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Texans lead Dolphins 10-0 in 2nd quarter

One team is playing like they have playoff hopes on the line.

One team is playing like the season is over.

The Dolphins are the latter.

The Texans have found Andre Johnson. Have broken tackles. And have overcome a couple of sacks.

The Dolphins have missed tackles, been unable to cover Johnson and been unable to mount an offensive challenge.

And that's why Miami is down 10-0.

Join me in the comments section for the second quarter of the live blog.


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love running the ball down 24-0!!!!

How many blockers are going to get into Williams' way?

And they're still running it! Really??????????

LMAO at all those that thought we would win this week. We will NEVER beat the Texans and the TEXANS will NEVER be in the playoffs. We are not near ready to be in the playoffs. As it looks now, we are more than a year or two away before we can make the playoffs.

Ricky can't handle spotlight!!! I bet Mary Jane's right back in his life!!

These guys are lost out there.

henne is flustered!

Throw the ball down the field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

let's start a keep throw list.
Porter - not at any price
Ginn - not at any price
Pasqualoni - must go
Torbor - at reduced salary
Brown - sign at market price only
Ayodele - at reduced salary
Taylor - only if accepts roll as roll player

I'm going surfing, this team does not deserve to be watched

Vernon Carey needs to be cut this off season!!!!

I am so happy right now. We're spared the embarrassment another one and done playoffs!

There really is a Santa!!! LOL

Armando, I'm younger than you but was at a game with a similar start in 1981. I doubt we see a turnaround like we did when the dolphins trailed 24-0 in the '81 AFC Divisional playoffs against San Diego.

There's not much you can say. Given the situation, this has to rate as the worst coachign job of any coaching staff in any single week this season.

The Dolphins have failed to show up in a must-win home game. They're completely unfocused and that's a reflection of the coaching.

This is an embarrassment. Sparano and co. have done and absolutely horrible job this week, when there was still a lot of play for.

Heads will roll.

does it really matter, another 3 and out! Bess dropping balls, henne is flustered,

We lost this game when we were down 10-0 and the coaches called the worst set of plays on 1st down to go 3 and Out.

you gotta wonder how much they prepared during the week.

Mando SD vs MIA comes to mind, playoff game (I think, early 80's) Woodstrock and Strock put us back in the game threw for over or close to 400 yds.

wow this is freaking terrible. they gave up on us. totally and completely.

come on man!

Oh Lord, please give Tuna the wisdom to FIRE DAN HENNING ASAP! He is the head offensive guy. Our offense is a direct result of his leadership.

And when you talk Miami you're talking toilet bowl.....

W00t! back to Defense!! If that's what we're calling it..



The stadium is silent... and it looks like a bunch of fans left after buying beer and popcorn, instead of going to their seats to watch the game!!!

Looks like i can hit the outback steakhouse earlier than i thought.

the over under on wins for miami was 7 and i took the over proudly what a sucker.

you need to run to setup the play action ;-)

This game is like a car crash...

I can't look away.

Armando you better grill the coordinators. Please ask them why they deserve to be employed in this league. And then cut them off and tell them it was a rhetorical question...

And if you think we JUST need a WR and LB or Safety that's wishful thinking too...How about NT, DE, ILB, OLB, DB, Satefy...Ohh, dang...That's everything

Our coaches are fantastic we just dont have enough talent yet. What an idiotic statement. LOL

is the game on tv in s.fla stadium is empty as hell

There should be riots. Seriously. Everybody should congregate outside the stadium and wait for these heartless gutless bums to show their apathetic, laughing faces after the game and just jump them and rip them to shreds.
There is not one player on this team worth a damn.
Not one.
There is not one coach on this staff worth a damn.
Not one.
And the cheerleaders all have gonorrhea.

Henning is the worst...3rd and 11 and he calls a 4 yard route to Bess. He needs to hit the road. The only good part of this offense is the Ronnie Wildcat and our QB coach created that! So, what exactly does Henning do?

Dying Breed, go F'CK ur daddy

WTF...i thought we were a physical team that plays everyone tough?

D-dense, that SD was cool. But eventually the Dolphins covered someone.

And Miami still lost.

henning will never be fired as long as tuna is in Miami, they play golf every week

Im not sure about Sparano as a head coach and I definitely think Henning and Pasqualoni need to go!

Sorry folks, but I also do not believe that Henne is the answer... This team took 5 steps back this season and are probaly 2 years away from being a contender.

Wow fins really? Sorry to admit but my team just sucks to he'll with y'all


F'n hilarious!!!!!!

Joel Dreesen.

Ya know I really haven't seen Henne improve this year. I hope he is our next starter for a while but he really is waaaaay behind for a second year guy. Think about Flacco and Ryan.

joel dressen just crushed peezy!! BUH BYE PEEZY

Joey Porter just got blown up by the TE.

Point being Henne isn't Strock and I saw that game at The Orange Bowl. Great game, but Strock was an older more experienced player. Henne's still a kid.

Armando you better grill the coordinators. Please ask them why they deserve to be employed in this league. And then cut them off and tell them it was a rhetorical question...

Posted by: Mbacharmas | December 27, 2009 at 01:56 PM

These guys get 15 yards on call. No pressure, no resistance. No frickin heart. This is absolutely horrendous!!!

Joel F'n Dreesen.

we need all new LBs

Miami is 2 drafts away from being a good playoff team.

If I loose my feed, I'll consider it a blessing.

I understand your disappointment guys and expect no less from fans. Reality is a B'th when arriving from fantasy land. LOL

11 yards per play LOL

What a joke these guys are.Houston isn't that good..trust me.


IF i owned this team and payig theis money out
HEADS WOULD ROLL at half time.
What if you did your job like this how long
would you be working..NOT LONG..

So,if i was there owner there would be firings

you know for a bad running team, the texans look like the 85 bears

Out of bounds.

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