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More snaps for Hartline means fewer for ...

Although I included this in Thursday afternoon's blog about the coordinators, it bears repeating because on my housetop where I constantly scream to the world the Dolphins need wide receiver help, any nugget of news suggesting the help is coming is going to get extra attention.

Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning did say this week that rookie Brian Hartline is going to get more playing time very soon, and I'm told that soon starts Sunday against New England.

"Hartline is coming along," Henning said. "We haven't pushed him to the front as much. We probably will here in the near future. We like him. He's making plays. He seems to show up as much as Greg [Camarillo] showed up in training camp the first year we were here, albeit we know and he knows what his shortcomings are. But he's an accountable guy.

"Hartline isn't quite as accountable yet. He hasn't been through the ropes and once in a while he'll blow this or blow that. But he has the ability to make explosive plays and we do need to get him the ball more."

Well, unless the Dolphins plan to open in a three- or four-wide package and stay there all game long, or unless the offense gets 30 or so more snaps than usual, the fact is when Hartline gets more snaps, someone will have to get fewer.

So who gets bumped down?

The choices among Miami's receiver corps is, well, almost everyone and anyone.


Greg Camarillo? I love this guy because I still believe he is Miami's most polished and dependable receiver. But something obviously happened between last year and this year because of his knee injury. Coaches don't believe him to be as explosive (which is bad because, running 4.6 40s, he was never a track star to begin with).

And the proof that something is up is in Camarillo's numbers. Last year he caught 55 passes for 613 yards and a 11.1-yard per catch average. He also scored two touchdowns. And he did this in only 11 games because he went on injured reserve after that 11th game.

Well, through 11 games this year, Camarillo's production has dropped by about half. He has only 28 catches. He's gained only 281 yards and he hasn't scored a TD. His yards per catch is also down by 1.1 yards.

So he is a candidate for less time.

Ted Ginn Jr.?

He was demoted earlier this season, at New York and New England, following that meltdown game against New Orleans that made it clear to me he'll never be a go-to guy. But for some reason, Ginn quietly worked himself back into the coaching staff's good graces and started games against Tampa Bay, Carolina and Buffalo.


Given some new life in the five games since New Orleans, Ginn has responded with a resounding seven catches. Seven catches! In five games! Seven catches is a half of work for Wes Welker, but I digress.

The fact is I'm not all that troubled by Ginn's number of catches. The fact is the troubling numbers with him are his average yards per catch and his drops.

Ginn has 25 catches this year. And he has eight drops. That means Ginn drops almost one-quarter (24.2 percent) of the passes in his hands. And in the last six games, Ginn has not once climbed into double figures on average yards per catch. Miami's alleged deep-threat receiver is averaging 8 yards per catch since Oct. 25.

So you know what happens to kids in high school and college who drop one out of every four passes they touch and average only 8 yards per each rare catch?

They get moved to cornerback.

Ginn? He regained his starting job.

For perspective and to be fair, I want you to know I'm not picking on Ginn because he is failing to meet standards set by Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald or anyone else playing outside his universe. He is failing to meet standards set by, well, Ted Ginn.

Last year Ginn led the team with 56 receptions for 790 yards. He had a 14.1-yard-per-catch average and scored two touchdowns. So far this year, he has less the half the number of catches (25) for a humilating 268 yards. And his yards per catch have dropped by nearly 4. In the year we expected him to step forward, to break out, to improve, he has taken a drastic step backward.

So maybe the Dolphins have seen the light. He is a candidate to lose receiver snaps.

Davone Bess is not really a candidate to lose snaps. Although his yards per catch average is down from 10.3 last year to 8.8 this year, he be hella ballin' of late, with 13 catches for 169 yards (13.0 yards per catch) the last three games.

Bess is on pace to finish this year with more catches and more yards than he did last year. In that regard, he is alone on the Miami receiver corps.

So, my opinion which player gets fewer snaps Sunday? Both Ginn and Camarillo.

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I do enjoy the title "King of pricks" though..

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If I'm the King, does that make you the prince?

LOL@MARC. You see that's how you respond and have fun. Not cry like a bunch of babies.


Is that you're intro Josh? I'd have to agree then

Here is joshua , on a blog responding to us , telling us to get a life . LMFAO ! POT MEET KETTLE .


