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Texans lead Dolphins 27-3 going to 3rd quarter

The only time the Texans did not score in the first half was when they took a knee just before halftime.

Otherwise, they've owned the Dolphins.

Houston leads Miami, 27-3.

Matt Schaub is 14 of 18 for 247 yards with two touchdown passes..

The Dolphins have had no answers.

If they can author a comeback it would be the most dramatic I have seen from them in person. I don't know that they have the weapons to do it considering Chad henne is inaccurate today. He has completed only 11 of 23 passes and has one interception without a TD pass.

Join me in the comments section to see how this thing unfolds.


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We're only one full season removed from 1-15. Obviously you're a big fairy tale believer. LOL

this guy Wilson is a joke!!!!

Says it all... That was gift wrapped and dropped

He is a freaking retard gerbril what a waste of a player put a one arm handicap player in and he would of caught it

Wilson is the biggest loser ever

A FS can't make that catch? Even Clemons would have made that catch.


Houston is trying to get the Dolphins back in the game.

Breed , you should be tired of yourself. You're the biggest idiot here.

Guess he's a customs agent too...Not really a cop

OMG another quick whistle!!???? Are you F'ing kidding me???????

Refs just cooked us


I'm not sure it's even challenge-able?

FUMBLEEEEEEEEEE!!! Dammit!!!! we better get this one!

G. Wilson has got to go!!! That was an easy pick. Unbelievable!

Houston is doing a good job of that Armando.. they need to work harder at it..

They giving to us and we won't take from them WTF

These refs are as bad as we are

do we have to play againts the refs too???

Like I said gren Bay cover safety Nick Collins looks very good this offseason and he's a florida college guy. Coming out of Daytona Beach Bethune-Cookman. Same school that gave us the great Larry Little. LOL

That was a fumble

What a joke Wilson is...johnson should have got a taunting penalty there though after tossing the ball back at Wilson.

Definitly a FUMBLE!!!!!!

Please tell me that is a fumble and we can challenge it

How can't the ref call that a fumble? Bull crap call that has to be reviewed.

bad call
clearly a catch and fumble
and we have to waste a challenge on a BAD REF CALL
the refs are killing us all season

i didn't think you could challenge a play that was blown dead?


We're only one full season removed from 1-15. Obviously you're a big fairy tale believer. LOL

Posted by: DyingBreed | December 27, 2009 at 03:13 PM

That excuse is getting kind of old, don't cha think?

I told you guys; the refs cooked us there. What a year of bad breaks

The play cannot be reviewed.

are u f... kidding me????

They are some cheating fuccvvvkinggg refs cheaters

Thank you cocoajoe...

how can he rule it an incomplete pass he made two steps

Either way I like Vontae Davis, and DISLIKE SEAN SMITH

how can the refs get away with that????

anyone got a working link?

Over 5 minutes of clock wasted with no points and no field position. Just not our year

NFL is starting to be a bunch if pussssssyyyss whistle happy should have flags on them

what the hell was that??? That is two weeks in a row the zebras eff us?!?!@?!

Hey Custom's agent Boob...How's the internet dating working out? LMAO

These refs stink!!! Do we always get the worst crew???

how can the refs get away with that EVERY F'ing WEEK????????

How do we have any wins this year???

You cannot review an incomplete pass...huh?

Link stopped working...always at the perfect time

3 and out because we have no receivers!!!!!!!!!

Who the f is Ricky Brown?

Apparently Henne thinks that his rbs are Dwight Howard height, lol pathetic

Is every receiver 10ft tall?

Anyone know what happened to Channing?

1 yard short

We wouldn't even have seen that missed call if Gibril had made an easy INT to give us some momentum.

Where did the Giants fan go?

make up call there for what? I have no idea!

LOL @ MARC. where did you get that from ?

wow is it just me or could anyone else have made that play... G Wilson looks stoned or slow or something he gives up on plays before they are actually over. my puppy would have made that catch...pathetic put clemons in now! and Turner and might as well get a good look at Pat White. Whats an offseason without qb controversy??? Why??? also link on p2p down anyone have a good one

First down on penalty! Awwright!

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