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Texans lead Dolphins 27-3 going to 3rd quarter

The only time the Texans did not score in the first half was when they took a knee just before halftime.

Otherwise, they've owned the Dolphins.

Houston leads Miami, 27-3.

Matt Schaub is 14 of 18 for 247 yards with two touchdown passes..

The Dolphins have had no answers.

If they can author a comeback it would be the most dramatic I have seen from them in person. I don't know that they have the weapons to do it considering Chad henne is inaccurate today. He has completed only 11 of 23 passes and has one interception without a TD pass.

Join me in the comments section to see how this thing unfolds.


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Ginn catch--even a blind squirrel gets a nut every now and then.

Every week the refs have it out for us, at home or away, I hope Godell looks at this!


what tripping
dam i cant get over it.. its worse than the sharper touchdown.

Why is it that Houston has such tight coverage?

The dolphins are going to win this game.

We can't give up that many points in the first half to try to come back

Pick up the damn ball, Bess!!!!

I think anytime you let the other team score 27 points to your 3 in the first half of what amounts to a play off game for your team,you have got to look directly at the coaching staff! not having your team ready to play after xmass,not having the right deffensive scheme,not having the right offensive scheme,terrible game plan especially play calling on both sides of the ball. they may have done alot of good things this year as coaches but this was not one of them . As for the second half of the game, a gutty performance by the players hats off to them .They should have never been in that possition, adjustments should have been made before it got to 27 point deficate at home!These are all just cold hard facts as for my opinion? I dont think there should have been any punts in the second half period! not 4 scores down going in to it . I mean im just saying. bad coaching bad coaching

how many peaple out there agree we should not have punted at all in the second half i dont think we ever had longer than 4th and 6 this is our season should have let it all hang out

Remember the fumble ruled a incomplete pass. Well the refs suck and should be fired for the calls

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