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Dolphins salary cap figures for entire roster

My e-mail box was full Wednesday morning with many of you commenting on the post I put up regarding Miami's total payroll in 2009. (It's below this one in case you missed it.)

Let's make a deal: If you have comments, leave them here please. I read most of the comments posted here the same day. I can also answer here. I do not always get around to reading your e-mails the same day and on days like yesterday cannot respond to everyone.

So say your peace on this forum as many of the e-mails were quite interesting and gave me ideas for future posts. This is one of those.

Many of you requested I post the salary cap numbers for the Dolphins if I had them. You're darn tootin' I have them. The salary cap numbers are important because there is a cap limit of $127,997,000 in 2009.

Obviously the Dolphins were under the limit this year, at approximately $113 million in actual cap cost plus another $8-9 million in dead money, or players no longer with the team that are still on the books -- players such as Ernest Wilford, Vonnie Holliday, Matt Roth ($1,087,000) and others.

Remember, the player's cap value is not necessarily what he is making in the season. Cap is figured by adding the player's base salary, plus pro-rated signing bonus, plus other bonuses. The pro-rated signing bonus means that if Vernon Carey received $12 million to sign his new contract, he got that money this year and it went on the total payroll.

But for cap purposes only $2 million of that $12 million counts on a pro-rated basis for 2009 because Carey signed a six-year deal and $12 million divided by six years equals $2 million per year against the cap.

What follows are the 2009 salary cap values of the players on the Dolphins roster. These figures were obtained by The Miami Herald from sources far and wide.

Player   Cap value

Jason Allen        $2,280,000

Will Allen           $5,631,240

Charlie Anderson  $2,583,333

Akin Ayodele    $2,756,240

Yeremiah Bell $4,450,000

Joe Berger $789,573

Davone Bess $394,740

Ronnie Brown    $6,056,933

Greg Camarillo  $1,750,000

Vernon Carey    $5,400,000

Dan Carpenter    $394,990

Chris Clemons    $350,625

Pat Cobbs $755,000

Channing Crowder $4,016,000

Tyrone Culver   $1,047,906

Vontae Davis   $1,225,000

John Denney   $725,500

Lionel Dotson $401,310

Anthony Fasano   $541,240

Jason Ferguson   $4,006,240

Brandon Fields    $479,758

Ikaika Alama-Francis $460,000

Andrew Gardner   $337,443

Nate Garner    $391,240

Ted Ginn Jr. $2,694,323

Jake Grove   $4,600,000

Brian Hartline   $436,243

Joey Haynos   $391,240

Chad Henne   $607,740

Lex Hilliard   $316,240

Nate Jones    $755,000

Kendall Langford  $672,305

Jake Long   $9,606,240

Brennan Marion  $215,000

David Martin   $1,270,000

Tony McDaniel  $1,025,000

Phillip Merling   $2,149,615

Quentin Moses    $466,240

Lydon Murtha   $200,588

Chad Pennington  $5,750,000

Lousaka Polite $1,006,240

Joey Porter   $7,400,000

Kory Sheets        $218,000

Justin Smiley   $3,800,000

Sean Smith     $546,250

Paul Soliai $583,740

Randy Starks $3,640,000

Jason Taylor    $1,102,860

Tyler Thigpen   $378,824

Donald Thomas   $338,657

Reggie Torbor $3,600,000

Patrick Turner    $488,575

Cameron Wake   $635,000

Erik Walden $391,240

Pat White    $726,175

Ricky Williams   $4,250,000

Gibril Wilson   $4,000,000


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I am here and yes, bobby, I'm reading the comments.

I will be addressing your question in my Sunday column.

In an uncapped year, isn't there a dangerous possibility for teams to get rid of a lot of bad contracts by cutting over played players and accelerating the "dead money" in the form of signing bonuses?

I can see a lot of players that should not be released getting the axe in the off season simply to clear some dead money off the books. And Signing Bonuses don't have to be pro-rated now either.

Remember, guys, these are not the salaries for these guys. These are cap numbers.

well HP, they have to add a WR, and it's going to come in one of three ways--1st round pick, FA, or trade. Miami NEEDS a #1 wide-out. The draft is always risky. Best FA if no labor agreement reached is Bryant. Trade may be where Miami goes to make it happen. If not Bowe, then Boldin or someone else...and if you can't make it work on the trade front, then expect to see Bryant in a Miami uniform next season. He has his flaws, but he also has talent...and unless you want to bring in a 36yr old TO, then Bryant will have to be the choice.

Well, the Fish got a lot of options to cut some salary; just a pipedream BUT...how nice would it be to see Boldin and Wilfork join the fish via FA and a new LB or 2 via the draft.

