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Dolphins salary cap figures for entire roster

My e-mail box was full Wednesday morning with many of you commenting on the post I put up regarding Miami's total payroll in 2009. (It's below this one in case you missed it.)

Let's make a deal: If you have comments, leave them here please. I read most of the comments posted here the same day. I can also answer here. I do not always get around to reading your e-mails the same day and on days like yesterday cannot respond to everyone.

So say your peace on this forum as many of the e-mails were quite interesting and gave me ideas for future posts. This is one of those.

Many of you requested I post the salary cap numbers for the Dolphins if I had them. You're darn tootin' I have them. The salary cap numbers are important because there is a cap limit of $127,997,000 in 2009.

Obviously the Dolphins were under the limit this year, at approximately $113 million in actual cap cost plus another $8-9 million in dead money, or players no longer with the team that are still on the books -- players such as Ernest Wilford, Vonnie Holliday, Matt Roth ($1,087,000) and others.

Remember, the player's cap value is not necessarily what he is making in the season. Cap is figured by adding the player's base salary, plus pro-rated signing bonus, plus other bonuses. The pro-rated signing bonus means that if Vernon Carey received $12 million to sign his new contract, he got that money this year and it went on the total payroll.

But for cap purposes only $2 million of that $12 million counts on a pro-rated basis for 2009 because Carey signed a six-year deal and $12 million divided by six years equals $2 million per year against the cap.

What follows are the 2009 salary cap values of the players on the Dolphins roster. These figures were obtained by The Miami Herald from sources far and wide.

Player   Cap value

Jason Allen        $2,280,000

Will Allen           $5,631,240

Charlie Anderson  $2,583,333

Akin Ayodele    $2,756,240

Yeremiah Bell $4,450,000

Joe Berger $789,573

Davone Bess $394,740

Ronnie Brown    $6,056,933

Greg Camarillo  $1,750,000

Vernon Carey    $5,400,000

Dan Carpenter    $394,990

Chris Clemons    $350,625

Pat Cobbs $755,000

Channing Crowder $4,016,000

Tyrone Culver   $1,047,906

Vontae Davis   $1,225,000

John Denney   $725,500

Lionel Dotson $401,310

Anthony Fasano   $541,240

Jason Ferguson   $4,006,240

Brandon Fields    $479,758

Ikaika Alama-Francis $460,000

Andrew Gardner   $337,443

Nate Garner    $391,240

Ted Ginn Jr. $2,694,323

Jake Grove   $4,600,000

Brian Hartline   $436,243

Joey Haynos   $391,240

Chad Henne   $607,740

Lex Hilliard   $316,240

Nate Jones    $755,000

Kendall Langford  $672,305

Jake Long   $9,606,240

Brennan Marion  $215,000

David Martin   $1,270,000

Tony McDaniel  $1,025,000

Phillip Merling   $2,149,615

Quentin Moses    $466,240

Lydon Murtha   $200,588

Chad Pennington  $5,750,000

Lousaka Polite $1,006,240

Joey Porter   $7,400,000

Kory Sheets        $218,000

Justin Smiley   $3,800,000

Sean Smith     $546,250

Paul Soliai $583,740

Randy Starks $3,640,000

Jason Taylor    $1,102,860

Tyler Thigpen   $378,824

Donald Thomas   $338,657

Reggie Torbor $3,600,000

Patrick Turner    $488,575

Cameron Wake   $635,000

Erik Walden $391,240

Pat White    $726,175

Ricky Williams   $4,250,000

Gibril Wilson   $4,000,000


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Haha very true. As long you update to the actual roster. Lol

Those players signed to replace injured ones... does the whole amount count against the cap or is it prorated per game? For example Alama-Francis, wasn't he signed only 5 or 6 games ago? Does his whole $460,000 count??

Reggie Torbor $3,600,000
Gibril Wilson $4,000,000
Akin Ayodele $2,756,240
Channing Crowder $4,016,000

Millions down the drain, ILB/FS are overpriced pedesterians........this is where we need to do some serious DRAFTING !!!! save money and get much better results....keep crowder 4 now and get a bigtime playmaking run stuffing ilb plus one for depth to groom to push crowder, and draft one more saftey to push C.Clemons for the starting job next year

Goodbye Pennington, Porter, Torber, Wilson (I hope)

Now this is more useful!