Hartline should be doing squats and leg presses...I'm sorry, but, he's in the NFL...Something tells me he's been doing these excercises since he was in HS...Just a guess

On wide receivers…

Hartline must get plenty of playing time. And its about time to bring in Turner for red zone situations. We have nothing to lose!

Ginn is a bust! I will say it again… trade Ginn get a pick. He is only good for kick offs and a 4 WR formations. Which we NEVER run.

It’s a shame we missed out on Chambers. Look at him now!

I know we will get the right receiver next year. Here is what Tuna and Co. might be thinking; Why bring in a big name WR talent if the team was not ready no make a push. We know we have a tough schedule to play, a contract year for many players, and a young team that needs to get a little more experience before we can become a dominate force in the NFL. We only need a few more players to complete the puzzle

Next year is the Showcase year for the Miami Dolphins. We will be all over the TV and the NFL.

Yeah , I wonder What will be Ginn's Value Next Year if They Trade the Guy ? Maybe a 4th Or 5th round ,I'll be happy if they can get at least a 4th round for the guy

Dolphin Disciple...Chambers had to clear waivers from all the other teams on top of us...it wasn't as easy as just claiming, and I didn't think he would fall thru all the other teams that far

I'd like to think so Dolphin Disciple, but it will depend on if we can fill our needs adequately. I think we are a bit more than a piece or two away from being a championship favorite.

Our pass rush is inconsistent and our run defense goes out the window when Ferguson is not in there. On offense, we have no deep threat, or any consistent receiving threat so we seldom get to run against a run friendly defensive formation (unless you count the occasional 3rd and 15 yrd draw plays).

We need our current rookies to play to their potential. We need to get bodies that can step in right away for Ferguson (he is good, but 35 and oft injured), a go to #1 wide receiver and some serious linebacker help.

Unless we get those pieces, we will remain relatively one dimensional on either the offense or defense.

FTP. _____ the Patriots.

WOW, Nj and Marc on yhe blog!!!!!!!!! Who's running HEII ???

LOL@MENACE. Good One !

We suck, and thats that, the whole team sucks, except Ricky Williams, Dan Carpenter, Jason Ferguson, Lusaka Polite, Hartline,Brandon Fields, and Bess, everyone else blows. Coachs included. Get bent, and get real.

Marc, hartline has good hands but he obviously does not have strong legs and thigh muscles because if he did he would not wobble and stumble EVERYTIME he makes a sharp cut away from a defender. If he take my advice and does MORE squats and leg presses, he is going to be very productive this season!

Ace , the devil IS !

yup i was an "idiot" and i deserve criticism for it.
i'm sure though chambers was offered as trade bait before he was waived. what about trading for boldin or t. gonzo before that? it has been two years and the fish really needed a big body endzone threat. even an idiot like me know it's there weakest position. tuna has improved the o-line and made some good draft picks, but has not fixed the one glaring weakness.
good article armando.

NJ, what are your thoughts on my boy Ted (no testicular fortitude)Ginn and his family???

You could see ginn as a goner and free agent lee evans taking his place.

Jin , you're a good sport and i apologize for the rant. It's just that we've gone over the chambers explanation a million times.


Did any one read the NY post today?? apparently Tiger(I love white meat) Woods has yet another female stepping forward about a alleged affair, Like Ricky Ricardo would say "LUCY, YOU HAVE SOME SPLAENING TO DOOOO "....

Dont know why Tuna and Tuna Helper went into this season with this group of receivers. What poor judgment to think any of these guys was a first string receiver. There were so many options out there that are better than this group. I like Bess for a second and I still believe in Camarillo. Maybe he needs one more year to recover from the knee. But even with Henne able to throw long there isn't one guy who goes up and fights for the ball. I wish Ginn would be the one, but my hope is dwindling. He should have taken Duper up on his offer to help him. Duper was a track start not a football player and wound up being awesome. He would have great insight for Ginn. I guess his pride keeps him from possibly turning into a big star. Sad for Ginn sad for Us!

Evans would be a great addition....

Miami goes free agency for wr. If not, this draft is deep with wr's at least better than what we have. We dont need to take a wr #1. Top priority should be our defense beginning with OLB. JP and JT are out of gas by 4th qtr, coinciding with our defensive collapes. I doesnt take a brain surgeon to figure this out.


Corner was top priority in the 09 draft. Giants snatched away both Rameses Barden and Hakeem Nicks. what was left when Miami picked pretty much sucked, so still I give trifecta A for effort with Hartline and Turner. If Turner had held up his end of the bargain we would be discussing what a steal he was. the trifecta really tried.


