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Texans lead Dolphins 10-0 in 2nd quarter

One team is playing like they have playoff hopes on the line.

One team is playing like the season is over.

The Dolphins are the latter.

The Texans have found Andre Johnson. Have broken tackles. And have overcome a couple of sacks.

The Dolphins have missed tackles, been unable to cover Johnson and been unable to mount an offensive challenge.

And that's why Miami is down 10-0.

Join me in the comments section for the second quarter of the live blog.


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Is it time to take my kods to Alvin and the Chipmunks, "the Squeakel?"

Ok, time to show some life... momentum shift...

I am depressed.

Is it time to take my kids to Alvin and the Chipmunks, "the Squeakel?"

If the Dolphins are going to show life, now is a time because field position favors them.

Now is the time!

need a big play on D

I know this has been covered before Mandy, but, do you REALLY need a new post every QTR?

Texans are backed up...second and long...usually good Defenses make a team pay here...will we??

anyone have a real link please, or should i not watch?

I understand it's a building process, but I do expect to watch a professional team regardless. I agree with the comment below, our offensive coordinator needs to go bye bye!

Ok we need a new Playcaller, 3rd and 1 and we pass? We have a fb that is a manbeast I mean cmon guys that's crap

this is horrible

The San diego whooping of tenn showed how far away miami is from being a super bowl contender.

Well, at least we know the coverage problem isn't just with Andre Johnson.

They're not covering ANYBODY!

so much for field position

They are going to get blown out. No hope.

where the F is the Defense!!! 21 yard gain is more than we have for the entire game!!!

Schuab 8-8 135 yards; yikes

why does anyone even bother running against miami

How do they keep doing that so easily???

Torbor is getting lit on fire.

Walter - anyone want to cover him?

A drop...Best D all game...

Miami looks lost

Matt Schaub is not Peyton Manning... WTF

where is the DEFENSE!!!!!

Wow we suck!!

I'm glad Clemmons is in, but why can't we cover anybody??? We are missing "Big Furg" today BIG TIME!!!!

Carlito , did you see MOSES with the sack. I'm telling you , he needs to play more.

we are getting WORKED!

Totally outcoached.

Texans -- seven 10 yard plus plays...wow?

where are all the Crowder haters? TORBOR is killing us!!!

Channing Crowder has a foot injury.

Miami has no clue what's going on. This is embarrassing. And it's on the coach.

NE TD 14-0

Torbor looks slower than me!!!!!!

5 yard gain by who?

LBs cant cover at all!!!

Houston appears to want this game more.

1st incomplete pass by HOU was a dropped pass. But then another big completion. HOU is passing at will. There is no hope for MIAMI today. They are just playing flat with no heart.

Torbor can't cover a fly with a tent

Wow! Holes everywhere. Pass/run isn't that what we use to do

Torbor just stood there as TE ran by him...

Until further notice they will be called the Miami dolphins efense.

This team looks absolutely lost. I hate to say it but Sparano needs to take control of his coordinators. These two buffoons need a tounge lashing.

this is hilarious

Great touchdown.

Call a team time out, regroup!

wow we suck

Noone can cover someone man to man for 10 seconds

Torbor is horrible!!! Where are all you Crowder haters now?

maimi fans are booing. GOOD!

Not really..this sux

SEAN SMITH...My favorite corner just watches his guy run in...

cant blitz, cant cover cant tackle cant watch!

candy from a crying baby, put a fork in them!

What's the point of having a safety back there if that's the type of tackle he's going to make? Disgusting

Where the F*** is our pass rush?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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