Wow, there are alot of players not living up to their pay scale.... I would say some of the obvious are Porter, Ayodele, Torbor, Wilson. I have never been sold on Will Allen, I would have prefered to have Goodman for much less money. J Allen is getting paid quite a bit to play special teams... although I think he has ability and hasn't been given a fair chance.

Looks like the bigger problem is on defense. On offense, get a wide receiver, get Ronnie back, get David Martin back for now and the offense is good. On Defense, the Fins need replacements for ILB, OLB, FS. Crowder and JT stay for now, dump Porter, Ayodele, Torbor, W. Allen, and Wilson, that would be a great start....

Truly interesting stuff. Excellent work Mando.

$7.4 million for Joey Porter? That's what you get when a 5-11 team that should have been rebuilding throws money at a 30 year old unathletic linebacker past his prime (he was the most expensive signing the year before the team won one game). This regime has made mistakes, but it never would have signed a 30 year old Joey Porter to a 5 win team. Ever.

Dude, ain't you a columnist? Why do you keep breaking information on my noggin?

Go opinionize or something and let the reporters do the reports. Dang!


Joey Porter's $7.4 million dollar cap number reminds me of the Cameron regime and their scintillating moves the offseason before they went 1-15. Sign Joey Porter, and then draft the following players in the first 3 rounds: Ted Ginn, John Beck, Samson Satele, Lorenzo Booker. With that talent infusion, arent you asking for 1-15? That's why it is so hard for me to critisize Parcells/Ireland - they inherited an expansion team roster. Literally, an expansion team.

Okay...boring...mildly relevent (esp. considering the probability of an upcoming UNCAPPED SEASON)...not relevent to the upcoming game, and really...this is all there is to talk about? Look...we all know that there are some bloated salaries (ie: wilson) on the team, but it's not like anyone on the team has just flat out stunk (well...maybe wilson...and Turner...because really...dude..you're 6'5" an haven't seen the field all year). As for everyone who saw the defense completely unable to stop anything in the first half this past Sunday, I offer Channing Crowder. Feel free continuing to be a non-believer and leaning on your sack/turnover crutch, but the guy is the surest form-tackler on the team and if you look at the numbers, the run D is a shadow of itself when he's not in the game.

Sometimes a coaches greatest talent is convincing a team that they're better than they really are.

...and every once in a while he gets blindsided!!! (Jets, Panthers...and those were just the hits shown on replay.)

Can't we just get a hold of two
B I G (6'4" 265)
& Fast Inside Linebackers? ...plus a couple of monster-sized athletic Receivers?

If you listen, sometimes, to what players say about other teams; (eg; what the Ravens say about the Steelers and visa-versa.) The players on those teams speak of their most challenging rivals with Fraternal Respect; saying things like: "We're both two really tough & talented teams...its going to be a war."

THATS what I hope to be hearing from the Jets in
2 years when they're asked about the Dolphins.


In looking at these numbers, it makes me think of a few things. The first thing that jumps off the page, is that the bad contracts fall into 3 categories. Ones that this regime had no control over. These are obvious. Ones that were out of necessity of trying to plug as many holes as possible. This would be the guys like Ayodele, Anderson, Torbor. And then obviously the iffy ones by this regime. This would be Crowder, Grove, and Carey. Quite simply, they aren't that iffy to me. In the instance of Grove, my only concern with this has been his injury history. But given the success of him when on the field, it's a good signing. Much has been made of Ricky's ypc dropping, and I think Grove's injury has a good deal to do with that. Crowder and Carey both are still young players, and I believe the regime looked at what was going to be available in the draft and in free agency. I think if the only circumstance to change was more selection at their position in the draft and free agency, those contracts probably don't get signed. I think it is important to understand that on blogs of the other 31 teams, fans are doing the same thing on the bulk majority of them. I feel there are far more value contracts by this regime, than bad ones. And as they get to a point where they no longer sign guys more out of need than want, and draft best player available, I believe the cap number will be one of the better ones in the league.