I see some of our BEST players making the LEAST amount of money!?!? What is going on here?We have to get rid of some DEAD WEIGHT!

I'd like a refund in Ginn Jr.

Dan, why do they "have to add a WR". Henne has thrown for over 300 yards 3 out of the last 4 games without one. Do we need one, yes. Would it help our offense, yes. Is it our #1 priority, no. We have had no issues moving the ball, it is our defense that is killing us.


I'm curious, as one other poster mentioned, as to how the players react to you after you slight and/or bash them...I mean, I bash them all the time, but, I don't have to see them every day. I imagine that could get akward...

With that said. I've made the point throughout most of the season that we overpaid for scrubs such as Wilson, Torbor, Ayodele, Culver, etc. Not to mention the one's that didn't make it McCown, Wilford, Murphy...

Not impressed at all

HP, are you kidding me? You are in the minority...every reporter in Miami has said they need a #1 wide-out if you want to see Henne develop. Dan Marino himself said they needed to give him another playmaker. Henne's only thrown for 300yds against a prevent defense or a horrible secondary like NE. You are in the minority on that one.

Yann. you Forgot Jake long on the list of draft picks miami got in the 2008 draft. if Henne pans outs it makes it a great draft and NOT JUST a good Draft,

Mark in Ottawa , Don't waste your money on a Terrance Cody jersey. He's a 2nd rounder at best. Cody is a overweight , non -productive 2 down lineman. Other than a couple of blocked fg's , he's done nothing. Here's the scouts overview on cody " call us when he makes a play ". LMFAO !!. He'll eat his way out of the league in 2-3 years. Watch NT/DT Dan williams of Tenn. tonight. That's who's jersey you might consider buying.

I did not say he did not need another weapon, I said it was not the top priority. Defense, most likely LB is the top priority. Unless I guy like Dez Bryant falls, I doubt we take a WR in the first round, no one else to fit the mold and to many good LB available.

Whether or not it's a top priority or not, Miami needs a #1 WR. This off-season will be considered a disappointment if they don't upgrade the WR corps...and not with a half-arse Earnest Wilford signing. This time it's got to be someone proven. Yes there are other needs and yes the off-season could be considered a disappointment if they don't address the LB corps...but same goes for WR. It's a need that must be filled.

NJ is right about Dan Williams, he is the man... I wouldn't be upset with Cody either... I think there is a realistic chance Dez Bryant will be around when the fins pick, if not, there are plenty of good 2nd and 3rd round picks at wr... I think the fins make a big move via trade to get a wr this offseason, I see the trifecta being way more agressive in 2010

Carlito . have a Healthy and Happy New Year.

In Fact , i wish everbody in dolphin land and their Famalies a healthy and happy new year. WOW !! 2010 Already !!!

Ok Dan, we can agree to disagree. It is easy to say that we need an elite wr but we don't really have a realistic option this offseason. The only true #1 is Dez Bryant which will most likely be gone by our pick...after that most boards don't have anyone that is worth more than a late first round/2nd round option who either is too slow or too small to be considered an "Elite" #1. We already have big guys, fast guys and possession guys and outside of Dez Bryant it was just be more of the same. As far as free agency goes, the best young guys (Jackson, Marshall, Austin, etc) will either be restricted or franchised. A. Bryant has only performed once in 7 seasons and already has a bad history with Parcells and company. Not sure why that does not register in your head. He wants big bucks and we will never give it to an inconsistent trouble maker, not matter how talented he might be. Outside of continued development of our current WR, mid to late round find, or 2nd tier free agent fans in Miami (and the other half of the league starved for a #1 receiver)are going to have to accept it is what it is. I work near Baltimore and all I hear about is drafting or signing a #1 WR in the offseason because they are just as clueless as many of the folks here.

Hp in pa. That's right.

This is what the Miami Dolphins 2010 NFL DRAFT might look like in my eyes. I made a video, just copy and paste the link.


arel , just post your picks. we don't have time for your video's.

I have to laugh at HP's post,it's like he has been here for awhile.And I agree

1. Eric Norwood (WLB)
2. Arrelious Benn (WR)
3. Reshad Jones (S)
4. Montario Hardesty (RB)
6. Phil Taylor (NT)
6. Chris Marinelli (OG/T)
7. ??? my guess is as good as yours

Heres the video link incase someone else is interested. http://vimeo.com/8468105

arel, I like Norwood but I think he is a 2nd rounder. Benn from what I read is too slow.


LMFAO @ AREL , I'm glad you're NOT miami 's GM. Norwood in the 1st round ? benn has bust written all over him. Hardesty could be a good day 2 draft pick.