Also when you win the division(suspect schedule) one year removed from 1-15 and draft 25th, this is usually what you wind up with. Drafting 26th we were fortunate to come up with Smith, Davis, and Hartline. I give praises to the trifecta for this in drafting 25th one season removed of 1-15 selecting 25th in such a weak @ssed draft.

No doubt about it, the Fins have given Ginn a whole lot of rope this year for just one reason, they are thin at WR and are hoping beyond hope that Ginn can turn it around, improve and be a solid, if not #1, receiver in this league. And that TD pass vs. the Jets is a prime example of what Henning and Sporano are hoping for out of him. Too bad that was just a tease.

If the Fins had more good, young propsects on the team Ginn would have been on the bench a long time ago. But his potential, high draft status, big first round salary and the lack of a depth at WR have all combined to keep him on the field. At least up till now. Every experiment, every wish or hope, has and end game. It looks like the coaches have seen enough.

Hartline has to replace Ginn, because 1) he's better than Ginn RIGHT NOW, 2) He will only improve with more playing time.

Henning's assertion that Ginn does stretch the field, opening lanes for the other WR's and the running game, is correct. But that in itself is not enough reason to keep a guy on the field. That guy also has to get open, and then make catches when he is open. Ginn has done neither consistently.


Nice post!

I hope Fins have scouts looking for talent in the Division II schools. Maybe they can get lucky and find the next Jerry Rice or Walter Payton.

I wouldnt be too surprised to see Ginn on the squad next season if Porter and Wilson are released. Because thats too much cap money to eat kicking all 3 off of the team. But if he's still upto his old ways in 2010, he will definitely be gone in the 2011 offseason.

Ginn is gone replaced by a Lee evans in free agency. Porter is also a Goner . Wilson is going Nowhere.

I Hope he gets cut THIS SEASON!!!!!!!


I believe we go free agency for wr. With the big rap against this corp it has to be a cant miss. There will be no experimenting!

With the aging JT and JP Olb is the top priority in the draft. Cant be experimenting with division II schools here either.


Great point about Chambers. Still I would have loved to have him back I just meant to bad it didn’t happen. I could wear my jersey again lol.


Lee Evans? He's better than what we currently have but he's hardly in elite status anymore. This draft is a pretty deep talent pool for wr, at least better than what we have can be found as deep as 4th round.

So why go after Evans with big bucks when we can find as guy better than what we currently have maybe as deep as 4th round?

I thought it was very stupid by Cam and Mueller to trade Chambers at the point they did, relying soley on the emergence of Ted Ginn. That left us wiith no real veteran to school Ginn. However to bring Chambers back at this point I wasnt so sold on even if he was still slightly better than what we currently have.

I still say not to make the playoffs may serve us greater. Especially after drafting 25th one season removed from 1-15 last season. To even get Davis, Smith and Hartline alone, drafting that far back in such a weak draft I consider a coup. Even being 1 position behind the guy ahead of you can change a teams prospects greatly, especially in weak draft classes.

We might be more than two players away but not to many players. Plus this is group plagued by injuries this season. This team was remade, we are not a collection of players from different coaches. This team was gutted and made fresh for some serious run game.

We do not have a deep threat. Once we do, it will open our whole offense. A good run game helps the pass game and vice versa. But you have to have a dependable receiver to catch the ball.

On defense there are many reasons; they start with Roth, then injuries - Allen, Ferguson (season) Crowder and Porter (temp.). I know Allen is in the secondary and they play an important part in pass rush. Keep the receivers covered! We are playing two CB rookies against Welker, Moss, Colston, Johnson, Smith etc..

Dying breed , Why get lee evans ? Are you kidding me ? He's only 28 years and his still a very good wr and deep threat. Yeah , lets draft another wr in 4rth round and wait and see if he ever to develops in 3 years. LOL !. By the way The wr class is not that good or Deep.

Lee Evans . 31 rec , 475 yds , 5 tds and a 15.3 yds per catch. This with ryan fitzpatrick and trent edwards as his qb. Can you imagine him with henne's arm ? I'll take him in a minute and he won't break the bank. Evans , hartline , bess , turner and then a big wr in the draft.

NJ, Where did you hear Lee Evans is a free agent???

Menace , Lee evans is a unrestricted free agent. Look it up anywhere. He also wants out of buffalo.