And about Pat White. I know this is not the subject here, but it seems there are a few topics that find themselves in every conversation. I think they have an idea in the way they want to use Mr. White. Unfortunately, the difference in speed of the game, is something only that can be learned through repetition. So they use him when they can. Remember, last year we weren't too far from Henne being the starter if the Wildcat didn't really get us jumpstarted. the question after the Arizona game wasn't how many games were we going to win, but when would Henne be taking over. They would have liked to have gotten him more reps last year. They still really didn't know what they had in Henne when they drafted Pat White. I think that if the same exact player was available in this upcoming draft, they probably wouldn't take him. But combine not knowing Henne was the man for sure, and a thought of what White could bring to offense in terms of matchup problems, and I don't think it was that bad of a pick. The pitch over Ricky's head against NE was blamed on Pat, but was a result of the LB being right on his face. Well, that isn't happening in practice. So when you see Henne throw a bad pick, and say it's growing pains, well that pitch is part of growing pains as well. This regime, whether you agree with it or not, feels that there is going to come a point either next year or the one after, where Henne plays the majority of the snaps, but White finds the field in a spread option offense with many different things to throw at the defense. The number of snaps that happens comes down to situations, who the opponent is, down and distance, location on the field. I believe this offense will really take off with a stud WR, and will be very hard to stop. Just my opinion.

So, the average player on the 53 man roster should be making about 2.5 million a year with the current salary cap. Anyone over that number should either have a signing bonus counting towards his cap number or else be a better than average player.

So, the real tough ones to swallow are Jason Allen, Ted Ginn, Akin Ayodele, and Gibril Wilson (Gibril can almost count in the "dead money" category). Merling better start playing better or he's going to be one of the overpaid underachievers soon.

If there is no cap next year, a number of teams will probably go crazy with signing players, such as the Jets, Washington, and Dallas. This regime has brought in 10 to 15 rookies in each of the last 2 years and one more good offseason should fill most of the roster. I hope the Trifecta uses the lack of a cap this year to get rid of the excessive contracts without dead money becoming a problem. My list would include the obvious veterans as well some young players like Ginn and Allen. Merling would be on my watch list for this time next year.

I felt that there was some finger pointing yesterday at Dolphin's management. While not perfect they have done a great job. Taking a 1-15 team to a playoff berth the next year was a miracle considering what they had to work with.
In 2009, a lot of the mid level ability players had to be re-signed. Most of these contracts were running out, all in the same year. So they made calls on players that were marginally good and it is a 50-50 shot.
Even Porter played way over his head last year and there were no predictions that his sack total would drop to what it is today.
Wilson is a bust so far.
Our best offensive player was injured half way through the season. Our current running back is 33 years old and has done well. The o line can be dominating. The defense has showed up in quite a few games. The rookie CB's are doing great. Solai is coming along. I kind of like where we are and in another 2 drafts and a couple of lucking signings like the Pennington contract and we will be in the elite part of the NFL.

losing Porter, Pennington, & Torbor gets backover 17 mil right there.

$7 MILLION between Crowder and Ginn Jr...Send them BOTH to the showers and the unemployment line...not necessarily in that order!!

I hear a lot of complaints about Porter, who did play injured this year, but nothing about Ronnie Brown, who has missed two(2) seasons work in five(5) years! I believe Porter's 17 1/2 sacks the year before this was more significant than anything that Brown has done to make this team a winner in his 5 years at Miami!

wow! porter makes 7+ million compared to jason taylors 1 million. i'm not convinced porter was even injured this year. he has always taken practices off saying his knee, shoulder, hamstring or head hurt. he didnt practice in the 2008 training camp because he had headaches. this year he couldnt practice during the week but was 100% on gameday. we let matt roth go but keep this bum???

Can't wait for the offseason.

I think I'll order by Terrance Cody jersey today.

It'll be nice to save 4 mill next yr when G. Wilson is gone.

Can't believe d carpenter makes more than d bess.


Truth be told the majority of our high paid players are not performing at expected levels and are not good value. No new news there. That is actually good news because it means our depth is improving and those expensive pieces can be shown the door. This would allow us to keep our talent and lure talent to us since we would have the cap room. I would be more concerned if only the high paid players were contributing. Then you would be up %hit's creek without a paddle.

