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News happenings on New Year's eve

Just want to wish you a happy and healthy New Year. Please don't drink and drive this holiday because I don't want to lose any readers. I wish you all much health and many blessings for 2010.

Let me share with you some information:

Running back Ricky Williams, nursing a shoulder injury, was limited in practice according the team's practice and injury report Thursday afternoon. He was the only Miami player limited in any way. He will play against the Steelers, but it is possible the Dolphins will make Kory Sheets active to guard against losing Williams during the game.

The year went out with quite a bang from the media perspective Thursday. The final question to coach Tony Sparano for 2009, indeed for the decade?

"Coach, will you be the coach at Alabama?"

Sparano cracked up.

I am quite comfortable reporting to you Sparano will not be leaving the Dolphins after this season. He loves his job. He does it well and he has more than earned his third season as Miami's head coach in 2010.

His staff? That's another matter.

My guess is despite regression by the defense, Paul Pasqualoni will be retained as defensive coordinator for 2010. Sparano has a lot of respect for Pasqualoni.

My guess is Sparano wants offensive coordinator Dan Henning back in 2010, but that is harder to predict because Henning is up there in years, doesn't need the job or the money, and so he will decide after the season his own status. Sparano would like Henning back, but it's impossible to know if the elder statesman of the Miami staff will return.

For the record, both Pasqualoni and Henning were asked their desire or intentions for 2010 and both dodged the questions.

Jason Taylor also declined to discuss if he is planning to return to Miami in 2010 or not.

“I am planning on trying to win a football game Sunday and that is the only thing I care about to be honest,' Taylor said. "I am not going to talk about anything else. Only thing is to try and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and get to 8-8 and see what happens."

The answer is telling and here is why: I reported two months ago that Taylor was perfectly happy in Miami and wanted to return in 2010. He even told one of the TV crews as much during a production meeting prior to a game. But I now must report that has changed somewhat. Taylor is now undecided about returning to Miami in 2010, according to my sources.

The Dolphins, you see, started putting Taylor on the sideline on obvious passing downs in November. I told you about the curious strategy back then. I also told you Taylor didn't like it. And that is causing him to re-think his future in Miami because the guy is one of the decade's best pass-rushers and to not use him in that role is to not use him correctly.

So I am told Taylor will have some soul-searching to do before deciding where he wants to play in 2010. Stay tuned.

I think the Dolphins need Taylor. Maybe they can live without the eight or so sacks he can deliver. But you saw him chew out Miami's young defenders on the sideline last week? The Dolphins need that type of veteran and that type of leadership.

They need Taylor. Let's hope he feels the same way.

Again, Happy New Year's everyone.


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You To armando. Healthy and happy new year to you and your Family ( su familia ).

Happy New Year! Everyone!
I wouldn't be surprised if Henning is gone in 2010, out with the old, in with the new.

2010 perdictions anyone, anyone. ...

Funny, I read everyday but only registered to wish you and yours a great new year.

I would love to see Romeo Crennel hired to be the defensive coordinator in 2010. He would be an upgrade.

How about Romeo and Charlie Weiss in 2010, I think we might be able to get some free agents who might want to be part of that.

How about, to start next season, this administration fix the biggest mistake they ever made.

Sign Zach Thomas and let him retire a Miami Dolphin.

I'd take Crennel in a heartbeat. He'd love to work with our personnel and could help bring in the pieces we need.

I'd support Weis as well but hat'd be a complete change in offense. Is the wildcat dead? With Ronnie it was deadly.

When most of the team had given up, Jason Taylor still had a lot of fire in the game. I loved how he slapped the ball out of a Houston Texan's hands after they picked up dead ball thinking it was a fumble. We need him back, but as a role player pass rusher, like he was intended to be this year.

Happy New Year all. Here'e to a healthy and happy 2010 for everyone and there family , and a great year for our Fins.

Armando, here's a to drinking a Bustelo Jumbo Kolada to you tonite, none of that decaf crap, I won't sleep till tommorrow nite..LOL

lets hope the new year brings ALOT LESS NJPHINFAN,MARC AND THAT CUBAN GUY


If not play Taylor on 3rd downs is not using him correctly whose fault is that, Sparano or Pasqualoni? Also, why not ask the question of the coaches instead of tactfully critiquing them in a blog?

