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Texans lead Dolphins 27-3 going to 3rd quarter

The only time the Texans did not score in the first half was when they took a knee just before halftime.

Otherwise, they've owned the Dolphins.

Houston leads Miami, 27-3.

Matt Schaub is 14 of 18 for 247 yards with two touchdown passes..

The Dolphins have had no answers.

If they can author a comeback it would be the most dramatic I have seen from them in person. I don't know that they have the weapons to do it considering Chad henne is inaccurate today. He has completed only 11 of 23 passes and has one interception without a TD pass.

Join me in the comments section to see how this thing unfolds.


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Help.sperano should slap the whole defence.

Screw any idiot here lambasting the team and coaches. I love my teams and support them to the fullest. As a matter of fact no matter the final score I will still be out in public proudly displaying my Dolphin gear. LOL

Posted by: DyingBreed | December 27, 2009 at 02:34 PM

Yes I posted this and mean it with all my aqua and orange heart! Love those fish! LOL


Maybe this will shut up some of those blind supporters and show them what us REALIST already knew...That our team is, and has been FAR from contention...

They need to get rid of henning no ands ifs and buts about it. He's destroying the team

i cant believe how easy the miami defenders give up, i dont see this team being close to being great ...

NO HART.... this is terrible.

So.. i think it's time to start thinking offseason.. who do the Dolphins not sign that they should?? who do the Dolphins not draft that they should??

Been a Dolphins fan since birth in 1978.. how long do I stay faithful to the team when they aren't even close to sniffing a SuperBowl win?

I once read someone selling their fanship... I'm seriously considering it..

Armando.. more sarcasm needed to survive the day..

Maybe Santa misunderstood what I wanted for Christmas

Elevate our QB coach to O coordinator; wasn't the wildcat his idea...I'm certain he has more...

Thats right Marc. But I love the nucleus and believe with the right offseason additions we will become a real force in 2010. LOL

LOL @ Armando, nine field goals, don't know what's funnier you thinking we have nine drives in us in the second half or the Texans laying down for us.

Marc'y want bus money??? Can't afford 10 dollars in gas???

What nucleus? Merling, Langford, SEAN SMITH? Wilson, Ayodoyle, Torbor? LMAO..That's rich...

I wish they would call team timeouts like in basketball to stop the bleeding and lean into the whole team. You never see that.

we NEED to get rid of girbil wilson and draft a MLB or WR...someone who can actually cover

im watching every lousy play of this game and the next cause when they start winning in the future i know i will deserve every bit of the pleasure.

If we score on opening drive, i see a comeback of monsterous proportions

And Marc says he's a MAN and a FAN??? Of what Marc, the ballet?????

All the doomsdayers should relax. Fact is, we are a middle of the road NFL team. But we are a young middle of the road team on the way up. With another good offseason we will improve. Keep the faith. I'm still going to watch the rest of this game and cheer too. Can't be any worse than the first 1.5 qtrs.

Crowder > Ayodele and Torbor combined.

Officer Boob...I can't help but think there's something CRIMINAL in your behavior...Let's see how tough you are...What precinct did you say you worked at? The beauty of the internet is it never forgets. I wonder if your chief would approve of your hijinx....LOL

Nine FGs? Don't laugh, that's probably the 2nd half game plan.

Marc, ur comments don't matter, only MEN who don't wear dresses and can afford 10 dollars in gas matter...DA'N PUS'Y...can only hide behind his computer

ok first half was awful, lets score early in the third and ask the questions, we can still do it, keep believing

Yes Marc, we absolutely stink. We won 7 games because we have no players. You dumb FAWK!

They still can not make a simple tackle,, always giving up the long play. And let's not forget that soprano can't motivate this teambring back don Shula and let's get back to our winning ways

I will always b a fan, that's y i can slam 'em wen they play lousy!

Armando, how many fans are still in the stadium??? It looks empty

Armandito what the hell is wrong with Henne?

Texans have Andre Johnson. Dolphins have Taurus Johnson.

Advantage Houston.

Is 7 games an accomplishment?

Ian Eagle has an awful tupay.

Plain n simple. WE SUCK

is the stadium half empty already? to think i almost came to this game to watch and stay through new years thank god i didnt

That's Marc, scared to be a man and face me!!! Gonna write the Chief...wahhhhhhhhh I can yell ur Army material PUS'Y!!!

I'm a fan no matter what but as I travel to Georgia and listen to the game it gets me more mad...well at least we nor the worse team in the league. Won't be in town for the last game any one interested in buying 3 tix call me 305-244-4596, section 101 row 13 seats 9,10,11 at face value $80.00 each including parking..


Greenbay cover safety Nick Collins is a free agent. He has like 7 picks this season. That would go a long way in eliminating our penchant for giving up the quick strikes. One serious problem solved.

Miles Austin would give us quick strike ability and was drafted by Parcells regime. Two problems solved.

Draft a good olb and good ilb, Thats 3 of our team's most serious problems solved. That would make us a legitmate threat to make the AFC title game. This is what I see.

what we are seeing today is the huge difference in philosophies in building a team. Miami has a very good running game, built to run the clock and make the short pass every now and then. Houston really can't run the ball but has the weapons to light up the scoreboard when in sync. So when you compare the two teams the end result will always be the same. The league has set up the officiating to take care of the QB and WR, so why build around your RB and that type of offensive scheme?

Last week Mark in Toronto asked, "Why not us?" Today is his answer.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: this team is not progressing, it's regressing. What a bummer.

I just think it's ironic office Boob...That you're a lawman, LMAO

We came back last week of course lost but came back.

It puts them like I said, a middle of the road team. They are 2 years removed from being the Lions. Perspective you dumb fawk!!! 18 games won in the last 2 years isn't bad when you consider where they were. So shut your idiot drivel.

Giants are losing worse.. a bright side to a bad day.. the Fins are losing as bad..

I cant wait to c a new name on jersey #19!!

Marc, my daugter would kick ur a'S PUS'Y and she's 14!!! What a PUS'Y, write my Chief. LMAO

Penalty on Miami.

Texans have Andre Johnson. Dolphins have Taurus Johnson.

Advantage Houston.

Brilliant Mando...

Screens will not get us TDs

The officials HATE the Fins.

Carey again

And were getting boned by a big Johnson

Carey is going to have to donate his game check to the Dolphins Foundation.

Dallas will NOT get rid of Miles Austin...Might want to be a little more reasonable...

Ok Mark in TO...is Crowder > a concussed Zach Thoams?

Wahhhhhhhhh Marc got beat up in skool by the girls and ran to the teachers!!! Wahhhhhhhhh

Playcalling is pathetic, Bess screen again then Rickky screen. Henning is the worst playcaller in Miami history.

Good start Ted u fi#kn lunatic

I think mark anthony could do a better job at QB today...

That long developing sweep isn't working. Throw it out.

Get rid of Ginn. Should have traded him on Monday after two kickoff returns

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