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Dolphins do a good deed for Christmas

Not a lot of words for you this morning. Those will come later, immediately following the press conferences, conference calls, open locker room, and whatever phone calls from your servant blogger to sources get returned.

So check back later for information.

Meanwhile, you might be interested to know that on Tuesday, Dolphins coaches and players donated $37,000 worth of toys to 170 kids from Miami-Dade and Broward Counties that otherwise wouldn't have enjoyed a gift this Christmas.

Tony and Jeanette Sparano, members of the Miami Dolphins cheerleading squad, and players including Charlie Anderson, Akin Ayodele, Ryan Baker, Davone Bess, Ronnie Brown, Greg Camarillo, Dan Carpenter, Vernon Carey Vontae Davis, John Denney, Nate Garner, Andrew Hartline, Jake Long, Lydon Murtha, John Nalbone, Lousaka Polite, Joey Porter, Paul Soliai, Donald Thomas, Reggie Torbor and Patrick Turner took part in the event.

“Having the opportunity to come out here and put a smile on these kids face is priceless,” said linebacker Reggie Torbor. “We are in a position where we are blessed and can help other people. We just wanted to make this holiday a special one for everyone involved.”

But enough words. Let the pictures tell the story. (I thought I'd throw in a photo of my Christmas tree at home, which the wife and I finished trimming on Tuesday). By the way, we do not forget our Jewish friends here. Happy Hanukkah ya'll and Shalom. Enjoy:

Jpeezy dance
Holiday event Olinement Cheerleaders Christmas


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Very cool! Love these kind of stories.

I love Joey porter wearing chuck taylors in the first picture. It's great to be a fan of a team who gives back to the community they play for.

This was a good thing for the Dolphins...always have to give back.

So some mock drafts have us taking Golden Tate...I love this pick for our Dolphins.He would fit in perfect with his tough and team first attitude.Tate is a stud and always makes plays...he is mr YAC ha Tate will never just run out bounds to avoid a hit...he plays with so much heart.Tuna should love the kid because he's no diva.

We gotta try to Pick up Demeco Ryans in FA.Love him as well.

Oh and if we bring in Charlie Weis as our new OC...he knows how to play Tate and they already have chemistry...what you guys think?

Nice Tree You got Mando.....Enjoy...
Happy Holidays....
GO Dolphins...

Nice tree Mando...............is that your boat in the backdrop??? NICE!!!

Good on'em..

Who the hell is Andrew Hartline anyway?

Beautiful Tree. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Happy Holidays

Armando, you need to get on the ball...only six more shopping days til XMAS!!!

i sure hope we play to win at tenn.; 100% all out effort all game because thats what tenn. will do. we need to keep passing the ball on 1st down to keep the D off of our backs. i'd like to see 3 or 4 wideouts and go for it. henne likes those situations and wants to let it fly. i think we got to keep our foot on the pedal down the homestretch. i went to the buffalo game and it was a "stinker"; a game we played "not to lose"!

Love how the kids are looking at the players with huge smiles...not the camera! Nicely done!

Well, isn't that special.

Mando time to update your floors! That tile looks like the tile in my abuelitas house!

Yea, app has been fixed!!

Armando, nice pics. Good to see the kids enjoying it. Nice tree. Is that a canal in the back of your house? Hard to tell.

Love hearing about these stories where the players seem to truly do something out of their heart as opposed to doing some PR work.

Hey Mando nice tree nice house not bad for a servant blogger!!!

Armando, what's on top of your tree? Also, it looks like you bought this house from Tony Montana... I didn't know you got down like that?

Andrew Hartline is the brother of the Dolphins player. He's the starting qb of the Kentucky Wildcats.

Demeco Ryans would be one of my targets in FA too.

Golden Tate? Meh, I'd rather take Jermaine Gresham if he's recovered.


Be careful, the people trying to find your house by matching your backyard with google earth to come over for christmas goose.

Merry Christmas!

follow me on twitter (just kidding, don't have one)

Thanks Mando. It's always nice to hear about these types of events. Win or lose on the field, it is things like this that really mean the most. Cheers to everyone involved. And Merry Christmas Dolfans!

Mark in Toronto,

I am pretty sure that Andrew Hartline is of no relation to Brian Hartline and is a practice squad or backup o-lineman for the Fins.

Yes, Andrew Hartline is practice squad Guard.

Brian Hartline's brother is Mike Hartline and he does play qb for the wildcats...

Good news fin fans,

Dirty Sanchez is coming back this week to throw 5 picks and 2 fumbles

And what. makes this story even more special is that for the players
and coaches, this was on their one day "off." Let's see what did I
do on my week-end? As fans we have so many reasons to be proud of this team.

Hey Armando,

Nice pool and is that a boat in the back?

I knew I should have been a writer.....

Great to hear the team is giving back to the community at this time of year. All teams should be doing this if they are not already doing so.

Merry Christmas to all!! Now, let's have our Christmas goft from Miami with a PLAYOFF appearance!!

