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News happenings on New Year's eve

Just want to wish you a happy and healthy New Year. Please don't drink and drive this holiday because I don't want to lose any readers. I wish you all much health and many blessings for 2010.

Let me share with you some information:

Running back Ricky Williams, nursing a shoulder injury, was limited in practice according the team's practice and injury report Thursday afternoon. He was the only Miami player limited in any way. He will play against the Steelers, but it is possible the Dolphins will make Kory Sheets active to guard against losing Williams during the game.

The year went out with quite a bang from the media perspective Thursday. The final question to coach Tony Sparano for 2009, indeed for the decade?

"Coach, will you be the coach at Alabama?"

Sparano cracked up.

I am quite comfortable reporting to you Sparano will not be leaving the Dolphins after this season. He loves his job. He does it well and he has more than earned his third season as Miami's head coach in 2010.

His staff? That's another matter.

My guess is despite regression by the defense, Paul Pasqualoni will be retained as defensive coordinator for 2010. Sparano has a lot of respect for Pasqualoni.

My guess is Sparano wants offensive coordinator Dan Henning back in 2010, but that is harder to predict because Henning is up there in years, doesn't need the job or the money, and so he will decide after the season his own status. Sparano would like Henning back, but it's impossible to know if the elder statesman of the Miami staff will return.

For the record, both Pasqualoni and Henning were asked their desire or intentions for 2010 and both dodged the questions.

Jason Taylor also declined to discuss if he is planning to return to Miami in 2010 or not.

“I am planning on trying to win a football game Sunday and that is the only thing I care about to be honest,' Taylor said. "I am not going to talk about anything else. Only thing is to try and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and get to 8-8 and see what happens."

The answer is telling and here is why: I reported two months ago that Taylor was perfectly happy in Miami and wanted to return in 2010. He even told one of the TV crews as much during a production meeting prior to a game. But I now must report that has changed somewhat. Taylor is now undecided about returning to Miami in 2010, according to my sources.

The Dolphins, you see, started putting Taylor on the sideline on obvious passing downs in November. I told you about the curious strategy back then. I also told you Taylor didn't like it. And that is causing him to re-think his future in Miami because the guy is one of the decade's best pass-rushers and to not use him in that role is to not use him correctly.

So I am told Taylor will have some soul-searching to do before deciding where he wants to play in 2010. Stay tuned.

I think the Dolphins need Taylor. Maybe they can live without the eight or so sacks he can deliver. But you saw him chew out Miami's young defenders on the sideline last week? The Dolphins need that type of veteran and that type of leadership.

They need Taylor. Let's hope he feels the same way.

Again, Happy New Year's everyone.


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IF HENNE THE HERO ??????????????????????


Happy New Year to you and your family. I've been fortunate to have a really good year but I have to tell you, reading you almost every day has added to my enjoyment. Thank you for keeping us in the 'loop' and for making our love of the Dolphins all that more enjoyable.

All the best, my friend!!.....

Happy New Year to you and your family. Hope that 2010 delivers all you would wish for. Here's hoping the draft brings us some more talent to augment the work that the trifecta have initiated.

Carlito, is alocohol ALoco's own brand of firewater brewed in his basement?

new oc new dc new wr new LBs we might have a chance next season!!!!

Looks like Brandon Marshall's going to be available in the off season. Talented primadona anyone?

Our coaches are secure? Then our chances at the postseason will never be. I can count on one hand the amount of wins that didn't go down to the last minute or so the LAST TWO YEARS. call it what u want (play to the level of the competition, keeping it close, etc) no other playoff caliber team does it and it holds a dark future for us.

Yeah Chris, let the Brandon Marshall campaign begin. I'd like to see Miami take a stab at him but isn't he pretty much a young Terrell Owens? - a player that forced Parcells to leave Dallas.

He's from Florida .....

My Dolphins new years resolution: New coordinators. Cut Porter and Wilson. Bring back (if necessary) Ronnie and Davone Bess. Bring in the best FA WR possible (Brandon Marshall or Vincent Jackson possible). Draft LB's. 2010 will be the year of the Fin!

happy new year mando -- enjoyed the articles and blogs over the year.