Oh , I like NT/dt phil taylor of baylor.

How about that salary of Ted(OOPS I DROPED ANOTHER) Ginn, incredible....


They belive in Ginn.....He stay's...choke..cough..drop....

FAAAAAASSSAAAAAANO BABY !! Joisey in da house!!!

Need to cut Porter, Jason Allen, Pennington, Gibril Wilson and Reggie Torbor and bring back Penington (as a backup) and Torbor at a reduced salary - or let him walk if he can do better. That would be a savings of almost $20,000,000 (minus the "dead portion" of the deals which I'm not sure about) - cutting them brings the entire signing bonus on the 2010 cap figure but how many years can Porter have left on his deal? Not sure about the other guys - any insight Mando?

you're right about one thing, the defense is killing the Dolphins. If Parcells is bound and determined to have a ball control offense then you have to have not just a good but a suffocating defense. As it stands right now, we're not even good.

One thing I can't understand is why we stubbornly hang on to the 3-4 when we don't have the personnel for it. Why not run a 4-3 until we have the talent. Without a dominate NT and top shelf LBs, you just don't have much, do you?

Sure a lot of you will question my first round pick. but hey that's what opinions are for right? However; it's still early and i made my first round decision considering that his stock value will go up during the NFL combine. Some will argue that Terrence Cody in the first round would make perfect sense, and in a way it does but i have other ideas.

Somebody be ready to give Ted(Choke) ginn the Heimlich maneuver before he goes on the field Sunday, I fear he may choke... AGAIN........

Arel , yes it's your opinion and your entitlred to it. cody is a 2nd round pick at best. Anything eles is a reach.

Menace. Snow again. Is it summer yet ?

Okay for all of the so call fans here is my take on the situation in fins land. parcells and company have done a great job in the 18 months that they have been on the job, and for that reason the success have gone to the fins fan base heads and they want instant gratification. Remember now they are coming in are 8 seasons of bad drafting and free agency, and remember the 2007 was a 1-15 year then the following year we got a easy schedule. so still in the rebuilding mode they should get better but are having a winning record that year we got a tougher schedule that shows we are only good at best. we have had some hits and misses in free agency and the draft. but as you can see based on this year it has shown us what we have,
1) we have a good qb if given the tools and experience can be great
2)will have one of the best secondaries in the league.even though we start these young guns they were the reason why we lost most of the games we played.
3)joey porter is over paid and cameron wake , randy starks and charlie anderson are gamers.
4)with a mediocre wr corps they are playing ball.Even ted ginn i dont think he is going anywhere unless we have serious trade offer its just his third year.(he is what he is which is a second option not number 1)
4)the offensive line need to get healthy amd be consistant
5)we need another Rb thats is a game changer Patt Cobbs injury changed us and RB showns he cant have healthy back to back seasons
6)we dont need to draft WR in the frist round thats not pacells build nad he dont pick up over priced recievers in Free Agency ither, give patrick turner time, draft Draft defence first (has been the main reason we havent been closing games out LBs mainly) houston game for example a team that cant run the ball runs for 100+ yrds.

Look for this team to come into its own next season they are doing it right you win throught the draft and given younger players the chance.

Well done job in almost two years im glad they right ffotball ppl are running this team and not you all idiots who call yall self fans when things are going good.

Ps by the way look at dallas tony romo undrafted given a shot buy parcells , miles austin undrafted given a shot by parcells.
starting qb and most productive wideout in dallas today so i think parcells ireland and sparano no a lil bit about winning.

NJ, Need that Global warming, where is it?????

Menace, yeah right !!


it's good I got the 4x4 fixed

Thank u Armando

Airforce just hammerin it to houston

bangee, i agree to draft defense first. giving up an average of 101.02 yard per game will be a big factor of the draft and this offseason. And given the fact that parcells has only drafted 1 WR in the first round his whole career we wont draft a wr in the 1st round.


I'm not saying pay Antonio Bryant like a top-tier WR...if he's asking for 7+mil a season then obviously he's not the guy. He does have 2 1,000 yard seasons and would have hit the mark this year if he didn't miss three games...which is pretty impressive with all the QB turmoil that went on early in the season in TB. How many QBs did they go through? Bryant is what he is--a loud-mouthed deep threat. Can't put all what is going on in TB on his shoulders.

But if you don't like Bryant he doesn't have to be the #1 option. But Miami needs a proven WR threat--that you cannot disagree on--unless you want to go against what guys like Armando have been saying. You can't truly judge a guy like Henne until you put weapons around him.

Mando, you forgot to tell us if the Ginn family counts against the cap....And if it does can you break that down for us????

