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On the Jags victory and the playoff scenarios

JACKSONVILLE -- On the bright side, the Dolphins won on Sunday and remain in contention for both the AFC East title and a wild card berth.

The 14-10 victory over Jacksonville was not a thing of beauty but most Dolphins victories aren't. You should be used to that by now. Do you really care, anyway?

Are you so into aesthetics as to need razor-sharp performance on both offense and defense to be satisfied?

Or is the bottom line enough for you?

The amazing thing to me is that one day after beating the Jaguars and owning the same record as them, the playoff scenarios reveal Miami remains on the outside looking in, while the Jags are still qualifiers ahead of Miami if the season ended today.

But the season does not end today.

So if there is a two-way tie between the teams, the Dolphins advance to the playoffs.

In the case of two-way ties, the teams the Dolphins don't have an edge against are the Ravens. It is inconclusive what would happen if the Ravens, Broncos and Dolphins are locked in a three-way tie based on data not yet known.

To decide the final spot, it would go down to a two-way tiebreaker between the Broncos and the Dolphins. In such a case, this would come down to strength of victory between Denver and Miami. We do not yet have sufficient data to determine such a scenario. So if Denver's only loss comes to Philadelphia, and the Dolphins and the Ravens both win out, this will require further analysis.

Sunday's game was interesting for a couple of reasons.

The Dolphins shelved Pat White and his spread option package. They also did not use Wildcat.

They did have some crazy play-calling as I note in my column.

The defense was nails, forcing seven three-and-outs. Chad Henne broke the team's single-game record for consecutive completions in one game with 17.    

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NJ, why do you have to pick a fight with everyone? Carlito is a good man, a devout fan, and knows his football.

And NJ is a hole, everyone knows that. It's ok, but I'm sure there are some nice pockets. That neighbourhood in the Soprano show looked pretty nice, hahaa.

the DL overall played extremely well... Cameron Wake did an excellent job.. and our young CBs played to win.. but my gameball goes to Randy Starks (this team's MVP) for being gutsy and being consistent all year long.. that dudes is eating his wheaties on Sundays... or perhaps Redbull.. Wow, what a way to backing up your defense and stuffing the line... I love my fins!!
Traveled to Jax this weekend and was extremely excited with the win...

Go Fins!!!!

How can the jags be ahead of us in the wild card when we beat them and have the same record??still dosnt make sense. I want the division anyway. Let's go buff next week, never thought I'd say that!!!


In a 3 way tie (Jax, Bal, Mia), Jacksonville owns the 3 way tie break for best conference record. Miami owns the head to head tie breaker with Jacksonville, but not with Baltimore who will hopefully lose to the Steelers, Bears, or Raiders in their last 3 games.

The Jags last 3 games are Indianapolis, NE, and Cleveland they will lose one of these games if not 2. If NE loses a t Buffalo this weekend and Miami wins out, the Dolphins get the AFC East.

Fun Fact: If both the Dolphins and Jaguars win out, both teams will make the Playoffs. Because if the Jags win out, they will beat the Pats and with Dolphins winning out in this scenario win the Division.

I don't want to get ahead of myself but if the Dolphins make the playoffs, and I hope they will, they have an excellent shot to win in the 1st round. I like their chances against Denver at home or on the road against the Bengals. I know the Bengals have a good record, but man, it's the Bungles!

Mark , do me a favor and stay out of it. If you go back on the thread , you'll see where he started it and you'll know what i'm talking about. OK ! P.S, there's no bigger hole than CANADA !

Mark . so your only source about jersey is the show SOPRANO's ? LMFAO !


Started it? You sound like a child. I wasn't even talking to you and you get so mad about it and take it personal. Don't take blog so seriously, I was harassing someone who was trashing the fins...

Ya, nice try NJ. The only think I saw Carlito call you out on was bailing on the 'Phins, which you did. You even taunted fans many times for predicting Dolphin victories - which a fan is supposed to do. Predicting a loss doesn't make you smarter, just a man with less faith.

I'm going to stop typing lol because I type it alot if I find something funny, but rarely actually "laugh out loud."

Also I have yet to laugh my ass off or meet anyone who has laughed so hard as for lose they backside.

No, I've been to Atlantic City. People are short in stature and long on spray tan.

And the place is decaying badly. It really isn't very nice at all.

But like I said, I'm sure there are some nice parts.

CHILD ! , You assumed where one poster lives and trashed one's state over a football argument . That's Childish ! Pot meet Kettle ! LOL ! I never take this blog serious , if i did . i wouldn't be Here !

NJ, can you send me a sausage from Satriale's?

ATLANTIC CITY ? When was the last time you've been there ? 25 years ago ? That source is even WORSE ! LMFAO !

I was there 5 years ago.

The laughs are at you to show sarcasm .

You obviously do take it too seriously to be so offended over something that wasn't said to you...

Get over it

Pot Meet Kettle = worst cliche ever

Go Dolphins!

NJ, what do you think of the Halladay trade? Man, I don't know. Part of me says Doc is breaking down but part of me also says the Jays didn't get one sure thing in the deal. I would have demanded Drabek over JA Happ. I'm not sold on him at all.

Mark , what were you doing venturing off the casino / resorts and into the strip clubs and prostitution area outside of the Casino Boardwalk area ? HUH ?