I think we should have kept Roth though. Young, relatively inexpensive and a contributor.

Mando, you asked for ideas. How about dicussing the current CBA (regarding UFAs and other transactions) if new agreement is not reached. I looked at the document and it's 342 pages long!

The way I understand it, UFAs have to have 6 yrs. in the league to be a UFA. Also, teams can tag, similar to franchise tag, a player and I hear you can dump players w/o dealing with money problems. All this specified in the last year of contract if no new agreement is not reached.

We all know about the uncapped year part but what are the ramifications?

Re: Pat White
He's extraordinarily talented and some team needs to trade for him and give him a season to start and see what happens.
If that team also has or acquires Vick or Tebow then that team can make a real commitment to running the spread offense which also requires smaller, more agile linemen.
Will that team win the Super Bowl? Probably not. But less face it they're probably not going to win it anyway.
However it will be an entertaining product on the field and at least the fans can be excitged and the owners can make money.

Here's another idea Mando: Chart Parcells/Ireland's hits and misses....draft, FAs and other transactions. Where are they now kind of thing.

Porter 7,400,000
Ayodele 2,756.240
Torbor 3,600,000
Wilson 4,000,000
Ginn 2,694,323
J.Allen 2,280,000
Crowder 4,016,000
Pennington 5,750,000

These player's should be traded or CUT.
Seeing them all go to the RAIDERS PRICELESS.
I think this is dead money.

Victor, Ronnie Brown has been much more valuable than Porter. He scores TDs and moves the chains. Did you miss the game we won at NE last year? Porter has done very well prior to this season but business is business. I love the toughness Porter brings but for that salary he'd better be sacking, intercepting, and tackling. I have yet to see that this year. If the trifecta could acquire some giant DTs this offseason, it won't matter who plays linebacker. We could another Tim Bowens or two

Mando, I appreciate this excellent work but many of your readers are retards. I've read about six comments already about how guys are overpaid.

Don't these people realize the cap number is not the salary number? I thought you made that pretty clear but people are thinking Joey Porter is making $7.4 million this year. He's costing that against the cap but I'm sure he's not making that.

Can you tell us what JPussy is making.

I agree that Porter, G.Wilson, J.Allen, and Ginn need to either be traded or cut. I would offer Porter a chance to redo his contract for a more reasonable level that is more incentive based. We need to get J.Taylor back one more year for that low salary, even with his limited production is was still a good value. We don't need J. Allen or G. Wilson, we can upgrade these in the draft. I would only trade or release some of the other LBs if there are other available to replace them. I would add J.Ferguson to the list of players not to bring back, there should be a number of good NTs in the first two rounds of the draft that we can get to fill that spot. I think they could re-sign Pennington to a lower salary for maybe a 2 yr contract as insurance for Henne as a backup. After that Pat White should be ready to go.

Torbor, Porter, Ginn, Crowder and Gibril Wilson should all be arrested immediately for robbery.

The Dolphins should have signed Dawkins instead of G.Wilson and we would have had a chance to win at least a couple more games, maybe even the Indy game.

Mando, these last couple of posts have been really eye-opening. Thanks for getting these numbers. Great work.

I'm kind of stunned no one else has published this stuff.

Oh yeah, please talk to Sparano about cutting Wilson the day after the season.

Good point mentioned, if there is no salary cap next year then Miami may be able to trade away some of their high priced underachievers to teams like Washington, Oakland, Tampa Bay, St. Louis who would overpay to upgrade their talent and get in return some round 4-6 draft picks to improve our special team units and develop more depth.

There are definitely some overpaid/over-rated non producers on our roster. Parcels and Co. can see this too. Even better than us. We should trade Ginn, Crowder, and Torber for some extra draft picks. After that drop Porter and Wilson.

On a very serious note… the NFL, under Roger Goodell, has serious integrity issues. The officiating has killed Miami and cost us at least 2/3 games ( Titans & Texans). Combine that with Mr. Butterfingers -Get Called Offsides Ginn, who cost us 2/3 games too (Indy & Saints) we would have 5/6 more wins and we would be 12-2.

Without the Wildcat, the NFL hates Miami. Do not worry because Ronnie and Pat White will be back next year; ready to make NFL history. Now we will get better draft picks and an easier schedule. The future looks bright. We know the needs our team needs to address (LB, WR, S). The Tuna will fix this, he always does.

