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Texans maintain 27-10 lead in fourth quarter

The Dolphins showed a little fight in the third quarter by outscoring Houston, 7-0.

But they will need a major league comeback to make up the 27-10 deficit they are currently staring at.

Join me in the comments section for thefourth quarter and the finish of this live blog


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Maimi will also lose to Pitt next week. 7-9.

Jeff u are right on, where is the accountability.

Well playoffs comes down to this, if pittsburgh holds on right now. Jacksonville must lost to cleveland next week, and baltimore must lose to oakland, and houstoun must lose to the patriots, and the Dolphins must win.

"Why Not Us?"

Now you know why!

Hey we will also be in line for a better draft pick now!!!

At this point, start White and every 4th stringer out there next week.

Yeah now we don't give up points in the 4th but we give them up in the 1st and 2nd lol

well at least they showed som e heart. with all the young guys in there andf to be down by that much and come that close shows something. its something to build on. the d can do it they just need to do it for a whole game. im excited about next year.

it does come down to that, pitt won. So go dolphins, cleveland, okaland, and patriots next week....Crazier things have happened, at least we got a chance.

I really am thinking of disconnecting, kinda like I did with baseball. This team has given me so much negative emotion over the years, that it's getting to the point where I don't even enjoy when they win, because it's always a nailbiter. When is our turn to have a dominant team...or is karma saying the early 70's were our time, and by the time it comes around again we'll all be dead.

I'm really proud of this team. I predicted 24-17 because of the mismatch nightmares. 27-20, they still kept it to 7pts despite being seriously out gunned.

Dont know about the rest of you real losers here but I'm proud of my team and they arent the losers you self indulgent idiots are. LOL

That tripping call was brutal and cost us the game.

Like I said I love my Miami dolphins but I hate THIS team

miami has gard eough trying to beat the other teams without the officials help...enough said

They are who we thought they were and let them off the hook..

Playoffs? Playoffs? Playoffs?
Are you kidding me I just want to win a game.


Stick a fork in 'um!!!!!!!!!


im proud to dying, just dissapointed as we all are...but lets go next week is next week. GO BROWNS, GO RAIDERS, GO PATS, and GO FINS!!! Any given sunday....time for our miracle next week.

I am a fan I don't have to, nor will I be proud of a LOSS I love my team but to b proud of the way they played today is just impossible

Listen, the elephant in the room is the lack of developmengt of our QB. His throws are atrocious, with an occasional nice pass. Get this guy a tutor and correct his mechanics. We had chance after chance today, only to be overthrown or thrown w/ zero touch. He killed us.

We layed a turd in Buffalo, Tenn, and now at home. Maybe we are the terds and our playoff hopes were just flushed.

Oh DYING BREED You're proud of a team who came out flat and went down 27-0? Yes the final score was 27-20 and they fought back but this is 2 weeks in a row that they came out flat with a a playoff spot on the line. I guess you're proud of that amazing effort in Buffalo.. Me thinks you're the idiot not us!

Get real, it isnt this team most of you are really concerned about its your overblown egos! If you werent so blind you would know the difference.

Yes I will defend my Miami Dolphins, whom I still consider the greatest franchise in all professional sports. Glad they could crush most of your over bloated self indulgent,me me me egos! LOL

Dying is an idiot...makes a funny comment from time to time though.

Go Chargers

Do you actually believe the stuff you write Dying Breed or is it the Prozac talking?

texans now have to root for miami to beat pitt next week for playoff hopes, UH, houston thats a big problem. At least the playoffs r finally out of the picture. This coaching staff needs to re-evaluate this team next year and their playcalling abilities.

its embarassing that the fins are 0-5 against a team that was an expansion franchise a few years ago. not to mention how the chargers crushed the titans shows how the dolphins have a long way to go for next year.

By the way Armando, can you use your media cred to ask about these dumba$$ calls that continually go against us? I mean the Texan is halfway to the endzone yet it's not a football move? A leg whip, while Henne is late hit all day long?

Oh and ask Tony when he's off to see the wizard, cause Dolphin nation is thinking he reminds us of the scarecrow with his play calling

Now that the Fins are out of the playoffs, I want to see PAT WHITE play the whole game against the Steelers!

For Die-hard Henne fans, these are the reasons why he should play the whole game.

(1)The Steelers game has no meaning.
(2)If Fins lose to Steelers, they'll just have a better draft pick.
(3)Henne avoids possible injury
(4)Trifecta can see White in real game action and possibly showcase him for a trade

Well, at least they went down fighting. Disturing that in the last 2 weeks, they dug themselves too big a hole. We need a talent upgrade through the draft and free agency at WR, TE, LB, and Safety. Can we finally see the end of Gibril Wilson? He can take his $8 mill in guranteed money start early retirement. More money than I will ever see.

The game has meaning. We need okland, cleveland, and new england to win, as well as us. Of course it has meaning and of course you play it straight up to win. What happens if all those three win and we played pat white and blew the game?

4th game D allows 0 points.. Too bad they allow 20+ before hand! W/E is said in that locker room @ half tome should be said @ the start of every game!! He'll we's be undfeated! -.-'

its embarassing that the fins are 0-5 against a team that was an expansion franchise a few years ago. not to mention how the chargers crushed the titans shows how the dolphins have a long way to go for next year.

Posted by: fan | December 27, 2009 at 04:20 PM

its the story of our season buddy, mediocre to average, to mediocre again, and the chargers have the capability to win on both sides of the ball, WE DO NOT.