EWWWWWW ! get over it ? Bwahahahahahahahaha ! i know i don't take you seriously, After all you're a FRAUD !

I love prostitutes and strip clubs, that's why! Actually, Toronto has the best strip clubs in North America, so I would have no reason to go to them in Atlantic City. I stayed at the Tropicana - it was OK. But I remember the Trump Taj Mahal and some others being kind of ragged.

Halliday wanted out , big money and a long term contract . A contract that will bring him up to 38 years old. He'll break down by then. Yeah drabew would'be been better , we'll see. i still like the RASK DEAL . LOL !

Friggin, John Ferguson Jr. I was cursing a blue streak when that deal was done years ago.

But the Leafs won again tonight. In the playoff chase - not going to get that 1st overall pick - probably not even a top 10. Thanks for the 40 goal scorer though.

I been surfing once in Jersey in Mansaquan Inlet and once to Long Beach Island...

The waves were nice but the water was cold and brown and the ladies were like dogs with no class and too much make up.

NJ Phin Fan,

Definitely still in JR. High... Youngest plumber in Dirty Jersery

Right Cuban menace !

How good are some of these young SF players? Crabtree, Davis, Willis, are all game winners. Too bad they drafted Alex Smith instead of Aaron Rodgers. Drafting a bust QB so early really does handicap your team for years.

Jack Kompan speaks common sense. God forbid that someone may not follow the same mindset as the majority on here. It doesn't make them any less of a fan as Jack stated. Of course on this board when the majority feels threatened, even by their own brethren, they resort to name calling, stereotyping, etc. You guys can't even handle extreme sarcasm without convincing yourself and others that a world-class hypocrisy is occurring.

"Carlito is a good man, a devout fan, and knows his football."

That's nice. Too bad this 'good man' can't allow anyone whose opinion differs from his to coexist. Those who disagree are negative nancy's who either need to learn some football, are a Jets fan, or live in NJ.

Give me a minute while I go get my wet towel to wipe my eyes.

Joe, go F**K YOURSELF!


Mark, are you a comic or something?

Carlito, your boy Anquan didn't play well tonight. Then again, he had a lot of company on his own team in that regard.

Oh NJ, you back on thinking I'm Cuban Menace again... of course... what a blowhard...

Good Night Dolphins Land!

Go Fins!

I just figured you were because anyone who feels the need to use CAPS to somehow try to render their flame message more meaningful probably does stand-up at the local dive bar.

No Joe, you're wrong there.

" what a blowhard ' . Now there's a Non Childish Response if i ever heard one !

Blowhard is a good trait - in a woman!

Mark , just watched jason stark and tim Kurkjian of espn say they think Drabek IS in the deal.

i just read that on espn too. that would make it a good deal i guess. jays are gonna suck this year anyway. jays got two top prospects and one good one. good enough

Toronto's playing Marlins ball, especially if they get Drabek in the deal.

If only they could be like the marlins and make the playoffs every few years

Too bad they can't jettison Vernon Wells. One of the most rediculous contracts in baseball. Well done J.P.

vernon wells makes me sick to my stomach. he holds back this franchise on his own

If they played in the NL every year they just might have. You can't expect to make the playoffs when you're battling two clubs with the highest payrolls in baseball in your own frighan division. Toronto's getting young. TB has proven you can win in that division, but everything has to go your way for that to happen. Hopefully, the deal bears fruit.

That may be true Mark, but he was offered that contract and no player in their right mind would not have signed it. His bat sure has slowed down though.

It's JP whose held the club back. Since he's gone perhaps things will change.

Good night to all.

MLB has to be revamped. Either add more playoff spots or a salary cap. Realistically there are only about 10 teams that have a shot at the playoffs every year. WOuld be less if the Mets weren't so incompetent.


Seems like NJ (the individual; the state's harder to quantify) is not very bright, though probably less dim than Joe. And that Carlito, if NOT bright, at the very least did a good job of faking it, with his suggestion that Gibril Wilson's position be renamed Costly Liability. NJ and Joe just don't seem to have much entertainment value. As for Jersey's (the state's) girls, it seems that they didn't get all the uggo Italians, so some of theirs are incredible, like Italy's. And Jersey (the state, not the people) has other beautiful faces as well. But there are reasons that Jersey people, when they got rich, tended to move to Florida... it had more. But New Yorkers who moved down here who'd been too okay with living in an actual hole, have been a detriment to Florida... to the point that people aren't moving here anymore. (Jets fans are just that off-putting, apparently.)

Right and the point that florida has No F'n Jobs has NOTHING to do with people " NOT moving down there anymore " ! RIGHT ? Speaking of " not to Bright" , take a look in the Mirror. Thanks for stopping by Though . Good Night .

Mark In Toronto.

I saw you guys talking about Halladay. I am glad he is going to the Phils and not the stinking Red Sox. Anywhere, but the Red Sox.


I guess I missed all the fun last night on here.

... Worse than UF.

Any other guesses?

The worst possible college team to root for in the opinion of this blog's commentators.

Not Notre Dame.

By the way, a special shout out to Carlito! What up brother? Feliz Navidad compadre.

Come on, think!

The WORST!!!!

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