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Texans maintain 27-10 lead in fourth quarter

The Dolphins showed a little fight in the third quarter by outscoring Houston, 7-0.

But they will need a major league comeback to make up the 27-10 deficit they are currently staring at.

Join me in the comments section for thefourth quarter and the finish of this live blog


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10 mins left, 17 down, game over

LOL@Jersey...Haven't looked @ his typepad, but, I think the fact he's a Giants fan pretty much negates whatever credibility he had...Which was pretty much non-existant to begin with...

Hilliard's a beast!


Two possession game now. Can the defense hold the Texans?

Well we did it in less than 4 minutes like I said, now we need the ball back quick

hilliards done his job on all season

Where's the flag? Lol. Unreal. I can't celebrate anymore till I see them line up for the EP. :)

onside kick?

ummm not sure whether or not to be excited.. i'm thinking not..

the Fins are over due for a blunder.

Bs call. Winter has history of bad calls on us. But he's considered one of the best. Here come the fins again. We never give up but sure make it hard

earl ONLY 10 down

See how the deep pass opened up the short passes AND the runs

wtg fins...go for 1 really Sparano...good math for once...did he need to do that?

Fins have matched the 17pts I first predicted for them. LOL


Collins and Austin are going nowhere , especially with a uncapped year. Their teams won't let them go . they're in the prime of their career and having big years. ENOUGH !! CASE CLOSED.!!!

It's time for Sean Smith to get his pick 6.

Did Miami think it was powder puff week? Because they look like a bunch of women playing out there.

If a good effort is made good things will come and with that said this Miami team has put in almost no effort in this game. This entire team has given up and its evident when Sparano choose to punt the ball instead of going for it on fourth down. Why didn't they just forfeit the game? Its obvious they gave up.

Funny he's gone now...Maybe he's trying to figure out how to delete his account...

Little late, but at least we haven't thrown in the towel. I'm sure the refs will stop our momentum any minute now

Still not 'nough time. Not with our defense unable to produce three and outs.

The dolphins are going to win this game

If we win the defense is going to have to show up the rest of the year for the fullgame

So the first half of the season, we were great in the first half, terrible in the second. Now, we are terrible on the first half, great in the second. Very frustrating.




Mando - do you know if the Fins practice onside kicking this week?


I have to give our team credit...they don't give up...I stilll think we can pull this off!

can't the Refs call holding on the TExans line?

did you see shaub having a sandwich back there!! No porter, no taylor!!

one more stop!!!!

3rd down big


The Texans have been picking on Nate Jones all day long.

Has C. Wake seen any action today?

That does it no pressure

Like I said, D cannot produce a 3 and out. That's why we had to go for it earlier

Over fellas

our LBs tackle the rb and they fall forward for 4 yards, our RBs get tackled and leave the game

Thank god the clock stopped we need this stop

Thank u lord!!!

3 more mins gone on that drive. Houston should have run on those two plays and we'd be down to 5 mins.

We need a td or fg in under 3 minutes

No picks.

The dolphins are going to win this game

Quick score!!!'

I've been saying it, the Texans have been helping the Dolphins ever since the second quarter.

They are beatable!

now we need a quick TD.

how big was the Carpenter missed FG?

Yo we need 7 points in a hurry!! Maybe blind man ron winter will call a pass interference call on the texans!!!

Steelers Ravens tied @ 20

85 yds in <3 mins. Fat chance. Maybe a FG, but not likely. 8 yds a pop don't cut it.


Concerning an uncapped year, nothing's written in stone yet Mr negative. If it is an uncapped year say goodbye to our hopes of fixing what really needs to be fixed this offseason you unloyal bum! LOL

Henne needs to learn how to throw a ball away...

can't throw it when NO ONE is open!!! Did you hear that TUNA NO ONE IS OPEN B/C THEY CAN'T GET OPEN!!!!!

Got to go for it on fourth down. Nooooooo!

No punt no

Cant punt here...retards

are you kidding me!!! another late hit on henne!!! God forbid they throw the flag

Punt. Sparano for idiot of the year

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