G-train - very legitimate point. I think there were times in his career that Taylor worked against coaching staffs in the locker room. My hope is that he has matured and come to realize he needs let himself be coached as much as he needs to impart opinion. Sparano and Parcells have worked hard to change the locker room culture but I could not help but think that the last two games look awfully familiar in exhibiting a lack of team self confidence. There is still work to do in excising demons.

I'm tired of guys like Brandom Marshall, let him go be a a'shole somewhere else, not here

Mark in Toronto,

Yes, he creates alocohol in a bathtub in his basement by fermenting meatballs in a bathtub with other secret ingredients.

Anytime you see him make a statement that is sound crazy or make you laugh but still a little wierd, you know this is the reason.

Brandon Marshall is a very talented player, but if he can't control himself in Denver, could you imagine the trouble he could find in Miami???

I want that recipe for fomented meatballs, Carlito do you have it????

No, only Aloco. I wouldn't want to know what he would make you do to get it either.

I always eat the meatballs off a hard stomach!!! Usually right above the happy trail.

Bobby and Carlito. I'm in agreement with you. I think the Dolphins can improve their offense in other ways and don't have to resort to psychos like Marshall.

Is alocohol (fermented meatballs) a festive treat or is it an all year thing?


I always eat the meatballs off a hard stomach!!! Usually right above the happy trail.

Posted by: ALoco | January 01, 2010 at 05:05 PM

Comment caused by alocohol (fermented meatballs)


Judging from our friend Aloco, it is consumed frequently and in large amounts

Oregon defense is playing like they have a gameplan from Paul Pasquoloni

How did I know that Bowden would be given, I mean to say, would win his final game?? It's sorta like every year nobody wins the Florida Lotto for 8-10 weeks before X-Mas, a huge pot builds up and the drawing the day before X-Mas, someone always magically wins the big one!!! Very strange how that works.


Anybody seen that ESPN moron Tim Grahams comments about us Dolphans and Polites ProBowl snub? What a cretin. I'd get over there and make your feelings known if I were you.




Does anyone know if the Fins/steeler game will be available streaming in central fl?

I like peanuts.

That Tim Graham column was unnecessarily harsh on Lou Polite. What a tool, guess he was trying to be funny.

Necesito ver en accion a Jason Taylor en el 2010. El merece una campaña ganadora y jugar playoffs en el 2010. Hemos dejado atras la maldita decada de los 2000¨s, nos tomo una decada encontrar un Coach y un QB. Hoy ya los tenemos asi que esta decada sera para los delfines.

Go Dolphins From Mexico DF

Someone needs to get this kid Barner from Oregon to work with Teddy Ginn on how to run with the ball on returns without beelining it directly to the sideline...

Ginn will be a Raven in a couple months

Just as long as he's not a dolphin I'll be happy.........

Yea, Carlito, then he becomes an All Star and everyone crys on here how we should have NEVER released him...

Cuban, what ur going to do with all those Ginn jerseys u have???

Just watched end of Ohio State game...one day they are gonna dump Gatorade on the coach and there will be a short in the wires and he will be eloctrocuted on National TV...I'm hoping it's Rex Ryan

Now we get to watch the zTim Tebow-Urban Meyer love fest and tears...those two should just fly up to Mass. and get married after the game...Marc could be the flower girlc

Players to watch for draft

Carlos Dunlap
Brandon Spikes
Aaron Hernandez
Mardy Gilyard

I loved to see JT bust some arse on the side line and they needed it the way they were playing. He is a leader and we do not have alot of those on this team. Poter will be gone next yr I believe, to much money and he is hurt alot so JT can take that side Wake and the others can fight for the other OLB spot. He looked at his best when he was on the weakside when Porter was hurt, he should of been there all yr IMO!!!

NFL Draft

1.Rondo McClain
2.Nate Allen
3.Aaronn Hernandez
4.LB or NT


1.Rondo McClain
2.Nate Allen
3.Aaron Hernandez
3.OLB or NT



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