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Texans lead Dolphins 27-3 going to 3rd quarter

The only time the Texans did not score in the first half was when they took a knee just before halftime.

Otherwise, they've owned the Dolphins.

Houston leads Miami, 27-3.

Matt Schaub is 14 of 18 for 247 yards with two touchdown passes..

The Dolphins have had no answers.

If they can author a comeback it would be the most dramatic I have seen from them in person. I don't know that they have the weapons to do it considering Chad henne is inaccurate today. He has completed only 11 of 23 passes and has one interception without a TD pass.

Join me in the comments section to see how this thing unfolds.


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Our playbook has seven plays...Im convinced we have seven plays...

here we go boys!

awful playcalling this set; just awful

So Angry Fin Fan, you would rather be Houston? They have never finished above .500! If Miami had as many top 10 picks as they have on their team and still not able to break .500, we would have fans burning pictures of Mando in protest. I believe!

Throw the ball DOWN THE FIELD! Geez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Throw the ball down field.

another play for 1 yard!!! Gotta love hennings play calling!

God Marc, ur a fake fan AND a huge PUS'Y... Was ur dad a PUS'Y like u???

running the ball is pointless now. we dont have time for that. we need chunk yardage. freakin throw it further than 3 yards. some blogger i cant recall who said we need a stud reciver. id have to agree.

It is about time we used Lex, now we run again?!?!?!

Today I'd rather be the Texans...

C'mon, let's air it out over the top so Henne can overthrow the receiver and then we can punt.

What's with this play calling to start the 3rd? Screens, short passes??????? Let's open this up

Miles Austin is a free agent next season, what do you mean. Forgot to do your homework Marco?

Shotgun the rest of the game with 4 WRs, come henning open it up, time is running out

LOL...You act like just because we're better than 1-15 we're good...We STILL SUCK! It was our own fault we fell that far, and it's our own fault we still falter...Just watch the game...I don't even need to say anything else

Did henning get screen happy all of a sudden. I know henne sucks today but you are not going to score four posessoons if you take 10 minutes to score each time.

What the hell is with these 2 yd passes??? Pathetic pathetic pathetic

The number of one yard pass plays we have must be a team record...wow!

Marc ran to his Mommy when kids made fun of him wearing a dress!!!

what is old man henning doing with all these short pass plays???

Crowder is better than a 36 year old concussed Thomas, yes. Heck, Parcells used to maul Thomas in his prime when Tuna was the coach of the Jets. Used to break my heart.

My 2 year old could call better plays...they clearly don't even know the score... They think it's 3 to 3...

I think Someone has to let Henning know we're playing catch up

Yo - Marc and Bobby...

Could you two children please stop your infantile banter?!!!!!!!!!!

I've never seen one franchise dominate another this bad. What a joke this team is.

Officer Boob...Be realistic here. You're only playin' a badA$$ cause you know I'm not comin' down there and you obviously aren't coming here, so, just shut your mouth and go write a speeding ticket, LOL

hurry up!!!

ove going 4 wide, esp since the 4rth receiver is a te!!! what a joke

Marc must be a convict since he seems to have such problems with police officers...

good time for Wild Ricky or PatGun

Hurry up, hurry up...who is calling the plays?

wow tedd ginn din't go OB

how do we score 4 tds without letting them touch the ball?

Henne must be making the calls

Marc can't say anything else cause he's SCARED!!! Ur a PU S'Y Marc'y, always will be!! Let ur boyfriend comfort u tonite in Disneyworld.....Never was a man, never will be!!!

All of you playcalling bashers have no clue that you can only cook with the ingredients you have in your cupboard. Right now our cupboard is only half full you idiots. LOL

we need to play action here!!

Jeff Zgonina? A Nick Saban pick up.

great williams is hurt.

ricky looks old and tired today.

Who the hell are these guys!?

great...passed down the field, get close...run??

Jeff Zgonina tackles ricky with a roid bottle.

Zgonina getting his revenge, as do all other Dolphins cast offs every time they play us.

well we don't have to worry about any more running plays, now do we!!

Ball control and wind the clock down. Oh, we're down how much?

Hey Armando, I know you have access to coach Sporano...you gotta get this message to him!!!
It's IMPORTANT....I have this great play...
It's called the annexation of Puerto Rico, and...

wow! now ricky is hurt, last yr everything broke right, this year everything is breaking badly

I think I saw Rickys leg get caught under him on the dive. Crap.

16 weeks Marc has k own where I've sat, yet can't come down....BIG PUS'Y!!!!

Out for the Season....we all are!!!

Did they have practice this week????


wish turner was active. we need more recivers on the field.

way to stop momentum...play calling by coaches...

oh god pat white

Should have kept the no huddle going, Texans looked confused.

Officer Boob...Just let it go...I know being a lowly cop is frustrating and all, but, I'm starting to feel embarrassed for you

Wild Pat!

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