Damn, Kory Sheetz is killing our cap!

The lowest paid 1 (Bess) is the BEST!

As much as we need to get rid of the overpaid underachievers we have to keep some like porter. We can pick some more offensive help in the draft at reciever and on the line

I think we all agree on the upgrades we need and wasted money that needs to be fixed. We could eliminate 3 of 4 starting LBs and find replacements but I think if we keep Crowder and add a key OLB and ILB, replacing Porter and Akin, that is a start. We definitely need to do something at the safety spot as well. I don't thinking gettting rid of Ginn makes much sense but if we signed a great WR to replace him I am ok with that. I love Ronnie when he is healthy but he is not the future of the team and can't be trusted because of health. If had been healthy all year, I would have traded him for a high pick while their was value. The really nice part of this offseason is that we have gotten to point where we have specific areas we need starters and other areas we need depth and that can make things easy although reaching to fill needs can also be dangerous. Cutting players is an option if you can upgrade them immediately or trade them for value but asking some of these players to take pay cuts might work as well.

Which of these players will be coming off of the books next year? I know that next year will more than likely be an uncapped year, but what would our cap number be next year? How many of these undeserving salaries (Joey Porter, Channing Crowder,etc....) Can we and will we be rid of next season?

I would like to see an acticle breaking down in layman's terms how one arrives at cap numbers and what happens when a player is cut, put on IR, PUP or receives a large signing bonus. I know it sounds dry and tedious to many but hey in a couple days there won't be a whole hell of a lot else to talk about for a few months.

Looking forward to Draft day and Free Agency!

LB's such as Porter & Torbor are clearly overpaid.
Charlie Anderson at 2,5M for 10 snaps a game is no bargain either.
Crowder is not a great player, but he's obviously our best LB. 4M for the team's best LB is not overpaid.

Patrick Turner is overpaid too...500,000$ for nothing...

Far be it for me to stick up for Ginn as he's to blame for several of the scrapes on the protective shield of my tv screen but don't forget he did almost single handedly win one game for us this year. Remember the game in New Jersey with two runbacks? We had no business winning that game and still almost lost with his heroics.

That being said he probably has the ability to have swayed two to three others in our favor which by the way would surely have us in the playoffs. After seeing a couple years of Ginn's body of work to me he's a speedster with enormous talent who's a riddle wrapped in an enigma. He's one of those guys who the moment you cut him or traded him away he'd go off for 4 kickoff returns for tds, 2 punt returns for tds and 700 yards receiving. I just get that feeling.

The typical kickoff return: catch it at the 3 yardline, tentatively look downfield and see the 11 guys running at you still 30 yards away. Meekly run to the 15 yardline, survey 11 guys now 10 yards away. Vere slightly to the left and guardedly take three steps. Fall down at the 18 yardline. The guy's fast enough that if he just caught it and ran balls out he'd get to the 25 every time. I just don't get it.

Maybe the wide receiver's coach needs to be held to some level of accountability but I never hear anyone mention that.

Mando, at the end of the season can you breakdown who the Parcells regime has drafted/signed as FA's/Trades to evaluate how they've done in the first two years of this rebuilding process?

This regime, as much as I love them, just seems to get a free pass on everything. In that first draft they took the safe pick and drafted Long. Solid, safe pick. Then they drafted Merling instead of DeSean Jackson who could have filled another need. Henne appears to be another solid move for just a 2nd round pick...that one's TBD

They sign Smiley and Grove who have big medical charts, but cut Roth at a position of need just like they sent off Taylor because he crossed this regime.

They neglected the WR position for two years, they've signed bad FA's in Wilford, Wilson and gotten only average production out of Carey and Crowder.

They've been solid at best and have not added any true playmakers in two years. They've added a foundation and a solid supporting cast.

No more filler--this team needs impact players. That will tell whether this regime gets a pass or fail grade.

Merling was a mistake: he's 4th round material, but in the same draft they picked Langford and Thomas (two solid starters) in the late round. Add Henne and the 2008 was a good (not great) one.

the tuff number I see is Bess - poor guy gives everything and a little more and gets paid nothing .. Lets give the guy some more $$$

I see a millions of dollars being paid out to a bunch of underachievers, makes me sick!!!.. The players that are making the least amount of money are the ones that are producing.