I couldn't see the game here in YN, so my comments are to be taken in that manner:
I can understand the FG, as we needed 2 scores.
But WHY the onside kick? We haven't attempted but maybe one the whole year, and Houston has no Chris Johnson.
Texans would NOT pass on their 290, so you'd have an even better read that a run is coming.
To me, a STUPID strategy, but then again, strategy has not been a Fins forte this year.
Still love my Fins, but maybe Bill Parcells needs to do the pre-game talk.
It's obvious Tony's bedside manner ain't gettin' it done.

TN, not YN...sorry

We didn't lose because of Chad Henne.
We lost because our defense was not prepared to play when the game started.
That's on the coaching staff.
Jason Taylor wasn't screaming at Chad Henne on the sideline, he was screaming at hos other defenders.

tripping didn't cost the game the Dolphins are not ready get off the kids backs next year is our year

According to my calculations using yahoo playoff generator the only thing that needs to happen is MIA beat PIT and either BAL loss to OAK or a DEN loss to KC. That is if Den loses ro PHI this week

Thinking about it, i guess our "brain-trust" felt, that even if we got the ball with say, 45 seconds left, that Ginn and Company weren't good enough to get the job done.
All the more reason to get a#1 up the field receiver.
And a dominant LB (missed Crowder, didn't we?)
A Stud TE, Safety and some pass rush wouldn't hurt.

LOL @ bfc65

Between the zebras questionable calls every week and our boneheaded coaches play calling, how can this team ever become relevant in the NFL? How do you punt the ball on fourth and three down by two scores with 5 minutes or so remaining? Sparano is basically a cheerleader, Henning and Pasqualoni are old, unimaginative, and predictable. Why noy let Pat White throw the ball a few times instead of handing off everytime to the back coming across from the sideline. Heads should roll in the offseason but I'm pretty sure they will not.

Miami can not catch Denver. Even if they lose both games, in every form they lose in the tie breakers. If it comes down to strength of opponents victory, it is not possible even if every team miami beat wins and every team denver beats loses. Miami also loses a tiebreaker to Jacksonville, except for head to head, but head to head is not possible anymore. So Miami needs Jacksonville to lose to cleveland, and Baltimore to lose to oakland, and on top of it they need Houston to lose to New England, or else houston will be 9-7. They also need the jets to lose one of their remaining two games. They need all of those things to happen to make it, it is the one and only way.

Something has to be done about these officials , they have cost us at least 3 games, I think they are taking bribes, maybe belicheat is paying them to screw us, but seriously , they are doing us hard and not even pulling down our pants BS!!!

Hey d, that's ALL that has to happen for the fins to get in the playoffs, get blown out & embarass the NFL. gee, I hope it happens.

You're pathetic!

GO PATS!!!!!

Don't worry Boy George...your Patsies will be one n done for us.

funny, no one here is discussing the loss of Channing Crowder u fckn idiots who have hated on him all year get what they want tand the D falls to piecees...respect was eraned today while sidelined the entire game...you pathetic front runners have no idea how a defense works in the NFL if you continue to kill Crowder....the D shtted up the day for us and the coaching was responsible for not having them ready to play and BTW RICKY should have caught that pass and so should have BESS and FASANO..adn you know which critical passes im referring to...they ARE PAID TO CATCH NFL PASSES...HENNE had those passes spot on...it aint hsi fault the receiver SCK BLLS...put him with RIVERS receivers or BRADYS receivers and the guy is an all pro....this team stinkd from the receivers to the safeties...i hope they get blown out next week and finally end this embarassment of a season....no pride, no talent no coaching and Mark Antony as the face of the franchise? they can all go blow each other if that fggt is the face of the franchise...and fire tony soprano and his idiots happy effing new year....

This loss was really disappointing because of the way they just let them walk all over us for the first quarter and a half.

That said, I think a lot of posters here need to take a chill pill and a step back. This team has real guts, and the good news is that Henne had a very solid performance. His receivers not so much, but that's been true since the start of the season. They make some great catches and drop easy ones. Why anyone is calling for more Pat White next week is beyond me, and suggests complete ignorance. As Mando put it, he was excited about white until he saw him throw. He cannot throw. He will not ever be a starting quarterback anywhere. Henne has played his heart out. He certainly DOES NOT need to be pushed by having the quarterback competition be "open." He needs to have a full training camp with improved receivers where he is THE MAN. He needs a better tight end. He needs ronnie and ricky healthy. The drive to succeed the kid already has, which is why he's forced some of those throws (as Marino admitted he did, too, sometimes). He made some beautiful throws today, and then a few high ones as usual. That, obviously, he needs to work on. The throw to Ginn today was gorgeous but it called back. Not Henne's fault.

Henne haters need to ask themselves. How did Peyton, Eli, Rivers, or Brees do their first year starting? Look at the stats: Sanchez, for my money, is worse this year. Ryan is doing about the same. Flacco no better than Henne. My point is not that all of those young quarterbacks suck. Not at all. I think they may all be the real deal, but it's going to be two or three years before you know for sure. Surely, you do not bench Henne next week for Pat White. Bench him for having a 300 yard game, one touchdown game, with a sixty-five yard TD called back? Please. For a guy who hasn't managed to complete a pass and looks terrified everytime he's asked to throw? Really? I don't think so.

Here, as I see it, are the team needs: WR, LBs, Safety.

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