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Texans maintain 27-10 lead in fourth quarter

The Dolphins showed a little fight in the third quarter by outscoring Houston, 7-0.

But they will need a major league comeback to make up the 27-10 deficit they are currently staring at.

Join me in the comments section for thefourth quarter and the finish of this live blog


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why don't the have a drag route with Ginn

Need to get bigger chunks!!

Henne coming on another 300 yd game.

Fasa-NOOOOO catch

Dolphins offensive line had some issues lining up. Yikes.

WTF? what's the deal with the line confusion?

Wow don't know who is the center

wasting time subbin an OL.Wow!!!

Robfin ... you're right ... WTF!!!!!!!!!

tampa and New Orleans in OT?

Ok. Will Sparano choose to punt if we dont make on this 3rd?


Omg what a bunch of amateurs

WTF WTF WTF these coaches suck asssssssssssss

take the final TO b/c HENNING SUCKS ASS!!!!!!!!

That's TERRIBLE calling a time out then because you can't get a play off in time. You need that time out.

TIMEOUT???? Dear sweet lord!!!!!!!!!

Well now they must get an onside kick to win

Effe it.. why not piss away the timeout.?

Wimpy from the cartoon, Popeye

Coaching is horrible where is the accountability. This has been going on all year.

I have never seen such poor game/clock management. Why the hell do we need to keep switching linemen? And now use the last time out? STUPID!!!

Breed , you said the dolphins stink like fish , right heil hitler ? You got busted . Stop f'n crying. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH , WAAAAAAAHHHHHH

Wasted TO. Un F'n believable

Why sub linemen at this point!!

Clock management is an oxymoron in this organization. Horrendous all year.

hurry up!!!!

Great two minute offense! Yeah. I think that the Saints and Colts should visit Dolphins' headquarters to get some tutoring. LOL

Joey Haynos for 5 yards and a clould of dust!

Must score before 2 minute warning.

That completion to Camarillo was a great pass and catch.

Why don't we play this way all game????

RUN to the DAMN LINE you slobs!!!! We don't have time to piss away!!!!!

Can't win without recovering on-side kick. That's why you don't punt. What is a higher percentage, onside kick or 4 yard pass

Go to the endzone!!

Can we puuuhhhllleease look for someone other than a RB!!??

Cushing is going to be in Ricky's closet tonight when he goes to grab a change of clothes.

Also misty or heil hitler or deadfish. I've been a dolphin fan longer than you've been alive. Now go back to playing baby games on pogo.com. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah !!

You know, the shame is all the other games are breaking right to have next week be a show down with Pittsburgh for the last wild card spot.

Need to score fast!!!!

5 yards at a time!!!!!!

Wasn't Benard Pollard a Free Agent too?

Do u onside kick???

A FG? After a punt, after a FG?

sure missing those timeouts!

Get the onside kick...score a TD and GO FOR 2!

These fins kill me ever game

Does henne know how to hit anyone in stride? So sick and tired of having to see every damn pass requiring the receiver to go up to get it.

No quick strike ability and lack of ability to stop it. Our swan song for 09.

11 plays to go 58 yards and get a FG in a comeback effort.


But not optimal. You want to do that in like four, five plays.

U have to onside kick. I don't think Sparano will

And if we weren't being horsed with bad calls (Ginn's TD), we would have a good shot.


The dolphins are going to win this game...it should be all tied right now

Wow, actually NOT a sucky call ... who called that FG in? Couldn't be our coaches, that made too much sense.

Get the onside kick.

How do you not even take a shot at the endzone in that situation..... sooo conservative at a time like this.

Why did wr only take on shot at the endzone before kicking? Shudnt we have taken at least a cursory attempt at the big score?

Missed 54 yard FG was a killer.
27% of onside kicks successful. I'm sure a 4 yd pass was higher.

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