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Texans maintain 27-10 lead in fourth quarter

The Dolphins showed a little fight in the third quarter by outscoring Houston, 7-0.

But they will need a major league comeback to make up the 27-10 deficit they are currently staring at.

Join me in the comments section for thefourth quarter and the finish of this live blog


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nice punt... sheesh

what are the coaches doing??

Sparono just lost us the game f3ck Tony!!!!!! F3ck him

How do you punt with 5 mins down two scores. Sparano is a joke

R U SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PUNT?!?!??!?!?!??!?!??!?!?

Unloyal ? you mean like when you pose as dead fish and say the dolphins stink like fish ? that loyal ? LOL !

We just gave the game away. We gain nothing by stopping them except a hell of a lot less time. What a waste!


Fire sparino a freaking punt WTF idiot

how can they get three yards on an obvious run play? HOW?????????

F4ck Tony f3ck Tony f3ck Tony

Lets waste our TO's now.

Refs suck

Terrible coaching today. Team not motivated and terrible in game decisions.

This play calling is atrochious. Unreal. B

OK Pauly BLITZ THE QB NOW!!!!!!!!

F3ck Tony f3ck Tony

Someone tell Sparano we are behind by 10, I don't think he knows....

wow... I think we need some changes in our coaching staff

I've been holding out on this all season, but I am beginning to agree with those who claim we have the DUMBEST coaching staff in the NFL. All emotion, no substance.

DB everything points to an uncapped year, so keep freaming , it's ok.

While I've been very critical of Henning and Pasqualoni all season, I've tried to give Sparano the benifit of the doubt. But he just does not seem to get any better.

good D Y Bell!!

Another chance comes.

Score and an onsides kick.

Texans should have run again and forced us to use our last TO

how can you walk away from that punt????????????

BESSSSSS!!!! Jesus, just run up on it and stop the ball!


Nice one Bess

F:ck fat Tony

The dolphins are going to win this game

we need the ginn bomb again.

WTF are our coaches this retarded seems that they do not want to win plus our coaches say that turner is not ready to play maybe because ur coaches suck and can't coach hmmm

why didn't Bess field that punt?

Even having a chance here is just prolonging the agony. The weak ass start of this game put us in this position. Unacceptable.

Why are they not in shotgun?

Throw the ball

The 54 yard fg attempt was dumb but that coaching decision gets trumped by punting away down by 10 with 5 min to go. Best case scenario we rely on an on-side kick...

Just dumb very dumb coaching.

Fu.k henne f,ck fat Tony

Oh, and Jeff imitates the "heartbreaker"


Are you kidding me? Get Henne out of the pocket ... we ALWAYS get sacked on first down!!!!!!!!

Put him in the shotgun!!! Why is he still dropping back?

Sack sack and then Henne will over throw the next receiver

Henne has to reset the clock in his head. He is taking waaay too many sacks

Something for him to work on in the offseason

3 wr on the sideline wow, great coaching call

can't block the oldest guy in the league?? 165 million dollars for this offensive line!! Oh they are offensive!!!

I bet we punt on 4th down.

Better get first on 3rd down or we'll punt

Why don't we just begin all our drives on 2nd down and twenty, and just spare us the extra time off the clock!

where is Dan MArino?

they dont practice the shotgun
they preactice the Pennington DINK AND DUNK

Ginn having his best game.

Question: it's obvious we're on passing downs. So, why don't we use the shot gun formation? We could avoid some sacks...

Sense of urgency!!!!!


I can kid and have fun in this blog but you're just downright disloyal to the team. You really dont belong here.

You look for every opportunity possible to start crap then run and cry to Armando like the big baby you really are when it gets dished back at you.

Your a bum and if you fell off of the planet to forever. It would be one small step for you and one giant step for Blog kind. LOL

Is it me or are the WR always falling down making catches?

5 yard passes WTF!!!

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