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More snaps for Hartline means fewer for ...

Although I included this in Thursday afternoon's blog about the coordinators, it bears repeating because on my housetop where I constantly scream to the world the Dolphins need wide receiver help, any nugget of news suggesting the help is coming is going to get extra attention.

Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning did say this week that rookie Brian Hartline is going to get more playing time very soon, and I'm told that soon starts Sunday against New England.

"Hartline is coming along," Henning said. "We haven't pushed him to the front as much. We probably will here in the near future. We like him. He's making plays. He seems to show up as much as Greg [Camarillo] showed up in training camp the first year we were here, albeit we know and he knows what his shortcomings are. But he's an accountable guy.

"Hartline isn't quite as accountable yet. He hasn't been through the ropes and once in a while he'll blow this or blow that. But he has the ability to make explosive plays and we do need to get him the ball more."

Well, unless the Dolphins plan to open in a three- or four-wide package and stay there all game long, or unless the offense gets 30 or so more snaps than usual, the fact is when Hartline gets more snaps, someone will have to get fewer.

So who gets bumped down?

The choices among Miami's receiver corps is, well, almost everyone and anyone.


Greg Camarillo? I love this guy because I still believe he is Miami's most polished and dependable receiver. But something obviously happened between last year and this year because of his knee injury. Coaches don't believe him to be as explosive (which is bad because, running 4.6 40s, he was never a track star to begin with).

And the proof that something is up is in Camarillo's numbers. Last year he caught 55 passes for 613 yards and a 11.1-yard per catch average. He also scored two touchdowns. And he did this in only 11 games because he went on injured reserve after that 11th game.

Well, through 11 games this year, Camarillo's production has dropped by about half. He has only 28 catches. He's gained only 281 yards and he hasn't scored a TD. His yards per catch is also down by 1.1 yards.

So he is a candidate for less time.

Ted Ginn Jr.?

He was demoted earlier this season, at New York and New England, following that meltdown game against New Orleans that made it clear to me he'll never be a go-to guy. But for some reason, Ginn quietly worked himself back into the coaching staff's good graces and started games against Tampa Bay, Carolina and Buffalo.


Given some new life in the five games since New Orleans, Ginn has responded with a resounding seven catches. Seven catches! In five games! Seven catches is a half of work for Wes Welker, but I digress.

The fact is I'm not all that troubled by Ginn's number of catches. The fact is the troubling numbers with him are his average yards per catch and his drops.

Ginn has 25 catches this year. And he has eight drops. That means Ginn drops almost one-quarter (24.2 percent) of the passes in his hands. And in the last six games, Ginn has not once climbed into double figures on average yards per catch. Miami's alleged deep-threat receiver is averaging 8 yards per catch since Oct. 25.

So you know what happens to kids in high school and college who drop one out of every four passes they touch and average only 8 yards per each rare catch?

They get moved to cornerback.

Ginn? He regained his starting job.

For perspective and to be fair, I want you to know I'm not picking on Ginn because he is failing to meet standards set by Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald or anyone else playing outside his universe. He is failing to meet standards set by, well, Ted Ginn.

Last year Ginn led the team with 56 receptions for 790 yards. He had a 14.1-yard-per-catch average and scored two touchdowns. So far this year, he has less the half the number of catches (25) for a humilating 268 yards. And his yards per catch have dropped by nearly 4. In the year we expected him to step forward, to break out, to improve, he has taken a drastic step backward.

So maybe the Dolphins have seen the light. He is a candidate to lose receiver snaps.

Davone Bess is not really a candidate to lose snaps. Although his yards per catch average is down from 10.3 last year to 8.8 this year, he be hella ballin' of late, with 13 catches for 169 yards (13.0 yards per catch) the last three games.

Bess is on pace to finish this year with more catches and more yards than he did last year. In that regard, he is alone on the Miami receiver corps.

So, my opinion which player gets fewer snaps Sunday? Both Ginn and Camarillo.

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Yes Ace the devil is back. Got done eating monkeys and snakes. There I beat you to it. Oh I just got back from running HE|| as NJ said earlier. LOL

There are time when I feel blogging should have a qualifying age, something like drivers licenses. Oh, ya, and maybe proof of an IQ above room temperature.

However, even though for every blogger there is an equal an opposite blogger most of the time this is great fun and beats having to face real life.

