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Pats lead Dolphins 21-19 in 4th quarter

The Dolphins are staying with the Patriots, using their passing game.

Can you believe it?

Chad Henne has thrown for a career high in completions and yards.

Davone Bess has a career high in receptions and is over 100 yards.

Brian Hartline has a TD.

It's 21-19 because the Dolphins missed a two-point conversion.

Join me in the comments section as we close this tight one out.


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Whats the over under on how much miami will be outscored by in this 4th quarter? 21?

Tony's gameday prep has been terrible


Welcome to the 4th quarter folks! Keep em crossed.

Can the Dolphins finish today?

I hope they don't open up the flood gates on us. Let's go!!!

lets go MIAMI

whats polites average on 4 and 1??????

Nice 3rd down call . LMAO !

boy we got lucky i hope

yes, first down!

HAHAHHAHA first down...that is what I like.


That double foul is a killer for the Dolphins.

what again what a fricken break for NE

No faith we can get a yard running the ball?

Erik Walder penalty is terrible for Miami.

Pats are you smoking crack? Patriots not rebuilding theyre trying to retool. There is a difference! Geez, I think I'll puke if you mention that lame @ss statement once again. LOL

Holy crap nevermind the fins seem to screw it up every time....we get a break and then penalities offset...

just let me shoot the players in the foot myself and be over with this game

omg - damn it.

Walden. Typo.

50 is a moron....

No Mando to your question

they caught a break...

that 50 guy is a complete moron

give me a break zebra...WEAK ASS manufactured call....you are now dismissed to crawl back up Belicheks butt now...LMAO

field position game now -- we're losing. Com'n D.

This team has gotten ZERO...I repeat "ZERO" game-changing turnovers this year.

that fool eric walden plays on punts and only punts...

and $#$#$ up...

I can't wait for the Celtics to sign Dwayne Wade next year, that will be so great.

Armando whats your take on the Patriots supposed rebuilding?

Why doesn't Ginn return punts?
He was better in punt returns in college than he was in college. Welker returns punts ...

Ughhhhhhh, and one TO left! The little things kill us -- not to mention 80 yd. TDs.

Been one of those kind of seasons...

The Dolphins cannot cover Welker today.

go figure welker caught a pass for a first

why not run it with polite on 4th and 1...

and hahahaha nice job letting welker get another ball and 1st down...

How's the great Matt Ryan doing. Phil 27 - atl 0. i'll take henne and lomg !

Is anyone even covering Welker?

Now Welker is making the Miami defenders look like clowns.

Wes Welker is the man

They can't cover anyone, not just welker. They're soorrry, just say it man, stop bs ing everybody.

Uh, the player named Welker needs to be covered...

cannot put a lineback on welker come on
know whats amazing is that welker and bess totals are even in this game. go BESS

dolphins suck

ryan is out for atl

How hard is it to double coverage Welker? All day they put him into single coverage and he has torched us WTF??

Our coaching once again SUCKS!!!

Welker has 10 catches for 167 yards.

Miami selects Rolando McClain ilb alabama. Akin sucks !

Dangit...Gotta poop...Keep me updated, thanks

F- this $hit


THIS IS F***ING BULLS***!!!!!!

lmao. they call something like defensive holding on a run, but they let the fing patriots wr push off a corners shoulders to go for the ball.. terrible refs

broken blog again

That's what you get for going for 2 when you didn't have to Sparano. And having boneheads on the field, like Erik Walden.

We're gaking again...

Davis needs to cover Welker. But Im sure they wont do it.

Fix the stinking blog

that's my point ryan is OUT !

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