All the hate for a guy that has not played in Turner? What about all you Ramses Barden lovers, how many games has he played this year? Also, I agree that Ginn is not a #1 but why cut him? At only $2.5M a year he still can make plays on kickoff returns, reverses and keeps defenses honest with an occasional long play (even if it is called back).

Would you cut this guy or call him a bust?
year 1 - 3 rec, 59 yds,
year 2 - 27 rec, 453 yds,
year 3 - 41 rec, 623 yds.....Vincent Jackson

How about this guy
yr 1 - 0 rec,
yr 2 - 5 rec, 76 yds,
yr 3 - 13 rec, 278 yds....Miles Austin

And this guy
yr 1 - 20 rec, 309 yds.....Brandon Marshall

I could keep going....
yr 1 - 10 rec, 154 yds...Steve Smith (Car)

yr 1 - 31 rec, 396 yds
yr 2 - 15 rec, 141 yds....Sidney Rice

yr 1 - 0 rec
yr 2 - 29 rec, 434 yds
yr 3 - 67 rec, 687 yds...Wes Welker

and finally
yr 1 - 44 rec, 733 yds
yr 2 - 39 rec, 550 yds
yr 3 - 42 rec, 546 yds
yr 4 - 16 rec, 266 yds
yr 6 - 40 rec, 733 yds..A. Bryant

yr 1 - 21 rec, 228 yds
yr 2 - 41 rec, 492 yds...TJ Housh

yr 1 - 29 rec, 446 yds
yr 2 - 30 rec, 506 yds...Roddy White

Every player on this list has made the pro bowl but if left to the fan base that we have they might have never had their chance. Outside a few recievers that make an immediate impact (R. Moss, L Fitzgerald, D. Jackson)most WR take time. This also does not include players like Mike Williams, Troy Williamson, Heyward Bey (early), etc. who were/are complete busts.

The morale of the story is just like QB's, drafting WR is a very risky propostion and even the small % of the time when you get a good one, it might be 3-4 years before you know it.

that's why you are better off paying the big bucks to a proven guy rather than draft one at this position...it's too risky. If it's an uncapped year and there's less players available, then Antonio Bryant would look good in aqua and orange. He's a legit deep threat that would give Hartline and company room to run.

Well Armando, if u read the comments answer this please, will the Dolphins have a different philosophy next year with the current labor situation??? How will that affect the thoughts on this team?? Is 2010 an uncapped year?? How does this affect the NFL??? Will only the teams with rich owners be able to compete??? Just asking

Dan, how much would you pay a guy with one good year with attitude problems...that is what you get with Bryant....you might as well get it out of your head, Bryant will never be in Miami. Remember he was suspended once already and Parcells shipped him out of Dallas because of his attitude.

everyone needs to get off ronnie browns jock. he is going to have more of an injured career rather than a hall of fame one. they need to trade him sooner rather than later!!!!

HP, I don't think he's the best option by choice, but he might be the best available. Actually, I think trying to make a trade with his son-in-law in KC for Dwayne Bowe would be a saavy move. At most cost would be a 2nd rounder, perhaps even a 3rd rd pk would work. He's 25, he's 6'2", he's the type of guy Henne could work with. He was rumored to be on the block at the trading deadline...perhaps Parcells and Piori can work something out.

Maybe, but teams rebuilding typically don't trade away 25 year old playmakers. I think fans are going to be in for a shock because we won't get anyone in free agency. Names like V. Jackson, M. Austin, B. Marshall will never hit the free agency. They are 4th year players and with no cap next year they become restricted free agents instead of unrestricted. That means not only would you lose a pick if you signed them, the team gets the right to make sign them to any offer in a year with no cap. With the years of service going from 4 to 6 years for free agency and getting an extra franchise tag, the only players that will be free agents will be overpaid veterans that teams can dump their salaries. Think the Joey Porter's of the world. That will keep Brown, Fasano, Bess with us for at least another year. That is also why you would never see us cut someone like Ginn because since he is still young and has elite speed there would be a market for him

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