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Texans lead Dolphins 10-0 in 2nd quarter

One team is playing like they have playoff hopes on the line.

One team is playing like the season is over.

The Dolphins are the latter.

The Texans have found Andre Johnson. Have broken tackles. And have overcome a couple of sacks.

The Dolphins have missed tackles, been unable to cover Johnson and been unable to mount an offensive challenge.

And that's why Miami is down 10-0.

Join me in the comments section for the second quarter of the live blog.


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I am beside myself at this defensive show. It unfrickinbelievable. Really!? This is the WORST I hve seen miami play, ever.

wata fukin joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally all of this crazy we're playoff calibre talk can end. LOL

This is a sad way for the season to end.

time to watch real men play, ravens-steelers

This is the worst start to a game I've seen by a Dolphins team in my life. And I was alive in 2007.

where are the Inside Linebackers??????????????

Defense gave up; no frigging character

And that's the fu@kin game. What a bunch of $h!tty players this team has.

give our guys credit. its easy to make their passing game look great but its pretty hard to make their running game look good and boy are we succeeding at that. nice job guys.

looks like Crowder was more important than we all thought.


I've reached the point of laughing it's getting so bad

We are a bunch of freaking pussssssssyyyy learn to tackle

There is a bright side Mando. I can get my laundry done because I'm turning this krap off.

that pretty much takes ricky out of the game. lets go henne.

what makes this worse is NE and PIT are winning their games which would help Miami out.

Phoning it in....

Mando, the reason for optimism from fins fans is that they overcome adversity and have heart!! Don't know who the F these quitters are!!!

Bunch of fu*ki*g quitters.

I am making $35,000 and my roof is leaking right now and these guys with their playoff life on the line and making millions of dollars play like this.


WTF!!! Should we bench all the starters and give the second string a chance!! All we have to do is win!!!!!!!

Omg I am speechless. I have watched football all my life and I have never seen a quarter and a half of football so horribly played by the phins they can't tackle, cover, throw, catch, or anything.

Zackdean I was about to say the same fing thing! Holy Shiot!

C'mon guys, we are clearly playing for draft picks...right?? Right???

Oh god!!!

Wake up call...Miami has no business even being in the playoff talk. We look pathetic!

dolphin players called every bookie they know before this game.

ok sit porter and taylor, no reason to not let wake and moses and anderson play every fricking down

even bad teams don't look like this.

I am a stauch Ricky supporter. Always have been. He needs to be benched.

This team needs alot of talent on both sides of the ball. I thought WR was a priority going into the offseason but DEF has to be the priority.

Talk about shittin the bed!

Has anyone seen the Miami dolphins cause they're not here.

this is so bad, if i was at the game right now i would throw tomatoes at the fins. They should just forfeit the game right now, instead of playing the rest of the game.

I still think they have a chance. I think they're awake now.

This game so far is the coaches fault, this team does not look prepared, very sad

Of course we are getting the scoreboard help we need. Never fails.

should've activated Turner,

The defense needs rebuilding. We need linebackers and safeties. This is ridiculous.

Saw this commin the moment I saw Patrick Turner inactive

Looks like Santa did put a nice gift under our tree. No playoffs means we may finally get the nice pieces we need in the draft. LOL

If you're just now figuring out that Crowder is the best ILB we have you're an idiot, however, this staff did next to nothing...Hence Ayodele and Torbor...

I know right... Pitt and ne are both winning.

Where are all the guys who fantasized about our chances next year?

This is the real team we have.

7and9 should get a decent pick in the draft...

embarrassing, both sides of the ball........

sit ricky puhlease

draft will be defense, defense, and some more defense...

Season over. Next year is make or break year for us fans, we deserve soooooo much better from these losers. Otherwise time for a new team. No wr talent, small handed weed smoking rb and another rb that can't play a full season. This team is really not close on offense. And don't even get me started on defense

Anyone still convinced that Henne is the QB of the future and that this secondary will be good as they mature and get more experienced? Yeah, me neither. Absolutely horrible, inexcusable, unforgivable performance by a bunch of untalented, heartless, gutless bums.

pitt is winning pats are winning if we win we could make it in but hell why bother?


Iam 65 and I believe I could pass against the dolphin D


Vernon Carey continues to stink. Illegal hands to the face penalty.

not only are we running it, down 24-0, but we can't even block w/o a penalty!!!

Vernon Carey needs to be cut this off season!!!!

This is pathetic!

Now I wonder TRULY how much damage shameron and mueller did to this organization.

We have 37 yards to there 200 +. Now a 10 yard penalty! My God.

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