I could care less if Joey Porter or Jason Taylor return to the Dolphins next year. Both looked too slow and tired as games and the season went on.

That goes for Pasqualoni as well. Other than his being a LB coach for the Cowboys (2006-2007) what experience or qualifications does Pasqualoni have to be the defensive coordinator? The majority of his coaching experience is on offense and as the former head coach of Syracuse University. I'd rather see Todd Bowles as the defensive coordinator than coaching for another team.

lets hope the new year brings in alot less , there wasn't much anyway , know nothings and half-wits like PHINFAN 1975. who are you anyway ?

Can somebody tickle my arse with a feather ?

I think we'll have to see how the CBA plays out before we begin looking at the draft. Hopefully we get Kindle and Arrelius Benn drafted. Would love for the Phins to get Gresham too... But, I guess that's too much of a wish...

Hope you and yours have a safe and Happy New Year!

2010 predictions
Dolphins will be 12 -4 next year
Jason will be back and back on his comfortable side since Porter will be gone. Jason got a few sacks one game when Porter was out on that side this year
We will find those few extra pieces and be a good team next year

Armando, you are the $hit. You run this blog with class and aggression. I like your style man, seems like you are as objective as you can be while still bleeding aqua and orange. Happy New year, keep up the good work.


I really hope we get a more experienced DC I do not want Pasqualoni back. Our defense let us down all year.

Happy New Years Armando, Amd everyone else.

No way Miami goes 12-4 next year. Still FAR too much rebuilding to do and recent failures to correct. We will be a solid 10-6 and make the playoffs as a legitimate contender. In 2011, we'll win the division with ease and maybe a shot at the SB.

His staff? That's another matter.

Armando Salguero

Agree 100%. Loyalty is all fine and good but if there are better "empoyees" available, hire them and get rid of the deadwood. Every good manager in all types of buisness knows this. There is something else good managers know: If you don't handle your buisness, someone else, sooner or later, will.

Prediction for next year: miami will continue to have the best white wide receivers in the league.

Fins need JT like they need another losing season. JT is a great player but he is not a winner. Sorry. He doesn't bring the win vibe. Last year was 11 & 5.

I hope Henning & Pasqualoni come back next season, we need to keep coaces & Codinators for more than a year or 2, let em grow and build inhouse replacements...next up BOWLES for D and David Lee for O

Pasqualoni is victim of poor personnel decisions. He should stay.
I am not sold on Henning: very creative (we have a good offense without any Pro Bowl caliber layer), but too many strange calls this year. I think we need a more classical "OC".
Happy New Year everyone. Greetings from Caracas.

Happy New Year Mando and Dolphin Nation everywhere!

Happy New Year Mando and Dolphin Nation everywhere!

I'd like to see some Kory Sheets and Michael Turner on Sunday.

Like my proctologist said Happy New Rear!!!!

Speaking of new rears we better get ours in gear this offseason. We are so close to being THAT team In The NFL. The one eveybody knows they better bring their A game against. I think if Chad had a a reliable WR his confidence on the touch passes would be there.

Go dolphins even if no playoffz this year let's finish strong!!!!

Yeah, the got to bring JT back. I understand that they want to get the younger guys snaps so JT's not a progress stopper, but need JT out there.

I'm surprised that they didn't run more packages where JT, Joey, and Wake were all on the field and all coming at the passer; especially against the younger QBs like Sanchez in NY and Fitzy in Buffalo.

Dolphins can win it next year.

Yeah t. We have one white wr and he is notbthe best inthe league that person is wes welker. Camarillo is hispanic. Lol.

We need JT back for one more year. We dont need Porter sorry. Porter and his huge contract are done. Go fins. Happy new years.



Happy, and lucky new years to all.

sparano needs to evaluate himself and the rest of his coaching staff. his game time coaching decisions, clock management and personell mistakes are discouraging. i hope we get to see some of the guys who deserve a chance to play; ryan baker, kory sheets, cam wake, pat white,pat turner and jd folsom. we really need a D coordinator; we still cant cover a tight end. and why do we start 2 strong safeties?????