You miss what Im saying. Im sayoing if we go free agency it may as well be Marshall or Boldin, both are top tier wr's. If we go Evans we may as well stick to the draft. Evan is only better than what we have. This years wr class is much deeper than last. We could still get a wr in the draft that isnt elite but better than what we have.

So why spend the big bucks for Evans when we would still have the chance to get a wr slightly less better but a whole lot younger and cheaper? Not saying getting Evans is a wrong answer, but there are options almost equally as good as picking up Evans.

Plus if we have to dump Porter, Wilson, and possibly Ginn too that's a lot of cap money not evean on the team. So if youre going to be nearly cap strapped you may as well do it going for the best or just take your chances going the cheaper route with this year's draft nice wr depth.

JT is still the man... he is older and that does slow him a little. But Miami never meant for him to play as often as he does. They expected Matt Roth to play. They had no choice but to turn to JT. He is a situational player and will be used that way next year.

We need to sign a LB through FA. A WR in the draft and FA. And pray for a NT. We really need a big time TE and possibly a safety.

We have the QB, RB, O-line, most of D-line and secondary. One big time WR will help the whole entire team - offense, defense, and special teams.

Any body in there right mind would want out of Buffalo,Austin Miles is aso a F.A.......


Speaking of unrestricted free agents, Im sure you know if there isnt a CBA they'll all be restricted and that can only drive up the price. Plus, when a restricted free agent leaves a team that team can recieve compensation from you if thier counter offer was reasonably competive to yours. Thats what sucks about restrictive free agency.

Though he looks like he.s Tony H0m0's New favorite man...(not that there.s anything wrong with that...)

OLB is top priority! Thats why we lead the league in fourth quarter points scored. The pass rush pulls a Daivd Copperfield.

Only way I wouldnt draft a olb first is if by some miracle Eric Berry's still on the board. He's definitely an impact player.

Boldin is not a free agent and marsahll is going nowhere, He's still playing under his rookie contract and would be a restricted free agent is there's no new cba. What do you mean if miami goes for lee evans they might as well stay with what they have and go the draft. ? Are you nuts ? Lee evans is a damn good wr. He has 4 catches 100 yds for a 25 yd per catch against miami this year. You're going to sit here wait and gamble for some 4rth round wr to develop ? NO Thanks. anybody in their right mind would love Lee evans.

By the way , gibril wilson is NOT getting dumped. Miami has plenty of money and evans isn't breaking the bank .

I agree with NJ, Wilson is staying if he plays the way he has in the last 4-6 games. They can't replace everyone that has made a mistake, and given how I suspect this secondary will gel with a year and 2 camps together, they will be playing great next year. Plus, the entire secondary would improve with a more consistent pass rush.

And Evans would be a fine addition. I mean, he is not elite, but that is not what NJ is saying. Evans is a very solid receiver that you can count on, and won't need years to get used to the speed of the NFL.


who said we would wait until 4th round if we didnt pick up a top tier wr in FA? I only said this years draft is at least 4 rounds deep in wr's who maybe as good as what "we", meaning the Miami Dolphins currently have.

I looked it up. Youre right Boldin does have another year left on his contract. But Marshall verbally expressed dismay with Broncos new regime. Who knows ho that plays out this offseason.

Still who knows if Bills resign TO. If not they'll probably offer a boat load of money to Evans to make him stay. However, if Marshall is the best available I would like to see Miami do everything possible to try and sign him.

Is'nt Brandon Marshall a problem child??? Hasn'T he been suspended for being detrimental to the team???

Not saying that any of is really right or wrong. Just me for one, I am anticipating a really exciting offseason and keeping my fingers crossed hoping for the best. As I'm sure we all are.

Dying breed. Marshell will be restricted if there's no new cba. You'd have to trade for him, You want to give up a boat load of money amd picks to cancer ? This guy is the h1ni virus. He's trouble on and off the field. did you see him get into a fight with his own teammate ( K. Moreno ) on the sideline 2 weeks ago. ? Tuna doesn't want troubled or diva wr's.

Detrimental to the team + Parcells= no go........ Is he a Parcells guy???(what ever that means????)


What up...totally agree with you about Lee Evans still has lots of juice and has the hands to match the speed he brings to the table. Loved him coming out ot Wisconsin and hes had good production even though hes had half a dozen QB's throwing the ball over his career.

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