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Texans maintain 27-10 lead in fourth quarter

The Dolphins showed a little fight in the third quarter by outscoring Houston, 7-0.

But they will need a major league comeback to make up the 27-10 deficit they are currently staring at.

Join me in the comments section for thefourth quarter and the finish of this live blog


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I think Baltimore is going to prevail over PIT today somehow. If so, a win probably would not have been enough for us (Denver is not going to lose KC next week)

Why are you punting.

What a joke.


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I can't beleive we don't send Ginn deep everyplay

This thing with the refs is getting out of hand

By the way, I know you guys are obviously Dolfans, but that WAS a legit tripping call. No doubt about that.

we need more deep passes
noticed how the LBs for Tex moved off the line after that deep ball to Ginn

Does anyone know what the fans were chanting?

I don't believe in voodoo or black magic but a GYPSY DEMON WITCH HAS HEXED THE DOLPHINS!!!

Still love my Dolphins!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, how do you not go for it on that 4th down? Playing the field position game now is rediculous.

Does Sparano know basic math. We are down 17 points go for it on 4th down idiot.

No way you punt there. Sparano is terrible on game and time decisions.

what is the spread on the Fins making a 4th quarter comeback.. their worst quarter ALL year long..?

its been like that since i could remember w the refs im surprised heavy fines aren't slapped on them weekly

what a joke these refs are...how old is ron winter? Can he really make that call of tripping? Lou's leg just rolled over from the momentum of blocking the guy!! If thats tripping make the same call on the texans on every F'ing play

Smiley hurt his knee. He's questionable.

you know they are going to run the ball and you still can't stop it!! Love Paul Pasqualoni's play calling

What were the fans chanting?

Notice how almost every tackle on an inside run is made by a DB?

What's up with that?

Well i'm sick it's over can't overcome texans and officials

Game's over now. We had our chances this half but our inability to make a few plays and the refs ability to take them away from us has sealed the Loss.


I blame the Jason Taylor curse. Lol.

Good thing we punted to pin them deep and give up a 1st down on 2 run plays and 4 mins off the clock already. Great job

I'm curious about what the fans are chanting too. Anyone at the game know what they're saying? I'm assuming its has something to do with the brilliant referee's we have in this game.

If we could pick it and run it in we could make this interesting.

You can't blame the officials for coaches not getting this team ready and getting in a 27 - 0 hole.

If we don't come out in no huddle I'm gonna scream!

stupid playcall by HOU, but it's too little too late for us now. We won't attempt or get back an onside kick i bet.

Matt Turk...Always liked that guy...I remember him lighting up a few returners

Smiley is not coming back in the game this series.

i've been thinking this for years Doesn't Kevin Walter seem underrated? He'd be an upgrade at WR if we got him this offseason

ok let's go henne et al

We have to score in less than 4 minutes


That was a legit call.... but c'mon... these refs seems to be calling legit calls on the Fins, but totally blind to calls against the Texans.

Yeah, I'm a Dolfan... but anyone can see the refs are screwing up a lot in Houston's favor.

Tripping doesn't get overlooked, but a clear fumble gets the quick whistle.

The refs really stopped us from coming back, the fumble play and the tripping crap

beerphin, Irving Fryar at age 40 would be an upgrade at WR for Miami.

We lost 3 mins and 15 yards. Not a good exchange. this team needs a min of 4 min.s per drive to score. Do the math. Not enough time even if we scored on every drive

So are we gonna go on a 17 play drive and finish it with a fg attempt?

Go deep agai

mando no one cares if smiley is coming back in to the game!! NO ONE!!

The fans were chanting something like refs suck.

Yeah Marc, you can go on his typepad account and see what/where he's talking on blogs. He just got ruined !!!

Mando, I know you are a reporter, but have you seen the LT hold on every 7 step drop.

Mando, I know you are a reporter, but did you see the incomplete pass they called when Brown took about 4 steps with the ball.

Mando, I know you are a reporter, but did you see 2 defensive holding calls last week on Soliai.

Alex Gibbs' lines trip and cut all game. I do not want hear defend that call.

Teddy playing like a man today...

keep it going deep

Quack.. Quack

Lucky catch. I took a crap on that throw.

hit him in the chest and he still almost dropped it

Teddy plays well when it's convenient for him


For example, Cushing hit Henne helmet to helmet and nothing was called. Another Houston player tossed Henne more than five yards out of bounds... nothing called.

And let me not mention the fumble crap...

Fans are chanting, "Miles Austin!" and "Nick Collins!". They may even be chanting "Jerry Hughes!"

Could you blame them if they were? LOL

I wish Ginny did that regularly and when the game were closer

WOW what a catch!

Bess baby


nice catch bess

Wow why can't we do this all the time WTF let's go fins

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