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Texans maintain 27-10 lead in fourth quarter

The Dolphins showed a little fight in the third quarter by outscoring Houston, 7-0.

But they will need a major league comeback to make up the 27-10 deficit they are currently staring at.

Join me in the comments section for thefourth quarter and the finish of this live blog


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what was camarillo doing

Game over no playoffs I love the Miami dolphins but I HATE this team

what the hell was that? did we even have a player attempt to go get the ball?

No one close to it

You guys are nuts wishing this team to give you something that doesnt exist. LOL

just stupid play calling all day long!!!!!!

Wow ... I could have caught that onside kick from living room in upstate New York. Carpenter put plenty of height on it.

Wasted timeouts again, another coaching deficiency...

wow how do they get 7 yards on that RUUUUNNNNN?


Lotta changes coming up but seriously henning and pasqualoni must leave

season over. team failed to show up in first half and Texans just ran clock out in 2nd and played prevent.

What a waste of 4 months on these losers!!!

Note to Dolphins D: The Texans are going to run it on every down. Get it ... they are going to run on EVERY DOWN so you need to stop the RUN .... for crying out loud!!!!!

Wow, the Panthers thumped the Giants.

Armando are you going to make a stink about Miami getting Screwed again by the officials??? You need to make some noise that we are sick and tired of the BS each and every game!!!!

Still depressed

How big was...
1. The brutal tripping call
2. The Wilson INT drop
3. Williams tipped INT
4. Carpenter's missed FG

Timeout Henne took really hurt

Saints lose

Saints lose to tv

Keeping blaming the coaches and players when the real problem is still a talent deficiency. What idiots the ones who say these things are. LOL

steelers 23
ravens 20
2:00 left
steelers have ball at
Pitt 41

Yet another game with plenty of cances to win but going in the books as a loss. Also another game where the refs cost us. Can't even get a break on the calls!!


Pittburg and Pats win

Sad thing is without idiot calls from the refs we'd be tied @ 27 at the very least if not up by three with that fumble..

Go Tampa

these downs don't matter. 85 seconds will come off by taking a knee. we can't score a td in 30 secs.

here comes a run play!!!!!!! Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's the ballgame. Thanks for coming. Drive home carefully.


We suck ass no line

Remember the timeout Henne took a few weeks back when he didn't have a timeout ... that was classic!

the run.. wasnt expecting that


Custom's Agent Boob OVER, LOL


They suck


Another week where the other teams we needed to lose, lost, and we couldn't get the job done...at home no less.

Good we needed better picks

That's it boys!

This team or staff arent losers. Its all of you who expected the team to deliver what does not exist who are the real losers! LOL

I'm tired of hearing the Sparano speech.... I'm proud of this group for not giving up...well if coaches would have prepared the team we would not be down 27 - 0 to a shorty team.

The Texans sucked in the 2nd half, eh?

Oh, hey...We STILL haven't beaten the Texans

Oh well. Game over!

Ok fans throw shitttt at the refs


Joke is on us!!!

Fu dyingbreed

Hey DYING BREED The coaches are to blame just as much as the players....There have been some really questionable play calls in the past few weeks........... How bout that Ricky Williams pass in the Buffalo game?? I coould go on but I'm tired..........

If never hear Ian Eagle call a game again it will be too soon.


so let's talk offseason..

two weeks in a row in games we needed to win they came out flat.

That is the coaches fault.

Not a playoff team. Bottom line, the Dolphins are just not a good enough team.

Yeah ... our coaching staff is REALLY a hurting unit. Something has to be done about this. Can we get Cowher in the offseason? I don't think he'd put up with this crap.

We would have got the help we needed too. Of course.


PLEASE PLEASE ask some tough questions today......

Hey the one positive note is we have not aloud a single point in the fourth quarter since the Buffalo loss

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