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Texans lead Dolphins 10-0 in 2nd quarter

One team is playing like they have playoff hopes on the line.

One team is playing like the season is over.

The Dolphins are the latter.

The Texans have found Andre Johnson. Have broken tackles. And have overcome a couple of sacks.

The Dolphins have missed tackles, been unable to cover Johnson and been unable to mount an offensive challenge.

And that's why Miami is down 10-0.

Join me in the comments section for the second quarter of the live blog.


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When did they bring back Tom Olivadoti (sp?)

Fins looking to secure a top 12 pick in next years draft!!!

oh my god i cant believe we came out like this...we suck soo hard right now

Full colapse, oh well surf looks good!! Draft a receiver...

Can we all finally agree that VD is FAR superior to SEAN SMITH?

I so fu*king tired of Tackles holding our DE's. Watch THAT on replay.

we cant catch a freakin break this SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

i think we are challenging so our D can catch their breath!

I've has doubts about miami's coaches for a while. Unfortunately the bar was so low anything looks better. This is a receiver qb league. Henne will never be better than top 16 qb and that won't work.

Caught or not...SEAN SMITH has done less than NOTHING

WTF? Come on man!

Why can't we cover any Tight Ends?!?!?!?!

Wasted TO...Sparano just wanted to be part of the moron parade along with the rest of the team today.

Houston receiver fails to make a catch, leading 24-ZIP, and he is beating himself up on the sideline. WHERE'S THE PASSION, PHINS??!!!


Mando thinks he is out of bounds that means he is in...Mando has not got a review right this year.

it all starts in the booth...Those are the guys that draft and trade players and select coaches...Just saying...

Wtf we challenge that

we dont have a choice but to throw the challenge

Mando- YOU GOT ONE!!!

I'm finally right Wayne Fontes. Even a blind squirel finds a nut every once in a while.

Vontae made the INT but there was no excitement like it was a turning point in the game.

These guys gave up.

Very very sad

As long as there is one person on the field or in Parcells' box associated with this franchise, this team will never win more than 4 or 5 games in a season again.

why cant we cover TE's? b/c our LBs avg 33 years of age on the outside

hey would anyone disagree that turner should play next week no matter what just to see if he is a gamer?? we have to know what we have and we wont be playing for anything.

Well, like I said in post to your "Pennington Plans to Play" blog, keep adding guys until you find the right mix and someone "earns" their job. I like Henne, but he still has alot to prove. Let's just give it more time people, give it more time.

HA HA HA! good one...you are doing better than Coach P right now however.

we need LBs to cover TE and RB!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE NEED 1 ILB AND 2 OLB

Thats why I have hope for next season when we add the right pieces around the nucleus we have. We have a very good nucleus. Thats all we have this season. Its not enough yet. LOL

putting nate jones on johnson?

Miami is 2 drafts away from being a good playoff team.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | December 27, 2009 at 01:58 PM


Let's hope there is a Offensive and Defensive coordinator in next year's draft.


Wow. They suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

Hope the other teams win so we dont feel so bad if we won we would of not make playoff

Lol. 33-0

my obese grandmother could split a double team against our secondary and take it to the house

How do things go so bad, so fast???

31-0 nothing in a hurry!! This is what this team needed!! A blowout!! So now parcells will truly see he is NO WHERE NEAR done with this RE BUILD!! Get your FAT ASS moving TUNA

haha 300 yards... wow

Foster, Dreesen, Moats tearing us a new a@@hole. 300 yds already. Impressive

It is really disappointing that the defensive staff hasn't figured out something to move Jones off Andre Johnson.

That is elementary adjustment stuff.


I knew when that jack ass Omar Kelly picked them to win today we were screwed.

10 bucks says Houston doesn't let up like we normally let up.

I heard Merlings name...Wow

The crowd cheering D-Fence is deafening.

Not really.

Looks like that 62-7 prediction's gonna come through..

Texans -- 314 yards total offense!

No Dying Breed ur a fake piece of S'IT who needs to get lost, u have been nothing but an AS'HOLE since day one... Do us a facvor and DIE before next season

HEY, we stopped a QB draw.

Sporano has no control of this team. When a boss loses control, he needs to get fired.

Worst coverage LBs in the NFL!

Two drafts away??? Screw waiting that long folks, why stick around that long? This team is worse than last years. I'm so tired of waiting til next year, this teams motto is "wait til next year"

Head will roll.

carolina crushing the G-MEN!! Another tuna protege that sux

Maybe we should go back to the wildcat and let Pat White run it? No man, kidding! We need to try to put something together with Henne and Camarillo.

Miami is only one offseaso away from having a team that challenges for the AFC championship. You who say 2 season are very wrong and you dont fully understand what you are seeing with the nucleus of this team.

We look so terrible today because we are in a total personel mismatch. I saw this well before the first down was played today. LOL

Team has quit.

Coaches have quit.

How long before the Tuna quits?

12 men...ha!

Spoken like a serve and protect cop, LOL

"No Dying Breed ur a fake piece of S'IT who needs to get lost, u have been nothing but an AS'HOLE since day one... Do us a facvor and DIE before next season

Posted by: bobbyd12 | December 27, 2009 at 02:06 PM

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