discern even obvious things. The advice I have shared throughout these blogs have proved 98% accurate. If hartline strengthen his legs, not only will he be harder to bring down but he will become a faster and stronger runner. Stay tooned for his speedy progress and his acknowledgement of what helped him to reach his much improved status as a receiver before the conclusion of this season. Then I want you to kneel before me and acknowledge that I am th MAN!

I think the name Himmler was intentionally chosen so as to play up his point.

You know..Himmler accusing NJ of screening and approving the opinions of others.. finding NJ offensive and self-righteous.. creating an exclusive club that the unworthy may not join..

At least that is how I took it since I've never seen that name used in the past. If it was a serious nickname, then I would agree - not cool.

Lips , i got burned ? REALLY ? How ? By somebody hiding behind the name of a genocide leader. You think that's funny. You're a Imbecile ! LMFAO !

I just find it amusing that you bring out the best in others.

Bond , 98% accurate ? LMFAO ! You can't even spell Tuned ( TOONED ? ) . I've seen some of your ridiculous posts. I'd say you're about at 20% accurate.


In my opinion Grove hasn't been all that good and Smiley can pull well but isn't doing too much else at a high level. Interior line play has been very weak in too many games this year and these two are a big reason why. Not to mention both have injury histories which have followed them. I think they are okay players and do contribute but to have tied up the $ in them for so many years is a bust move. I can't foresee either guy completing his contract with the Phins.



Carlito from Golfito,

I would ask that you stop insulting other blogers. You BOTH sound like a couple of Queens from New Jersey. Learn to be polite. Lay of the testosterone and ride the stationary horse a little longer in the morning.

" Bring out the best in people ' . This is a BLOG . Who gives a SHYT. You'll never meet anybody on here in your lifetime. Lips , you take this blog to seriously. LMFAO !

Hey nj, it's toon when I am talking to a cartoon. What's up doc?

Jersey, I've been Marc since the dawn, and noone else...I have NEVER posted as anyone else...Just sayin...You are a prick though ;)

How many great receivers took a few years to develop? Most. How many of them had to deal with a new quartback or new head coach or new offense each of their first few years? I say give Ginn a break. Penne didn't have the arm and Henne is going through the normal rookie pains.

I don't take it seriously. If I did, I might be upset about your opinion of me. I could care less.

I come here because I enjoy reading the opinion of other Dolphin fans. Right or wrong, they support the same team I support. I do not run into many die hard Dolphin fans in my day to day life in Toronto.

You seem to come here to make fun of every other person on here that says anything that is not 100% supportive of your opinion. That is great for you, keep at it. Whatever floats you boat.

I will just continue to be amused at how you irritate others, for no other reason than you can.

In my experience, the only people that enjoy making others feel bad are the type of people that have no personal accomplishments of their own, so they make their mediocre lives look good by focusing on every little bad thing they see in others.

Armando, Good topic, but no mention of Patrick Turner in this talk? I know you're not blind, so I guess you're dodging the issue for unknown reasons. Start pressing the regime about Turner, so they can send us "code" for why he's not playing. What a joke.

Disagree w/ all the Pat White bashing. He is a "baller" guys. If any of U studied him in college U wouldn't be making these comments. This is Monday morning quarterbacking of our draft bigtime. Given a steady opportunity, Pat White would provide lots of upside in the Wildcat. Stop making Pat White the scapegoat here. Seeing him for a play or two in onle a handful of games is no grounds to judge. We all know who's to blame.

NJ fagfan is a typical New Jersey A hole. Do us a favor and put a plastic bag on your head.

Marc , everybody on here knows you're the King of pricks on this blog . You know with the way you like wearing dresses and all ! :)

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