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Texans lead Dolphins 27-3 going to 3rd quarter

The only time the Texans did not score in the first half was when they took a knee just before halftime.

Otherwise, they've owned the Dolphins.

Houston leads Miami, 27-3.

Matt Schaub is 14 of 18 for 247 yards with two touchdown passes..

The Dolphins have had no answers.

If they can author a comeback it would be the most dramatic I have seen from them in person. I don't know that they have the weapons to do it considering Chad henne is inaccurate today. He has completed only 11 of 23 passes and has one interception without a TD pass.

Join me in the comments section to see how this thing unfolds.


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Wind got knocked


Now thats one of the things I spoke of earlier. Our D having to give our offense a short field. Texans are too good to got 70-80yds 10-12 plays every possesion.

well now, thanks dan henning!! Add Haynos to the SH-T list!!

Houston has decided to come with pressure now.

screen on first down, not 2nd down! ugh

U can't go 3 and out cmon

What exactly r we doing back in the huddle again!?! Jesus man!!!

Where's the creativity? We are so predictable! We suck!

nope.. let down.. as usually..

Fake field goal here makes sense.

Simply outstanding, imaginative, creative play calling!!

What a waste

Big INT goes for NAUGHT.

It's a loss what a pathetic display of quarterbacking pathetic

Way to capitolize on the pick

nothing to show for it is right. nada.. zip.. zilch..

Ian Eagle works for the Fan out of NY!! He is a JET FAN!! Does this say it all?

Dan hemming does not know how to coach momentum drive he sucks asssssssss WTF

That was the season.

Turnover, no points. This organization is a joke, from the top down

I'm going to get sick

Sparano has no guts either, field goal attempt from 54 yards is just dumb

Crossing patterns?

I cannot stand this $HIT.

1. Crap play calling out of the gates.
2 NEVER A frigging call for holding

The turd I just shat looked better than that series...

what a wasted turnover. we have to score everytime we get the ball. we finally get momentum and give it right back. that is the thing we have been doing all year. we cant hold momentum.

I agree, call me next season or the year after

We're back to the play calling bashing. You cant make mashed potatoes when all you have in the cupboard are onions idiots. LOL

that expensive offense line held up good against the blitz..

like Humpty Dmpty falling off the wall..

Better odds going for it on 4th and 12

And now the Texans score.

Is it Henning or Sporano making these Mickey Mouse calls?

it was 3rd and 11 he had no choice but to go for the fg

Did you actually think we wre going to come out of this with Hennepin throwing a LNG bomb?

I dont understand why not use the shotgun formation from here on

We have max protection of 1st down and still get slaughtered for a sack...

Dying...Who's fault is it that all we have is onions?

Parcells really isn't involved in anything the team does...he just picks up a cheque. There I said it.

NE up 35-0

Barber is out for Houston with a hamstring.

Let's go Dolphins!!! Gotta keep the faith. That's what REAL fans do!

Why wouldn't you know they'd run it after throwing a pick?

Ok Armando, that was your fault.
I told you...the annexation of Puerto Rico!

can't anyone tackle??? Maybe its a good thing we aren't going to the playoffs, we would get smoked by a better team

He didn't get it.

Didn't get it.

Will they go for it or punt tho

You guys are to stupid to see the Texans really do have a good defense. You gotta have a dynamic wideout when playing against them or you're in for a long day.

You idiots are asking the Fins to cook with the groceries they dont have in the cupboard. Arent you sick of being idiots yet? LOL



I had alot more respect for Parcells on the past

but gave it to them

I rock on my predictions.

Houston setting up for a deep play action pass....

are u chitting me
cut wilson NOW

do we need any more reasons to just CUT him?????

Why do they pay that guy?

sack that guy now, plain simple, take him off, sack the ass now

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