I am still amazed people aren't aware that the schedule has VERY little to do with our record the previous years. Regardless if we went 0-19, or 19-0, 14 games on our schedule are locked in. We play the 6 games in the division, and next year, for example, both the AFC and NFC North. The only 2 games not locked in so far who we play from the South, at this moment Tennessee, and the West, right now Oakland. We just drew 2 divisions who had the last undefeated teams, and SD and PIT for winning the division.

Three stooges marathon on AMC..(And Iam not talking about the 3 stooges known as Marc,Dying breed, and Tortured dolphin either)

I believe our #1 story in the offseason is Ronnie Brown. If a new CBA is reached, he is free to sign wherever he chooses. It will be interesting to see how his injury history plays into our decision. Does that help us, due to his price being driven down? I think it has been apparent since he got hurt, Ricky isn't as good being te main guy, but being in a good rotation. If somehow Ronnie isn't on this team, who is the replacement? What will the offense look like? I know we have several glaring needs. I think whatever you want to say about Ronnie, he is not easily replaced. Our offense was at it's absolute best when it was him and Ricky, with Chad Henne.

oh and HP, don't forget the fact that Baltimore does have Derrick Mason who just posted his 8th 1,000 yard season. Miami would love to have a guy like Mason on its team. They also have Todd Heap. They have Ray Rice. What does Miami have? Ronnie Brown...Ricky Williams--there is no vertical threat in the passing game. Fasano didn't continue to grow but took a step backwards.

What I'm saying is Miami cannot go another year without seriously addressing the WR spot. Nearly every other team has better WR corps than Miami--including Baltimore--so even if fans there are clamoring for a WR upgrade--what they are wanting to upgrade from--miami doesn't even have that. That should tell you why this position cannot be overlooked for another year.

Bootang, you are correct about only two games changing. But consider this, if we play the Chiefs or Raiders instead of the Chargers that is the difference in us making the playoffs. If the Jets finish ahead of us then we play the Raiders and they play the Broncos instead of the reverse. Additionally, home vs away games (especially against west coast teams) can also make a difference between two teams.

Dan, as I said before, I am not saying we don't need a #1 wide receiver, not sure why you don't understand that. What I am saying is that it most likely won't be addressed this year because of the options in the draft and free agency as well as the needs on defense. You for whatever reason can't understand why we won't sign Bryant. He is going to get good money from someone because he does have talent and is still relatively young but most importantly he is one of the very few options for WR hunger teams. As far as Mason goes, he is not a #1 anymore. He racks up yards because of all the receptions because he is their only option. All my friends are Ravens fans and I have watched almost as many Ravens games as Fins games and at age 33, Bess & Camarillo are the same type of player only younger. Trust me, next to CB, WR is the Ravens biggest need as well.

I guess we're talking past each other HP. I guess what i'm saying is it cannot wait another off-season. LB and WR are their biggest needs and I'm confident they will find a way to fill both. I do agree there is a strong likelihood that Bryant gets overpaid. And if he does, it won't be coming from Miami--and rightfully so. But I do believe Miami finds a way to land a impact WR via trade--whether it's Boldin or Bowe or someone else. And if Miami loses sunday, they have a decent shot at trying to get Ronaldo McClain, the ILB from Alabama. At this point, Miami will probably get a draft slot between #11-15.

Miami losing helps with the schedule, helps with the draft, and if no CBA, it allows them to sign FA's without having to not sign one of their own. If uncapped season, this will be the wierdest off-season in NFL history with all the complex and random rules. Either that, or it'll be one of the most dull.

Dan, now we are talking! I am a fan of McClain and I would love to see him fall. I have seen comparisons to Urlacher and Willis. Look, if Dez Bryant is there then I would like to see us pick him but because of the lack of WR depth I see him going earlier. I see that Brandon Spikes is falling into the 2nd round. Part of me wants him, the other part sees another Crowder. I like Crowder who I think gets a bad rap but I think he is a steady not spectactular presence in the middle. We need a dynamic playmaker next to him to balance him out.

I think there are some impact D players in the draft...that's why i'm hoping we address WR in FA or trade. McClain, Dan Williams or trade down acquiring more picks and drafting a guy like Jermaine Gresham for TE. Denver is the team we have to try to get by in order to get McClain. Early reports have them very high on him. But I'd love to see us sign a guy like Nate Allan, the USF Free Safety in the 3rd round. He's a guy who always seems to have a nose for the football--something Wilson does not!

Maybe the phins should target the "Geico" cave man for the defense seeing "Its so easy even a cave man can do it" Discuss guys.......

What about gort cuban?

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