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Texans lead Dolphins 10-0 in 2nd quarter

One team is playing like they have playoff hopes on the line.

One team is playing like the season is over.

The Dolphins are the latter.

The Texans have found Andre Johnson. Have broken tackles. And have overcome a couple of sacks.

The Dolphins have missed tackles, been unable to cover Johnson and been unable to mount an offensive challenge.

And that's why Miami is down 10-0.

Join me in the comments section for the second quarter of the live blog.


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Matt 201 yards Chad 27.. Defence can't get off the feild offense can't stay on!

I mean seriously, Shanahan and Cowher are available. I just don't think Parcells wants to share power.

Time to hand out walkin papers. G. Wilson goes first, followed by 55. Don't worry cordinators are gone too

Wow, JT is bitchin at the rooks.

Trap game... I'm telling you guys.

And for all who say this is just a great Houston team beating a horrible Miami team, you're wrong. Houston isn't great, and Miami isn't horrible. They're both 7-7 teams. Even if it's a slight mismatch, that doesn't explain getting wiped out like this.

It's a trap game. And the Fins fell into the trap... they weren't mentally ready to play. Houston was.

SEAN SMITH is a bigger p&$y than Ginn could ever dream of being

It's ok, we'll get the Knute Rockney Speech at the half !!! ooooooopsssss

I was really looking forward to next weeks matchup possibly meaning playoffs for the winner. Secondary of the future huh? Well the present is crap

This shows such a lack of preparation that it screams coaching problems. On at least 50 occasions this season I have had serious doubts about the capacity if the relics calling plays. Wehave absolutely no counterpunch and thus no chance

lights out folks


Wtf we are a bunch of pusssssssyy start tackle someone and get into position fire some if these coaches fire the whole team

just when u think it couldnt get worse

Wft henne

Mando, any sense or reading between the lines from Sparano that the team had a bad practice week? Very apparent that (1) either Miami was not prepared or ready to play or (2) Texans are just a lousy match-up for us, year in/year out

Why are we throwing to Ricky?

buh bye ricky!! NO F'ing HANDS!!

that one is on ricky


The defense is pathetic. The offense looks blah. God help us. And in the stadium they are asking to renew our season tickets. Nice. You need a better effort.

Come on, RICKY!!!!!!!

Ok now it's probably over. Must hold!

Ricky should sit for season, let hilliard get snaps

On the bright side ....

This isnt a trap game its a personel mismatch. Some of you watch the games and still dont understand what you see.

Can anyone say 62-7?

Has there been one bright spot yet??

this is fing pathetic.

Nice catch

you know why were throwing to Ricky? Because NOBODY"S F'ING OPEN!!!!

and i thought Duran was hands of stone, guess ricky wants that title now


That's all on Ricky; you couldn't play thus bad if you were trying to throw a game on purpose.

This could get ugly

... give me a minute, I'll come up with something.

62-7 coming !!!!

when it rains it pours


Hey look the 07 dolphins are back!!!

Nice Tackle

Well it's time to start throwing back the buds now

time for texas to rest their starters?

NO Friggin Pressure -- Soliai isn't the answer to fergie.

only team in the league that puts a hit on themselves!!!

Any way you slice it, it's coaching.

Is it me, or is our O-line getting pushed back???


how can he miss that tackle??????

Akin just got bitched by moats.

Yeah. Ayodele. Try to be tough instead of just taking him down.

it gets worse and worse every play

Tackle don't hit!!


They gave up. Very sad.

Bring in don strock

See ya all next year --

Oh yea, thats the answer, put jake grove in!! Maybe he could play defense

you can drive 10 mac trucks through that hole

Oh my god!

Fire these coaches that they did not coach

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