On the serious side, I wish there was some way to prohibit bloggers from assuming the names of known celebraties and athletes. Dead people luike Himmler might be an allowable exception but, like Mr. Dodsworth says, it's opf questionable taste.

Forgive my poor spelling, the fault of a poor memory and a public school education.

jack i totally agree uh huh

Elvis , go pop some more pills and leave this blog sir.

Jack Kopman,

Please tell us who in particular you are talking about? Just curious

Did anybody notice the " YA " in Jack Kompan's post. Only people from cananda say that ( YA ). HMMMM . Wonder who he really is ?

Gordie Tell Jack to post in blue, betcha he cannot

the fins have to win every game and hope for teams to lose. their 5-6. aint happening. we need a #1 receiver, tight end, safety, linebacker, pass rusher, better corner play... there are a lot of ifs and buts. if ifs and buts were candles and nuts my aunt would be my uncle. free agency and the draft.

We have rusher in cameron wake but he dos not play

In fairness to the recievers there have been numerous times when Henne has thrown the ball with excessive zip. I'm talking short passes that need touch rather then zip. The result is the perception that there are to many drop balls. I agree there have been and I'm not here to defend the miami recievers. You have to take into account that at the beginning of the year they were catching passes from Chad Pennington who's passes are softer and easier to catch. Henne is the antithesis of Pennington. His passes are hard, come in fast and not always accurate. Given the choice, I'd rather have Henne doing his business but the current crop of recievers will have to either adjust to the harder ball from Henne or the organization will find others who can.

Dan Marino used to gun it in there. U know what happened to his receivers they had to catch it or get cut.

Very , you're right YA !

It's nice to see a string of posts noted for their good humor, even if it is at my expense.

Now I am going to turn in, saw a few logs, and get ready to catch the Dolphin's most important game of the year which, my time, startes at noon.

The great thing about today, and maybe the rest of the season, is that sometimes God helps us manage, even agnostics such as me.

What I mean is injuries and frustrations have gotten to the point that Sparano no longer has a choice.

Some young players are going to get chances to make statements about why they should be playing while some sacred cows, no longer able to hid behind their cap value, draft position or embarrassing FA blunder, will get slivers in the butts while assuming sitting like Rodin's Thinker pondering who they might con for their next multi million dollar contracts.

Now we will start to really see our emerging stars, if we have any. Rookies already starting are not my great expectations. They have made it. But I will start the list of “Sparano I want to see more” with my favorite , WADE. You other Agnostics are all welcome to say “Amen” and add your favorite to the list. Don't be selfish, one name to a customer. Who's the first to say Turner?

Gordie Howe sounds alot like NJ?? hmmnnn

How does one sound on a blog ?

Mando said "Well, through 11 games this year, Camarillo's production has dropped by about half. He has only 28 catches. He's gained only 281 yards and he hasn't scored a TD. His yards per catch is also down by 1.1 yards.
NO ONE, including the usually clear thinking Mando left out the most important name in last years equation....
Chad Pennington, the MOST ACCURATE QB IN THE NFL.
All those 7-12 yard passes to Cammie and Bess, the ability to find the right guy at the right time.
So, If you're quoting stats, not POTENTIAL (Henne), THERE'S THE TRUE ANSWER. The loss of Penningtons saavy and accuracy.

Whoops, meant to say, no one, including mando figured out the lack of stats for Camarillo...the loss of Pennington.


I know some of like to type on blogs and say you busy so you don't know what is what but before you say something you should try this great thing God gave us called THINK FIRST BEFORE YOU SPEAK it might help. I read Mando's Wilfork wish list article and I'll state it again: A Wing and a Prayer. And I'll state this again Tuna if ya read please go after Ochocinco, Anquan Boldin and try to Draft Suh from Nebraska(HE'll go in the top 3). Thats the move to make get the proven number 1's and build through the draft unless Wilfork really does become free.



5 IN A ROW STARTS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Suh from nebraska is projected as a DE in 3-4 defense and a NT in 4-3.

Miami is pretty set at DE, if they are going to go after a true 3-4 NT, it would probably be Terrance Cody from Alabama or Dan Williams from Tennessee

GAMEDAY!!! Little chilly right now but perfect weather to play some football and beat NE!! This really is the MUST WIN game for us

Give Camarillo the damn ball!
"rich Camarillo i love you !!!"
Chad pennington may not have the best arm but he sure was able to throw for 3500+ yards to these "lousy" wide receivers last year.

demote the coaches!


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