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Pats lead Dolphins 14-10 to start 3rd quarter

It threatened to be a blowout, particularly when the Pats scored on their first possession and then built a 14-0 lead.

But the Dolphins have fought back, scoring 10 unanswered points.

The final field goal was a momentum swinger in more ways than one. The Miami defense stopped New England on fourth-and-1 from the 6 yard line. And then the offense drove for the field goal.

Defensive heroics followed by offensive heroics.

When was the last time that happened?

The Dolphins get the ball first in the secon half. Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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Henne looking like a Hero

Davone Bess and Hartline looking like real ballplayers at wr.

Armandito how do you think Henne has played?

wonder if should first play be running call wonder if pats d is softened up enough yet by all the passing

Deep, I think the Dolphins have unleashed Henne a little because they were afraid of getting blown out.

And with the exception of two or three inaccurate throws, including the interception, I believe Henne has answered the challenge.

I like that he isn't backing down. he's been up to the challenge.

No more trick plays Henning, you smug buffoon.
It's amazing what happens when you just let Henne play. Incredible. Enough with the gimmicks.

Well, Mandy has made it a point to mention every poor pass that Henne has made, so, I believe he has something up his sleeve...

Dear Mr. Salguero

Why does the Government(Henning) keep throwing money and the Bank(Ginn)when they know the system is failing.....just saying.

Soiled :)

Fake GM i agree 100% they finally let chad keep his rythm and look at what happened

Henne has only what, 5 incompletions? What do you mean bad throws? Other than the int, he has been on point.

All your fish fan legs must be tired from all that jumping off and on the bandwagon

Lets go fins!!

Mando what defensive adjustments are you looking for from the Fins in the 2nd half?

now lets see if ted (I FIND THE SIDELINE) jr can get a run back or at least a few more of those sideliners well take it!!

ginn can only catch on the sideline

Henne, looking all right in that last half. The INT sucked but it seems "it's the thought that counts" applies here. He came out gunnin letting everyone know he got this!


Henne threw a bad interception (typical rookie mistake of not seeing the safety). But other than that, he is playing absolutely lights out with below average receivers. Lights fu%$ing out! Wow.

come teddyyyyyyyyyy return for td!!

now lets see if ted (I FIND THE SIDELINE) jr can run it back

I hate to admit it but "Pats Win Again" has a point. If Henne starts throwing pics we will all call him a bust. I like what I see, lets remember that he might regress and stand behind him. It is great to see the stats ticker and he is leading the league right now through the first half

guess not


can't we get another KR?

ted ginn is so scared to get hit

Belicheck better hope the Fins don't pull this one out in a close one...he'll be questioned yet again for being greedy on 4th down, only to fail and give up a field goal.

Here's an offensive adjustment: WR screens.

The Pats defense showed it is weak against those.

thanks phil76

Defensive adjustment?

Blitz every once ina while people. Mix it up.

another 1 yard short! C'mon Ricky

3 and out!

good job defering tony MORONO
good job defering tony MORONO
good job defering tony MORONO
good job defering tony MORONO


That was Polite's down...Not Hilliard


You have a hot Henne in the game and you run Lex Hilliard up the gut on third down.

God why no Polite!!

Dolphins need to attack Brady more. Double coverage is not working because these safeties are slower than molasses. Pats are preying on the fact that the Dolphins won't match our corners. They just put Welker in the slot instead of out wide and leave Moss on the shorter Davis who he is beating with experience and size. Dolphins need to adjust to this.

WHAT THE HELLLL!!!!!!! POLITE IS 100% ON 3rd or 4th and 1 and you give it to HILLIARD!??!?!?!?!??!?!?! I REALLY DONT UNDERSTAND OUR PLAY CALLING AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is wrong with Henning? Did he forget his Aricept today?

Has anyone ask Sporano what that last episode on HBO meant?

passing on them for fun in Q2 and we come out with that conservative rubbish.

I would double welker, i think vontae can cover moss. You got to double welker

HP in PA, you're quite the omnipotent mangod. I guess that's how you can speak for us all

I will fly Northwest Airlines AND they can charge me for my bags as longs as I don't ever have to see that ad again.

3 and out? so take ricky out and dont give it to lou mr.automatic polite on 3&1....Henning is pissing me off with his stupid packages and play calls!!

I wonder if he thought about that wed, thurs and friday!

Did you see y. Bell catch welker?! He's not slow. He plays safety.

Can someone please hit Brady? Very hard please. Thank you.

Angry fin fan: Aricept? LOL

Henning is a high school coach, no better!

3 and out nice just what we need to get the second half going go phins!

ugh, why not Polite... or a short pass? We've had the short pass most of the day.

I guess had it worked, we'd be all screaming how Hilliard is a beast.. but damn.. 3 and out is not what we needed.

Why didnt he run a bootleg.

Remove 1 inside LB on obvious pass downs and send pressure on every call!!!!

Wonder if this is Bill Belichick's final season, doesn't seem as interested and is making some interesting calls as head coach?

use henne on 3rd down

god damn it

idiot oc. polite is automatic, our opening drive. yep you fooled them again idiot Henning

Why wouldn't the Dolphins take the play. Take the friggan play!

Henning is retarded, we were passing all over them so naturally we run the ball and throw a lame pass play and go 3 and out. Where's the balls?


i never got off the wagon i want an early heart attack

Mother of God!

nice 2nd half adjustments

fire them all now

Ernest Wilford Rocks!!!!

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