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On the Jags victory and the playoff scenarios

JACKSONVILLE -- On the bright side, the Dolphins won on Sunday and remain in contention for both the AFC East title and a wild card berth.

The 14-10 victory over Jacksonville was not a thing of beauty but most Dolphins victories aren't. You should be used to that by now. Do you really care, anyway?

Are you so into aesthetics as to need razor-sharp performance on both offense and defense to be satisfied?

Or is the bottom line enough for you?

The amazing thing to me is that one day after beating the Jaguars and owning the same record as them, the playoff scenarios reveal Miami remains on the outside looking in, while the Jags are still qualifiers ahead of Miami if the season ended today.

But the season does not end today.

So if there is a two-way tie between the teams, the Dolphins advance to the playoffs.

In the case of two-way ties, the teams the Dolphins don't have an edge against are the Ravens. It is inconclusive what would happen if the Ravens, Broncos and Dolphins are locked in a three-way tie based on data not yet known.

To decide the final spot, it would go down to a two-way tiebreaker between the Broncos and the Dolphins. In such a case, this would come down to strength of victory between Denver and Miami. We do not yet have sufficient data to determine such a scenario. So if Denver's only loss comes to Philadelphia, and the Dolphins and the Ravens both win out, this will require further analysis.

Sunday's game was interesting for a couple of reasons.

The Dolphins shelved Pat White and his spread option package. They also did not use Wildcat.

They did have some crazy play-calling as I note in my column.

The defense was nails, forcing seven three-and-outs. Chad Henne broke the team's single-game record for consecutive completions in one game with 17.    

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