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Pats lead Dolphins 14-0 in 2nd quarter

Well, if the Dolphins were hoping to catch the Patriots suffering from a hangover after losing Monday night, it hasn't happened.

If they were hoping Tom Brady was injured as the rumors were claiming, they were disappointed.

The Patriots scored on their first possession on a 58-yard pass from Brady to Randy Moss. And on their second possession, they have driven to the Miami 6 yard line.

[Update: Faulk ran over from 6 yards on the quarter's first play. It is now 14-0.]

Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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First Gotta win somthin today

Soild :)

Why isn't pay white in on defense?

This is seriously distressing. Dolphins don't look eager or prepared to play. Terrible.

crowder was manhandled like those kid actors in the movie Blind Side

Oh, come on. Believe in the staff, the coaching, the tuna...We're on the right track...Superbowl next year! It's been next year for 12 years!

gotta change our defensive scheme. Don't leave our rookies alone with Moss. Linebackers can't cover Welker. Which part of this wasn't obvious all week, heck all year?

The server sucks at the herald as much as the defense.

Still say we lose all 5 remaining games we draft top ten. Does anyone still doubt thats where we need to draft after watching this pathetic performance thus far? If so you're nuts!


dan henning calls and tony MORONO allows the drive killer play calls to go through

and the DC didn't look at monday night's tape to figure out how to beat brady

the coaches blow

and ted ginn was so scared to get hit on the kick off hahahahaha

The game is over sadly !! I hope this is not 50-0

Did you see that? Ginn was freaking jogging!

the heat will get the Patriots in the fourth quarter.

well its simple mando the inability to make big plays and to STOP big plays have finally caught up to the fins its unbearable to watch but i still love them!

gotta change our defensive scheme. We can't leave our rookies to cover Moss. Our linebackers can't cover Welker. How can we not know that? What are they thinking??? I could have told them that in preseason. Did they learn nothing from the New Orleans/Patriots game in how to stop their offense? Maybe they think they are smarter than the Saints and will just do it their way.

Dying, ENOUGH about tanking the season for a draft, where it could be hit or miss as you're seeing as we type! These are PROs! NOONE is going to intentionally lose...get over it!

The Fins are so damn boring. Nothing big happens. Nothing explosive on specials, no dynamic defense or explosive plays on offense.

This just shows horrible preparation...I mean do we even have a coaching staff really cause all they have to do is mock what the saints did last week...

lmao Mando..

at which point we might cut into the 6 score defecit?

These play calls r ridiculous!!! I make better play calls with them playin Madden!!!!

I believe that we as fans need to hope for a catastrophic blowout!! We need a 59-0 game for Parcells to realize what a joke of a coaching staff he has in place here. Maybe he should take his money and run to another team? Maybe ownership will just ask him to leave? Mando can Bill take his money if he's fired for poor performance?

wow we really came to play...

posts dont show up here any more
dolphins broken
blog broken
dolphin nation broken

that kickoff return by Ginn should be his last play as a dolphin

If the coaches don't get shaken up by year end, my 20 years plus as a season tik holder Ends!

Throw the f***ing ball DOOOOWN the field!!!


Dear Mr. Salguero

"the heat will get the Patriots in the fourth quarter."

So a Basketball team can beat the Pats but not our Phins.


Soiled :)

Can we just cut Ginn today??!!!!!

Marc they're not going to intentionally lose, its the talent level that will dictate that all of its own!

The season is really coming to an end. This team looks bad and not ready to play. They are thinking next year.

I don't think we need all new LBs I'll keep crowder he is the only one that plays to the whistle. I looks like the rest of the dfense doesn't wanna be here

With the 9th selection the miami dolphins select Rolando mcClain ilb alabama

Has Sparano lost this team....they probably get sick of his lame fist pumps when they get a first down.

our coaching staff doesn't even know New Orleans and the Patriots played last week. They spent all their time looking at our film last game with them so they could see how to do that again.

We need better players on this team. I love the dolphins and think we are headed in the right direction. I want us to win, but if we win we get a lower draft pick and it will take longer to get better players. It is a double edge sword. I don't see us making the playoffs this year and never did. We are not ready. Henning looks good, but has no help.

Mando - Are you talking about the Miami Heat? Whose decision is it to keep putting Pat White in? This is ridiculous!

Bess has 3 catches for 30 yards.

I feel a pick 6 coming!!

4th Q heat? LOL, by then Pats will have Welker playing QB!!!


Hey, a pass over 8 yards. EXCELLENT.

very non competitive & uninspiring football by the fins!

yay Henne. He does drop passes in nicely. And someone actually caught it!!!

Alright a somewhat deep pass...that was nice.

Was that a 4 WR set?

Throw 50 times a game the next two weeks.

If Bess breaks that tackle, he goes for another 8 yards.

Dolphins cannot afford inaccurate throws to wide open players today.

That was close though

Can anyone connect the dots? This is all a result of a team one year removed of 1-15 winning its division, having to draft 25th in a weak draft, and playing one of the nfl's toughest schedule. Throw in some costly injuries and thats a direct recipe for total disaster.

Joe Berger just knocked someone the heck out.

OMG, WHY did Hartline run out of bounds! What a sissy, LMAO

1ST downs are so hard for us, let alone points

wow Simms, showing some man love for Henne

Maybe that's the problem. The Heat coaches are doing the game plan. We were told not to stay too long under the goal or they will get free throws. We just got confused and all . Thats it.

Best interior block of the year.

Henne taking control!!! Henne becoming the leader!

Hartline and Bess are just money...when we get our own Andre Johnson and an offensive coordinator who has a clue, look out.

Alright we finally attack the pats weakness, their secondary

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