Looks like everyone is happy!

Merry Xmas to all!!!!!
Mando, nice pics!!

you're right Carlito. I forgot about our practice squad guard. when i heard about another hartline i automatically deferred to the UK qb

oh ya, merry xmas to all.

nice home mando. we have snow here, enjoy!

You beat us on getting a tree up, too?

Why can't we ever win?


(Note to self: Get sources like Mando.)

Why were the cheerleaders wearing so much ... um ... clothes?

It's Christmas. Go topless for the kids!

do you guys put lights on outside of your homes for the season too?

people put them up here right after halloween because it soon starts getting too cold.

Good for them...there are lots of stories of athletes doing good things for community that rarely get mentioned.

I live on a canal. The boat in the back is not mine. It belongs to the neighbor across the canal where it is docked. It's a piece of junk -- it has sunk about a dozen times and the guy rigs a garden hose to pump out the water.

I'm glad you guys liked the pictures.

Be sure to come back in a bit for, you know, actual football news.

Can we see a picture of NJ's christmas tree with little pipes as ornaments and a plunger on top?

Sincerely, I can't blame anyone for going for the good life, even if it amounts to just stirring toilet vessels to do it. Really. Go for it.

And Aloco's tree with meatballs everywhere?

Mando, I love the tree...I am up here in the Northeast and I am jealous even more of the background to your picture. It is in the mid 20's with gale force windows.

Enjoy the weather and holidays!


This is the beauty of this great land we call America.

Armando, I have a football question for you. Say we win out (which I hope we do and think we will) and Pats lose 1 game. We win the division and the Pats are in the hunt for a wildcard spot. SO, how do the Pats matchup up against the other teams in tie breaker? I think they are in better shape then us, besides against Denver. They beat Ravens, still play the Jags and beat the Jets in tie breaker (I think). Can you give us a researched answer, because the information above is just what I know off the top of my head. Thanks!!

feel good story
merry xmas armando and to all you guys as well

Christmas sucks...

Indiana Dolphan,

As long as Pats 1 loss isnt to the Jags this weekend they are in as a wildcard. They beat Ravens 27-21 earlier.

If they lose to Jags and Jags lose 1 of thier final 2 games the Pats are in. Otherwise the Pats are out becuase with a loss to the Jags they cant win the tiebreaker.

They've already won the tie breaker with Ravens because of thier 27-21 win earlier in the season.

Bah Humbug...Football news please...

happy christmas carlito.

i notice a lot of people faking my name .it's oky people as long as you r nice to each other .

why i feel dolphins will make the playoffs .

in the year 2233

So if Jags beat Pats and we win out, we are afc east champs(again). It would also eliminate Pats from playoffs if Jags win out too.

However, the Pats could still get in if Pat win 2 of thier final 3 and Broncos lose 2 of thier final 3 games. Because Pats finish a game ahead. Broncos beat Pats this year so Pats couldnt win a tiebreaker with them neither.

If we win the division I think we will play the Patriots the first round IN MIAMI!!!

Basically the Jaguar game Sunday is make or break for the Pats. However, we have to take care of our own business too before we can break out the champagn in celebration boys.

If Jags beat Pats and we win out, I believe as lowest seeded division champs we play highest seeded wildcard. Right now the Broncos are in the catbird's seat for that distinction.

So if it played out that way we play the Broncos in the 1st round.

I've said on a few posts that I'd love to see the Dolphins get Golden Tate. I know it's way early to be looking at draft, but he is a great receiver and fights hard for every yard. I've watched him play for a couple of years now living in Chicago since we can see ND games. I would absolutely love this pick.

I really think it's great to see the players giving back to the community like this. I love this type of story and makes me even prouder of being a DolFan.

NJ's Christmas Tree has little mirror ornaments shaped like angels, so that when he looks at the tree he sees his favorite Christmas Angel, himself.

What's all this playoffs talk? Who's in the running? Am I missing something?

I dont know FinfanRod,

I wouldnt be surprised at all to see the trifecta go away from its goody-two-shoes ways ang go after Brandon Marshall. I also expect them to go after Vincent Jackson, as he's a free agent too. But it all depends upon if whether or not there's a collective bargaining agreement reached this offseason.

The least likely scenario looks like Aquan Boldin because fins would have to make a trade and the cost maybe too high in both dollars and draft picks. Also without a CBA this offseason free agents will be restricted free agent and thats an entirely different scenario. Which could also lead us looking back to the draft for a #1 wr.

FinFanRod, right now its just too early to tell. There are still far too many intangible that could possibly exist right now. Even making or not making the playoffs could play a huge role in who is or isnt available when its our turn to pick. Or What position we'll be picking from and what the single-most urgent area on the team we need to address and who's available. Just far to early to tell for sure.

Armando, nice house! Are you related to Tony Montana? Or is this just your day job?

Can we see carlito christmas tree with a bunch od bananas as ornaments and a Monkey's arse on top of the tree,

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