Whatever happens with the coaching staff is gonna happen...I just hope if there is changes it happens early....This team needs to be prepared coming out of preseason to win...we can't continue to start 0-3 and expect to dig out of a hole anymore if we are going to be THE team..I expect a younger, bigger defense next year from Parcells...If Porter and Taylor are still here, I will be suprised, I think both will be gone...Non-producers and deadwood are going out the door and I think two, maybe three of our receivers will be traded for draft day picks...Crowder stays, Fasano stays but we will be looking for a TE...That's my pedictions, which mean nothing but it's fun to see how close everyone gets...

Hey noreastdolfan, if you would like to see Michael Turner play you should watch the Falcons. As for myself, I would like to see what Kory Sheets and Patrick Turner have to offer. Lets face it, our best chances of making the playoffs were by winning the games we've already lost. How far could this team have gone with one Brandon Marshall type receiver?

Happy New Year Armando and fellow Fin Fans!!!

Although I can't believe I am going to say this but, we need Henning and Pasqualoni to return. Think back to when everyone was health on D, we were pretty good with 3/4 of the secondary new. Add 2 new LBs with speed and our D will be very good.
Now think of the O. If we didn't utilize the creativity of Henning, who I openly have criticized, our team would be horrible. New semi rook QB, Ronnie, Grove, Smiley all injured combined with no threat at the WR position? Henning did a great job when you look at this way!!

We are just a few more pieces shy of being really good.
Round 1 OLB or ILB
Round 2 WR
Rnd 3 the other LB
Rnd 4 NT
Rnd 5 S or RB
the rest who cares!!!

FA will be key with players like Barret Ruud and Demeco Ryans potentially available!!

lyingbreed lol your name thats awesome lying on your back getting pounded lol

BTW, this is Peezy's last game as a Fin, so say BUH BYE!! This will open up close to 3 mill for FA. I believe Gerbil will be back, hate to say it. He would cost to much to get rid of. Ginn will be much better next yr with a true #1 wideout, pray Vincent Jax wants out of SD!!

who r u chump

Happy New Year to all! Glad 2009 is over - rough year!

Taylor will only play in Miami. So unless he retires I think BP will bring him back. Porter is gone.

I say bring back JT if the price is right. $2M or less let's say. I disagree and think he does have the winning attitude. I always read that he's the last one in the locker room after a loss and seems to take each loss personally. I think some of the young guys need that attitude after watching some of them virtually give up in the second quarter last week. The guy surely doesn't need the money and could probably be making more doing the TV gig like so many ex-athletes but he chooses to play football for $1M this year? That's a guy I want on my team.

Happy New Year....Just WIN...

Happy New Year!!!

If we can get JT relatively cheap, then we should get him back.

Of those big salary unproductive players, which ones can we cut without it taking a hit against the salary cap?

Or is there no cap to worry about without a collective bargaining agreement in effect? LOL

I am sad to be thinking of draft and free agent while the season not even over.

we gave up about 360 points this year that sucks time for a change. porter, ayodele, crowder, wilson, both allen's,they got to go I said all year the defense sucks. we would have been better keeping thomas around for the so called stop gap player as the head coach refers to. the BIG three very disappointed with there bad choices. hope 2010 is better but this team is still two drafts away. thanks cam and his butt buddy mueller.

the same idiots who talk about the draft every year as if they know some thing .i will say..........FIRE




Carlito, We used to be thinking draft & FA by mid season. This is an upgrade! Fins win in 2010!! HNY everyone.

Aloco is drunk on fermented meatballs


I am not mad Aloco, it is a new year!

Married? I been married for years.

Need Taylor's leadership? For all of Taylor's years as a leader of the team, the Dolphins underachieved, including this year. In particular, the highly-touted defense from the early 2000's, which Taylor anchored, underachieved in big games and pressure situations. Taylor WAS a great player and an excellent role model, but he WAS NOT a good leader.




How much alocohol per fermented meatball?

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